Something About Her

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I fondly recall my first sexual experience. She was about 5’5” with brown hair, full lips and cute freckles on her cheeks. She was very shapely with strong legs, large calves, and she had the most gorgeous d-cup tits. As long as I knew her, I was obsessed with her generous bust line. We used to flirt all the time in science class my junior year in high school. She loved to engage in suggestive conversation, talking about everyday things in a sexually suggestive manner. I am sure she knew she left many guys with hard ons after these conversations.

Sometimes she would tease you by grabbing her boobs, or rubbing a nipple through her shirt when only you were looking. She used to shape her lips in a tight “O” and slowly say “ohhhhhhh” with a mischievous look in her eyes, as if she was sliding an invisible cock between her lips. We flirted through the next year, and at one point I even asked if she would take my virginity, which made her laugh. There was something about her. You just knew she was more than just talk.

Unfortunately, nothing ever happened in high school with her or any girl. It wasn’t until after my first quarter at college, during winter break that anything between us ever happened. After stopping by her house unannounced to say hi, we got to talking and she mentioned that she worked at this little cafe down the street. I made it a point to start frequenting the café over the next couple weeks.

I called her one afternoon, and somehow managed to get her to stop by my house on her way to her friend’s house. My parents were gone for the evening, and I had a nice fire going in the fireplace. I showed her around and then we sat down in front of the fire. We chatted about nothing in particular, with her somehow managing to give everything sexual overtones. After staring into the flames for a while, I finally called her bluff and kissed her. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths, and my hands started bahçelievler escort to work their way inside her shirt towards her luscious tits. At this point we were lying down in front of the fire, with me above and to her side.

She didn’t complain about my wandering hand, so I began to finger her nipples over her bra. I pushed her underwire up over her right boob, and felt a silky soft breast for the first time. I gently squeezed her boob as we kissed, our breathing growing stronger. I paused and looked down at the boob in my hand. Her areola was very petite, and her nipple was a hard little raisin in my fingers. I gently brought my mouth to her breast and started swirling my tongue around her nipple. The skin on her breast was so smooth and fair. Finally, I brought her whole nipple into my mouth and began gently sucking, tasting her delicious creamy white skin. While my face was buried in her bosom, breathing through my nose I discovered how wonderful her breasts smelled.

At this point, she volunteered to lift up her shirt above her boobs and unclasped her bra, and I saw two magnificent mounds pointing to the sky. I groped them with both my hands and then began sucking on her nipples, not sure which one I wanted to suck on more. There was no longer any doubt-I was definitely a breast man, and I couldn’t have asked for a better pair than the ones I was now sucking on. I obviously wasn’t the first guy to fall in love with her tits. She told me, “I’ll never understand why guys are so fascinated with breasts”. All I could do to help her understand was continue swirling my tongue around her nipple, intoxicated by her flesh. Needless to say, I had a raging hard on at this point.

I kissed my way down her belly, and then told her I wanted to lick her. She hesitated and asked if I was sure. “It’s salty down there. Most guys don’t like the way it tastes.” I persisted and she lifted balgat escort up her hips and slid her skirt off. I pulled down her underwear and looked at my first live pussy. I spread her legs a little, planted my nose into her golden brown pubes, and began licking in earnest. I had no idea what I was doing, but just kept licking, concentrating on the top half of her slit. She wasn’t far off on the taste, but it didn’t matter since it was obvious she was enjoying my tongue. Soon she was rocking her hips slowly and stroking my hair, moaning softly. I just kept licking, not really sure what particular way I was licking was best for her. Finally she started gently bucking her hips, and then she pulled my head up from her lap. She had a big, sleepy smile on her face and said thank you and she put her skirt back on and fixed her bra and blouse.

She got a mischievous look in her eye and then said it was my turn, and we walked back to my room. She said she didn’t have any condoms so we couldn’t have sex. I was disappointed about that, but was still thrilled about what just happened and knew she was at least going to give me head. I sat down at the head of the bed, and she motioned for me to pull my pants down. I pulled down my pants and she then pulled down my briefs. I had never had a woman touch my cock before, and was so nervous that I was nearly flaccid. Her touch sent shivers up my spine. It never felt that good when I touched it. She placed her hands around the base of my cock and sucked my flaccid dick into her hot mouth. I had never felt anything so warm, wet and soft. I grew hard quickly and soon she was making slurping noises. She would twist her head to the side as she would inhale my cock, then untwist as she pulled back, all the while her tongue was dancing under my swollen head. Occasionally she would look up at me and I could tell she was enjoying my reaction to her ministrations.

She batıkent escort definitely had been coached by someone in the past, because she knew how to give you intense moments of ecstasy during the routine sucking. Some blowjobs are just a gradual build to a climax. This was your dream blowjob, every other stroke I had to catch my breath as her skillful mouth made love to my manhood. She would vary the pace, sucking pressure, and the use of her hands as she took me on a roller coaster ride of pleasure. I laid back and closed my eyes for a moment-I could hear soft slurping sounds coupled with an occasional, “Mmm, Hmmm”. I was in heaven. Then the pleasure slowly built until I knew there was no turning back. It felt as if she was inhaling the life force through my spine and out my cock. The imminent feeling of an orgasm began to overtake me. No orgasm during masturbation had ever built up like this. I would have said or done anything for her in this state. My body began to tense, I involuntarily closed my eyes and I began shooting my hot load in her mouth as she continued to suck with even more intensity. A painfully long “Ohhhhhhhh” escaped my lips as she gave me the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced.

My cock repeatedly twitched as it spurted the remainder of my load into her mouth. She just kept sucking my cock as if nothing had happened. Finally, I could take it no more and had to coax her to release my dick from her mouth. She released my cock for a second and then, her mouth still full of cum, gave me another mischievous look and a smile. She started sucking on it again just to tease me, as she knew my cock was hyper sensitive from the intense orgasm she had just pulled out of my body. She finally released me, giggling.

She indicated that my load was in her mouth with a simple humming sound and I pointed her to the bathroom, while I sat there amazed at the incredible evening I just had. I pulled up my pants and walked her to the door. I wondered what she would tell her friend the reason for her being so late was. My next encounter with her would be several months later, when she finally did take my virginity away. In the meantime, I replayed the events of this winter night repeatedly in my fantasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32