SOI: Mike, Shari, , Cassie

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Hello my name is Mike. I went to college on a full scholarship and the college was located in new suburban community of a large city. While the college expense was fully paid for, I took a part time job to pay for my personal expenses. It was the early 70’s and a new type of business for photograph processing was occurring, the drive through photo booth. It was convenient, fast, and inexpensive for the customer and it was good money for me as student working there but also allowed me hours of study time when no customers pulled up. The customers were generally nice and I always chatted more with flirted with the attractive female customers. In the late afternoon a sack of developed photos would come in and I would have to sort the packets, filing them by customer name in a storage bin so that you could find them when the customer came to pick up their prints. Out of some boredom and more likely being voyeuristic, I began to look out the contents of the packets before filing them away. Most of the photos were of family gatherings, vacations, holidays, and the usual. Once in awhile you would see some nude photos and sometimes people having sex in the pictures. It seemed that the company that did the processing did not censor the returned prints. There were some that I enjoyed and wanted to keep but could not just keep the particular picture and give the customer the rest.

Being a bright student with a room to myself, I figured out how to make copies of the print. With a glass plate, two high wattage bulbs, a 35mm camera, small tripod, and special filter, I was able to take another photo of the original which was matched in sharpness and color. In fact I was able to remove the clutter from the original by focusing in on the people in the original print. I would bring the photos home after closing at 7:00, shoot the copies, and return the photos early in the morning before the day shift employee
started work at 10:00. I would shoot the copies until I filled the roll in my camera and then sent it in for processing under an assumed name. Soon, I was amassing photo album after photo album of nude pictures that customers had sent in for processing. I was especially nice and offered specials to customers who had nudes in their photos hoping to get their more return business. It seemed that as time went on in the 70’s, more and more people had nudes, sex in their photos, and was all ages. I was amazed at the photos that the high school students would take.

I was in my third year of college and my third year at the photo booth when a new customer started to drop off film. Her name was Shari who was an attractive blond in her 30’s. She was very friendly and talkative and sometimes she would chat at the window for a half hour before asking for her prints. Sometimes she had her daughter, Cassie, with her and sometimes not. Cassie was a slim cute blonde who appeared to be shy as sometimes she would just wave to me or would give just a simple “hello”. There were times when Shari would pull to the window alone and I could smell the aroma of marijuana coming from her car as she rolled her window. She was a travel agent and many of her photos were of vacation spots. She explained that resorts would have travel agents stay free to promote their facilities and that she would go visit them with her daughter when there was school vacations or breaks. After a few months we were quite friendly with each other and she kept telling to go through her for spring break or travel.

I kept telling her that I was a poor struggling college student who couldn’t afford travel.

It became a running joke between us. After Christmas holidays, Shari dropped off ten rolls of film to be developed. She said they she was in Mexico at a place called Cancun for a week. A few days later, the prints returned as I anxiously waited to review her photos. They were always interesting with the places she visited as well as being very nicely shot. I was checking them out as it had shots of the hotel, pool, beach, and sites there but there were several nudes of Shari within those ten packets. I thought pay dirt!

I thought Shari was very pretty but the photos were beyond what I had imagined. She was slim with nice round breasts, very light brown small nipples, muscular legs, and light brown hair on her pussy. What intrigued me most was her smile on all these photos. I had no idea who took the photos but there was no one else that was in any of the ten rolls except some occasional photos of her daughter. I had always assumed that Shari was married since she wore a wedding ring but there was never a mention of a Mr. Shari and I never saw any men consistently in any of her photos. I started a special photo album just of Shari. In early April after the spring breaks, Shari dropped off several rolls and the prints that came a few days later was a trip to Palm Springs. There the usual vacation and resort shots and even some of Shari playing golf. I was surprised when I came across six shots of Cassie nude! Pay dirt again! czech taxi porno She was almost angelic or elf like in these photos.

She had this long blonde hair with flat skinny body and had such a sweet expression while posing on a couch. As the days went on, it was hard not to picture them nude as they came by for photo services and such.

Late in the spring, Shari and I had a long conversion while the smell of pot emanated from her car. She said that she had a deal for me since I have been so nice to her and was a “poor struggling” college student. She was going to the new Disneyworld in Florida in mid June. She was going to be in meetings with the senior park staff most of the week and needed someone to take Cassie through the park, spend time with her, etc.. The best part of it all would be that it would be all expense paid for the three of us. Would I be interested and of course I was! I arranged for time off and was looking forward to going on my first real vacation since leaving high school. I was looking forward to being with an attractive girl like Shari but didn’t know how it would be with Cassie. She seemed very cute but as she was shy, I didn’t know if we would get along well or not. Eventually that special Saturday was here and Shari was at the dorm to pick me up. I opened the back door and placed my suitcase and myself there. Soon we were at the airport awaiting our flight. Our hopes were let down somewhat as there was bad weather in the south and our flight would be delayed for several hours. It did give me time to get to know Cassie and play some of the arcade games with her. We were getting along well like a big brother and little sister. Shari felt more confident too that we were getting along fine.

Eventually the flight arrived and we boarded the plane for another three hours of flight.

The three of us chatted and played games to pass the time until the plane touched down in Orlando. It was dark by that time and we were getting very tired. We hired a taxi to take us to the hotel at Disney and Cassie slept all the way with her head on my lap. We arrived at the Polynesian Village and were escorted to our room. It was a very big suite but had only a king size bed. Shari called the front desk but it was all that was available that evening but they could make changes the next day. I could see that Shari was unhappy about the arrangements but I volunteered to sleep on the couch and take some pressure off Shari. She relaxed somewhat the long time was getting to all of us. I grabbed the extra pillow and blanket from the clothes closet and throw it across the couch. Shari and Cassie went into the bathroom to change into some long t shirts. The room was very luxurious even with the one bed and it had a great view of the property from our upper balcony. I was already in my briefs and under the blanket when Shari and Cassie climbed into bed.

With the usual “goodnights” Shari turned off the remaining lights and we immediately fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning well rested as the morning light was flooding the room from the balcony view. I went into the bathroom and put one of the three hotel bathrobes hanging from the bathroom closet. It was nice white terrycloth with a red “D” embroider over a mouse ears logo. As I stepped out, I heard a knock at the door and a call of “room service”. I opened the door and a bell man rolled in a cart with coffee, three full hot breakfasts, and a large packet with Shari’s name on it. The commotion rose woke up Shari and Cassie. After the bellman left, I rolled the cart on the balcony as we eat breakfast on the balcony table. Shari opened the envelope and examined the contents.

It contained a letter of apology from the management that they could not get us another room for a day or two but gave us a voucher for another week stay of our choosing free. The rest was our Magic Kingdom passes and the agenda papers for Shari’s meeting with management. Shari left Cassie and I to finish breakfast as she got ready to attend her meetings. She came back dressed to fit as a business woman and kissed Cassie goodbye.

She should that the meetings would be over about 4 and that we should meet her at the room to go out to dinner. She left as Cassie and I finished breakfast. We dressed in summer clothes and headed to the monorail for a fun day at the kingdom. It was very exciting for both of us as it was our first time there. We had a great time doing the rides but the lines were long and we only were able to see about half the attractions that day.

Cassie and I really got along well and we were like a big brother with his little sister.

It was around 3 in the afternoon as we headed for the monorail. After a short wait we whisked back to the hotel. Shari came in the door around 4 as expected and laughed to see Cassie and I in our swim suits and mouse ears on. Shari quickly changed into a bikini
and we headed for the pool. On the way to the pool, all Cassie talked defloration porno to Shari as what a great time she had and how much fun I was to be with. At the pool, we slid into the shallow end and throw a beach ball around but mainly Shari and I relaxed in the water while Cassie swam and played. We chatted about the day she had and if I was having a good time. I was having a great time. After about an hour, Shari said that we needed to go back and get ready for dinner. Cassie didn’t want to leave but Shari assured her that there would be plenty of time for swimming. Shari and I took turns showering and dressing in the bathroom.

We were in what was fancier casual clothes while Cassie just changed back in original clothes. We went into the hotel restaurant where there was a Hawaiian hula show being preformed with the waiter took our order. Shari and I tried some the Polynesian dishes while Cassie stuck to burgers and fires. After dinner, we back to our room and sat on the balcony to watch the nightly fireworks display over the lake. It was very peaceful and quiet as dusk set. We were relaxed and actually eat too much. With the first skyrocket going up in the air, Shari pulled out a joint from her purse and lit it. She deeply inhaled and held her breath as she passed it to me. I was surprised to see that see had brought some pot but even more so, that she was smoking in front of her daughter. I enjoyed smoking stuff now and then so I hoisted the cigarette to my lips and did the same as Shari. I blew out the smoke and passed the joint back to Shari. I have smoked some stuff in my time but the pot that Shari had has very high grade, really good shit. I sat back feeling my body relax and seeing the fireworks with more intensity as Shari passed the cigarette to Cassie. I watched rather amazes as Cassie inhaled and held her breath then passed it back to her mother. This passing back and forth went on until the joint was about an inch left and then Shari put it out. She put the remainder back in her purse as we watched the fireworks glassy eyed with new interest. As the fireworks ended, our conversation started and we were laughing over the silliest stuff. After awhile, Cassie went back in to watch TV while Shari and I stayed on the balcony.

“Where did you get that pot?” I asked, “It was the best I have every tried.”

Shari laughed, “A friend in the travel industry gets it from Jamaica all the time”

“Wow” I said, “I was kind of surprised that you light up in front of your daughter and more surprised to see her smoke some”

“I hope you don’t think I’m a bad mother, I’m not.” smiled Shari, “I more open than most mothers I guess. The stuff is all over the schools and if she is going to smoke pot, I rather that she smoke with me and that I know what she is smoking”

“I see your point, that’s cool” I said, “I can’t begin to tell you what a blast I’m having. Cassie is so much fun but I wish that you could be with us too.”

Shari leaned over, whispered in my ear, and said, “I’ll see what I can do”. With that she gave me a light kiss as her hand ran across my thigh and squeezed my cock. “I think that you should sleep in our bed.” Shari took me by my hand and led me back into the room.

Shari told Cassie to get her shower and turned off the TV. As Cassie left the room, Shari lay next to me and we started to kiss. By the time, the water in the bathroom had stopped running, Shari and I were both nude caressing each other’s body. As the bathroom door opened, Shari pulled a sheet over us and turned on the TV. Cassie walked out of the bathroom to see a smiling Shari and myself, sitting up next to each other, the pillows behind our backs, and with a sheet up to my waist and over Shari’s breasts. Cassie looked beautiful as we walked towards us in the white hotel robe as her blond hair looked like it was in a big perm from the Florida humidity. We climbed into bed with us and sat on her mother’s lap with her back against her mother’s chest.

Shari put both of her arms around Cassie’s waist as the sheet slid off her breasts. I thought that they looked so beautiful together. She still had a silly smile on her face as the effects of the pot had not worn off yet. I was still looking over at Shari when she moved her left arm from around Cassie’s waist and slid it inside the upper folds of her daughter’s robe. I raised my knees to hide my cock getting hard as I could see Shari playing with her daughter’s nipples. Shari then removed her hand, reached for the robe tie, and pulled the robe knot open. Slowly, she pulled each fold of the robe open, revealing Cassie’s nude body. It was just like in the pictures I saw. A slim blond angel with almost no breasts, just nipples, and her pussy with almost no hair. Shari’s left hand started lightly caressing along Cassie’s inner thighs as her right hand moved to my cock. Shari looked at me while a sly smile as she felt my hard cock and started to work her hand up and down.

Shari’s left hand doktor ofisi porno soon stopped being coy and her fingers were getting busy in Cassie’s pussy. Shari opened her daughter’s pussy lips and started to massage her clit. Cassie had the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen as the inner lips were a light pink, glistening wet, as her mother’s finger moved about her small but hard clit. Cassie closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she sighed with an “ohh”. Cassie and I went enjoying Shari’s handwork when Shari’s hand left my cock and pulled away the sheet. Cassie’s eyes fluttered open as she looked down at her mother’s right hand clasping hers. Shari guided Cassie’s hand onto my cock. The hands of mother and daughter were soon sliding up and down my cock. Shari slipped her hand away and began to work on Cassie’s pussy with both hands, touching every erogenous area, giving her daughter the most pleasure possible. The same soft hand with long slim fingers that I held all afternoon was now sliding up and down my cock. This was the most exciting hand job that I ever had and my pre sum was pouring over my cock head.

“Mom, it feels sticky.” sighed Cassie

“Just like candy” whispered Shari

Shari reached over with her hand and run a finger hard up the back of my cock releasing a flood of precum. Cassie’s hand pumping began to sound like someone walking on hot tar. Shari started to press hard on Cassie’s wet clit as her head leaned back again but with a series of intense exclamations of “oh, oh, oh”. Cassie smiled as her orgasm moved around her head. Her pumping had slowed while Shari moved out from underneath her daughter. I looked up to see a bright flash at the foot of the bed as Shari snapped a photo.

As I would see later, it was Cassie and I side by side naked with her hand pumping my cock and with a smile of satisfaction on her. Shari climbed back in bed with the camera.

“Get on your knees” directed Shari and which I did. Shari placed a pillow at my knees

and laid Cassie’s head on the pillow which now was directly in front of my cock. Shari whispered to Cassie, “I want you to see a man cum and have him shoot on your face.”

Cassie nodded as her hand pumping resumed. Her motions became faster as my grew felt bigger and thicker than ever before. A flash went off as Shari took another shot and soon

I was fucking Cassie’s soft hand as the head of my cock grew closer to her face. I had reached my point as I looked up and then down as my cum spewed from my cock. Another flash went off as I came. Recovering, I looked down to see streaks of cum running down Cassie’s cheeks, lips, and nose. I laid back down and saw Shari snap a close up of Cassie’s face. Shari took a finger and wiped the cum from her lips then slid her finger into Cassie’s mouth who sucked on it. Shari pulled her finger out with a pop and gave her daughter a very loving kiss. She whispered, “Next time you can taste it all”

Shari went into the bathroom and came back with a wet face cloth and wiped the cum from her daughter’s face. I was laying down watching as my cock was still hard as a broomstick. Cassie has laying on her side with her head propped up with her arm as she watched me laying beside her. Shari rolled by me on the other side.

Shari whispered, “It’s just like the pot issue. Cassie can get all the sex she wanted in school but I want her to safe good first experiences. You may think I’m being open minded and I am but I’m really being overprotective of her.” I smiled and nodded as I could see the logic. “Since you look like you are still ready to go, put that cock of yours in me!”

Shari got up on all fours and spread her legs apart where Cassie could get a good view of us. I rolled on to my side and then on my knees where I scooted between Shari’s waiting legs. I slid my cock between her legs and along her pussy lubricating the head of my cock. With Cassie’s blue eyes watching us, I slowly slid my cock into her mother’s wet pussy. I could hear a sigh of pleasure from Shari as I pushed in as far as I could. Shari’s pussy felt warm and snug on my cock as I started to pump my cock in and out of her.

I leaned forward and ran my hand under her to feel her pussy. As I was rubbing her clit and pumping her pussy, I glanced over to see Cassie watching us. She had a big smile as she watched us and played with her own pussy. Soon, I got down to some serious fucking with my cock pounding her pussy as fast and as hard as I could. Shari hung her head down , moving it from side to side, moaning “umm’s” and “ fuck me”. I was pounding faster as Shari raised up her head and screamed, “oh man” in pleasure and with that, I came. I was glued to her as I shot my hot cum into her wet pussy. We remained attached, rocking back and forth until our orgasms subsided. We untangled and lay flat on our backs next to Cassie who had masturbated herself to orgasm. “Wow” was the only words from any of our lips as we drifted to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to see Cassie still asleep and Shari had already left for her meetings. It was almost 9:00 and the breakfast cart was already in the room. “What a night!” I thought, “It wasn’t a dream as Cassie was naked besides me.” I gently shook Cassie and said, “Hey time to wake up. We still have a lot of theme park to see.” Cassie

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