Soul Mates

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Not surprisingly, the airport was crowded with travelers as many people arrived much earlier than usual because of the threat of snowy weather. Of course, if the icy precipitation started to fall, being hours ahead of time would not matter. Paige Matheson was just the opposite. She’d barely made it on time, the interview for her magazine article having lasted longer than anticipated. Still, she made it onto the plane and her first-class seat just moments before the door was closed.

Paige tried not to give the handsome man in the window seat next to her more than a casual glance as she settled into her aisle seat.

“I was wondering if you were going to make it,” the man asked as if he knew her.

“I had an interview and it ran long,” Paige explained, not really knowing why.

“Job interview?”

Some people on planes just liked to talk. Paige was hoping to sleep. “I’m a magazine writer. Interview was for an article.”

He nodded his understanding. “What magazine?”

“Contemporary Woman.”

“A woman’s magazine,” he noted in a tone that hinted at condescension.

“You don’t like woman’s magazines?”

He shrugged. “It just seems some of the articles are too . . . fabricated.”

“And you know this because you read them all the time and do your own research,” Paige shot back.

“Uh, well, no, but . . .”

“But until you do, don’t be so quick to judge.” She reached into her bag for her neck pillow and pulled out last month’s issue of her magazine. “You can start with this.” She tossed the publication into his lap, turned away from him and curled up. She was asleep in seconds.

He did peruse through it if only to cover his stupid blunder at criticizing what she did. He eyed her closely while she slept. Curled up as she was her, her short dress rose on her legs to reveal an alluring amount of thigh. He followed her curves up to her rounded hips and even rounder breasts. The top of her dress did not expose much, but did hint at nice-sized tits.

A jolt from turbulence caused her to suddenly awaken and she caught him staring at her. But before she could say anything, another jerk had her falling against him. Instinctively, he caught her, but she quickly pushed herself away. Once again, before any words could be spoken, the pilot interrupted with an announcement.

“Ladies and gentleman, the winter storm has flared up much quicker than expected and all flights in the area are being grounded. Please remain seated with seatbelts fastened as we will be descending quickly.”

“Oh, no!” Paige exclaimed.

“It’ll be okay,” the man said reassuringly. “These pilots know what they’re doing.”

“Oh, no, it’s not that. I’m supposed to meet my fiancé’s family tonight.”

“Your fiancé?” That took the air out of his balloon, not that he expected anything from her.

“Yes.” She caught his grimace. “What?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“No, no, come on. You have something against marriage, too?”

He shrugged. “Just not sure you ever really find the right person. Just not sure you only ever want one person.”

“Well, that’s cynical. Everyone has a soul mate. That’s what true love and marriage are all about.”

“It’s just that I had a fiancé once.” With another grimace, he added, “Let’s just say it didn’t work out.”

“Oh, sorry.”

But before they could discuss it further, there was much more turbulence as they began the landing process, so they remained quiet for the remainder of the flight. Then, once on the ground with everyone’s nerves frayed, but with all breathing a sigh of relief, there was a mad rush to exit the plane following instructions from the flight attendant for all passengers to visit an airline service counter for further instructions.

Paige used the walk to call Jack Summers, her fiancé, to advise him of the delay. He was not too happy about it, but there was nothing either of them could do about it, so he told her to just get there as soon as she could.

While still on the phone, Paige got in line behind her seat mate and the older couple. As they waited their turn, when she finished the phone call, her seat mate said, “By the way, I’m Damon.”

She smiled. “Paige.”

“These are Francine and Max,” Damon said, introducing the couple. The pair turned and nodded.

The couple’s expressions suggested to Paige that they were annoyed obviously by the travel delay, but the writer thought their looks revealed more, like they were not happily married. For the moment, she gave it no further consideration.

The travelers were advised that all flights were cancelled for the night and were given vouchers for hotel rooms. The four walked together to catch the courtesy van that would take them to the hotel. As they stood close to one another in the tiny covered bus stop to stay out of the driving snow, Francine lifted her arm and snapped some selfies of them.

“No one will ever believe this without proof,” she said.

“Yeah,” Paige agreed.

The hotel lobby pendik escort was a madhouse with dozens of stranded travelers clamoring for accommodations. The couple, Damon and Paige were fortunate enough to secure the last three rooms.

As luck would have it, Paige’s and Damon’s rooms were right next to one another. And when she entered hers, she discovered that there was a connecting door to his, which was slightly ajar. As she went to close it, she saw Damon inspecting his.

“Well, isn’t this cozy?” he commented.

Once again noting that he was very handsome, Paige merely smiled. “What were the odds?” However, when she shut her door, it would not remain closed. “Well, isn’t this just par for the course?”

“What do you mean?”

With a heavy sigh, she explained, “Travel delays, weather, having to stay in a hotel and now this.”

“Could be worse. At least you got a room. Some people didn’t.”

“True enough. Guess I’ll have to prop a chair against it.”

But Damon’s would not catch either. “Guess I’ll have to do the same. I’ll call the desk, see if they can send someone to fix it.”

“Thanks. That would be nice.”

A few minutes later, Damon tapped on Paige’s connecting door. When she opened hers, he advised, “The hotel is swamped because of the weather and the deluge of guests. They said they’d get to our doors, but they didn’t know when.”

“Great. I guess next the chair will break!”

Damon chuckled at her frustration.

Realizing what she’d said, Paige giggled also.

It was a moment for them.

“Hey, I’m going to go down to the restaurant to grab some dinner,” he told her. “Would you care to join me?”

Glancing at her watch and noting the late afternoon hour, she said, “Why not? Nothing else to do.”

They beat the crowd and were able to get a table. Damon ordered a beer and Paige a glass of white wine.

“So, you know where I was headed,” she pointed out. “Where are you off to?”

“My brother’s wedding.”

Paige sensed the distaste. “Still hurting about your fiancé?”

“Want to know why?”

“If you don’t mind talking about it.”

His face became sad. “It’s her wedding too.”

Paige’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. “She’s marrying your brother?”

Damon simply nodded. After a few sips of his beer, he explained, “I was offered a job away from home. It was too good to pass up. The plan was after I got settled, she would join me, but it took longer than I expected and when I went back home, she and my brother had already hooked up and, well, that was it.”

He stared off in the distance and she could see the pain in his face. “That’s very sad. I’m surprised you’re going to the wedding.”

“I’m doing it for my mother.”

“Aw, that’s sweet.” Paige was gaining a new appreciation for Damon. “That’s nice of you to be the bigger person.”

He shrugged. “I do love my brother. And he’s apologized numerous times.”

“But you can’t forgive her?”

“I’m trying. She’s even apologized over and over. She says she didn’t intend for it to happen, it just did. Still wants us to be friends, particularly since she’ll be my sister-in-law.”

“Probably a good idea.”

“So, what’s your story? Anxious to meet the future in-laws?”

“More like apprehensive,” Paige admitted. “Jack comes from a wealthy family. So, it’s a little intimidating for a humble little girl like me.”

“And you’re sure he’s the one?”

“I am. He’s wonderful. He’s an investment banker; following in dad’s footsteps. Works hard. Maybe a little too hard.”

She mumbled the last part and Damon saw it as a slight crack in the armor. “Is that going to be a problem?”

“I hope not.”

Damon further noticed that Paige was trying to remain positive, but he wasn’t convinced that she was, particularly since she changed the subject. They discussed the weather, both hoping the storm would pass so they could move on. He described his job managing a fine dining restaurant and he commented that he enjoyed her magazine on the plane, and she told him about the life of a woman’s magazine writer.

That carried them through dinner, and then they returned to their rooms and said their goodnights.

Paige attempted to call Jack again, but apparently because of the storm, service was poor, and they couldn’t hear each other. She then went into the bathroom to prepare for bed.

* * *

Damon found himself quite attracted to Paige, but the more he thought about her easy manner and intelligence, her long, shapely legs, well-rounded breasts and that glowing smile, he had to shake his head to force some sense into it. Not only was she already taken, but he’d been down this road before only to have it end badly. He—


The scream sounded like it came from Paige’s room. Damon stepped closer to the door to listen.


It was definitely her. “Paige, are you alright?” he shouted through the door.


“Paige!” maltepe escort When she still didn’t answer after several seconds, Damon quickly pulled his chair away and easily pushed on her connecting door to move her chair enough to get through. He instantly saw that she wasn’t in bed, so he turned for the bathroom. He was stunned to see her sitting on the counter, but was even more amazed by the fact that she was completely naked and had her fingers jammed in her pussy. The expression on her face was certainly not one of pleasure as though she was masturbating, but rather obvious distress. “Paige, what’s wrong?”

She looked up sharply, finally realizing he was there. Her look turned to shock as she quickly reached for a towel to cover herself. “What are you doing here?”

“I heard you screaming and you didn’t answer.”

“Oh, well, I’m okay. You can go.” Her tone was sharp.

But Damon could still see the agony on her face. “You don’t look okay. What’s the matter?”

“It’s . . . it’s . . . nothing.”

“Doesn’t look like nothing.”

“It’s . . . embarrassing,” she said with a grimace.

“Well, what is it? Maybe I can help.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’d just love to help me with this.” There was an accusatory tone to her voice, but he knew it was more like aggravation over whatever her problem was. “Okay, well, good luck with . . . whatever.” He turned and headed back to his room.

After another couple of seconds of failing at what she was doing, Paige called out in frustration, “Damon?”

He was back in seconds.

“Okay, I . . . oh, my, this is embarrassing. I got my . . . my . . . the string on my . . . my . . . Kegel balls broke and—”

“Your what?”

“Kegel balls. Didn’t you read my magazine article?”

“I looked at it. I didn’t read it.” But he did actually skim some articles.

With a huff, Paige explained, “Well, if you had read it, you’d know that Kegel balls are . . . balls . . . that are inserted inside the vagina to strengthen the Kegel muscle which is the muscle found along the pelvic floor. It helps treat urinary incontinence, can prevent vaginal prolapse, speeds up vaginal recovery post-pregnancy, and treats inflammations in the prostate gland.”

“Oh. Sorry you’re having all those problems.”

“I’m not having those—” But she caught herself.

Damon did actually look at some of that article. And he knew that’s not all they were used for. “Then, what else—”

She growled. “They can also tighten it up down there and improve one’s sex life.”

“Sorry you’re have problems there.”

“I’m not . . . they’re—” She saw him smirking. “You’re having fun with this, aren’t you?”

“Does it really work?”

“It’s part of my research for a follow-up story. And . . . I’m just trying to make myself better for Jack.”

“And so the string broke and—”

“The last ball is stuck.”

“Ooookay. So, what can I do?” Although he had a pretty good idea.

“I can’t believe I’m going to ask a stranger—”

“Is that all I am to you?” He said it lightheartedly, toying with her.

“—to stick his fingers inside of me to—”

“Okay. I get the picture.” He was getting a hard on already.

“So, will you?”

“It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.”

The emotional strain returned to her face. “Please stop making light of this.”

“Okay. What do I do?”

“It’s a little round ball. Just reach in and . . . you know . . . surely you’ve had your . . . you know . . . fingers inside of a woman before.”

“Surely.” Damon squatted down, eye level with her pussy and raised the towel up. It was a very pretty pussy. He couldn’t help but adjust his cock in his pants.

Paige obviously saw him do that and started to comment until she saw the size of his bulge. It caused her to suck her breath in. That was a second before Damon touched her labia with his thumb and forefinger to spread them apart. He mistook her air intake as reaction to his fingers.

“Uh, could you wash your hands first?” she asked as though it should have been obvious.

“Of course.” He quickly did and returned to his squat. He used one hand to spread her lips, lubed the middle finger of his other hand by sticking it in his mouth, and slowly inserted it.

She tried to keep her sigh quiet as his finger brushed her clit—intentionally?—as he gently slid it in. He wormed his finger around, ostensibly searching for the ball and she wondered how necessary that was; even though it felt pretty nice. And then, when his finger connected with the ball, he had to move it around to get it into a position to maneuver it out. However, that additional manipulation only added to the level of stimulation she was already feeling from having the balls inside her all day.

An uncontrollable whimper of pleasure escaped her lips.

“Oh, sorry if this hurts,” Damon offered, mistaking the sound she made.

“It doesn’t,” Paige assured, her breathing becoming heavier.

“I kartal escort think I need to, uh, use another, uh, finger.”

“Okay,” Paige answered without hesitation.

Could she actually be enjoying this, Damon wondered, if the tone of her voice was any clue.

His middle finger again rubbed against her clit as she removed it, and brushed it again when he shoved his forefinger and middle finger back in. She cooed.

That was definitely not a painful sound, Damon determined.

The continued movement of his fingers inside of her pussy was beginning to drive Paige wild. She involuntarily clamped her legs around his hand, locking his digits inside of her.

“Uh, I can’t help you if you—”

“Oh, sorry,” Paige offered, realizing what she’d done.

Damon was finally able to latch onto the ball and drag it out, but not without once more rubbing her clit. She couldn’t help but moan. He held the ball up between his two fingers. “Guess it really works,” he remarked. “It was really tight in there.”

“Mmmhmmm,” she responded dreamily.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to get you . . . you know.”

Nervously clearing her throat, Paige mumbled, “Uh-huh. Uh, it, uh . . . can you make sure you got it all?”

He examined the ball in his fingers, judging it to be intact, except where the string had broken off. Perhaps a piece of the string could still be lodged . . . and then there was the far-off look in her eyes. Damon tenderly and intentionally rubbed her clit before re-inserting his finger. He performed his due diligence and swished his digit around less concerned with finding a speck than seeing where this would lead.

“Oh, oh,” she moaned. “You’re . . . you’re pretty . . . good at this.”

Not exactly certain how to take that, Damon took a chance and let the tip of his tongue tickle her clit.

She matched every swipe of his tongue with an, “Oh.” And then said, “And you’re really good at that!”

Now, that he took as encouragement to continue, which he did with tongue and finger. She was no longer attempting to stifle her moaning, and he assumed she was enjoying—and then she suddenly stopped. He found it hard to believe she was allowing this anyway.

She pulled him to his feet, gazing deeply into his eyes. He couldn’t tell if there was anger or . . . and then she pulled his face to hers pressing their lips together. She kissed him as though she really meant it, and he was only too polite to kiss back. He felt her hand rub his hard cock through his pants. Suddenly, he was confused by her turnaround: the eager fiancé now swapping spit with a stranger. But if she wasn’t stopping, neither was he.

To test her, Damon pulled the towel away that had been covering her upper body. He gently caressed her breasts and was treated to a moan. When they broke for air, he took a step back to admire her beautiful body.

“Did you also do an article on fitness?” he asked facetiously.

“Bet your ass.”

They kissed again, and he returned his hand to her pussy. But she kept it short and lifted his shirt off, then undid his pants pushing them down just enough to free his large cock and balls. He saw her eyes widen at his size. Her hand grasped his solid rod jerking it a few times and then cupping his balls and caressing them. They kissed again as she continued to handle him.

In a move he would have never predicted of her, she dropped to her knees and fed several inches of his cock into her mouth. She was pretty good, but most of all, it just felt terrific to have her sucking him. “Mmmm,” were the throaty sounds she made.

The longer it lasted, the better it felt. And the better it felt, the more uncontrollable he became, to the extent that he stood her up and lifted her back on to the edge of the counter. He then guided his cock into her warm and wet pussy. It had been a while for him, but he hadn’t forgotten how magnificent it felt to have his dick embraced by a velvety vagina.

All Paige could do was moan her pleasure having never experienced such a massive cock inside of her. Her brain was on overload and she wrapped her legs around his waist to keep him within. “Take me to bed,” she heard herself tell him.

Damon again lifted her, careful not to let his penis slip out. He managed to carry her to the bed, stooping to allow her to pull down the covers, and then gently laid her down. Only then did his rod leave her hole, but she quickly and eagerly spread her legs and he was back in seconds later.

Paige whimpered, and Damon groaned as both enjoyed the length of his cock sliding along the walls of her vagina. She had never been so totally filled as she was now. Every nerve ending inside of her pussy tingled from the embrace. It was just as thrilling for him to have her softness grip his rod firmly, yet tenderly.

He began pumping her slowly with long strokes: almost all the way out and completely in to the hilt. Happy cries seeped from her lips. After several minutes of this euphoria, Paige became aggressive. She rolled Damon over to ride him cowgirl. She rotated her hips swirling his big tool all around the walls of her vagina. It felt magnificent. Bending down, she dragged her nipples across his face and he took swipes with his tongue.

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