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My name is Jake. I am a 22 year old college student. I am your average guy. I have never had a problem getting girls, the thing was I wanted older women. I would get girls my age and pretend they were older women. I also had a big fetish for bbw. I do not know why but something about a big women really got me going.

I guess this fascination with bbw women stemmed from my mother. I never liked my mom like that. I was not like my whole life I would fantasize about her. It was only recently that I realized deep down I have these feelings. It explains why I want bbw women, because I always wanted someone like my mother.

My mom is 55 years old. She has short black hair and a pretty face. She is bbw a couple pounds away from ssbbw (super size bbw). My mom is 5’5 and weighs about 260 pounds, maybe a little more. Her bra size is a 40 D. Her thighs are like two tree trunks they are so thick and juicy. Her ass is very very very big. Nice and round and when she wears jeans it really sticks out. You can tell it is full of cellulite but I want it. Her belly is not big, but obviously at a borderline ssbbw she does not have a flat stomach. A good reference of her is peaches la rue, especially her ass.

I understand that statement probably holds true for most men my age but I guess i came to terms with why it is. I came to terms with why I want a girl like my mother, and it was because I wanted my mother. I know check her out all the time. I wanted to install a camera in her shower but was too nervous my dad might find it. I just figured it someday may happen and if it does not, then it wasn’t meant to be.


I woke up and started my daily routine, which always begins with a shower. I went in the hall closet to get a towel for myself and then proceeded to the bathroom to set the water. My bathroom door upstairs has a direct view into the living room on the second floor so anyone in there can see into the bathroom. The water was set so I took off my shirt and then my pants. When I looked up from taking my pants off I saw my mom in the living room looking up at the bathroom. I did not know if she was spying or just zoned out. Even though I wanted her and did not mind my initial reaction was to yell WOW, I regretted this after it happened. Once I said that she moved away from where she was and out of sight.

I took my shower thinking over what happened. I am not trying to get my hopes up and I am trying to justify what happened. After the shower I get out dry off and get dressed. I just put on a pair of boxers and go down into the kitchen to get a paper I needed. My mom is in the kitchen at the table, her ass so big it is spilling over both sides of the chair. As I am talking to her I realize her eyes have looked at my crotch area, which in my boxers shows a nice bulge. I was not going to blow this again like I did last time.

“Mom you are a little frisky today checking me out twice.”

“What are you talking about Jake?”

“Before the shower you were looking up into the bathroom and just now you were looking down at my boxers.”

My mom let out a sigh, “Jake I was just zoned out by the bathroom I did not even realize you were there that is how out of it I am today. As for just now yes my eyes moved down there for a second but I was not checking you out it’s just a reaction. You are my son Jake I am not checking you out.”

“Sorry mom it just really seemed that way to me. Guess it is kind of dumb thinking you would be checking out your son.”

I got the paper I went down there for and went back into my room. I could not believe I said that to my mom. Now things were going to be awkward between us. I was so silly to think that, it was just my fantasy getting the best of me, I thought to myself. I went on my computer and started searching some bbw porn. I got my cock hard to a nice 6.5 inches. My dick was also very thick, 6 around. I began to jerk off while watching the porn picturing my mom was the bbw. I came, cleaned up and got dressed and headed out for work.

When I got home from work my mom was in the kitchen on my computer. I sat down at the table with her and told her about my day. The whole time taking peaks at her cleavage that was spilling out of her top. After we spoke for about ten minutes I got up to leave. That is when my mom said, “Oh Jake I almost forgot to ask you. You like big girls?”

“What do you mean mom.”

“Well on your computer I went to go to bloomingdales and when I typed in the letter B, bbw porn came up, so I was saying you like big girls.”

“Oh, ummm, yeah sorry about that mom.”

“This is your computer Jake whatever you do on it is your illegal bahis business. Just did not peg you as the fat girl type. Guess you really are your fathers son.”

With that I turned and went upstairs into my bedroom. I was up there for a little while listening to music and watching tv. I eventually got thirsty so I went down into the kitchen to get some water. My mom was still on my computer but to my surprise she was watching the bbw porn I had watched earlier.

“Wow, sorry mom I did not mean to interrupt.”

“You did not interrupt anything, I was just looking. I am surprised that you do not mind a women as big as her.”

“Yeah mom I am fine with that and even bigger.”

My mom looked pleasantly shocked. “It is good to see that you are not a close minded person like most. You know what else is pretty big Jake? This guys thing, jesus I do not know how she fits that in her, and it’s almost fatter than she is.”

I go over and look at it. “Yeah that is just not normal, but it is not that fat just pretty long.”

“Not that fat Jake please I have seen yours so how can you say he is not fat.”

“When have you seen mine?”

“Well the outline in boxers and things.”

“Yeah well you know I do not brag, this guy is clearly long as fuck but I am seriously thicker.”

“Okay Jake whatever you say.”

I got my water and went upstairs I could not believe what just happened. My mom was watching the porn and commenting on my dick. It got me thinking though if that cocks thickness turned her on what would mine do. I also wanted to prove her wrong. I built my strength up and back downstairs. “Look mom I was just upstairs thinking, and it is really bothering me you think there is no way I am thicker than that guy.”

“You are still on this Jake? I am done I just thought it would be funny to see what you watch I looked for a little commented on that guys horse thing and that’s it it is over.”

“Okay I get that but I just to prove I am right. Can I just show you it and then that is it it’s done we will never bring this up again?”

“What? Show me? Yours?”

Yeah, just to prove this point nothing sexual and that is it we never ring is thing up again.”

“If I did do this and you are not as thick as him would you be willing to do something for me?”

“Yes fine because I know I will win, and when I do you do something for me.”

“Sounds good Jake. If I win and you are skinnier than him you have to clean the whole house for three months. I just get to sit here and never clean for three months you do everything.”

“Okay, and if I win you show me that bbw ass.”

“JAKE ANDREW SMITH!” She was furious. “How dare you bring that up. How dare you ask your mother to show you something like that, where were you raised.”

“You are right I am sorry mother I just asked for something I wanted, if I win you do my laundry for three months okay?”

“That is better Jake, do not think because you are doing this right now I would ever do something like that, this is just to prove a point nothing more.”

“Okay I am sorry mom, let me go up and get it ready and then I will be down to prove you wrong.”

I went upstairs and began to jerk off thinking of my mom so I could get hard. I was hard in no time, I put my pants back up and went back down. I went i front of my mother. “Moment of truth, are you sure and ready?” She shook her head up and down. I dropped my pants and my hard 6.5 inch thick cock was in front of her. “Oh wow I am sorry Jake that is, well that is, umm yeah it is without a doubt thicker jesus christ.” I pulled my pants back up and turned to go back upstairs happy that I won and well, my mom saw my fat cock.

“Jake wait, how about if we keep one more little secret between us and I give you the prize you originally asked for?” I just stood there shocked and managed to get out a very low “yes”.

My mom stood up and as she did the chair creaked from her weight. She turned around, her ass now facing me, and unbuttoned her jeans. She pulled them down with her underwear and pushed them both past her massive ass cheeks. There is was a pale, huge, cellulite filled, bbw ass right in front of me. I wanted to touch it badly. It was everything I dreamed of. It looked like it would shake like a motherfucker if it was getting fucked. Again look up peaches la rues ass, and this is what was in front of me.

She pulled them up after what seemed like a lifetime but was probably ten seconds. She buttoned her pants turned around and said, “Now that is an ass Jake not what you were watching on your computer.” I shook my head in agreement. “Now go up before your dad gets illegal bahis siteleri home and get ready for dinner.” I went upstairs and immediately jerked off.

The next day I got up and started my routine again of the shower and getting dressed. I went into the kitchen and said good morning to my mother. “So I have something to confess”, she said. “I could not stop thinking about your thing last night. Did you happen to fell the same about something on me?”

“Mom, you have no idea I could not get that ass out of my mind and I honestly did not want to. Wow where has that thing been all my life.”

“Thank you Jake you make an old fat women fell really good. I was thinking though. I though maybe you could show me again and I could show you again, you know just so we can say our goodbyes.”

“Sounds like the best idea you ever had mom.”

My mom had on a night gown so she turned around hiked up the nightgown and revealed her ass to me once more. It looked even better this time around. I followed by sliding my shorts down and revealing my already hard cock. She turned and looked over her shoulder at her.

“Jake how about a lap dance, that is innocent enough isn’t it?”

“Yeah it is not like we are having sex or anything it is like we are dancing.” I said

“Lets go downstairs on the couch I do not know if that chair can hold the two of us”, my mom joked.

I sat on the couch with my pants off fat cock pointing at the ceiling. She came in front of my hiked her night gown up once again and sat down on my cock with her ass out. It was right in my face and amazing. I grabbed it. Her ass was so squishy I could not get enough. She began to rock her hips side to side dancing on my cock. Her ass would get tight and form more cellulite as she moved around. She then bounced her ass up and down and it shook so good it was like something from a porn movie. Her ass was rippling as she moved it up and down.

“Jake I feel you fat cock between my ass cheeks I can not believe how thick it is.”

“Uhh mom get up, get up.”

She turned and looked at me, ‘what is wrong?”

I did not have to say anything she felt it. I sprayed her hot cum all in between her ass cheeks. I usually last pretty long in bed but my moms ass was just too much for me.

“Jake you better learn to control that or I am not going to fuck you.”

“What? Fuck me?”

“Yes, what do you think I just want a lap dance? I do not want a minute man though Jake.”

“It will not happen again mom.”

“Good I am going to clean up and you get re-hard and ready for some real action.”

I took my shirt that was laying on the floor and took the cum off of my dick and lower stomach. After that I started tugging on my dick thinking of my moms ass to get hard again. I could not believe it, my mom was going to fuck me. It took my under one minute and I was like a rock again. I did not keep touching it because I did not want to over excite myself.

My mom came out of the bathroom a couple minutes later. She still had her nightgown on and I was still rock hard. “Wow you have no problem keeping that hard on do you?” My mom walked over to me.

“Stand up Jake.”

I stood, we were now face to face. “Let me make this clear, this is not going to be passionate love making. We are not going to fall in love while we do this. There is no kissing this is sticky rough sex. I just could not resist that fat cock when I saw it so you are going to give it to me. If you do not like this format than you can go upstairs and jerk off.”

“No mom that is fine with me.”

On that note she dropped down to her knees. One knee at a time since she is not in the best shape of her life. She grabbed my hard cock in her hand and spit on it. She started working her hand up and down my shaft getting it nice and wet. She then proceeded to suck it. Once she got it in her mouth she took it out.

“Jesus Jake, I am going to have lockjaw tomorrow from this thick cock.”

She put it back into her mouth and started sucking it like an absolute slut. She was right there was nothing passionate going on. All you heard was popping sounds and gagging coming from her. She was going all the way down on my cock and shaking her head while she was down there. She would take me cock out of her mouth and lick all over while breathing heavy. She was a maniac sucking my cock and I could not get enough. My mom came up for air.

“Jake have you ever been with a women my size?”

“Umm, not quit as big but almost yes.”

“Do you think you can handle me on top of you because I want to 69.”

“No point in not trying.”

She helped her stand canlı bahis siteleri up. She lifted her arms up and let her night gown fall. Her amazing D cup breasts were right in front of me. Dark big areolas consumed them. They had a little sag to them but so did everything on her overweight body. My eyes wondered down a little further to her belly. There was some meat there that sagged down and stuck out a little bit, but I am a bbw lover. Her hips stuck out a solid part past her torso and were just mounds of fat that I wanted. Her vagina had a nice little trimmed dark bush above it. I got on the floor on my back and waited for my mom to move her overweight body on top of me. She swung over and plopped her huge ass right on my face. I was in heaven.

“You okay back there?”

“Way more than okay mom.”

I felt my cock reenter her mouth.

I looked up and just saw a huge white cellulite ass above me and it made my cock twitch.I stuck my tongue out and began licking the hole of my moms hairy pussy. She was very wet inside, I guess my cock really did turn her on. I tasted her. It was a little salty but not that bad. I kept scooping her juices into my mouth as she sucked my cock. I worked my way to her clit and began to suck on it. This lead to her bouncing her ass up and down on my face. That was too much for me and I instantly blew my load in my moms mouths. She got up from my cock.

“Jake I told you to hold that load and why did you not warn your mom you were going to cum I had to swallow it.”

“You said this is rough sex so that is what I am giving you.”

“Well you better get hard again.”

“That will not be a problem in the meantime lay on your back and let me eat that yummy pussy.”

She did just that. I parted her huge tree trunk thighs and licked her pussy from the bottom up to the clit. I teased her clit with my tongue. She loved this, grabbing on the back of my head. “Uhh Jake, just like that.” I started to suck on her clit really hard and her body began to lift off the floor in ecstasy. I knew she was near coming so i moved my tongue back to her hole and licked in there while I rubbed her clit fast with my fingers. Within seconds she let out a huge scream and I tasted my victory. By this time I was hard again so i got my body in between her legs.

I looked down at her, my cock right on the opening of her vagina. She had a big double chin from this angle. I shoved my cock in her pussy and watched her face tighten as I did. I was finally inside my moms pussy and it felt great. I pushed myself up on my hands hovered over her and began to pound into her. She was so wet on my cock it felt amazing. I watched her tits bounce overtime I hit into her with the thrust.

“Fuck, Jake…take it…take it…it’s yours.” My mom screamed.

I grabbed onto her belly and started really giving it to her. She couldn’t even make a sound that is how good she was feeling. Her body was just trembling and her mouth open, eyes closed. She was soaking wet at this point and I was loving it. I got down and laid on top of her. She rapped her big legs around my back and I continued to fuck her hard and good.

“Jake I do not know how much more I can take. I haven’t been fucked like this in years.”

“Flip over mom I want to see that ass doggystyle and the I will finish for you.”

My mom rolled over onto her stomach. Watching her do this showed how truly SSBBW she was. Once she was finally on her stomach she slowly pushed herself up until she was on her hands and knees.

There is was. The ass I had been looking at for so long. It was in front of me waiting to be taken. It looked even bigger and wider in this position and I needed it now. I walked up to it on my knees and positioned my cock to her pussy. When I felt it I pushed in and felt the gushes of wet all over my cock. I started to pound her. Her ass was going crazy. I never saw anything like it. It was doing the wave, meat just shaking everywhere and I kept smacking it with each thrust. My mom was grabbing that floor loving every second of it to. Her ass was doing things I can not even describe. It was a SSBBW as for the ages.

I could not take it anymore. I pulled my cock out and exploded all over her cellulite ass. I stayed there for a couple seconds catching my breath.

She spoke first, “That is how you fuck mommy Jake. Please go get me a towel to clean my ass.”

I went to the bathroom got a towel and came back. I took all the cum off of her ass and then she rolled over onto her back.

“Jake when you though I was looking at your penis a while back and I told you I wasn’t, well I wanted you to know that I was. I have wanted you for a while now and wanted to try and catch a peak.”

“I knew you were looking mom. After I caught you I jerked off thinking about it. I always wanted you too.”

“Well whenever dad is at work and we are alone you got yourself a bbw.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32