Sunshine Pt. 01

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Laura Wilson stretched out on her garden chair and smiled as the sun’s rays caressed her skin. The school summer term had finished two days previously and the long build-up of exam and results tension was taking it’s time working out of her system.

Mrs Wilson, as the kids knew her, was a biology teacher at the high school in the next town. As ever, getting unruly teenagers to grasp the basics of complex science had been a real drain on her energy levels. A constant battle for hearts and minds with thirty adolescents would try the patience of most saints and Laura had learned the only way to deal with them was to be strict. The driving force behind her reputation as a tough no nonsense teacher was partly due to her family upbringing but mainly due to her having to raise two children alone after her husband had run out on the family when the going got tough in the 90s.

Laura eased her sandals off and wriggled her toes in the fresh air. Her garden faced the south west and the sun was just swinging round to cast it’s warmth onto the patio by the kitchen. The breeze gently sighed through the trees and caused goose bumps to form on her skin.

She shifted slightly in her lounge chair and raised her knees to allow the sun to reach her legs. She knew her legs were shapely as she had been a long distance runner as a girl. The miles of exercise had left her with slim calves and thighs that most of her friends were jealous of.

Her workouts had kept her legs slim but her bum had actually filled out slightly as her muscle tone improved. As part of her keep fit routine Laura regularly attended Pilates sessions and she started some pelvic lifts as practice for the next session. The yellow bikini she was wearing was a couple of years old and it was sitting a little tight on her lower half. The back and forth motion of her hip movements led her bikini panties to pull even tighter against her pussy and she found a tingling sensation developing in her core.

In her mind she pictured a lover pushing into her, her movements helping his cock to plunge deep into her wet cunt, a cock that stretched her and teased her pushing her towards a gushing orgasm.

Laura closed her eyes as gentle waves of thrills enveloped her pussy. Her labia puffed out increasing the delicious pressure that the bikini material was creating. A shiver ran through her body and she sighed gently as the pleasure waves increased. Her left hand drifted up her body to gently caress her breasts and her nipples hardened as soon as her fingers made contact. In her dreams her lover increased his action and kissed her nipples and breasts.

Her right hand eased down to cup her pussy through the bikini material as she continued her gentle pelvic thrusting. As her pleasure levels rose she stroked a finger up and down her slit pushing the material inwards.

Her passion was brought to a crashing halt by the sound of a car in the drive and a cry of ‘Hey mum, we’re home!’

Laura sat up quickly as through the garden gate appeared her son Daniel and his best friend Jason.

‘Hey mum. Have you seen Steph?’ Daniel asked without any preamble.

‘She went out I think. I’ve not seen her for ages.’ Laura replied. ‘Daniel be a sweetie and get me a drink. I’m hot.’

Jason gulped as she said that and Laura noticed his reaction. Jason had been transfixed as soon as he entered the garden and Laura thought that he had the beginnings of an erection showing in his shorts.

Laura was feeling quite horny already and the sight of erection poking towards her turned her on even more. She hadn’t had sex for way too long, relying on her favourite toys to keep her libido satisfied. As a respected teacher she didn’t feel comfortable picking up guys in bars and such and online dating was way too risky in her view.

Daniel disappeared into the house and Laura smiled at Jason. ‘How’s college going?’ she enquired. ‘Met lots of pretty girls?’

Jason gulped again and stammered out ‘Not many sad to say.’

‘Why’s that?’

Jason shrugged, ‘Too much studying.’ and too many computer games he thought to himself.

‘Wasn’t it your nineteenth birthday last month? No special presents?’ Laura pried. ‘No? Never mind. I’m sure you will meet the right girl soon.’ Laura grinned. ‘You never know what may pop up unexpectedly.’

Jason realised what she meant as Laura was staring at the growing bulge in his shorts. He blushed and tried to adjust himself. Jason had secretly lusted after his best friend’s mum for years. Visions of his cock being sucked by her or of it pounded into her cunt had filled his fantasises. Bending her over and pounding her from behind had been his all-time passion and had been the mainstay of his wank fantasies.

Laura decided to spare his blushes and rolled over onto her stomach. She adjusted the lounger so that it was as flat as it would go and she peeked over her shoulder at Jason who was now staring at her bum. Little did she know what was now playing out in his mind’s eye.

‘Would you do me illegal bahis please?’ she giggled. Jason took a few seconds to realise she was waving a bottle of sun lotion at him.

‘S-sure.’ He gulped. ‘Where do you want it?’

‘My feet, legs and back for now, sweetie.’ Laura smiled at the teenager’s awkwardness, mistaking his raging desire for naivety.

Jason took the bottle and squeezed a dollop of lotion into his hand. Putting the bottle aside he worked the lotion in his hands to warm it first. Laura raised her left foot up and he smoothed the lotion all round her foot. He worked his fingers between her toes and then deliberately ran a fingernail up her instep.

Laura squeaked and her hips gave an involuntary thrust into the chair.

‘I will get you for that buster’ she snarled but her grin gave away her true feelings.

‘Sorry Mrs Wilson. Am I gonna get a punishment? Lines? Dentention?’ Jason laughed. He imagined her wearing a corset and suspenders whilst carrying out his penance.

‘See me after the lesson. And my name’s Laura not Mrs Wilson.’ Laura replied with a smile.

Jason worked his way along her calf and past the back of her knees. He noted that her hips were still lazily moving back and forth pushing her pelvis into the chair and then raising her bum back up ever so slightly. The yellow bikini was fighting a losing battle – a rear-guard action Jason thought to himself – to stay in place and each time her pelvis shifted the material was sliding over her arse to gather in her crease.

‘Please give my hamstring a good rub. I tweaked it during exercise yesterday.’ Laura asked. She had been stretching out after a shower and had been naked in her bedroom when her exercises had been stopped short. Splayed on the floor with not a stitch on she had been very close to having to call out for help but she had just managed to reach out and hook her robe from the back of the door. During the pain and embarrassment she had also felt a thrill at the idea of being caught naked by another person.

‘Sure thing but it would be best if I could get to it with your leg slightly bent.’ Jason grabbed a cushion from another chair and said ‘Lift up and put this under your tummy.’

Laura pushed up from the chair and raised herself onto all fours. Her mind raced with a vision of being fucked doggy style. Her vagina pulsed and a small shiver ran through her body. Jason leaned in to place the cushion and his hand accidentally brushed against her left boob dislodging the bikini. As her nipple came into view Laura squeaked again and cried ‘Jason. See me after class.’

‘I’ve already seen you!’ Jason grinned. Laura laughed and slapped him gently on the shoulder and then lowered herself back onto the chair.

Jason noted she hadn’t adjusted her bikini and her nipple just peeked out at him from under her body. He gulped and his erection began again. He moved down to where he could massage her hamstring and he could see her bikini bottoms were tightly pulled into her. The raising of her hips with the cushion had brought her pussy into view with her pussy lips now visible clearly outlined through the material – the rather damp material Jason observed to himself.

He worked her hamstring all the way up from her knee using his thumbs with his fingers splayed working the inside and outside of her thigh. As he worked her pelvic rocking began again and the wetness on her bikini grew more apparent to him.

Laura was loving the attention and her body craved more as her mind raced with sexual images. Cocks forcing themselves into her, fingers pushing in to her, being stroked, caressed and pushed to orgasm. Her breathing grew ragged and her nipples were as hard as bullets. She knew her bikini bottoms were giving Jason quite a show of her charms but she was too turned on to care.

Her reverie was interrupted by Jason asking ‘How hard would you like it? The massage that is?’

She grinned into the chair and lazily rolled her hips. ‘I can take it as hard as you can manage I bet!’ she purred.

Jason smiled and gave an almighty push on his next massage stroke with both thumbs digging in and his fingers of his right hand sliding right up her inner thigh to impact her bikini.

‘Ooooowwwwoucchhhoooo’ Laura squealed and squirmed as the pressure pain from her hamstring gave way to an electric jolt from her pussy where his fingers still rested gently applying pressure to her lips.

‘Is that hard enough or do you want more, Mrs Wilson?’ Jason asked whilst still gently kneading her hamstring with his thumbs and wiggling his fingertips into her bikini clad pussy lips.

Again Laura rotated her hips and hissed ‘My name is Laura. Especially in this situation.’

‘Ok.’ Jason paused. ‘Laura it is.’ and he pushed two fingers straight into her pussy, bikini and all.

Laura let out a muffled scream and her body shook as a wave of pleasure crashed through her. The suddenness of his action took her totally by surprise and she panted with desire.

Laura’s illegal bahis siteleri attempt to muffle her scream didn’t quite work as it carried into the house where her son Daniel was in the kitchen talking with her daughter Stephanie.

Unknown to Laura, Steph had been in all day lying on her bed thinking about the date she had planned that night with her boyfriend Pete. They had been dating for a couple of months and Steph was looking forward to the evening. Steph had always been keen on sex but Pete was a lot shyer than her previous boyfriends. All they had done was kiss with some fumbled touching in a quiet corner at a party two weeks before. Steph grinned and thought “What I really want is a film, a fish supper and a fuck.”

All Steph had been wearing was a robe and she had been pleasuring herself whilst thinking of where and how she would pounce on Pete and fuck his brains out. The sound of the door opening and closing downstairs caught her attention and she gathered her robe around her and went to investigate.

‘Hi Danny boy.’ Steph called as she saw it was her brother in the kitchen.

Dan scowled. Steph was a year older than him and had treated him like a kid for too long. His bad mood was placated by the sight of his sisters hard nipples poking through the robe she had on. He realised he couldn’t see a panty line either and he wondered if she was totally naked under her robe.

‘Hey old thing.’ He retorted and Steph huffed and pushed past him to sit at the coffee bar by the window. Her robe drew up her thighs and was stretched tight across her bum. Dan couldn’t see any outline of panties and the thought of his sister going commando caused his cock to lurch towards attention. He knew it was wrong but his sister was a hottie in his opinion. More than once he had glimpsed her just out of the shower and the flashes he had seen of her glistening skin had always turned him on.

‘I’m making a drink for mum. You want anything?’

‘What’s mum having? I’ll have what she’s having.’ Steph replied.

‘A long comfortable screw? Sex on the beach?’ Dan started to laugh and Steph joined in.

‘Maybe we should stick to a white wine spritzer? Lots of water and ice in mine please.’ Steph said.

Dan busied himself and they chatted about things for a while. As Dan finished the drinks Steph looked out across the garden and she gasped at the sight of her mum lying on a garden chair with her bikini top partly off being massaged by her brother’s best friend.

Steph’s arousal from earlier flared up straight away and she pressed her hand to her chest, biting her lip to stifle a moan. She stood and leaned on the breakfast bar to get a better view. As she did so, her mother let out a scream that was partly stifled but Dan heard it.

‘What the hell was that?’ he cried, pushing alongside Steph to see what the cause was. He was stunned to see his mother writhing on the chair with his friend clearly groping her.

‘I’m gonna kill him.’ Dan snarled and started to move towards the door.

‘Oh no you fucking don’t’ Steph hissed and grabbed his belt to stop him leaving. ‘Mums a grown woman and she can look after herself. Leave them be.’ Steph knew her mum hadn’t had a relationship in ages as they talked about the subject quite often. Being the man of the house Dan was of course completely oblivious to all this.

‘You stay right here so I can keep an eye on you.’ Steph pulled Dan back to the window and looked out again.

Outside Jason had changed his grip so that his thumbs were teasing up and down Laura’s crack and his fingers were massaging her buttocks. He couldn’t believe his luck that the woman he had lusted after seemed to be putty in his hands.

‘Shall we get these out of the way?’ he asked tugging at her bikini panties. Laura said nothing but moaned, nodded and raised her hips to allow him to pull her panties down. As her arsehole and pussy came into view Jason licked his lips and gulped. Her pussy was glistening with her moisture and her lips were slightly parted showing her clit peeking out underneath.

He quickly slid her panties down and away and rubbed some more lotion into his hands before resuming his massage of her bum. His slicked up thumbs and fingers glided over her soft skin and once more her hips shook with a trembling desire.

‘How many strokes punishment were we discussing earlier?’ Jason whispered as his thumbs brushed Laura’s twitching arse and pussy. Her juices were flowing now and her pussy lips were opening to his touch.

He flicked at her clit and counted’ One…two…three…’

Laura’s mind was awhirl with thoughts. Jason’s talk of punishment brought back childhood memories of being punished for anything that went wrong. Her asshole husband had been the same, using any excuse to smack her bum. She had come to hate him but at the same time the pain had sent her system into a sexual frenzy that she had had to repress.

Laura writhed all of a sudden as Jason started to push a thumb at her arse canlı bahis siteleri in time with his flicks of her clit. The contrasting signals sent Laura into a frenzy and she shook with an orgasm. Her arse relaxed and Jason’s thumb entered her back passage. Conflicting images and memories burned through her mind.

‘Oh Daddy.’ She gasped. ‘I’m so sorry I’ve been bad.’

Jason was stunned to hear her words and he hesitated in his motions. His cock surged to full erection as her words sank into his head. Was she really his for the taking? Was this woman he had desired all his to enjoy as he wanted?

‘No don’t stop now daddy!’ Laura gasped and pushed her arse back craving the stimulation that had left her. Jason swiftly recovered and pushed back into her stretching her arse around his thumb.

He leaned over her and whispered into her ear. ‘Daddy’s little girl needs a thorough spanking. Daddy’s little girl has been very naughty letting boys play with her.’

Laura writhed and gasped at his words which burned into her mind. A rush of images and memories burst through her libido and she could barely whisper back ‘No not a spanking. Anything but that. I will be good, Daddy.’

‘Ok baby girl let’s see how good you can be. Be very good or you will feel my belt on your bum.’

Jason eased his shorts down releasing his cock and slid its length up and down Laura’s arse crack, their combined sweat and the sun lotion allowing his cock to glide freely. Laura felt his hardon teasing at her holes and she bucked her pelvis back at him in encouragement. By accident the tip of his cock was right on her arsehole and her action caused it to push in against her sphincter. Sensing this was his opportunity, and exploiting the moment, Jason grabbed her hips and thrust forwards sinking his hard cock into her hot depths.

The intrusion of his hot cock into her tight arse sent Laura into a sexual fever with her cunt gushing juice and her arse muscles grabbing at his cock. The pain of his sudden push into her bowels was soon surpassed by thrills of desire. All she could utter were guttural moans and incoherent words. Her mind couldn’t form anything other than cries, curses and pleading for more. Her ravaged arse was sending her signals of pleasure beyond all she had ever had in her marriage and with her lovers prior to that.

Jason was in seventh heaven as he pulled and pushed himself in and out of Laura. His slick cock was being gripped by her stretched arse in a way he had never experienced before. None of his girlfriends had let him do anal sex but very soon he knew that this was a pleasure he would need to experience again. As he thrust again and again, he started to talk to her.

‘That’s it baby. Take daddy’s big hard cock in your tight arse. Show daddy how good you can be. Take daddy’s spunk in your pretty little arse.’

The trash talk caused Laura to beg and scream. ‘Yes fuck me daddy! I’ve been such a bad girl. Make me be your good girl daddy. Fuck meeee!!’

Laura started to come again and this caused Jason to thrust extra hard and then to empty his cock deep in her arse. He gripped her hips hard and slammed home as his cock spurted. He roared ‘Take it girl!’ and almost collapsed across her.

His yell and her loud gasps could clearly be heard inside the house where Steph and Dan were still glued to the events in the garden.

Steph hadn’t taken her eyes off the scene outside and in her growing desire she had started to roll her hips in time with her mother. Her hand still gripped Dan’s belt and as she rocked to and fro the tugging action caused Dan to press against her.

Dan was still stunned by what he was seeing outside but the tugging at his belt started his hips to thrust gently in time with his sister. His hand fell to grip her waist but as she was leaning forward he found himself with a handful of her curvy backside instead.

Without conscious effort Dan’s fingers gently kneaded and explored the soft cheek of her bum stroking and caressing as they went. As Dan realised he couldn’t feel any panties through the fabric of the robe Steph sighed and turned her head. She leaned towards her brother and kissed him gently on the lips. Dan returned her kiss and gave her a smile.

Steph turned away and stared out of the window at the sight of her mother cavorting with a teenager. She was getting more turned on and her hand started to pull downwards on Dan’s belt. Dan helped her ease his shorts down and his hard cock sprang upwards hitting his sister’s hand. She instinctively clutched at it and shuddered when she felt its wide girth.

Dan grabbed her gown in both hands and eased it upwards so that her bum came into view. Steph let out a gasp as Dan moved so that his cock nestled between her arse cheeks.

‘Not so little brother now. Eh sis?’ Dan breathed into her ear. Steph shuddered at the thought of being impaled on a cock as wide as Dan’s. She had been with several boys but none of them were as wide as Dan had felt in her hand.

Her pussy was already wet from her earlier thoughts and the sight of her mother being fucked outside. She spread her legs and bent forward to give Dan easy access to her dripping snatch. Dan bent his knees and aligned his cock with her pussy and pushed into her.

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