Stop Light Fun

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You had just picked me up so we could have dinner and a movie…we hadn’t seen each other in 2 weeks. We were dressed casual…you in slacks and button down, and I had on a long skirt and loose blouse. Summer weather, so not much was needed. Window were down, music was up. “Sweet Home Alabama” was playing. You had your hand in mine, and we just smile at each other once in a while.

Before too long, you let go of my hand, and started rubbing the top of my thigh…God that felt so good. I slide my hand over to your thigh and run my fingers in little circles on yours. It had been too long since we had been together. It seemed to be taking forever to get to the restaurant; the stop lights in town are awful. Especially the five way ones, they take damn near 5 minutes to change.

As we drove, you slide my skirt up a bit, so you could rub my bare thigh. As soon as you touched me it makes me take a sharp breath in. Your touch is always like a tiny electric shock to me. I slide my hand just a bit farther up your thigh…and you look over at me and smile. I could see that your wonderful manhood was beginning to get aroused. I was definitely getting wet. Your scent, güvenilir bahis your touch always drives me crazy.

You slide you hand up a bit farther, and slide a finger just inside my panties to feel the hot wetness that had started in me. I let out a small moan and slid down in my seat a bit and turned slightly towards you so you had better access to my hot pussy that wants you so badly. I am so glad you are a good driver, and traffic is slow…one hand on the wheel, the other on my love button. You find a very hard, wet clit and begin rubbing it lightly. I look at you and whisper “oh fuck baby that feels so good, keep going”. You smile even bigger, and I can see your cock is getting bigger too. You increase the pressure on my clit, and rub it between your fingers. Since we haven’t been together for a couple of weeks, you make me cum hard and fast, I buck my hips against your hand, “oh God baby, I’m coming hard, fuck it feels so good”. I can feel a strong squirt, and cum all over your hand. After my body stops shaking, and I catch my breath, I sit up, lean over and kiss you deeply. “Thanks baby, now it is your turn”.

I reach over and unzip your pants, türkçe bahis letting out the most wonderful hard cock I have ever seen. You adjust yourself in your seat, and pull the seat back a bit to give me more access to your rock hard cock. I slowly stroke you as you drive. I hear you under your breath say “oh, fuck yes”. We have hit one of the worst lights in town, and so I decide to take advantage of you not having to drive. I lean my head down into your lap and take your cock deep in my mouth…sucking slowly. I grab your base tight and tease the head and lick the pre cum that is dripping down. I lightly run my teeth over your head and you let out a moan and slide down in the seat a bit more. “Damn baby, we have to pull over”.

As soon as the light changes, you hang a right down a quite road and pull over. I am still giving you the most wonderful blow job as you drive. I don’t even care if anyone can see in.

When we stop, you put your seat all the way back. I kick off my shoes, get up on my knees in the seat and straddle you. We look at each other with pure lust. You are holding your cock up so nice and straight, and it is so hard. I move my panties güvenilir bahis siteleri to the side a bit and slide right down on you. The feeling of your cock filling me up is the most intense feeling. I put my arms around your neck and we kiss deeply. Tongues entwined in a sexual heat like no other.

I move my body down and back and forth just enough to make you close your eyes. You reach up and undo the buttons on my blouse, unhook my bra and let my breasts free. Leaning forward a bit, you take my nipple in your mouth, and gently suck and lick until it is hard and sensitive. You make me moan yet again. I move up and down on your cock a bit, and you put your hands on my ass, holding me to you hard, and start bucking your hips into me. I can feel you are going to make me cum again. You look at me and tell me “fuck me harder baby, I am about ready to cum…faster, baby faster”. As I increase the intensity of our fucking, I can feel the sexual tension in both of us rise. Before long, I can feel you release your hot load deep in my pussy as my body shakes with another orgasm of pure animal satisfaction, sending another shower of my juice all over your cock.

I lean my head on your shoulder, and we kiss gently, as you go soft inside me. God you are wonderful. We decide to skip dinner and a movie, hit the Chinese restaurant for takeout, head for your place for dinner, and hopefully dessert.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32