Submissive Male Lessons

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Submissive Male Lessons
My assumption of you, the reader, is that you are a woman whose husband or boyfriend is sexually submissive. He may have expressed an interest in exploring this with you. Perhaps you are already exploring this dynamic but are looking for additional suggestions to try with him. You may also be a man who hungers to submit to a woman but need something to show her to give her a better idea of what being submissive actually means.

I’m also assuming that both you and your partner are heterosexual. Some of you may be bisexual or bicurious, but I am focusing this article on purely monogamous activities. Sexual activities with others outside the relationship are beyond the scope of this article, but they can be a delicious addition if the relationship is secure and both partners are willing!

There are strong themes of BDSM and sexual domination in this article. It’s somewhat the nature of the kink. If those don’t interest you then this is probably not the article for you. This is not an exhaustive list. It is also very likely that every single suggestion in this article will not apply to your man. It’s up to you to pick and choose the appropriate ones that will arouse both of you, while avoiding the ones that will deter his submissive nature. Don’t be surprised if you find some suggestions in here that are totally disinteresting while reading others that apply perfectly!

Preface. Sexually submissive men hunger to be controlled and directed. We desire to be in sexual servitude to our woman, and for her to take the lead in directing sexual activities. We also often have a strong affinity for humiliation to some extent. I will describe several activities and scenarios below, but there are two primary topics that are staples – dare I say requirement – when exploring with your sexually submissive man:

1. Anal Penetration. Honestly, allowing someone to penetrate us anally is one of the most submissive acts that we submissive men can perform. It’s a combination of both pleasure and vulnerability. It’s something we crave, it fulfills a very basic need, and should be used by the female in the relationship. I’ll describe various methods and related activities below.

2. Cum Eating. It’s not typically normal for a man to consume his own seed, yet we often do it anyway. Nature’s intention is for us to inseminate a woman in order to propagate our DNA. The fact that sex is pleasurable for both of us ensures survival of the species. Being forced to consume one’s own ejaculate is preventing that. It registers at a very strong level in our brains. I’m not saying that a woman should never receive her submissive man’s semen bahis siteleri canlı during sex. Many women enjoy the taste of cum, and are turned on by feeling their lovers ejaculate inside their mouths. Having a man cum inside you is a very intimate part of lovemaking. What I’m saying is that outside those activities, while exploring your man’s submissiveness, he should always be made to consume his own cum.

Orgasm Ownership/Denial. You own his cock. The semen he produces is yours and yours alone. You will make it absolutely clear that he is never to self-pleasure without permission. He is never to waste his semen, that you decide its final use and destination, and that you dictate when and if he experiences an orgasm. Just temper this with a merciful attitude. It’s OK to deny him release, but be sure to reward him occasionally when he has excelled in his devotion and servitude to you.

Body Hair. Removal of body hair, specifically pubic, rectal, and underarm hair, adds an interesting dynamic to the situation. The submissive male should be instructed that he is to remain hairless in these areas at all times. This hair is a very important secondary sexual characteristic for a man when he enters puberty. It is an outward sign of his male sexuality, and you are removing it from him. It’s also inconspicuous in case the male wishes to hide his submissiveness from the rest of the world, which is usually the case. Periodic inspections by you, the dominant female, add to the erotic value of this.

Analingus. This is the first of the oral servitude activities I will mention. The submissive male is eager to please and pleasure you while being denied his own sexual gratification. Long sessions of licking and rimming your (clean) asshole is a worthwhile activity to add to your sessions. Perhaps you shower and apply your make-up every morning. One possible suggestion is to require that he kneel behind you, spread your buttocks with his hands, and worship your anus with his tongue while you apply your make-up in the nude, dry your hair, etc. It’s a short window but powerfully reinforces his place as the submissive.

Cunnilingus. This, of course, is his worship and devotion to your “holy of holies.” (No pun intended.) He loves the taste of you, your feminity, and your feminine nectar. You come home from work after a long day, he’s on his back either on the floor or bed, you remove your panties and squat over his face. His senses will be overwhelmed by the strong musk of your pussy and saltiness of sweat. Make him worship it. Or even deny him the pleasure.

Cream Pie Eating. Of course you’re going to allow your submissive male tipobet güvenilir mi to climax inside you. Because your pussy is worthy of his oral worship and attention, he should never leave his seed inside it as he might actually fertilize you. It should be very clear that if you intend to enforce his submissiveness that he thoroughly lick you clean and swallow what he ejaculated inside you. You can also squat over his face and allow his semen to leak from you as he licks and consumes it.

Lingerie. Make him buy it for you. Make him pick it out in the morning. Tell him that you will feel so sexy while you’re out around other men because of what he selected to dress you in. This doesn’t imply that you will cheat on him, but he’s making you look sexy to him without obtaining the sexual release he desires. A woman could decide to make him wear her panties, but that is more feminization and might not appeal to him. Discuss it with him beforehand.

Cages. Allowing his woman to enclose his penis with a cage under lock and key is very submissive. It reaffirms you own it, and denies him the ability to self-pleasure. He only receives sexual pleasure when you release him.

Butt Plugs. His asshole is yours. As I mentioned previously, anal penetration is a very powerful act of submission. Have your submissive male wear a plug, especially in public, and frequently inquire if he still has it in. Lewdly suggest that if he feels uncomfortable with it, that he will be even more uncomfortable later when you stretch his anus even more.

Strap-Ons. Hands down, this is one of the most effective tools to use when you want your man to feel submissive and/or to nurture his submissive nature. Don’t get one that’s too large – you don’t want to injure him or cause an aversion to having it used on him. Typically you will be dressed in very sexy lingerie while sporting your strap-on. The male should regularly kneel in front of you and fellate it as if he were fellating an actual cock. Tell him how sexy he looks by sucking your cock. Make him tell you verbally that your cock is beautiful, to thank you for allowing you to suck it, and to beg you to fuck him with it.

…and fuck him with it! He should be face down, ass up high in the air, and presenting his anus for you to penetrate. Grab his hips, fuck him like you want a man to fuck you, and tell him he’s a slut – your slut. Don’t be surprised if he ejaculates from the prostate stimulation he receives from your artificial cock. At the very least, he’ll be leaking prostatic fluid from his penis.

Prostate Massage. Allowing a woman to penetrate him anally is a very submissive tipobet giriş act for the male. Massaging a man’s prostate and expressing his prostatic fluid is a form of orgasm denial. Using your fingers with a gloved hand is especially arousing for us. If his ass is up in the air and you are behind him while you do this, his penis will “ooze” thick, prostatic fluid. It will usually drip and pool on the floor beneath him. Make sure you have something to collect it in or something it can puddle on so that he can be easily made to lick it up and consume it afterward.

Enemas. This definitely won’t be everyone’s choice, but receiving an enema from a woman is a very humiliating act and heightens the man’s sense of submission. The woman controls the release of warm, soapy water into the man. It floods his bowels and causes uncomfortable cramping. One of the last things a man wants to do is to move his bowels in front of a woman. In this scenario, he can’t until you give him permission. When he does, you’ll be sitting across from him, looking him in the eyes, as he reluctantly releases. It’s humiliating, but doing it in front of a woman is a very submissive act.

Forced Orgasms. These can be from handjobs, blowjobs, etc. Many times the orgasm is called a ruined orgasm, where physical stimulation of the penis is stopped once ejaculation starts. This is maddening – his hips will thrust in an attempt to continue stimulation and the emission of semen will stall. It’s a strong reinforcement that you are in control and determine his level of sexual pleasure.

*An alternative scenario to the forced orgasm aspect is to combine the clothed female / nude male (CFNM) dynamic to the activity. He is nude, you are fully clothed, and in turn he senses your authority. You can also have him masturbate for you while you watch, in a CFNM setting, and instruct him to ejaculate into a shot glass, on a plate, etc. Force him to consume it afterward, or use a spoon or your finger to feed it to him.

Your Hot Past. This can be a dicey subject to broach, but often a submissive man enjoys hearing about the previous sexual exploits of the woman he loves and worships. Knowing that you’ve sucked a big cock and/or swallowed its ejaculate can be arousing, as well as finding out your pussy has been stretched by a cock larger than his makes you even more of a sexual goddess to him, and worthy of being worshiped. You can choose to emphasize how much smaller he is than your previous lover if he’s into that. Even if you’ve never had a bigger cock, you can fib. Be sure and embellish how good it felt.

Summary. This is not an exhaustive list of activities and suggestions to apply to your submissive male, but it should be a good starting place. Just remember that communication is the most important “activity” and that he must convey his needs and desires to you. Revealing those most intimate details to you is also a form of submission.

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