Summer Loving

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The summer air was thick and stagnant. My linen dress clung to my frame in a losing battle of defiance against the beads of sweat that trailed down my spine and along the crack of my ass.

“God, it’s fucking hot out here,” Terrence growled around the neck of his Corona.

I nodded, but didn’t otherwise respond. I wasn’t in the mood for his bullshit. We were all hot, but not everyone felt compelled to complain.

“I’m going to take a walk,” I finally offered, knowing that Terrence wouldn’t dream of exerting any energy under the intense heat of the waning sunlight.

“I’ll join you,” Marq offered, slipping into his flip-flops and grabbing another beer for each of us from the icy cooler.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Lilly joked as we headed off. I could hear Terrence mumbling something about it being too hot for fucking, as if there were any conditions that were not conducive to fucking. He and I were poorly matched that way. He could find a million excuses not to have sex, but in recent weeks I could only find one. Terrence.

“Things seem a little tense between you two today. Everything okay?” Marq asked as we edged down the sandy beach.

“Things are what they are,” I responded somewhat cryptically. I had always found Marq to be enormously desirable and I didn’t want to spend this time alone with him talking about my relationship with Terrence. Especially since that relationship seemed to be on a woefully downward spiral.

“How about you and Lilly?” I redirected him. “How are you two getting along?”

“Great, I guess,” he responded, though not all that convincingly. The thought that he might also be underwhelmed in his relationship gave me a bit of hope, about which I felt only slightly guilty.

We made small talk as we ambled along, enjoying the feel of the cool, tightly-packed sand beneath our feet. Before long the bustling cabana with its sweat drenched patrons and my sour faced lover were out of sight. The sun was an oversized, sweltering ball of fiery pink and orange flames trying to extinguish itself along the horizon. Cool ocean breezes finally kicked up, providing a measure of relief from the suffocating heat.

“Want to sit here for awhile?” Marq offered, cracking open a Corona and handing it to me.

I nodded around a mouthful of beer before running the sweaty bottle across my forehead and cheeks. I could feel Marq’s eyes on me, but he didn’t speak.

“What?” I finally asked, beginning to feel self-conscious under the weight of his stare.

“You’re really very pretty,” he chuckled. “I see you almost everyday and I never really thought about it before, but you are.”

I smiled, but wasn’t sure how to respond. “Thank you,” would have seemed lame and perhaps arrogant and I couldn’t think of any better response, so I remained mute. Marq finally cracked into the silence.

“Hey check it out,” he said, pointing to a raft that canlı bahis şirketleri someone had left under a tree “Let’s get wet!” He jumped up, as if to put some distance between himself and the unacknowledged compliment. He grabbed the inflatable raft, pulled off his shirt and headed for the water. There was a powerful force emanating from his muscles that compelled me to join him. While he wiped the salty water and wet hair from his eyes, I slipped my sweaty dress over my head and stood on the shore in nothing but a pair of cotton panties, my hands clutched demurely over my bare breasts.

“C’mon, hop on,” Marq smiled, patting the raft he was holding for me. I waded toward him and climbed aboard, lying back onto the cool vinyl.

“God, that feels good,” I smiled, closing my eyes and drinking in the sensation of refreshing water against my skin. I let go of my breasts, wanting to feel emotionally and physically liberated.

Marq scooped water into his cupped hands and dropped it over my chest and belly. I knew he was looking at me, wanting me. I sensed the desire between us creating a new brand of heat. I suspected that he was growing hard and conflicted. I kept my eyes clenched tightly shut, willing him to touch me. In my mind I was literally screaming for him to put his hands on me. There was a pulsing inside of me that started in my chest and ran through my core to my pussy, which was throbbing in time with my silent screams.

Marq had to have known that I’d be complicit in our sexual encounter after all I’d never taken my clothes off in front of him before. It was a deliberate act calculated to make him want me, and it apparently worked. His palm finally came to rest on the inside of my thighs, slowly, agonizingly rising north toward my aching and engorged sex. My kegel muscles were twitching and throbbing in relentless fashion as he drew nearer. Goosebumps erupted over my flesh, betraying my longing. I opened my eyes to find him studying my reaction and met his gaze with a permissive grin. I parted my wet thighs slightly, offering easier access to my hidden cave, wanting him to explore me. His fingers wrapped around the uppermost part of my inner thigh, massaging it before pushing their way beneath my sopping wet panties. The pool he found there was distinctly different than the wetness of the ocean. It was silky, thick and inviting. His fingers pushed deeper into me, wanting more of the soft, frothy treat that enveloped them. I pushed my pelvis downward, helping him inch into the depths of me where he wiggled and spread them, pushing against my g-spot and forcing me to hyperventilate. As he leaned in to part his lips over my eager mouth, the raft capsized, dumping me into the sea.

I screamed as the cold water swallowed me and rose to the sound of his laughter and mine. Flinging my body against his, I pushed him under and as he rose, I threw my arms and legs around canlı kaçak iddaa him. I could feel his erection pressing against my pubic bone and was ravenous for the feel of that spectacularly hard cock spreading my pussy and diving into me. Our lips and tongues became a tangled web of lust and desire. He held me fast against him with one arm and used the other to free his throbbing cock and pull my panties aside. Grunts, moans and the wet sounds of slobbery kisses became food for the gulls screaming overhead.

“Fuck, I want that in you,” he growled, fumbling his cock against my slippery cunt.

“Do it,” I commanded around mouthfuls of his Corona coated tongue. “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I could feel the thickness of his swollen dick pressing against me, forcing my lips to part tightly over him. Try as it might, the ocean was no match for the juices pooled inside my hot, wet portal and he finally slid fully inside of me, plunging forcefully, fighting desperately against the waves that would knock us down. I remained draped around him as he carried me to shore, tossing me onto the beach and dropping down onto me. In one swift, confident movement he re-entered me, pumping ferociously, as if years of pent of lust were now spilling out.

He devoured me inside of rabid kisses, sucking upon my lips and tongue, biting my lip before moving on to my earlobes and doing the same. If he could literally have eaten me he might have done so. I clasped his ass in my hands, forcing him hard against me, raking his skin with my nails to force pain and pleasure to go hand in hand. He raised a hand to my throat and chin, tilting my face into his and squeezing slightly, as if add a scant element of danger to our fucking and to assert of measure of dominance over me, which I liked. The feel of his thighs rubbing against the inside of mine created a highly erotic sensation. I wrapped my thighs tightly around him and pulled myself toward him, forcing him to bang against my cervix, holding there, rubbing and poking it.

“Mmmmm,” a low growl began in the pit of my stomach and bubbled up from my throat, a throat that would have wanted to feel his cock in it if my pussy weren’t such a greedy little bitch, “make me come, Marq. Make me do it.”

“Fuck yeah, baby, come for me…ahhhh…come for me,” he groaned as his hips bucked against my ass, my thighs still tightly wrapped around his waist.

The gulls screamed hungrily overhead, waiting for their chance to feast on my succulent juices. I screamed too from every part of my body. My pussy screamed under the intense pleasure forced into it by this new cock. My throat screeched as if I were a bitch in heat. My engorged nipples screamed under the friction of Marq’s chest hair and sea salt. Another blanket of goosebumps spread itself across my body as I released the tension of my first orgasm and shuddered beneath him.

We were sweating again, falling canlı kaçak bahis prey to the heat of the impending nightfall and our exertion. Marq’s movements slowed and he reached for his nearby Corona. He held the cool bottle against each of my nipples, forcing them into tight knots upon which he bit lightly, sending lighting bolts of pleasure down each thigh. He tilted his bottle of beer over my chest and drizzled the contents over my clammy skin before pulling his cock from me and leaning in to suck on my beer coated body. I felt the cool stream of beer hit my navel next, pooling there before he leaned in to drink from me, lapping up the cool, refreshing treat. Then what I had been waiting for…his beer running over my swollen clit and cunt. I knew his lips would follow. He sucked at his treat like a child with an ice cream, savouring every bit of me. Waves of intense euphoria crashed over me as his tongue danced across my slit, teasing me and flicking against my clit. I lay beneath him, wriggling on the sand like a fish out of water, gasping for air, struggling for survival, but it was too late. The need to succumb washed over me and I let go, sending one last desperate cry of passion careening into the night sky.

He couldn’t come inside of me. He wasn’t mine. I was not his, but he needed relief of his own. His hand reached down, wrapping itself around his painfully engorged cock. He stroked and squeezed it forcing thick purulent precum to spring forth and drip from the head. I sat up to admire his technique and he reached out to me, grabbing a fist full of my hair and drawing me forward onto my hands and knees, where he pressed his aching cock against my lips and painted them with his juices.

“Suck it,” he commanded. “Make me cum. It’s my turn. I want you to take my load inside of you.”

I loved his uninhibited dirty talk. I loved being treated like a whore. I didn’t want to be his friend in that moment. I wanted to be his slave. I wanted to suck his cock with such gusto that he couldn’t restrain himself. I wanted him to talk dirty to me, the dirtier the better. I removed my lips long enough to respond, “Tell me how you want it, Marq.”

“I want it just like that,” he grunted, “I want you to be my little cum-sucking slut.” My cunt throbbed. I wanted that too. Terrence never talked to me that way. Terrence never talked to me at all. This was delightfully bad. I was on my hands and knees in the sand, ass naked to world, vulnerable, with another man’s cock sticking out of my mouth, pounding against my throat.

“Suck me dry, then swallow it. All of it,” he commanded. The pitch of his voice raised and I sensed the end was near. I reached up to massage his balls in one hand and sucked harder, flicking my tongue along the underside of his shaft at the same time. His cock began throbbing and jumping against my tongue and a second later I felt the hot splash of semen soaking my throat, squirting there four, five, six times. Then it was gone.

Marq handed me my beer as if I might want to wash the taste of him from my mouth, but I didn’t. I wanted the feel of his sweat, his semen and his lust on me for just a while longer.

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