Summer Love Ch. 2

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Public Sex

This story is protected by (c) copyright and may not be duplicated, reprinted, copied or placed on any Internet Website without permission of the author. All rights reserved.

I’ve tried my best a making my characters sound like real southern people. If you feel you can do better, write a story And don’t knock mine. Thank you.


Young Ashley Lynne Crawford tiptoed down the long, dark hallway. The Plantation house was over a 150 years old and every board in the floor creaked. Momma may have been 50 years old but her hearing was able to hear an owl a mile from the house.

She reached Ray’s room without as much as one board creak, “Howdy, big brother.” She said as she slipped off her nightgown. She moved under the sheet that covered Ray, “I was hopin’ we could finish what we started earlier tonight?” a big grin was on her face.

He didn’t say a word; he pulled her little body on top of his. His stiffness found it’s way between her legs to her panty covered sex and his lips meet hers. They held each other as tight as two people could have. Her slender hips started moving against his hardness.

“I was hopin’ ya’d come to see me.” He said in a quite voice, not wanting Momma to hear them.

Ashley moaned softly and replied; “Mista Crawford, wild horses couldn’t kept me away.” Her hips moved on his hard shaft, “Ya want me to pull down my panties fer ya?”

“Iffin’ ya do… we might do somethin’ we shouldn’t.” he said looking into her sexy, brown eyes. Hoping that she would anyhow.

Ashley sat up on Ray, her tiny hands pulled down her soaked panties, “Just be easy, I lied about bein’ with other boys. I’m still a virgin, like you.” She said with an embarrassed face.

“Ashley! How could ya lie to me?” Ray said in a surprised voice. But, he didn’t care. He was going to loose his virginity to his also virgin sister.

She sat above Ray, his head was at her tender, virgin flower opening, and she said, “I hope this here doesn’t hurt to awful bad.” Her slim hips slowly started to sit down on Ray’s hardness. She gasps for air as his large head slowly entered her body. “RAY! OH RAY!” she moaned loudly as it sank deeper into her sensitive sex. Stretching her tiny love hole as wide as it would stretch. A sense of pain and immense pleasure rushed through her inflamed body.

His hands guided her hips down on the huge pole, “Slow Ashley! I don’t want to hurt ya.” Her tiny hole wrapped around his head like a vise. Squeezing him like nothing he had ever felt. Like rubbers bands tied around the head.

His head met her virgin shield. She was breathing so hard and fast she was about to faint, “This is it! Easy…please!” she begged him as she felt him trying to push through her shield. The feeling of the giant manhood trying take her virginity sent waves of excitement through her tiny body.

“I love ya, Ashley.” He said lining up for one hard thrust upward into her inflamed body. This was it, his first woman. His sweet baby sister.

BANG! CRASH! BANG! Came from their barn.

The young couple heard, “What the heck was that?” Ashley looked to Ray for an answer.

“Oh FUCK! I be bettin’ that ol’ black bear done gone and got in the barn!” he yelled out as he rolled Ashley off his stiffness. He found in pants in only a second and grabbed the double-barreled shotgun and a pistol off of his gun rack. “STAY HERE!” he ordered Ashley and ran from the room.

Ashley pulled her nightgown on and ran down the hallway screaming, “MOMMA! MOMMA!” she ran to her Momma’s room opening the door, “MOMMA, that ol’ bear’s in the barn!”

Momma jumped out of bed, “Where’s Raymond?” and replied with a concerned look on her face. “I don’t want him to get killed over them ol’ plow horses.”

They both ran from Momma’s room and out to the front porch illegal bahis just in time to see Ray run into their barn, “Be careful, darlin'” Ashley said in a soft voice hoping her Momma didn’t hear it.

BOOM! BOOM! The shotgun rang out in the night. Then the two worried women heard the frightening sound of a wounded bear crying out with pain. They knew Ray had hit his target, but would he be able to run away fast enough to re-load his shotgun.

All at once the big barn doors flew open, Ray ran from the barn as fast as his feet would run. The bear was right on his heels, “RUN! RUN!” Ashley screamed out in terror as loud as she could. Ray ran and so did the bear, clawing at him, trying to bite him, anything it could to get him.

Momma and Ashley held each other in the cool night air as they watched the man they loved, “Oh Momma!” Ashley screamed again when she saw Ray fall to the cold, dusty ground.

“Raymond! NO!” Momma screamed covering her heart with trembling hands.

The bear heard the two horrified women’s screams; it flew over Ray and headed towards the front porch of the house. It had a new target, ‘THEM!’


Both women saw in a split second that the bear was now after them, “GO! RUN!” Momma yelled. They made it in the house with plenty of time before the massive bear made it’s way to the porch.

“Lordy, that was close!” Ashley said falling against one of the walls in the house.

BANG! The front door gave way. The bear was in their house, “Momma!” Ashley screamed out as the bear limped towards her trembling body. She froze against the wall in shock.

“Ashley!” Momma yelled to her as the large black bear limped closer to Ashley. “RUN, BABY!” Momma cried out again trying to get Ashley’s attention. But, Ashley was in shock, unable to move.

Ashley and the bear were face to face. The bears hot breath filled Ashley’s horrified lungs as she gasp for air. It’s foaming mouth opened wide, ready to kill her.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The bear fell to the floor with a huge thud. Ray’s pistol smoked as he looked at the dead bear. He had killed wild dogs, a boar, but never anything like this before. The blood ran through his body like a raging river.

He ran to Ashley; his long penis was at full hardness as he pulled her trembling body to his. He felt like a warrior that had saved the young Queen. “It’s all right my love.” He whispered in her ear as he held her tightly against his hardness.

“Ray! Ya saved ya’re sister!” Momma hugged him as tears ran down her face. “Ya saved Ashley.” Momma gasp as she felt the hardness of her brawny son. It brought back memories of her husband, Ray’s late father. He too had a massive manhood like this. Momma’s blood rushed to her neglected sex, she hadn’t had a man in 10 years.

Ray pulled Momma tighter to him, “How could I let that ol’ bear get ya two sexy women?” he said as his hardness pushed between Momma’s trembling legs. He could feel the heat coming from her sex.

Momma pressed into him not like a mother, but as a woman that needed a man. “Let’s get Ashley in bed and I need to talk to ya.” She needed more than to talk to him; she needed him as a MAN. She needed what he had to offer a woman in need.

“You get her to bed, I’ll get the truck and pull that thang from the house.” He said looking at the dead bear lying on the floor. He looked back to Momma and said, “You sure feel good. A man could learn to like all this huggin'” his hands moved to her round bottom, he began to squeeze her warm flesh.

Momma looked at him with pure lust in her eyes, “Hurry and get that ol’ thang out of here. I’ll put Ashley to bed and give her one of Granny Mae’s sleepin’ pills.” She leaned to him, gently kissing his lips.

Momma tucked Ashley in bed, giving her one of Granny’s sleeping illegal bahis siteleri pills. One of her pills could knock out a horse for days they were so strong. Momma rushed to her room, stripping off her nightgown. She moved to her big dresser, pulling out a small black bra and a matching pair of silk panties and stockings. She quickly put them on her burning body.

She moved to her nightstand and found two candles. She lit each one and placed them on both stands. She was ready to make her lonely son a man.

A soft knock on the door, “Momma, ya wanted to talk to me?” Ray’s voice called through the door.

“Come in Ray.” She replied ready for her big, strong son. Her body had been on fire since she had felt his hardness.

Ray entered the dark room seeing the candles. Then he saw something he could not believe, his mother lying on the bed looking like a woman in heat. “Oh Momma! Ya are so beautiful!”

“Come to Momma.” She smiled seeing the look of happiness on his face. She was pretty sure her wonderful son was still a virgin. They lived so far from town her two children never had a chance to be with anyone. The only concern she had was, if he and Ashley had been together.

He walked to the bed of his mother, he pulled down his pants and moved to her. His hardness leading the way, “Momma, ya are gorgeous!”

She smiled, looking at his manhood, “No baby, this is gorgeous!” her hand reached to hold him, she softly moaned when she felt the hot blood rushing through the thick shaft. “Oh LORD forgive me for what I’m about to do.” She pulled him to her mouth and sucked his long, hard, shaft down her throat until her face was buried in his hair.

“Oh Momma!” Ray cried out with delight. Her head moved back and forth, sucking his hardness with her warm mouth. “Oh yes! Momma!” Ray moaned.

Momma sucked him softly, using her hot tongue to tease his big head. She pulled from him and said, “I thank ya can call me by my given name after tonight.” She pulled him on her flaming body, “Have ya done anythang with ya sister that I should be knowin’ about?” his hardness was ready to enter Momma, Kay.

Ray looked at her with a little fear on his face, “Um… I Um…” he didn’t know how to tell Momma.

She smiled at him, “It’s OK. I did it with my brother and ya Daddy did his sister. And look what pretty babies we made.” Her hand went through his black hair. “Ya just like ya Daddy. So dang handsome. So strong and…” her hand found his thickness lying between her legs, “this here fine thang that ya about to use on ya Momma.” Her hand guided his big head to her wet opening, “Go easy at first. It’s been a long time for ya Momma.”

Ray pushed deep into her body stopping when their hips met, “Oh Mom… Kay! Ya so nice and hot up in there! Oh my Lord!” he cried out with joy.

“Come on. Use that big ol’ thang in ya Momma. I like nice, long, deep strokes. When ya push in, I like it so ya lift Momma’s ass off the bed.” Her hands grabbed Ray’s ass, ramming his hardness deeper in her body. All at once he thrust in her lifting her ass off the bed just as she liked it. “OH BABY, YES! She screamed.

Ray used her sex not as a young man, but like a man that had been with lots of women, “Kay, ya are wonderful!” he said pushing deep into her body again lifting her off the bed.

“Ya the King Cock of the house now. I was goin’ to wait until your birthday to give ya Ashley and me, but after tonight, you proved ya were our man.” Her hips worked under her young son, thrusting into his hardness. “Ya think Ashley will like the idea of ya bein’ her man?” Momma’s hips lunged into his stiffness.

Ray pumped her faster and deeper, “I… think… so.” He gasps as he went on using Momma. It was only a mater of seconds before he would fill Momma full of his seeds.

“Come canlı bahis siteleri on big boy. Do Momma! Make me feel good!” she urged her son on as he used her love tunnel. “Come on, fill Momma full! Pump me full, like ya will Ashley. Pretend it’s her ya in right now.” Her hips danced under him, she needed to cum as bad as Ray did. Plus she wanted Ray to use her hard and not Ashley.

“OH MOMMA!” Ray screamed when he erupted inside Momma’s abdomen. Sending his seeds deep into her barren womb. Each stream of cum filled Momma’s belly sending her into a fabulous orgasm.

Momma thrust Ray deep into her body, enjoying that breathtaking feeling of a long, think manhood filling her full of cum, “Oh baby, yes! Oh yes!”


Their sex went on until morning, when they heard Granny Mae come from her room, “Well, shoot! I was just getting’ the hang of this.” Ray teased his Momma.

“Lord, if ya was just getting the hang of it, you’ll kill me.” Momma said hugging him to her used body, but fulfilled body, “Let’s go help Granny before she burns down our house.” Momma kissed him deep and make sure his ‘still’ hard penis gave her one more good deep pump before she let Ray off her body.

They walked into the kitchen arm in arm; “SOUNDS LIKE YA TWO HAD YA SOME FUN THIS MORNIN’.” Granny Mae winked at Ray. He looked at her with a bright, red face. “DON’T YA WORRY BOY, THERE’S BEEN MORE FAMILY MARRIN’ EACH OTHER IN THIS BUNCH THAN YA’LL EVER KNOW.” She laughed as she lit her cigarette.

The three sat at the table telling Granny of the last nights events, Granny had taken a sleeping pill and missed all the fun, “DANG IT! I MISS EVERYTHIN’. HOW WAS YA MOMMA BOY? ” Granny teased him, “WAS SHE GOOD TO YA?” she ask, giving him another wink.

“Granny Mae leave him alone. He was a ‘perfect’ gentleman.” Momma said leaning to kiss Ray on the lips.


Momma hugged Ray close to her and replied, “Granny Mae after last night, I couldn’t wait. Ya would have been so proud of him.”

“Can I get some more coffee Momma?” Ray asks his Momma.

Momma gave him a stern look, “Who? I don’t know any ‘Momma’.”

“Pardon me. Kay, may I have some coffee?” Ray said bringing a smile to her face.

Momma hugged Ray to her breast, “I think maybe it’s time for ya to go claim your REAL prize.” She pushed his black hair from his eyes, “Ya be easy on her. She’s just a baby.”

“I will Momma. I’d never hurt Ashley. I love her more than anything on earth.” Ray said hugging Momma. His manhood grew as he hugged her.

Momma handed him two cups of coffee, “Now, go enjoy ya beautiful sister.” She patted him on the back as he left the big kitchen and walked to Ashley’s room. He gentle pushed open the heavy oak door not wanting to wake her.

Ashley sat on the bed, “My hero!” she said with a great, big smile on her lips. She reached for one of the coffee cups. “Where’s Momma?” she ask.

“Her and Granny are out in the kitchen. Why?” he leaned to kiss her on the lips. Enjoying the kiss of his woman.

“Just thought if ya had any energy left in ya, ya could finish what we started last night.” She gave him a sexy look. She wanted her hero, she wanted him bad.

“What da ya mean? Energy?” he ask hoping she hadn’t heard him and Momma last night.

She laughed at him, “Ray, you silly man. People heard you two in town last night.” She stood up pulling off her gown leaving her only in a pair of pink panties, “Make me ya woman. Give me a baby, like Momma and Daddy did.” She lay on the bed spreading her legs.

“Oh Ashley!” he moaned pulling down his jeans and moving on her young body. “Can ya believe Momma and Daddy were brother and sister, just like us?”

She kissed him and replied, “I hope our babies love each other like we do.”

He placed his penis to her virgin opening, “I’m sure they will.” He gently pushed through her love. Making them one. They loved each other all through the day and into the night.


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