Sweet Justice

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It was a hot night, so I thought I’d go to the pool. As I walked along the shrub lined walkway, I heard some splashing, and apparently my twin sister had the same idea. I thought to myself that I would sneak up and surprise her. But I was the one who was surprised. The pool was lighted so I could see well that my sister was skinny dipping with a black man.

She has a boyfriend that’s out of state so it was a surprise that she was with someone else. I thought to myself that I had never seen him before. I wonder how many guys she sees while Troy is out of town. She was taking advantage of the fact that our parents were out of town on vacation in Cancun for two weeks. Things were getting hot between them as I backed up behind the bush.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her open mouthed. I could see their tongues playing with each other. He whispered something to her that I couldn’t hear. And then he lifted her up by the waist and put her breast in his mouth. She ran her hands over his shaved head, and then wrapped her legs around him. He dropped her ass on the side of the pool and he slid down so I could see the back of his head between her legs. My sister lay back with her feet in the water and her head and back on the wooden deck. She is such a slut!

I was also feeling guilty because I was wishing it was me with her, eating her pussy. My sister started moaning. I was so hard I couldn’t believe it. I pulled my cock out, and squeezed it hard. I wanted to wait to jerk off. I wanted to wait till they were fucking before I let myself come. So there I was waiting to whack off watching this black man eat my sister’s cunt, wishing it was me. I wish I could see what he was doing to make her squirm and moan. His head was in the way.

She started shaking and she was squirting all over his face. “Oh fuck, I’m coming all over your face. Tongue fuck me you bastard.” Oh good something I can imagine his long tongue shoving into my sister’s squirting cunt. And he was tongue fucking her hard. He was making that bitch squirm. I licked my hand and rubbed it softly on my cock. She sat back up, as he raised his mouth off of her twat.

She lowered herself back into the pool and kissed him hard. They turned about a quarter turn so I could see them. She licked all of her juices off of his face. She went under the water, and he held her head down there. I bet she was sucking his black cock underwater.

I wanted to see it. It was driving me crazy. I wanted her so bad. I wanted to see him getting his cock sucked by my bitch of a sister. That little whore, all this time sucking so many other guys with her brother jerking off in the next room. I actually love her, I’ve always loved her; she’s my sister! I should be taking care of her, so she wouldn’t have to go to some other guy. If I just had the chance I would fuck her good. How long had she been under water? Was he suffocating her? Finally she came up. And kissed him. That was so hot. He was sticking his tongue down her throat.

He went to the side of the pool and lifted himself on the edge of the pool. I could see his huge cock, don’t get me wrong I love my cock, but this guy was huge at least 12 inches. I squeezed my cock, again. She came over to him and kissed his cock, and then she licked his purple cock head. She licked his balls, and then she took them into her mouth. My sister had black balls in her mouth. I started to cradle my own balls. I was thinking about my sister’s tongue, lapping at my balls.

He put his hands in her hair and yanked her up by her hair. I heard a loud pop as his balls came out of her mouth. He shoved her head down on his cock, she grabbed hold of his muscular coal black ass and she deep throated all of that huge cock. It had to go down her throat.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I licked my hand again and I started stroking my cock, matching time with my sister’s mouth. She was going up and down on that long black rod. She was sucking him fast. I knew that she must have done it a lot of times before. She was a seasoned cock sucker because of how natural she made it look. I love watching women suck cock in porn tapes but this was the first time I had ever seen it in reality. I thought I was going to come before she made him come. I had to slow down, and take a deep breath.

Then he started shaking, I thought to myself, “thank you” then I started to wail on my cock, I gave it all I could. I felt it getting hot it was burning but I had to come. He started coming and she pulled it out of her mouth and he shot jism 3 inches into the air all over her face. His white cum was shooting all over my sister, in her hair on her c cup tits, her face.

She wiped it off of her face with her finger and put it in her mouth. She was eating his cum. That little slut, eating the cum of this stranger. I started shooting cum all over the side walk, my hand and the bush.

As soon as my heart slowed down after the release, I started feeling guilty. What am I doing? Jerking off outside. Fantasizing about my sister. Watching her blow some guy. And watching ataşehir escort bayan her get eaten. I wanted to go inside. I wanted to cry. I can’t get girls to go out with me, but yet my beautiful sister, can bring a strange guy home to eat her. I now had a crush on my sister. She is the only girl that would pay any attention to me. And she was a fox, blonde 5’11”, big titties, pouty lips, and big blue eyes.

She got up onto the deck next to him, as he laid back she was sitting up playing with his limp cock. I wanted to leave, believe me, I did. But, I couldn’t move my feet. She was getting him hard again. She wanted to fuck. To feel that cock inside of her. She straddled his hips on the deck. She lowered her pussy down on his cock. I could see it hurt, it was a big cock. She raised herself up and lowered again. She dropped her lips down to his and started kissing him. She was French kissing him hard. He put his large hands on her ass and she started going a little faster. He was stroking her sweet ass, and then “whack” he smacked her ass. I was hard again.

“Please No” she wailed.

Then he smacked her ass again. “Faster bitch, make me come in your white twat.” She was riding him so hard and fast. I looked down and my hand was on my cock again. I licked my hand and started stroking. He smacked her again which sent her into convulsions. This sent him into convulsions. I couldn’t help it I started coming.

I went back into the house. I needed to cool down off even more now. I grabbed a Coke out of the fridge, and started drinking as I plopped myself at the kitchen table. The lights were still off when my sister walked in the French doors. She was wearing a very dry bikini while her hair was very wet. I could smell the sex on her. It was so hot I wanted her. Calm down I was getting hard again. She started walking across the room.

“Shit, you scared me, Jeff.” She said as she nearly jumped through the roof.

“Guilty conscience, Justice?”

“Very funny” she said as she threw the wet towel at me. Was this the towel she had all over her body wiping her tits her cunt… got to stop. I can’t think about her. I pulled the towel off of my head. I smelled it first. It smelled like sex. She was at the fridge getting another Coke. She was bending over and I could see the silhouette of her ass, and tits. Then I thought about the show I just got and I was thinking that I should smack her ass. She has been a very bad girl. As an older brother, fifteen minutes older but older nonetheless, that’s my job. Dad said I was supposed to be the man of the house, while he and mom were gone. I went upstairs to jerk off again.

After I had come again for the third time it finally struck me that it was not normal behavior for my sister to do that. She was normally a sweet girl. She never cussed, probably not even in her mind, like I do. I don’t know if Troy had even been with her. Not that I would blame him if he had. It would be hard for any guy to control himself around her. So I decided to do what any concerned big brother would do, I went to talk to her. When I entered her bedroom she was laying on her bed with her breasts exposed and moonlight bathing them in a soft glow. She turned onto her side, still very much asleep. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she normally wore neck to ankle pajamas to bed, so I was concerned and aroused. I went over close to her and pulled the sheet over her breasts, and then I kissed her forehead. She opened her big blue eyes at me and smiled. She had such a beautiful smile with a slight overbite that made her even more endearing.

“Hey Jeff.” She said with happiness in her voice. “What do you need?” It was odd for me to come in on her while she was sleeping so she cut right to the point.

It occurred to me that when I kissed her she was very feverish. “Are you feeling okay, Jussie?”

“Yeah, I just had a weird dream though. I was out at a party with some friends and this black guy Tyrone brought me a soda. After that I was all fuzzy, doing crazy stuff. Stuff I could never do in reality. But it seemed so real.” Then she started crying, so, I held her. She was lying on my chest with just a cotton sheet between us. She needed the comfort of someone she loved, even if she thought she had only cheated in a dream. She sniffled and looked up at me, “do you suppose that my subconscious is trying to tell me that I shouldn’t be with troy? That I need someone who really loves me, and who will be there for me? Can I tell you a secret?”

“Anything. You can trust me.”

“I know I always said I would wait for the man I was going to marry. The one I would spend the rest of my life with, but, I slept with troy. And I did think I was going to marry him, but now, I wonder if he is being unfaithful. Every time we talk he just wants to have phone sex, and every time I see him he just wants to have real sex or oral.” She hung her head down. “Does that make you think less of me?”

I put my hand under her chin and lifted her face so I could look into her eyes. “I don’t think there is any escort kadıköy sweeter girl out there. And I don’t think you future husband could ever blame you for being deceived by someone like troy. He is really charming.” At this she smiled. “And good looking. You have such a beautiful heart, that no one could blame you for loving with such intensity.”

“Thank you. That’s what I need someone I can talk to, like we talk. It’s like we are one person sometimes. I guess the egg split at just the right time, so I could have a best friend that understands me.” I took the unopened Coke off of her nightstand and twisted the lid. I offered her the bottle and she drank it fast. “I’m cold Jeff could you hand me a blanket?” I took a folded blanket off of the hope chest at the end of her bed, and stood up and covered her with it.

“Go back to sleep, and only normal dreams, of unicorns and rainbows and lollipops.” She laughed; I love to make her laugh.

I walked toward the door. “Jeff,” she waited till I turned around, “I love you, and thank you for taking care of me.”

“I love you, Jussie, and your welcome.” I closed the door feeling like a total shit for what I had thought about her. Now it seemed laughable that I would think she would do something like that, of her own volition. And I felt like the worst brother in the world, not protecting her. I stood outside her bedroom door and decided the best thing I could do for her was to never tell her what I saw. She would hate herself for having done it.

An hour later I decided to check to see if she had gotten back to sleep. I walked in her room, and when I did I heard her shower in the bathroom come on. I looked up and saw my sister in the mirror. I was like a deer caught in head lights. I couldn’t move. She was bent over adjusting the knobs for the right temperature. I saw her plump behind sticking up, and between her legs I thought I saw a hint of pink. She was shivering at this point; she must have gotten colder, and wanted to warm up in the shower. She stood back up. Her hair cascaded down her back. It looked soft and golden. She stepped into the shower, right under the stream. She was wetting down her hair, she has the most beautiful hair. She reached for the shampoo and squirted some in her hand.

I let my eyes wander down her body, she had a pair of round firm breasts with dark brown 3 inch round nipples and hard erect little 1 inch aureoles. I looked down at her untrimmed yellow pussy hair. The fact that it was natural and unshaved was a testament to her innocence of the ways of the world. I looked back up and she was lathering her thick luxurious hair. I loved the thickness of her hair and it always smelled so good, like fruit. The mirror was beginning to fog up, which snapped me out of my trance. I started thinking about what I was doing, standing in my sister’s bedroom, and watching her shower. Remembering how innocent and naïve she was, it made me feel even guiltier. What a dirty peeping tom I had become. As I was walking out of her bedroom my foot snagged on a pair of her dirty panties. I knew it wasn’t right but I put them in my pocket. I walked back into my room, passing the other door to the bathroom; I heard her crying even through the din of the shower. She was a very confused person and so was I.

The next day was Sunday; she had a solo to sing, so she couldn’t miss church although she was still suffering from a headache. I’m guessing brought on from some date rape drug. Her fever had gone down, and she looked radiant when she stepped out on that podium. It was my job to introduce her, right after I read the morning announcements. “My dad won’t be preaching today, but, you’ll get your fill of my family with me reading the announcements and my sister singing a special treat for you.” They began applauding. “Doesn’t she have a wonderful voice?” She stepped up to the microphone and she sang “How Great Thou Art” gently and humbly, with full emotion. Her voice was so lovely that I wondered what was wrong with me that I had wanted to taint such a God loving, God fearing woman as her. She looked like an angel wearing her white choir robe.

The sermon was on the father of the Israel nation, Abraham and how he seemingly lied about Sara being his sister, but it came out to be the truth.

I couldn’t keep my mind on my classes on Monday. We were both going to the Bob Jones University and we had some classes together. Most of the seating was alphabetized so we sat next to each other. My only break was chapel. Justice was wearing a blue jean skirt. Her blonde hair was down and wavy. She wore a loose fitting sateen shirt. It fit loosely everywhere but her large breasts. I tried my hardest not to look at her, but, whenever you try not to look, you do.

It was later that night that I was trying to concentrate on my English homework when the phone rang; I had a cordless handset on my desk, so I picked it up. Before I could say anything I heard my sister’s sweet voice.


“Hey baby” it was her boyfriend who is away at another college. I pressed bostancı escort the mute button and continued listening. “It was a hard weekend. I went to work at the grocery store and all these girls were flirting with me. But, I told them that I was in a happy relationship.”


“No really, and some of them were very hot.” He was trying to make her feel guilty for being so far away.

“What are you doing looking?” Was she really mad? Was she tired of him? Was she still confused? I had to listen further.

“It’s hard not to notice. Anyways I wish I was there with you. I miss you so bad.”

“Miss you too sweetheart. I love you.”

“I love you too. I wish I could kiss your lips. Both pair.”

She giggled “I’ll keep them both wet for you.” I pulled the pair of her dirty panties out of my desk drawer and went over to my bed. I smelled them. They smelled so good. I bet she did have a wet pussy.

“I want to lick your sweet pussy. Are you touching yourself?”

“Should I?”

“Lick your fingers and reach inside your panties. Play with your clit gently teasingly, like I do. Like I do with my tongue, licking it in circles. Follow what I say. I got my hard cock out and it’s in my hand.”

“I love the taste of your cock. I love the taste of your cum. I wish you were squirting all over my face and in my mouth.”

“Mmm, you’re naughty. Run your fingers up and down your lips on the outside. Is it wet?”

“My pussy is so wet for you. My breasts hunger for your mouth. You want me to play with them?”

“Stick your tit in your mouth.” I pulled out a bottle of conditioner, the same kind my sister uses, strawberries and cream. I squirted some on my cock. The cold was a shock. I rubbed it in and put her panties in my mouth. “Lick that titty. And stick your finger in your wet cunt. You like that don’t you?”

“Uh Huh.” She grunted I could hear her moaning.

“Pinch your tit and finger fuck your pussy hard. I want to hear you moan.”

She was moaning and it kept getting loader.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, justice. I’m going to fill every hole you got with my come.”

“Fill my mouth, oh yes…”

“I’m going to… it’s so big and hard I’m going to stick it between your sweet little lips. In your mouth I’m going to come in your mouth all over your tongue.”

“Come on my breasts. I’m coming.” She was moaning so loud.

I’m coming on your tits, now. Come on my face.”

“Oh yeah.” Then they both grunted in a crescendo of orgasm. I came with them. I felt so close to my sister.

When they calmed down she said to him. “As long as you keep me coming like that you never have to worry about being so far away.”

“I know I’d never have to worry about you Justice.” He laughed.

I hung up the phone and I went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple Cokes. I went to her bedroom door and knocked. After a few seconds she said “come in.” Apparently she had to straighten herself up. She was sitting on her bed, her hair was tousled and her thong panties were lying on the floor almost underneath her bed. She looked great. I came over and sat on the bed next to her, and handed her one of the Cokes.

“Jeff, my brother just came in, is it okay if I let you go?” “You feel better now?” “Oh anytime, it was GREAT talking to you.” “Love you too” she hung up the phone. “Thanks I needed something to cool me down. How are you Jeff?”

“Oh I was just thinking about how close we used to be and I missed it.”

“Yeah, we were pretty great together.”

I put my arm around her. “I love you sis. I doubt I will ever be as close to any other girl.”

“Well we did share a womb for nine months; you can’t get much closer than that. If you could put up with me that long it’s a real testament to our relationship, and your level of patience.” She chugged her Coke and sat the empty bottle on the floor. “So, you want to set up a date just the two of us?”

“How about now?”

“Okay.” She turned toward me knocking the Coke bottle over, making it spin on the floor. I pointed right at me. We both looked down at each other and she shrugged her shoulders, like it was part of the game, so we had to do it. I looked at her and I brought my lips to hers. They were so nice. Soft and tender, wet and warm. I put my arms around her, and held her as I kissed her. She was so sweet, letting me kiss her. I parted my lips and she brought her tongue to lick my lips. It felt so incredible. My heart was beating so hard. “I love you too Jeff.” She whispered against my lips. We just held each other for a few minutes. We knew what was about to happen. I was excited and nervous. I started shaking. She rubbed her hand across my head. “It’s okay. I’ll be gentle. I know it’s your first. I’ve been thinking a lot about you and me lately, too. I would be the luckiest girl in the world to be with you. We are closer than we could ever be with somebody else. I love you, and this is the most perfectly natural thing to do. I only wish that it was also my first time. I wish that I had saved myself for the real one that I would share my life with, you. Make love with me Jeff. I know you feel the same, I know you have to. I couldn’t take it if you didn’t.” Then she brought her lips to mine and we started kissing again. It felt so natural, so loving so perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32