Summer Storm Ch. 01

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Summer scanned the room looking for a familiar face – or at least an attractive one. It was easy for her. At nearly six feet tall, she easily towered over almost everyone in the room.

Summer was bored. It was Friday night. It was early. Already she began to wonder if she should just go back to her empty apartment and take care of business herself. But no – sometimes it was the hunt that mattered – the lioness stalking her prey. Slim pickings tonight.

There were a couple of attractive guys, but they were with a group of girls. Unless they became separated from the herd, there wasn’t much chance of making the kill. None of the women seemed her type. She preferred someone taller when she could find them. But if they could at least come up to her chin, she’d consider it. Too bad, there were some cute girls out there, but she swore it was a little people convention tonight.

She thought again about going home – alone. Her ad for a roommate had gone unanswered for two weeks. The only nibble had been some creeper.

Summer loved sex, but not like that. She had never been that desperate – yet. For a moment she thought of some nameless and greasy-haired biker in full leather fucking her on the living room floor. She felt a tingle and then the feeling was gone. No, that wasn’t going to happen. But it did give her more resolve. She wasn’t going home alone this night.

Okay, time to lower your standards, she thought to herself. Maybe not down to the greasy biker, but sometimes a nerdy younger guy would fit the bill nicely. Maybe one of the short girls. The truth is that, like someone trying to decide what to have for dinner; she wasn’t really sure what she was in the mood for. She’d know it when she saw it.

Loud voices near the bar caught her attention. A short girl not more than five foot tall was arguing with a thin but attractive blonde-headed guy, possibly 5′-8″ or 5′-9″.

“No I haven’t had too much to drink”, she was yelling over the music and crowd noise. “In fact, I haven’t had nearly enough.” With that, she grabbed the newly acquired drink from the bar, and headed off across the room. In the crowd, the now stunned and speechless guy probably lost sight of her in seconds.

Summer grinned. A straggler left to fend for himself. Maybe he wasn’t as tall as she generally liked them, but he would do in a pinch – or at least a poke.

Summer moved across the room swiftly before her prey vanished. She positioned herself behind him.

“Girlfriend trouble?”

“What, her?” He spun around. His eyes hit her about at the neck before he tilted his head up slightly. “No, that’s my little sister. She just

moved here and I wanted to get her out of my apartment.” He grinned slightly – a good sign.

Summer was tall and thin, escort bostancı but she was also beautiful. Her height had some disadvantages when it came to dating, but her sparkling eyes often caught envious looks from both guys and girls in the room. The guys were guessing she was too beautiful or too tall for them, while the girl’s claws often came out because of the obvious competition. She wondered how different life would be if these guys and girls could read her thoughts. They would never know how this unattainable girl was imagining them with her; together in a lover’s embrace. She imagined it as if trying on new clothes. How well would they fit?

This young man in front of her might fit very nicely indeed. “So you are trying to kick her out?”

His eyes sparkled and his grin grew wider as he laughed. “No, I just wanted her to stop moping around my apartment and get out and meet some new people. I got more than I bargained for. It’s been a couple of years – I didn’t realize her drinking has kicked up a notch.”

“So now you have to be the honorable big brother and watch out for her.”


“Looks to me like she can take care of herself.” Summer’s eyes wandered over to the table where she had seen the sister go. She was chatting and laughing with two girls and one guy. “I know those girls. They’re good people. Not so sure about the guy, but I think he’s dating one of those two. So she’s doing exactly what you hoped – meeting people.”

His eyes followed Summer’s. “Yeah, I suppose. Big brother issues. I guess I’m overreacting. I’m John, by the way.”


John’s eyebrow went up and he grinned again. “Cute name. For a cute girl.” He almost stammered the second part – an obvious afterthought. He cleared his throat and took a sip of the drink he was holding. “Can I get you a drink?”

Finally, Summer thought. Free drinks was one of the perks of being a tall, brown-haired beauty. She knew she would be taking down her intended victim tonight – or maybe going down on him if things went well. She grinned at the thought. “That would be great. A skinny bitch would be fine.”

John laughed. “I don’t know that one – but I’m sure the bartender does.” John turned to the bar and was blown away when the bartender was already handing him Summer’s drink.

“You’re right”, the bartender said with a smirk. “Good luck with the skinny bitch.” The bartender glanced at Summer who shot him an ugly look.

Comments like that were why Summer more often preferred the company of women. Then again, she knew a few skinny bitches herself.

The entire exchange was somewhat lost on John who graciously accepted the drink and handed it over to Summer. “So what’s in this?”

“Simple. Vodka and diet soda. ümraniye escort Vodka doesn’t give me a headache”, she offered a taste.

“Oh, no thanks. Doesn’t sound like it has much flavor. I guess I just prefer beer.”

That’s when Summer noticed that the drink in his hand was not a beer. “What are you drinking?”


“Well, that really doesn’t have any flavor!” Summer laughed.

“True. I run a lot. I have a race tomorrow. Sometimes I’ll drink the night before, but I didn’t feel like it tonight. In fact, I planned to turn in early.”

“Your sister may not be too happy about that.”

“We drove separately. That’s why I was hounding her about drinking too much.”

“Well, if she sticks with those two over there, she’ll be fine. They won’t let her do anything stupid.”

John nodded as he took another sip of water and an awkward silence ensued. Crap, say something clever. Summer wasn’t thinking clearly – not enough to drink. She didn’t want her victim to get away. “So, you are going to bed early? Do you need someone to tuck you in?” Summer reached over and boldly squeezed his ass. John nearly choked on his water.

“Uh, umm”, John stammered.

Summer loved doing that to guys – especially the younger ones. Summer was 32, but she looked more like 25. So when she picked up a guy in his mid-20s, it was her height most people noticed – not her age.

Those extra years had given her a certain boldness when it came to sex. She knew what she wanted and didn’t feel like playing games to get it.

At this point, the tingle was more than just slight. There was something she liked about John. Maybe it was how he was being protective of his sister. Maybe it was that he wasn’t drinking. Whatever it was, he seemed like a genuinely nice and mature guy. It might not be his personality she was after, but that would be a bonus.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Summer took him by the hand and she led him over to the table where his sister was.

“Girls – and guy – John and I have decided to step out, but he wanted to make sure his sister got home okay.” The suddenness of her appearance and comment left them stunned and all four of them simply nodded. But as they walked away, Summer heard a burst of laughter and giggling. A small part of her wondered if they were laughing at her, but the rest of her was more interested in finishing off her prey and cooling the ever growing fire building up inside. She downed the vast majority of her drink in one shot. John was being dragged along like a dog on a leash.

In just moments, they had reached John’s car. Summer was a little surprised when John opened the passenger door for her and let her in. That seemed so rare. Who was this guy? He was being such a gentleman that he kartal escort bayan might just be getting some bonus attention.

John slipped around the other side of the car and behind the wheel. “Buckle up”, he said before easing out onto the road.

Summer laughed. This was getting almost ridiculous. “Well, if I buckle up, I might not be able to do this.” Summer reached over and grabbed him through his pants. She was pleased to discover that he was already excited.

John drew in a sharp breath. His voice quavered a little. “Ummm, maybe not the best idea in this traffic – though you are welcome to try and talk me into it. Honestly, I don’t live far from the club. It won’t take long to get there.”

“You’re right. It won’t take me long to get there at all.” Summer fastened her belt and then leaned the seat back slightly. She reached between her legs and pulled up her already short skirt. Then she squirmed out of her panties and threw them on John’s lap. She was even more pleased to see that he must not have been fully hard when she grabbed him. By now, she could see that his slacks were tenting up nicely. She wondered if he was going commando – something she liked to do from time to time. She would know soon enough.

Summer reached back down between her legs and touched that magic spot. It was her turn to take in a sharp breath. A tiny “oooh” escaped her lips. She closed her eyes and gently caressed herself, a single finger sliding up and down between her labia. She felt the car bump across several center line markers in the road. Her eyes may have been closed, but it was pretty obvious John’s eyes weren’t on the road either. The car jerked sideways slightly.

Summer pushed a finger into her pussy. The wetness had been building since she approached John at the bar. Now she would use some of that excitement to lubricate her delicate clit. She gasped out another ragged breath. She added a second finger to her attentions and used them to spread her lips wide. Her right hand went down to take up the void. She began rubbing vigorously. She felt herself sticking to the leather seats and the sensation made her hyper aware that she was masturbating herself in a moving car with a young stranger just next to her.

She felt the car jerk again, but at this point, she simply didn’t care. John was getting a show, but she couldn’t wait for him to join in. She was already almost past the point of no return. A moan escaped her lips. She didn’t realize it was her. Faster and faster she rubbed; rapidly flicking her clit back and forth until she could feel the imminent explosion of pleasure. With a loud sobbing-whimper, her hips began to buck and her legs involuntarily clamped down on her own hand. The waves of pleasure seemed to last forever, but it was still never enough.

Summer opened her eyes. The car was stopped. John was staring in amazement. His mouth was open and his hands were still on the steering wheel.

He licked his dry lips. “Wow”, he mouthed silently. “We’re here. I told you it wasn’t far.”

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