Straight from the Street

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When she spotted the ad in the paper, her heart jumped. She could do that. There was no reason why not. She had been lying on a park bench when she saw it, a page from a newspaper floating in the breeze. It wouldn’t have bothered her, but it settled around her ankles in a curious fashion. She picked it up, and was going to simply screw it up and toss it into the nearby trash can, but she paused and thought better of it.

There was still a few hours until the shops opened in the city, and there wouldn’t be enough shoppers yet to get her enough spare change for a cup of coffee, and on that hard wooden bench in the freezing temperatures, she wasn’t going to sleep until then. Reading whatever was in the paper would keep boredom from the door for a little while.

The page was full of classified adverts – buying things, selling things, that kind of thing. Not particularly interesting, admittedly, but in her position, she could hardly be a literary critic. With her lifestyle, it got so that even month-old newspapers were more stimulating than the usual sitting in the street holding out a hat.

But this time was different, very different. Because this time she spotted something that applied to her. Amateur photographer seeks female model. All fees negotiable. There was an address underneath. Something sparked inside her. She could do that. Under the horrible old clothes and grime from walking the streets, she wasn’t all that unattractive. Perhaps this was where her luck could change.

“There’s a young lady to see you, sir,” said the doorman outside the exclusive-looking apartment building, “says she’s come about the advert you put in the paper last month.”

It was a very expensive-looking place. The doorman was dressed in a very smart purple uniform with silver buttons and a cap that made him look part of the military. She was very nervous, because the doorman was giving her dirty looks as he spoke through the intercom to whoever it was that had placed the ad.

“She’s…uh…” the doorman fumbled for words, “she’s a vagrant, sir, a tramp.”

There was a pause as the doorman listened to the reply. Her heart was in her mouth – if she was turned down because she was a street walker, it wouldn’t be for the first time, but she was really hoping for this one.

“Are you sure sir?” the doorman was taken aback by something he heard through the intercom. “Very well, sir.”

The doorman walked back over to her, a big frown on her face. “He says you’re to go up, miss,” he said, and obviously didn’t agree. “Quickly, now, I don’t want any of the other residents to see you.”

“Okay,” she said, “thank you, sir.”

“Up the elevator, there,” the doorman pointed as she walked through the marble-floored lobby, “sixteenth floor.”

She’d never been in such a lavish place as this. She found she was very nervous still – she didn’t have the job yet, and in a place like this, she might get more money from this than she could in a month’s begging on the street. The elevator whirred as it climbed, the red digital number flicking slowly upwards towards sixteen. She was very nervous: she couldn’t remember how long it was since she last took a bath, she hoped her appearance wouldn’t put this amateur photographer off. Still, if she hadn’t been turned away because she was homeless, there was still hope.

At last, a little bell sounded and the elevator came to a halt. The door slowly opened and she found herself stepping out into an elegant hallway with thick red carpet, antique furniture and old oil paintings on the walls. She let out her breath – one of those paintings would probably buy her an apartment somewhere out in the projects.

Down the hall came a smartly dressed young man. He had to be a stockbroker or something, because he wasn’t too much older than her, and yet obviously very well off. Looked like your typical Harvard graduate, but nice, friendly-looking, smiling at her as he approached with his hand outstretched.

“Hi,” he beamed at her, “I’m David, how’re you?”

“Great, thanks,” she smiled back at him and tentatively shook his hand, her heart lifted to unknown heights by the unexpected kindness.

“You’re here about the model job?”

“Yeah. I’m Ellie.”

“Fantastic, great to meet you Ellie. Well come on inside, can I get you some coffee or something?”

She followed him through the double doors into an expansive apartment, which was furnished in a very modern style, completely unlike the hallway outside. “Uh…coffee would be great, thanks.”

She didn’t really know what was going to happen, but a cup of coffee in the warm like this was better than what she could normally expect, so anything more would be a bonus. They walked through an expansive living area, with wonderful polished wooden floors and just enough furniture to give that Scandinavian cosy feel to the place. The windows were floor to ceiling, and the view was quite astounding. As David put the coffee machine on, Ellie went to gaze out over a city she’d only ever illegal bahis seen from street level.

“Do you take cream or sugar?” David asked her, and she nodded a reply. “Do sit down if you’d like,” he said.

David brought two cups of steaming coffee over and placed them on a glass coffee table in front of her as she sat on the white couch. She sat on the edge of the couch because she knew her coat wasn’t the freshest smelling garment, but as David lounged back opposite her, he told her to relax.

“So,” he said, “firstly, you are eighteen, Ellie, aren’t you? I don’t want to sound rude, but I have to be certain, otherwise I’d get in some real trouble hiring you…”

“I am,” she said, “you don’t need to worry about that.”

“Okay, you’ll have to sign a couple of forms first, but that’ll be all right. Now, are you going to be all right posing for me in the nude?”

She blushed, feeling the hot flush creep over her face and down her chest. Her stomach fluttered as adrenaline surged through her system. Naked? She’d never been naked in front of a man before. Something stirred within her, between her legs – something she hadn’t felt in a long time. Posing nude in front of the handsome David might even prove fun.

“Uh…yeah…it won’t be a problem,” she said, her whole body quivering with a kind of nervous excitement.

“Most of the girls that answered my ads didn’t want to,” he said, “and the rest were extremely unattractive,” he chuckled, and she found herself laughing with him. “But I have to be honest, Ellie, you are extremely beautiful under all that heavy clothing you have shielding you.”

She flushed again, “thank you,” she said, looking shyly away from his gaze, “but I really need all this heavy clothing to keep me warm.”

“How long have you been homeless?” he asked, his eyes concerned but not pitying.

She shrugged, “a few years, I guess.”

“You must have had a hard life,” he sighed, “but I want you to know that if I hire you, I don’t want to exploit you.” She nodded. “I don’t want you to feel you have to do everything I tell you to or I’ll throw you back out on the street.”


“You’ll sign a contract, and you’ll have rights, of course. If you object to anything, you can refuse and I won’t hold it against you. Understand?”


After coffee, they moved through to another part of the expansive, open-plan apartment, where a study area contained bookshelves filled with financial tomes and a huge desk in front of the superb view over the city towards the harbour. David asked her to take a seat, and she sat in a black leather chair in front of the desk. He sat behind the desk, and reached down into a draw, producing some papers.

“You’ll need to have a quick scan through this information to make sure you understand what you’re signing,” he advised, and she did exactly that. It was fairly simple: she was declaring her age and her consent and asserting that she had certain rights of freedom in the deal.

“Now, shall we take some pictures?” he asked. “You can show me what you have under all those clothes.”

“Sure,” she said, and blushed again, her fair skin flushing slightly pink as she got to her feet.

To keep herself from getting nervous, she felt she needed to keep away the silence. She asked, “have you been taking pictures long?”

“A while,” he answered, “but I don’t normally get to photograph beautiful girls like you.” She hid her blushes, as he led her out to another part of the huge apartment where a red velvet chair stood in front of a white backdrop, surrounded by lighting equipment and watched over by a large complicated-looking camera on a tripod. “Can you go and stand by the chair?” he asked her, and she took her position.

He reached under the tripod and unfastened the camera, picking it up and securing it around a shoulder with a strap. “Okay,” he said, “can you slowly start removing your clothes for me? Drop ’em on the chair if you like.”

She nodded and began unfastening her heavy grey duffel coat as the camera began to click in his hands. She was kind of surprised that he hadn’t objected to her unclean appearance, but this only gave her a little more confidence. She draped the coat over the chair and pulled off her sweater.

“Okay,” he said, “take it real slow.”

She looked across to David as she slipped off her shoes. He smiled back and the camera clicked again as he peered into the viewfinder: he was watching her closely, and it seemed, appreciatively. He walked around her then approached closely as she popped the fly buttons on her jeans and slowly pushed them down her legs. Underneath, she was wearing a pair of sweatpants, and as she pulled the jeans down, they came off too. She stepped out of them and heaped them onto the chair.

“Wonderful,” he said, continuing to move around her, taking her picture from every angle.

The loss of her sweatpants was an odd feeling: it hadn’t happened for a long time, and it hadn’t happened in the warm for illegal bahis siteleri even longer. Unbuttoning her grimy white blouse and allowing it to fall to the chair, she felt that tingling between her legs again, and the hot flush of a blush to her cheeks. She was standing in front of a perfect stranger in only her panties and a few T-shirts.

Her body had a fairly strong musky scent – she was slightly worried she’d put David off – she hadn’t ever been able to afford perfume. But he didn’t seem to mind. She pulled her T-shirts off all in one go, and suddenly felt very exposed standing there in a faded old bra and a pair of panties that were fraying at the edges.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, in little more than an awe-filled whisper.

“Thank you,” she smiled, “but I think I’d look a little better after a shower.”

“I love your smile,” he said. “Your cleanliness – that can be dealt with. Your smile: that’s what’s important. You can’t get that from such a simple thing as a hot shower.”

She looked down into the cold lens as he approached her. He was really close and she found herself craving his soft contact, the tingling buzz between her legs sending out electricity all through her body. She reached behind her and unhitched her bra, dropping it on top of her other clothes.

“Okay,” he said, “hold it there.”

He knelt in front of her to hook his forefingers into the waistband of her panties.

“What were you planning on doing when we finished today?” he asked her quietly as he drew her underwear very slowly down her abdomen to reveal the patch of blonde covering her mound before stopping to take a very close picture. This must have been a very arty kind of photography. He was so close she could feel his breath on her skin. She so desperately wanted him to touch her, but why didn’t he object to her smell?

“I don’t know,” she answered, her voice filled with nerves. “I’d probably head down to the harbour, try and get some change from the people going to all those fancy restaurants on the waterfront.”

“You’d be sleeping…where tonight?”

“I don’t know,” she said as he pulled her panties gently a little further down to cover only her most personal regions, “some doorway somewhere.”

“Hmm,” he said, getting to his feet again, “well if you’d like to stay here…I’ve plenty of room.”

“Oh no,” she said, “I couldn’t…that would be too much.”

“It’s your decision,” he said, “but you’re welcome to stay here – any time.”

“Thank you,” she smiled again.

He looked her over, leaving her underwear halfway down her abdomen. He walked around her, stooping to inspect her and take pictures from odd angles. She found that she didn’t mind his scrutiny, and began to really enjoy his close attention.

“You’re a beautiful girl, Ellie,” he said, returning to kneel again in front of her and gently pull her panties down her thighs, allowing them to drop to the floor. She felt very exposed indeed, the air now touching her vaginal lips in the same way she wished David would.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked, feeling oddly confident even with the camera lens just inches from her pussy. Was she wet? Would he see her arousal?

“Not at the moment,” he said dispassionately.

“Why ever not?” she said cheekily as she parted her legs slightly to keep from getting pins and needles.

“I don’t know,” he kept clicking away, moving in close to her pussy and then slowly moving away and around her body again, “since my fiancée left me last year, I guess I just haven’t felt like facing the risk again.”

“Oh that’s too bad.”

“Now,” he said, standing up and smiling at her warmly, “do you want that shower?”

It was wonderful to be clean again, she felt somehow younger, fitter, healthy again. Her hair was no longer greasy, her face free of dirt. David sat on a stool in while she soaped herself, continuing to take pictures as she told him her life story. She quite liked him watching her and taking pictures of her, she had to admit, but when it came to soaping her blatantly stiff nipples and slipping that soft soap bar between her legs, it was bittersweet to rub the aroused erogenous zones while she was in his presence. She hadn’t masturbated since her early teens, and the desire was strong within her, but she felt too self-aware to do that kind of thing in front of him, especially with that camera clicking away.

“Do you mind if I touch myself?” it came out of her mouth as a thought rather than a question – she was shocked when she realised she had said it aloud.

“Uh…no…not at all…”

She blushed as she began to rub soap sensuously over her nipples. With her question, she now had to go through with it, otherwise she would look a fool. After a while, though, she began to get into it, dropping that soap bar in one hand lower and lower to creep towards her soaking pussy. He kept taking pictures – was he enjoying the show?

“It feels so good to be clean again after all this time,” she canlı bahis siteleri said.

“It must be terrible living on the streets,” he said, a slight frog in his throat.

“You get used to it,” she said, then her heart jumped a beat. “You wanna come soap my back?” she asked.

“Uh…sure,” he said, putting the camera down.

“Well go on then,” she said, feeling like a cheeky schoolgirl, “now it’s your turn to strip for me. Fair’s fair.”

Slightly sheepishly, he began taking off his clothes, and she wriggled her finger inside her sopping vagina. He was obviously a gym user, his muscles were not large, but nicely defined. He got down to a pair of black briefs, and she grinned at him mischievously, urging him on. Down came his underwear, and his wonderful cock was free. It was a moment she’d dreamt about for years.

He climbed into the shower and her hands went straight for his erection, soaping it, feeling it, squeezing it. He closed his arms around her and then his hands went to her jaw, and he kissed her, the most incredible sensation she’d ever experienced.

“You’re trembling,” he said as they broke apart at last.

“I’ve…never done any of this before,” she whispered.

“Really?” he asked, sounding slightly astounded. “A sweet thing like you?”

“It’s true,” she said, “no one wants to date a tramp.”

“Well,” he said, “I wouldn’t mind dating you – if you’ll have me.”

“Of course I’ll have you,” she smiled cheekily, then groaned as he moved behind her and wrapped her in his arms, touching her cheek with his, lodging his hard, burning cock between her buttocks and fondling her small pert breasts with his soft hands. She’d never felt like this before. Wonderful sensations rippled throughout her body, especially centering around his manipulation of her nipples. She pressed her behind back onto his penis, craving it between her legs, but he just slowly rubbed it up and down gently, luxuriating in the contact.

“My God you feel incredible,” he breathed into her ear and then began to nibble on her lobe.

She couldn’t speak as her breathing was so heavy because of the feelings running through her body. His hands dropped to her stomach and then grabbed hold of one of her hands, prizing the soap bar from her fingers. As the water poured down their bodies, he began to soap her body again. Since he was running the soap bar all over her skin, it was so much more intense than when she had done it. His fingers glided over her skin the most breathtaking way, sweeping over her curves in the most fantastic way. His fingers massaged the soap into her soft breasts, and tackled her nipples in an entirely new way that sparked feelings in her that surged through her body.

He held her tight in his arms, and she’d never felt so wanted before in her life, and never so secure as that moment in his embrace. His dextrous fingers found their way to the small patch of blonde on her pubic mound, and he manoeuvred the velvet soft soap down around her thighs, hips and eventually, between her legs.

She parted her legs to give him easier access, and he washed her pussy, sweeping the soap between her labia and down underneath to glide up the crack of her behind. He used that soap in the most magical way, culminating in powerful electricity flooding her system as he rubbed that exquisitely soft bar of soap against her clitoris.

The soap was gradually washed from her skin as the irresistibly hot water tumbled over her curvaceous body, but David kept soaping between her legs, and occasionally up to her breasts, so the friction between her skin and his hands continued to be negligible.

After a while, he placed the soap in the soap holder and concentrated on her most intimate region with both hands. The soap was soon replaced as a lubricant by her juices, and another near-explosion tore through her body as his fingers reached her dripping labia. His digit dipped into her vagina, and a surge of feeling swept over her, so strong that she cried out. She felt two fingers exploring inside her pussy, and her body was overcome with the sensations.

She’d never imagined it could be like this. She cried out and he held her tight in his arms as she came with tremendous force.

Her legs trembled and then she almost collapsed through the intensity of the feelings she was experiencing. But David caught her in his strong hands and supported her until her strength returned.

“Are you okay?” he asked her.

“Never better,” was all she could reply before she passed out in his arms.

When she awoke, she was naked and lying in the middle of the biggest bed she’d ever seen in her life. The bedroom was pretty substantial, too, with the same Spartan-looking furniture that oozed style without being showy. She stood and went to the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked out over a busy city. The sun had gone down already and it looked as though it was evening. She’d been asleep for quite a while.

“How are you feeling?” David came in to find her without a stitch on, leaning against the windows as she looked down at all the tiny people and cars bustling around down below.

“Great,” she turned and beamed the biggest smile of her life at him, unconcerned at her nudity.

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