Stepmom Strips Naked for Stepson Ch. 02

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Stepmom auditions for stepson as a stripper at The Silver Pole Strip Club

Author’s Note:

This is the last chapter of a two-part story. This is a true story as told to me by Jake about his stepmother, Rachel, an ex-stripper. Even though sex between a stepson and stepmother is not deemed incest, sex between a stepson and stepmother when they’re living under the same roof is, indeed, deemed incestuous.

The story is about the strip club that Jake bought in loving memory of his Dad, John. Jake’s stepmother, Rachel, while hoping to sexually seduce her stepson, auditioned as a stripper and stripped herself naked in front of him. In the way that she roped his father into marry her, now that he’s dead and buried, with her needing a place to live, she’s hoping to sexually entice her stepson to marry her, too.

# # #

Jake agreed to audition his stepmother, Rachel, as a stripper.

Continued from chapter 1:

Too old to call her Mom, with Jake 32-years-old and Rachel 45-years-old, she was his second MILF of a stripper and whore of a stepmother after his father divorced his first two, whore wives. Instead, of calling her Mom, he called her Rachel. Besides, with her looking more like a stripper and a whore than a stepmother, wanting little to do with her, he stayed clear of her. With her married to his Dad for his money, if he succumbed to her erotic teasing, her naked flashing, and her sexual seduction he knew she’d be trouble and she’d be after him to marry her next.

Rachel was his father’s third wife. More than 20-years his junior, it was obvious to Jake that she hooked up with his Dad because he had money, a nice house, an expensive car, and she needed a place to live. Now, with his father gone, no doubt fearing that Jake would evict her from his father’s house, she seemed willing to do anything to stay, even if that meant having sex with him.

Yet, even though the thought of having sex with his stepmother was sexually exciting, the thought of having sex with his father’s widow was a bit, morbidly creepy and morally wrong. Besides, a high price to pay, he knew she didn’t want just sex. She wanted to have a romantic relationship with him. Obviously, in the way that she seduced his father into marrying her, now that his father was dead and buried, she wanted to seduce his son into marrying her, too.

Nonetheless, regardless how he felt about her one way or the other, unable to let her go, instead of evicting her, taking pity on her, he moved her to the empty guesthouse. Eventually, once she got a job and earned some money, he’d ease her off of the property entirely. Yet, fun to talk to and joke around with, keeping him on his toes, he loved her cynicism, her sarcasm, and her quick wit. Unlike some of the other strippers and whores, she was not only good to look at but also, she had a good sense of humor and a big brain in her head.

Moreover, she was his only and his last connection to his Dad. With her always talking about him and telling him stories about him, things that he never knew, a comfort to him, as if his father was still alive, he liked having her around. Even though they weren’t blood related and were fairly close in age, only 13-years apart, she was the mother he never had. If nothing else, especially with her continually flashing him, talking dirty to him, and sexually teasing him, not only was she erotically exciting to be with but also, she was easy on the eyes.

When she wasn’t walking around him in her bra and panties, topless, naked or nearly naked, sexually teasing him, she made her deliberate, sexual flashes of exhibitionism appear unintentional and/or accidental. She continually flashed him up-skirts peeks of her panties, up-nightgowns peeks of her naked pussy, down-blouse views of her bra and cleavage, and down-nightgown views of her naked breasts. If nothing else, she was fodder for his masturbation. If nothing else, while grieving over and missing his Dad, she helped him pass the time by talking to him, watching a movie, or playing a game.

Clearly, she was not only an exhibitionist and a whore but also, he knew that she was sexually attracted to him. Clearly, with her having another agenda of needing a place to stay, no doubt, she hoped that he’d make a sexual move on her. Clearly, she wanted to have sex with him as much as he wanted to have sex with her. Yet, as if she was off-limits, with him respecting the parameters and boundaries of a stepmother and stepson having forbidden sex, she had warning signs flashing all around her.

More than once, when he was lonely, horny, and/or a little drunk, with her conveniently located in the guesthouse, he was tempted to have sex with her. Yet, he knew that going down that road would be a mistake. More than once, hard to resist her sexual teasing and flashing, especially when he had been drinking, he was tempted to strip her naked and have his wicked sexual way with her. Yet, once he had sex with her, just as she did with his father, she’d have her illegal bahis claws in him. She’d use him to bleed whatever money out of him that she could get.

Staking her claim on him, with her thinking of him as her financial provider, she’d never let him go. As sexy and attractive as she was crafty and foxy, and as much as he wanted to have sex with her, he’d much rather have a sexual relationship with a younger woman than a middle-aged whore. As much as he was sexually attracted to her, as much as he enjoyed her company and her sexually teasing and flashing him, with her his stepmother and his father’s widow, secretly, he abhorred her whoring behavior. Perhaps, he was possessively jealous how men looked at her and sexually wanted her.

Yet, even though there was something so very appealing and sexually exciting about seeing a middle-aged woman, a woman who was his stepmother naked, he wanted to get married one day. He wanted to have a family and, hopefully, have a son. Just as his father showed him the ropes, he’d love to be his son’s mentor. If he married Rachel, his father’s widow, thinking her too old for children, he didn’t think she could give him all that he wanted. In ten-years, with him in the prime of his life, she’d be fifty-five-years-old and he’d be forty-two-years-old.

Nevertheless, instead of tossing her to the curb, earning her keep by making his life easier, she did all of the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the shopping, and the errands. He paid her a modest, weekly wage to allow her to buy all that she personally needed for herself. Having her there was cheaper than eating out or hiring a cook and a housemaid. Someone he could trust; he valued her opinions and relished her company. With her having been around the block more than a few times, and with her becoming part of his inner circle, he enjoyed bouncing ideas off of her.

# # #

Chapter 2:

“I just got off the phone with Saul Silverman, the owner of The Silver Pole Strip Club,” said Jake to Rachel. “He’s retiring. As a courtesy to my Dad and with me a regular patron there, knowing that I finally received my large settlement from the defense contractor directly responsible for me losing my leg, he gave me the first option to buy. Instead of selling the club to just anyone, he perceived me as part of the club’s family and my Dad as part of the club’s history,” said Jake to Rachel.

As if he had just flashed her his erect, naked cock, her eyes widened with interest. Obviously, she thought it a good idea that he’d buy the club. Obviously, she wanted him to buy the club. Rachel nodded her pretty head with not only her interest but also, as if she was speaking for his father, with her approval.

Over the years, she was as much of a regular at the strip club with his father as he was with her. Turning his back on buying the strip club now, a unique and financially savvy, business opportunity, would be like turning his back on her. Even though he was torn about putting all of his money into one investment opportunity, deep, down inside, he knew he’d buy the club. How could he not buy this strip club? His father’s blood, sweat, tears, and spirit were there. Not buying that club was akin to abandoning his father.

“Wow,” she said seemingly liking the idea of Jake owning a strip club.

Obviously, not knowing about his finances, his lawsuit, and/or his large, financial settlement for his lost leg, unaware that he had won enough money to buy such a thriving business, she looked at him with a renewed, sexual interest.

“What should I do?” Respecting her opinion, he looked at her for advice. “If you had money enough to buy the club, what would you do,” he said searching her big, brown, beautiful eyes?

Even though he asked her what he should knew, with his decision already made, as if it was meant to be, he already knew his answer. Rachel gave Jake a sexy smile and a naughty look. As if remembering her days as a stripper, hoping to entice them, she gave him the same sexy smile and naughty look that she gave one of her customers when hoping to get them alone in the VIP room.

“If you can afford it, you should buy it,” said Rachel beaming him an excited, sexual smile. “If you can’t afford it, by using this house as collateral, perhaps, you could get a mortgage from a bank,” she said looking around the big house as if assessing and appraising the value of such a fine house.

Jake nodded his head in agreement. With Rachel concurring with his decision to buy the club, no longer indecisive, if only in memory of his Dad, he knew he should buy The Silver Pole Strip Club. Owning that club would allow him to always remain connected to his father. Buying the club would allow him to run it in the way that his father wanted to run it and, in the way, that Jake thought it should be run.

“Actually, if I was anyone else, he’d be asking more to buy his thriving business. Even before giving me a five-percent, cash discount, Saul is asking a fair price. I can illegal bahis siteleri afford it. Without getting a bank involved, I can pay cash,” said Jake while watching for and noting Rachel’s surprised reaction.

She seemed surprised that he could afford to buy the club. She seemed surprised that he had money enough to pay cash for the club. As if she was going to make her move to sexually seduce him right then and right there, Rachel smiled her excitement while touching his hand and squeezing his leg.

“Your father would be so proud of you buying a strip club that he worked so hard to fix, repair, and maintain,” she said. “I only wish he was still alive to see you as the proud, new owner of The Silver Pole Strip Club. As the new owner of the club, in memory of him, you should designate a special chair for your father where no one is allowed to sit. As if he’s still there, perhaps his spirit will sit in that chair while watching the strippers undress and while watching over you,” said Rachel with her eyes welling up.

Jake returned her smile with his smile. Clearly misjudging her, obviously, and without a doubt, she loved him. Seemingly with all the sexy, sexual games they played, she was good for him as much as he was good for her. No doubt, she missed his Dad as much as he missed him. Now, instead of looking at her as his father’s third wife, he looked at her as if she was family.

“A recession proof investment, between the bar, the rents that the girls pay, and the percentage received from private dances, the private rooms, the VIP room, and the Champagne room, there’s money to be made everywhere and on everything. Then, there’s the food, the liquor, the cover charge, the sales from autographed photos and T-shirts of the strippers, and organizing private parties and special functions outside of the club. A strip club is a moneymaking business,” said Jake. “It’s made Saul rich for forty-years.”

Rachel nodded her head in agreement.

“Moreover, it’s a cash business. Owners of cash businesses keep two sets of books, one for themselves and one for the IRS,” said Rachel nodding her head as if it was no secret. “Then, putting the club in a realty trust to protect them from lawsuits, they pay rent and rent the club from themselves to themselves. If that’s not enough, they loan themselves money at high interest rates from another shell company they’ve established and repay the loans to themselves. They rent the strippers out for hire for private functions and bachelor parties. Literally making money everywhere, you really can’t go wrong.”

Jake nodded his head in agreement again with everything she said. The more he thought about buying the club, the better idea that he thought it was. Now, after talking to Rachel, and kicking around the idea with her, he was excited about owning something that his father so loved. Forever connected to his Dad, it would be as if his father jointly owned the club with him.

“I just have to see the cars that Saul drives, the properties, and the houses that he owns to know that. As long as I hire the right people, the best strippers, and have the best security, it’s a good investment,” said Jake. “Part of a huge entertainment industry, even during a recession and a downturn in adjustable, spendable income, strip clubs are an important part of the economy. For the sake and in memory of my father, it wouldn’t be right for a stranger or a large corporation to buy the club out from under me.”

Rachel smiled at her stepson.

“What else are you going to do with your money,” she asked while shrugging her shapely shoulders? “Buy a house? Your father already left you this big, beautiful house,” said Rachel.

Jake smiled at his stepmother.

“I agree. My only other options are investing in the stock market which I know little about or buying land or property. Because of my Dad, The Silver Pole Strip Club is part of my history and my last connection that I have with him. The right time at the right price, I don’t think I can turn it down, Rachel. I don’t think I can go wrong owning a strip club. Besides, I’d have plenty of money left over for maintenance, repairs, and salaries until the place takes off and gets busy,” he said.

# # #

Within sixty-days, Jake was the proud, new owner of The Silver Pole Strip Club. Deciding not to change the name, a fixture in the community, it had existed under that same name for forty-years. Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, a number of the strippers, bar staff, and security had already quit before the sale was finalized. Many of those employees had been stealing from Saul for years. Happy that they left, they saved Jake from firing them. He’d rather hire his own strippers, women who were hungry to make money, and bar people he trusted and knew who wouldn’t steal.

To stop employees from stealing and/or from doing illegal activities on the premises, he’d rather hire his own staff of security professionals, people who he knew and trusted instead canlı bahis siteleri of strangers off the street. Over the years, he and his father had become acquainted and friendly with many retired strippers. The ones that he didn’t know, Rachel knew. Putting their heads together, between the two of them, helping to make the club popular again, they could hire a stable of quality, albeit older women.

Seemingly too old to strip while dancing around a pole, especially when their competition was more than twenty-years younger, catering to their audiences, club owners weeded out the older strippers for much younger ones. Now, these older strippers and whores were relegated to work for much less money as cocktail waitresses, hostesses, receptionists, secretaries, and even prostitutes. Not making close to the money they made stripping; with them all having something else going on the side, many strippers earned more than six figures while working part-time.

Knowing that the older strippers would be keen to get back in the business and work hard for him, Rachel started calling women that she knew and trusted and women that Jake knew and trusted. Instead of some of the crack whores, heroin addicts, and drunks who worked for Saul, all the women they called were shapely, sexy, and beautiful. Having not seen some of them in a few years, Jake hoped that they kept their figures.

Yet, these women, whether stripping or working in the corporate world, were professionals. They knew the value of having a shapely and sexy body. Not wanting to get a sexually transmitted disease and/or to get pregnant, they knew the value of having regular checkups and practicing safe sex. Much like older bodybuilders, few women allowed themselves to get obesely out of shape.

First, they called, Brianna in for an interview. She was a tall, shapely, sexy, forty-something-year-old, very attractive blonde with big blue eyes and large B, small C cup breasts. After Saul fired her for being too old, she quit stripping to work as a cocktail waitress. Eager to work for someone who appreciated her and who could look past her forty-something-year-old age, she was happy to remove her clothes for Jake while dancing around a pole to music again.

Then, Rachel called Kim, an old friend. Even though Kim was in her forties, she looked like jailbait. Throughout her life, she’s always looked so young and so much younger than she is. Even now, still looking twenty-years younger than she is, when buying a drink in a bar, she’s still carded. With her so experienced and yet looking so young, they knew she’d be a sexual magnet to the men of all ages.

Tall, sexy, and shapely, her claim to fame is her long, lush, raven hair, her pretty face, and her bright, blue eyes. Always eager to flash the tops of her breasts, her cleavage, and her bra, she has well-rounded, C cup breasts. Now, working on the staff of a caterer, eager to make some money, she was quick to quit her job for the chance of stripping again. She’d much rather be removing her clothes for money in a strip club than being groped while serving food for a caterer.

Next was Elaine, a tall, sexy, and pretty black woman past her prime. Then, there was Flora, another, tall, sexy, dark haired woman with big, brown, beautiful eyes. In the image of Kim, even though she was forty-something, looking twenty-something instead of forty-something, she didn’t look her age. Easily, she looked twenty-years younger.

Going through her address book, Rachel called Gail, Gloria, and Gwen. Most times, only knowing their first names, strippers were secret about their real identities. With so very many stalkers and weirdoes out there, who could blame them for hiding their true identities for safety sake. Sometimes, much in the way of Tiffany, Crystal, Amber, Brandy, Ginger, Candy, Kitty, Jade, Star, Diamond, Roxy, Lexi, and Bambi, even their first names were fictional. Further disguising their appearance by wearing wigs, platform shoes, and extra makeup, when seeing them out on the street, they’d be hard to recognize in their jeans and sweatshirts.

Gail and Gloria were sexy blondes working as waitresses with sore backs, swollen ankles, and aching feet when Rachel called them. Looking much alike, they could have been sisters. Gwen, a dark-haired beauty with gigantic, natural, double D cup breasts was working as a lawyer’s receptionist when she got the call. Next, they called Maxine, Natalie, Sharon, Vanessa, Violet, Wendy, and identical twins, Aileen and Ilene. Even though they’ve been away from stripping for several years, working hard to stay in shape, luckily, all the women had kept their sexy and shapely figures.

# # #

Ricky was Jake’s first, new hire. An Iraq and Afghanistan vet diagnosed with PTSD, Jake met Ricky at the VA when being fitted with a new leg and learning how to walk with it. A muscular man with a bad attitude and an expert in martial arts, Ricky reminded him of a supersized albeit angry Patrick Swayze on steroids from Roadhouse. Smart, savvy, and cunning, no longer allowing his temper to control his actions and emotions, he realized that he could do more with a stare while wearing a muscle T-shirt and flexing than yelling threats, getting angry, and being physical.

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