Sloppy Seconds

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Sloppy Seconds

By Alex Barton


The phone rang and I picked it up.

“Yo, Bro, whatchadoin’?”

“Reading, writing emails, watching reruns, drinkin’ a beer.”

“Yow! Busy…”

“A multi-tasker adept at personal organization,” I said. “At least that’s what it says on my resumé. What you doin’, baby?”

“Just hangin’,” Jennifer said. “Wondered if you’d mind playing host to your sister and her nice new boyfriend for the evening, ‘Jerry’.”

“As in Seinfeld? Tell him to open his wallet for a hotel room.”

Jennifer laughed. “Yeah, well, there’s a problem with that,” she said. “So it’s a back-seat-of-the-car, panties-round-my-ankles, legs-over-his-shoulders, phoning-you-while-he’s-eating-me-out scenario.”

“And you can still talk? He’s no good at it then?”

She moaned softly. “Oh shit, no – he’s very good. This is just the long slow build-up to my third orgasm….”

“Jesus what a slut,” I said and laughed. “And you want me to provide you with a nice warm bed with clean white cotton sheets and a pillow to bite on while he’s plowing your beautiful ass? Should I ring Mom and check if that’s okay with her?”

“Oh brother dearest,” she wailed theatrically. “You wouuullldddn’t…?” Which was all part of the act she liked to put on.

“No of course not. But tell ‘Jerry’ to suck a breath mint before he gets here. I hate saying hello to a guy with pussy breath…”

Jennifer giggled again. “It’s all over his mouth and chin as well…”

“A sloppy eater,” I said. “Great.”

“Oh – yes – YES!” Jennifer squealed and the phone went dead.


My sister Jennifer lives at home with my parents in the suburbs. I live in the city working for a major newspaper. She’s at secretarial college, paying her tuition fees by entertaining guys like Jerry. If the guy doesn’t have a convenient hotel room she uses my guest bedroom in return for a small non-financial consideration. Hey, that’s what loving brothers are for.

The doorbell rang and I went to answer it.

“Hi hon,” Jennifer said as she walked in. She was wearing a little black cocktail dress and high heels, her long hair blonde hair combed out straight. She looked good.

“Hi, ” I said to ‘Jerry’. “Come on in.”

The guy was about ten years younger than me. Well-dressed in an expensive suit and Italian loafers. It amazed me how he was still so immaculate when he’d not long been on his knees licking Jen’s pussy.

Jen went through to my guest bedroom and I invited Jerry to sit on the sofa. I fetched two beers from the kitchen and handed him one. I figured beer wasn’t his style but what the hell, it wasn’t his apartment.

“Your sister’s a beautiful girl,” he said.

“Yeah, huge tits too,” I said and smiled. He smiled back weakly so I added, “And she’s only 16…”

Jerry jerked upright, panic on his face.

“What -?”

I grinned at him. “I’m joking. Relax.”

“Oh, yeah. Right,” he said, obviously thinking ‘Fuck you’ and took a swig of his beer.

His unease was obvious. I guess he was used to being in control of everyone and everything around him running his smart little company and he wasn’t comfortable that I should make jokes at his expense. Fuck him. Shouldn’t be paying to screw my sister.

Jennifer appeared at the door of the bedroom wearing a white school blouse, a little red tartan pleated skirt that barely covered her pussy, white knee socks and black pumps. The blouse was tucked into her skirt but unbuttoned all the way down the front and the whole of her cleavage was on display. She’s not 16, she’s 19, but she does have very big boobs.

She stood with one hand behind her back, the other underneath her skirt and between her legs. We could both see clearly she was sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy in invitation. “I’m ready, Daddy,” she purred in a soft breathy voice.

I snickered as Jerry put his beer down, glanced at me and followed her through the door. Jen winked and then closed it behind her. It wasn’t long before her moans of ecstasy started and I took my cock out and enjoyed masturbating to the enjoyable and highly arousing sound of my sister being fucked silly.


When I finished my emails I went to bed. The sex sounds had died down so I figured Jerry was either asleep or eating Jen’s pussy again. I must samsun escort have fallen asleep because I jumped a little when a warm, naked body slid into bed next to me. Jennifer smelled of sexsweat and cum.

“How much d’you make?” I said sleepily as Jen pressed her beautiful curvy ass back against my cock.

“$750. He wants seconds when he wakes up.”

She arranged her hair on the pillow and I moved in close to her, grinding my hard cock into the cleft of her asscheeks as I slid my left arm under her waist so I could paddle my fingers in her extremely wet cunt, reaching round with my right to cup her heavy breast in my hand, fondling the big globe and teasing her nipple. I kissed the nape of her neck and she growled at me, “Down, boy.”

“Sorry,” I said, but I wasn’t. “Jerry looks rich. He couldn’t spring for a hotel room?”

“He has a breakfast meeting in his suite,” she said, emphasizing the word ‘suite’. “He couldn’t risk being caught out. He’s CEO of some major division in his company.”

“Who likes to fuck 19-year-old girls.”

“Don’t they all?”

I tried not to touch grind my hips against her and quite soon I heard her breathing become gentle and steady. I closed my eyes, wanting to join her in sleep. And that’s when she did it.

Without making a sound, Jennifer arched her hips up and forwards so my cock slid down to the furrow of her slit and then she trapped the glans with the opening of her pussy and pressed herself back against me, swallowing the head and shaft into her very wet cunt in one deliciously sweet and skilled maneuver. It was incredible, to go from drifting off to sleep to fucking my sister’s semen-filled pussy.

She did all the moving, using her suppleness to grind her backside against my groin, drawing my slippery prick out of her and then taking it back in. I was being fucked instead of the other way around and it was sweetly, wetly wonderful. All I could do was move my hands, one kneading her breasts, the other rolling her clit in my fingers. I could tell from the way her movements became jerkier, greedier, she loved being masturbated and plowed at the same time.

I kissed her neck, sank my teeth into the velvet skin carefully so as not to mark it, then took her earlobe between my teeth and nipped at it. My freedom of movement was limited but I wanted to give her all the pleasure I could to match what she was doing to me. And I must have been doing something right because she suddenly let out a deep groan and I felt her buttocks clench against my belly, her pussy flooded with creamy liquid and I knew she had come.

But she was still in the driving seat and she kept on grinding against me, her cunt swallowing my cock until I started to pant and moan against her ear, “Oh baby, yes. Oh god, Jen – I’m gonna come big…”

“Come for me,” she urged. “Fuck me, Nicky!”

And I did, bless me but I did, my hips jerking spasmodically as I poured out a massive load, my balls spasming and my cock spurting sperm until I had no more to give.

“God, I do love sloppy seconds,” I said as I fought to regain my breath. Jennifer giggled and a moment later I heard her breathing slow. I quickly extricated my arm from under her body, leaving the other one filled with her soft, warm breast, and, like Jennifer, fell asleep.

Much later I was aware of the bed next to me being empty. I turned over and looked at the clock. It was just after 5am and I heard a long moan of pleasure in the guest room become a keening cry of passionate release. Soon afterwards I heard the apartment door open and close.

Then my bedroom door opened and closed and my sister’s warm, naked body was back next to mine. This time her sex smell was even stronger. It was very erotic and I rolled Jen onto her stomach and stretched out full-length on top of her.

“Mmm,” she said in her soft, breathy voice. “That feels nice.”

“Doesn’t it though,” I said, and licked my tongue over the soft skin of her neck.

“Fancy sloppy fourths?” she purred.

“Nah,” I said. “You’d never feel me.”

I reached my hands down her flanks and took her buttocks in my hands. As I pulled them apart Jen bunched the pillow in her fists.

I asked, “Did he…?”

“No,” she said softly. “He wanted to but I wouldn’t let him.”

“Good,” I said and Jennifer sighed with delight as my cock slid escort samsun slowly into her gorgeous ass.

Some things a guy just doesn’t want to have to share…



The phone on my desk rang and I picked it up.

“Nick Durham.”

“Hey, Nick.”

It was Kevin the security guard who sat next to the receptionist and checked everyone’s ID as they came in the building. An ex-cop but I liked him nonetheless.

“Hey Kevin,” I said. “How ya doin’?”

“Great. Listen, there’s a foxy chick down here, long blonde hair, great legs,” he paused for a moment and I knew he was grinning at the blonde. “She says she’s your sister. You want I should take her in my office and frisk her? Very, v-e-r-y slowly?”

I laughed. “Not unless you want to sing soprano if she kicks you in the nuts with one of her high-heels. She’s not as nice as she looks.”

“Aw shit, Nick, that’s a shame,” he said theatrically for her benefit. “Because she sure as hell does look nice…”

“I’ll be right there to rescue her from your evil Irish clutches,” I said and put the phone down. I had an hour before the planning meeting for the next day’s edition so I could go see what Jennifer wanted without being missed.

As soon as the elevator door opened I could see why Kevin was so hot under the collar. Jen was wearing a miniskirt that set off her long, shapely legs, the hem only a few inches below the cheeks of her curvy ass. Her matching sleeveless crop top barely covered the undercurves of her breasts and the scoop neckline exposed the tanned slopes almost to the nipple. She had used a scrunchie to tie her hair into a high ponytail and was wearing enough make-up to highlight her stunning beauty, with a deep red lip-gloss for contrast and accent. Poor Kevin, I understood why he would have a difficult time hiding his erection.

Jennifer came towards me and tried her best Monroe impersonation. “Nicky, baaaaby…”

It was lousy, as always.

“Hi,” I said. “What’s up?”

“That bad, huh?”

“It never gets any better…”

“Mom sent some papers for you to sign. Then the lawyers’ll send you a check from Grandma’s estate.”

“Coffee shop behind you,” I said. “Full-fat latte, no sugar?”

“Perfect,” she said and winked at Kevin as she walked past, her boobs and ass bouncing in perfect sync.

I bought her coffee and a cappuccino for me and sat down.

“No college?” I said as she passed me the papers and I signed by the pencil crosses.

“Told them I had to come see you,” she said. “And I managed to fit in a breakfast quickie at the Waldorf.” She grinned at me and opened her purse. I could see several hundred-dollar bills.

“Wicked girl,” I said.

“Aren’t I though,” she said, using that Marilyn voice again. I glanced up at her and saw she was sucking her index finger, moving it back and forth between the oval of her red glossed lips.

“Oh no,” I said.

“Don’t you want to? You could have your favorite, sloppy seconds.” She squirmed slightly in the seat and I leaned round the table and saw she’d opened her legs. A little trickle of creamy white sperm was oozing from between the lips of her bare pussy.

“You could get me fired,” I said without conviction. “All right. Come on.”

We walked across the foyer towards the ground floor restrooms reserved for employees.

“She needs to use the ladies,” I said to Kevin as I keyed in the code on the entry lock.

“Sure thing,” he said and smiled at Jennifer who smiled back.

I stood outside while Jennifer went in and checked the cubicles. Then there was a soft whistle and I ducked in and coughed softly so she’d know it was me.

“The end one,” she said and opened the door.

I don’t know who was more eager to get my belt open, Jennifer or me. I’d barely closed and locked the door behind me than she was sitting on the john, her face level with my groin, her fingers tugging down my zip. She yanked my pants and briefs down and my cock sprang free, already thick and hard. My sister slid her hands round my hips, opened her mouth and sucked my big prick into the warm, wet depths of her throat and sighed with satisfaction. Sometimes she’s like that, she just really needs to suck my cock and man does she ever love swallowing greedily when I come.

I knew better than to do anything other than samsun escort bayan hold still as Jennifer bobbed her head back and forth on my saliva-wet shaft, then sucked and licked the head as she alternated long drawing pulls with gentle sucks. As a contrast she closed her fingers round the base and masturbated me while she took my balls in her mouth and rolled them with her tongue, bathing them in warm saliva, a delicious sensation definitely to be recommended at ten in the morning.

In fact the sensation was so wonderful I knew it would be only a matter of seconds before a huge load of my semen joined the coffee as her breakfast so I put my hands on Jennifer’s head and eased her back to stop my climax.

I bent and whispered in her ear, “Stand up and turn around,” and she grinned at me, turned, braced her hands on the tiles and stood with her legs apart. I flipped her skirt up and just couldn’t suppress the groan of delight in seeing her gorgeous ass totally naked, the lips of her cunt pink and swollen from the fucking she’d received not long before. My cock was already dripping semen and her saliva on the cubicle floor and it felt very sensuous to close my fingers round the wet shaft, slide the head along the slit of her pussylips and thrust home every inch up to my overfull balls.

“Mmm,” Jennifer squealed and I hurriedly moved a hand up from her waist to cover her mouth. Like I said, my sister’s vocal when she’s being fucked. And it was just as well I did for the main door suddenly creaked open and the sound of heavy footsteps came from outside the cubicle.

“Jennifer? Er… Are you still in there?”

Oh my god, it was Kevin. This was it. I would lose my job and end up doing 10 to 20 for incest. Oh shitohshitohshit.

But Jennifer kept her nerve. She pulled my hand away from her mouth and said brightly, “Hi Kevin!”

“Hey, I’m really sorry to bother you in here, it’s really rude I know but I wanted — “


She reached round with her hands and put them on my hips. Then she gently pushed me back so that my cock slid free of the wetly clasping hole of her cunt. I assumed she’d gone off the boil and was about to put it back in my pants when she reached down and took hold of my still-hard prick, slippery with her creamy cum, and, unbelievably, set the head at the puckered entrance to her ass. Oh my god – my fucking crazy sister was so turned on she wanted me to sodomize her!

“Well, I just wondered if you were free this evening for a drink?” the big ex-cop said in his lilting Irish brogue as I slowly but firmly pushed my cock past my sister’s tight rosehole, the anal ring squeezing the length of my prick as the head slid along the tight sheath of her rectum and into her bowels.

“Why, yes, I’d like that,” Jennifer said, her voice a little less steady now that she had nine inches of hard male prick buried in her backside.

“Okay, great.”

I started my thrusts, back and forth in Jennifer’s rectum, my balls slapping against her cuntlips with a wet noise that I was sure Kevin would hear and recognize. Maybe she was worried about the same thing because she called out, “Kevin? I’ll give you my phone number in a minute if you wouldn’t mind waiting outside while I finish up.”

“Oh yeah, of course,” Kevin said and I was intensely relieved to hear his footsteps recede and the outer door creak shut.

“You little witch,” I said, leaning over onto Jennifer’s back so that I could really ram my prick back and forth in her asshole.

“But you love me,” she whispered, turning her face for a kiss.

For an answer I plowed every inch of my prick into her bottom with a mighty shove and climaxed, spurting a huge load of hot sperm deep into her back passage. This time I thought it wise to put my hand over her mouth so she could suck and bite my fingers while she came herself, hot cream pouring from her cunt over my balls thrust up hard against her pussy lips.

She was right of course. I do love her, very much. Especially when she made Kevin wait a couple more minutes to arrange the details of their date while she sat back down and sucked my cock deep into her mouth.

“Mmm,” I said. “That feels nice.”

Jennifer released my cock from the oval of her suckling lips and stood up.

“Damn straight,” she purred as she kissed me. “See you after my date with Kevin?”

“You’d better,” I said and grinned, knowing her evening with the big Irishman would inevitably end in the back seat of his car, her legs over his shoulders and her bare breasts bouncing as he impaled her on his big Irish cock.

Damn but I really love sloppy seconds…


© Alex Barton, 2021

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