Sweet Sin Ch. 2

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Unable to resist each other, Terry and Synthia abandoned themselves in the passion they held for each other. Terry totally devoured Synthia completely. His mouth covered every inch of her body. Her eyes, ears and throat he lavished with kisses and whispers of her beauty and fire. His hands traveled over her body in waves of endless torrents of pleasure. He caressed her breast, pinching her nipples the way he knew she liked it, and the way he loved doing it. She moaned and responded to his touch. Running his hands over her body, he felt her thighs opening allowing him more room, while her hands massaged at the muscles in his neck and shoulders.

Terry felt like her hands were pulling all of the tiredness from him. She was massaging it up out of his body, mind and spirit. She made him feel totally relaxed. With Synthia, Terry was able to let his guard down and be himself. He could tell her anything; they did everything together, and had more good times than bad. Synthia would also let him do anything to her, and she would do anything for him. She never told him no. Synthia was his RideorDie girl. She was in for the long haul with him, and she let him know it.

Synthia’s hands were working on his hardness. Stroking him firm, and doing a good job too. She liked being teased. She gently rocked her hips illegal bahis beneath Terry, stroking the wetness of her body along the length of his hard throbbing penis. When the head of his penis rubbed across her swollen clit, she would shudder and arch her back, prolonging the contact. Synthia loved the feel of Terry between her thighs. He was a perfect fit. Terry was a slim toned guy. He didn’t have to work out much, being that he was naturally cut and toned, like Omar Epps. And the way he made love to her was out of this world.

When Terry finally had his fill of her body she was left drained and satiated. Totally fulfilled. Terry had an amazing bedroom in his house. It had a large heavy wooden bed, that didn’t squeak or rock when they made love. Beside his bed, just leaning against the wall is a big mirror. A buddy gave it to him, as a house-warming gift. Terry being the freak that he is, put it beside his bed, and it reflected the whole length of the bed, and Synthia loved it. It was like watching a movie. Synthia would watch them in the mirror as they made love. She liked to watch Terry on top of her, with her legs held back and open, so that she could watch the length of his penis, as she felt it stroke in and out of her. Terry had a long thick stroke too.

She would watch his beautiful body illegal bahis siteleri as he worked out on top of her. Stroking her long and deep, his ass moving in smooth soul shaking waves. His face would always be a mask of concentration, and pleasure and need, whenever he would ride her like that. Those were the times that she knew, he had really needed her. Needed the restorative powers that he found within her body. Because it was always her name, he called out. “Oh Synthia…girl, you going to make me cum.”

Synthia loved hearing Terry when he said that. He excited her to new limits. She would watch him in the mirror watch his body as she felt him, and it was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. “Look Terry. Look at us.” She would say to him. “Look how you fucking my pussy. Ohhhh Terry, look how you fucking me. Ohhhhh Terry.” Terry could never watch for long. She almost always could bring him to orgasm, when she started with the mirror. It turned her on, and Synthia turned him on.

She was beautiful and sweet and juicy and nasty, and he could never get enough. She was a pretty golden brown complexion and he was a deep dark chocolate. To see the contrast of the colors of their bodies washed in candlelight was a sight to behold. She rolled her hips beneath him, keeping her canlı bahis siteleri legs pulled back and open. She gave herself to him, allowing him VIP access. She had a body that begged to be loved deep, and a soul that needed to be coaxed slowly. Terry would make love to Synthia, slow and deep, which was really a tease to her, but was what she needed. When he was ready to take her over the edge though, he held on to her tight, and rode her hard and forceful, while he talked nasty things to her.

“See, you don’t fool me.” He would say to her. “I know what you need. You need some don’t you? You, need, to, be banged! DON’T, YOU?” he would say accenting every word with a snap of his hips.

She would always scream and half-heartedly try to get away, but mainly she just opened her thighs and let him ride her. She would always say, “Fuck me however it feels good to you baby.” And he would, pounding her body hard and deep. He always tried to get to the core of the fire he could feel burning inside of her. She would always lie back, and adjust her hips so that the shaft of his penis stroked the underside of her clit as he pumped in and out of her hot sweet juicy wetness. Hearing her wet sex always made his mouth water for a taste of her, and taste her he always did. Synthia would lie back and give herself to her man, with total surrender and accept his pounding until he would bring her to a screaming, body shattering orgasm.

Want part 3? Let me know. Don’t expect it before the weekend though. I hope you like reading this, because I like writing it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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