Sunset Beach

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Big Tits

“You’re too old to go bumming round the world” all his so called mates had told him. But that was just jealousy, eating them up as they crouched on their precarious little stockbroker rafts in the city, afraid to take the plunge, swim with the sharks, discover…who knows what, just discover.

At the ripe old age of 40 Ray Fenton had done just that. He had taken the plunge, cashed in his shares, hung up his dealing room jacket and had left the rest of the world behind, maybe for a year, maybe more. Who knows, he hadn’t restricted himself by putting time limit on this chapter of his life.

Now he found himself walking alone along a deserted road in North East Brazil. Underneath his now well worn rucksack his back was dark brown, scorched by endless days in the sun. The rest of him was lean, muscled from the months of walking, chopping wood and living off the land.

He came round a bend in the road and the unmistakable smell of the sea caught his nostrils, followed closely by the distant sound of waves striking firm sand. A little bit further down the road half covered by overgrown palm fronds was a battered sign. “Jericoacoara Beach” it proudly announced.

Ray quickened his pace, aching feet and joints reviving at the thought of the cool ocean, a good meal and a chilled beer.

20 Minutes later his old rucksack lay prostrate upon an empty beach, his shorts and sandals lay beside it, drying in the light warm breeze.

He gasped audibly as the first wave hit him, instantly enlivening his senses, making him feel alive again, hungry for more. He dived headlong into the second wave, feeling it pull at him as it broke over him. Revelling in the cool silence that surrounded him. He swan for a few yards underwater then surfaced, only to be hit full in the face by a breaking wave fully twice the size of the one he had dived into.

Eventually the last wave flicked at his ankles as he made his way back up the beach, enjoying the feel of the setting sun upon his naked body.

He lay upon the sand letting the warmth massage him gently, the wind nibbled away at the droplets upon his body.

He felt the blood coursing through him, reaching out to every part of him, engorging it with life giving energy. He smiled to himself as he realised he was getting aroused by the sensation.

Eventually he pulled on his baggy shorts, enjoying the feeling of freedom they gave him. Slipping his sandals back on he hoisted up his rucksack and made his way canlı bahis şirketaleri along the beach.

A little while later he caught sight of a few lights, red, green, blue, yellow strung haphazardly along the straw roof of a beach bar. He could just make out the outline of a couple of tables and chairs on the sand, 3 rickety looking bar stools and a flash of blond hair behind the bar.

As he got closer he could see that it was deserted and wondered whether it was closing for the night.

The sun had now completely gone and the reds turned to deep purple as the first glittering stars of the night emerged overhead.

He emerged from the darkening beach to stand in the subdued light of the bar. The girl behind the bar was refilling a fridge at the back of the bar, her blond ringlets cascading over her lean, tanned back as she bent down.

Ray felt himself stir as he followed the arch of her spine down to the turquoise bikini bottoms. He noticed the way that the thin strands snaked over the tops of her buttocks and then widened into a piece of fine silk like fabric which hugged her lips before disappearing beneath her pelvic floor.

Suddenly she stood up and turned around, crying out in surprise when she caught sight of Ray standing there. Ray’s blue eyes met her ice blue eyes, immediately softening from the initial surprise and flashing seductively. Was it his imagination or did she momentarily widen those eyes? Inviting, approving.

Ray pulled himself up to his full 6ft 1″ height and smiled. Pleased with the further albeit brief flash of approval.

She strolled towards him, please with the way his eyes drifted down, taking in her full yet pert breasts, smooth tanned skin, and swinging hips.

Leaning against the bar she flashed her eyes once more before her full glistening lips seemed to whisper, “what can I get you?”

Ray had been there a hundred times in the last year. He paused, just long enough to convey what he really wanted. “Two beers”, “make sure they’re cold”.

She slid back the lid of a freezer below the bar and reached down, maintaining eye contact as she did so. Pulling out a bottle Ray noticed the ice on the outside. He inadvertently licked his lips.

Before handing it over she placed the bottle between her breasts so that it nestled within her cleavage. She gasped as the ice cold bottle made contact with her warm skin. “Feels pretty cold to me” she said before flicking the top of the bottle canlı kaçak iddaa under the bar and removing the cap.

As she placed it on the bar she allowed her hand to run slowly down the side of the bottle, quickly melting away the remaining ice. She lifted her fingers from the bottle and placed them in her mouth one at a time removing the cool moisture with her tongue and lips.

Ray noticed the glistening droplets that now perched precariously on her breasts, occasionally one would break free and run down between them, dampening her bikini. Her nipples had started to harden, protruding from beneath the material.

She reached down again and removed the second beer. “For you” said Ray. She nodded approvingly and took a long draught rolling her finger and thumb over the lip of the bottle after removing it from her mouth.

She turned and disappeared into the darkness at the back of the bar. Ray felt more than a pang of disappointment.

A little while later he saw a silhouette approach from the side of the bar. She glanced at him, her eyes catching his as she brushed past him and proceeded to drag the chairs and tables on the beach closer to the bar.

Ray was aware of her perfume permeating his nose from where she had brushed against him. He was also painfully aware that he was quite obviously stiffening uncontrollably.

He turned back to the bar, standing closer to hide his rapidly building erection. Concentrating on his beer to try and distract his now very preoccupied mind.

He heard nothing before he felt soft hands snake around his waist, running up and grasping his chest, pulling him back slightly until he felt her breasts upon his back, felt her warm breath against the nape of his neck, felt her tongue flick across his shoulder blades.

Her perfume was now overpowering. Entering his every pore. Firing his already stoked desire.

Her hands ran back down his chest, over his hard stomach, moving slowly, slowing even more as they neared their ultimate objective.

His breathing quickened. He was aching. Needing to be touched, set free. Wanting her to grasp him tight.

Eventually her hands flicked over his shorts, appraising his hard shaft as it strained against the fabric. She moaned approvingly as she moved back up, pressing firmer against his entire length.

She flicked open his button and the engorged end of his hard cock burst from the top of his shorts, drinking in the night air, demanding further canlı kaçak bahis attention.

He felt her press closer against him as she slowly undid his fly, every inch liberating him further. Ray reached around, feeling her buttock in his hand, pressing her closer to him. His shorts slipped to the floor leaving him naked. As he pulled her in closer he felt the heat from between her thighs against the top of his leg.

Her hand now cupped his balls, gently and expertly rolling them in the palm of her hand. Her other hand stroked his shaft, gently wrapping her fingers around him as she started to firmly pull up and down. He felt his need strengthen. Yearning to be free, yearning to explode.

Gently he removed her hands and turned to face her, bending to meet her lips, tasting her as her tongue snaked out to meet his. He shivered briefly as her hand again found his hard cock, stroking it in unison with the rhythm of their kisses.

He reached behind her, pulling the cord of her top so that it fell away to the sand.

He took her breast in his had as they continued to explore each others mouths, fleeting glances communicating the fact that they shared the same overriding need for release.

His right hand rode up her smooth leg, fingers caressing her inner thigh before pulling aside her bikini bottom and immediately feeling her hot wetness. Tow of his fingers slipped effortlessly inside her, she gripped him tight as they entered her, biting his bottom lip as his fingers probed upwards, curving around, seeking out the pace she longed for him to find. She gasped loudly when he did and shuddered against him.

Slowly she regained her control, stroking him harder now as his fingers continued to flick inside her, carrying her nearer and nearer, bringing the stars closer and closer.

She shuddered again this time uncontrollably. He snaked his left hand behind her supporting her, letting the waves of pleasure ripple through her, engulf her. She looked up with far away eyes and started stroking him again, harder this time, longer. “I want your cum” she whispered. “I want you to shoot it all over me, I want to feel it run down my body, feel it hot against my skin. I want to rub it into my wet lips”.

She slipped to her knees stroking faster and faster looking up into his eyes, pleading with him to shower her.

He could hold it no longer. He cried out as the first violent spurt shot up against her chin. The next spurted up over her face. Her tongue snaked out and tasted him. Time and time again he convulsed and sprayed her brown skin with his milky white seed. It ran over her breasts, her erect nipples glistening before it dripped down onto her belly and snaked its way down to join her own juices.

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