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Big Dicks

Detective Dan Isbister took a sip of his coffee and sighed. It was going to be a great day. He could tell it was going to be a great day because his partner, the incomparable Detective Haley Osburke, had his cock halfway down her throat.

She was bent over him in the front seat of the car, gagging and drooling on his cock. She had been working on trying to swallow his entire cock since, well, since the day he told her that he and his wife were separated. It was ironic because it was fooling around with Os that probably caused his wife to decide to leave him.

Only recently had she managed to get half of it down. That in itself was a significant accomplishment, when he had over ten inches of cock to swallow. He sighed again and laid his head back against the head rest. It was going to be a great day.

Os was moving her head up and down on the half of his cock she had already managed to wedge into her throat. Dan put his hand on top of her head and clenched her sandy blonde hair in his fingers to guide her up and down on his cock.

He took another sip of his coffee. They were parked outside the coffee shop, at the back of the lot. It was a busy morning, like most Mondays. Anyone who walked by would see what they were up to, and, well, that was just a bonus for them.

That was when he got the call. Dan groaned. Wasn’t that always when his cell phone rang, when he was in the middle of getting his cock sucked? He took the cell phone out of the pocket of his jacket and looked at the display.

“Shit. It’s the office,” he said.

He flipped it open and held it to his ear with one hand. His other hand was still on top of Haley’s head, moving it up and down.

“Isbister … Yeah, Captain … I’m having a coffee. What do you think I’m doing?” he said.

He listened for a minute.

“Yeah. We’re on it,” he said.

He flipped the phone shut and put it back in his pocket. Os pulled his cock out of her mouth. Her drool ran down her chin. She wiped it up with the back of her hand.

“What was that?” she said.

She sat up in the seat beside him. Her eyes were bright and blue. Her face was flushed. Her blonde hair was a little messed up, but then, he had been pulling on it in his fist. She straightened her sharp, gray pantsuit. Her hand was still around his cock, pumping it slowly.

“We got a possible homicide on I-96,” Dan said.

“A homicide on I-96? You don’t hear about that very often.”

Dan switched his coffee to his other hand and looked at his watch.

“We should get going,” he said.

“Not before you nail me first, Dan. Whoever’s dead on the freeway isn’t going anywhere for a while.”

Os pulled down her sharp gray slacks. Underneath, she was wearing lacy black panties. She pulled them all the ay down her long, smooth legs and left them on the floor by her clack leather shoes.

Dan smiled. He loved to see his partner naked, even if she was only half-naked. He tilted the seat back as far as it would go, so that he was almost laying flat. It was a Crown Vic. There was plenty of room.

Os crawled on top of him, with her legs spread over his, and her knees pinched bahis firmaları in on his thighs. She was facing away from him, toward the front of the car, so she could hold the steering wheel. She reached down between her legs to guide his cock to her pussy.

“This isn’t gonna take long. You never last long in the morning,” she said.

“Shut up. I can take all day if you can,” Dan said.

He held her hips to help her ease down on his huge cock. His fingers dug into her soft flesh.

The head of his cock pierced her pussy lips and the first few inches slid in. His cock was still wet with her saliva. She groaned.

“We’ll see how you’re doing at lunch,” she said.

She pushed herself down on his cock. It was stuck, like there was something inside her that kept it from going in. She groaned again, like it hurt to be stretched open by his cock. It was only a moment before her pussy opened up and his cock slid all the way into her.

“Oh … Oh … Oh,” Os said, gasping with every inch that pushed into her.

Dan grinned. Every time was like her first time. He squeezed her hips and pulled her down. He loved how her pussy was so tight around his cock.

Os squeezed the top of the steering wheel and moved her ass up and down, very slowly. The shaft of his cock came almost all the way out of her pussy, then went all the way back in.

“Oh God, Dan. I love it when we fuck first thing in the morning. It makes my whole day,” Os said, in a gasping voice.

“Yeah. Me too.”

He kneaded the flesh of her ass and pulled her up and down. Fucking Haley was easier to enjoy now that he didn’t have to hide what he was doing from his wife. He regretted, though, that his uncontrollable horniness caused them to break up.

He had to wonder how it was for Haley and her husband. But then, her husband wasn’t too bright. He probably wasn’t even aware that his wife was fooling around behind his back.

The head of his cock bumped up against her cervix, deep in her belly. Os flinched in his hands. Dan grinned. He loved when he hit bottom on a woman, especially with Os. She whimpered like a schoolgirl. If it caused her any discomfort, it was hard to tell when she lifted her hips and dropped her ass on his cock and whimpered again.

She moved up and down real slow. Unlike some other girls he’d been with, who liked to ride his huge cock as fast as they could, Os liked to go real slow. She liked to savor the feel of every inch of his cock going in and out of her pussy.

Dan ran his hand up her back, under the back of her dark suit jacket, and tickled her spine. Her back arched and she giggled. When she went slow like that, it made it easier for him to hold himself off. He was pretty sure she went slow like that because it always made him cum harder, and she liked to get a little more out of him.

In that position, he had a real good look at his cock going in and out of her pussy. The tender, delicate lips of her pussy were stretched wide around the shaft of his cock. That much stretching had to be uncomfortable for her. He was always surprised that he didn’t get more girls who refused to fuck him kaçak iddaa whenever he pulled out his cock.

“Oh, fuck me, Os. I’m gonna cum,” Dan said.

He was squeezing her ass. His climax was building fast. There was no way he was going to stop it, and she was going to get a big, fat load.

Os lifted herself off of his cock and hopped into the seat beside him.

“Os? What are you doing?” he said.

She bent over him and clamped her mouth over the end of his sticky, wet cock. With both hands, she pumped his shaft. Dan’s head dropped back to the headrest, and he groaned.

His orgasm erupted in her mouth. His hips lifted off of the seat, pushing his cock a few inches deeper into her mouth. His cum flowed out of his cock like water out of a hose. Her eyes bulged and her cheeks puffed out. She swallowed, and he immediately filled her mouth again with another big, fat load of cum.

She swallowed that one, too, and managed to keep up with each load that he pumped into her mouth. It was a few seconds before the intensity of his orgasm began to fade. When she didn’t have to swallow to keep up, she moved her head up and down.

Dan was limp on his back, panting. He lifted his head. Os sucked her mouth off of the end of his cock, and was licking around the swollen head with the tip of her tongue.

“God damn, Os. That was great,” he said.

“Thanks,” she said, and smiled.

She ran her tongue up the side of his shaft to catch a drop of cum.

“Why’d you want me to cum in your mouth and not, you know, not inside you?”

Os hard a drop of cum on her chin. She wiped it away with the back of her hand.

“I don’t wanna have to explain the cum stains on my slacks,” she said.

Dan sat up and pulled up on the lever on the side of the seat to make it return upright. He stuffed his big cock back into his pants and pulled up the zipper.

“That’s what I like about you, Os. You can be so practical,” he said.

Os put her panties and her pants back on. She flipped the visor down to check her makeup in the mirror.

“Don’t give me that shit, Dan. You just like me for my ass,” she said.

He started the car and put it in gear.

“It doesn’t hurt that you got the hottest ass in the precinct,” he said with a chuckle.

Os looked at him and sneered.

“Shut up, Dan. Let’s just get out of here before they call to see what’s taking us so long,” she said.

Detective Dan Isbister pulled the car up behind the State Police cruiser parked on the shoulder of the I-96 freeway. He and his partner, Detective Haley Osburke, got out of the car. They both still had their coffees.

Dan paused to take a sip of his coffee and looked around.

“Beautiful morning for gridlock,” he said.

“Uh huh,” Os said. She was squinting.

It was early, right in the middle of the morning rush hour, just west of the Davison freeway exit. Traffic was backed up in both directions as far as he could see. The west bound side, where he was standing, was packed down to one lane to get around a herd of police cars, fire trucks and a couple of ambulances that formed a semi-circle around an overturned kaçak bahis minivan and a black Lexus crushed against the divider wall. Dan took another sip of his coffee and shook his head. This backup was going to last half the day.

He and Os walked together toward the crashed cars. It was unusual to call Homicide to the scene of a traffic accident. Nevertheless, on the black asphalt beside the black Lexus was what looked like a body, covered with a sheet of yellow plastic.

Os was rubbing the fingers of her right hand together, like she was itching for a cigarette. If he could smell the gasoline fumes, he was sure she could smell it, too.

One of the State Troopers, an older man, walked toward them.

“Morning, Officer. Whatta we got?” Dan said, and took a sip of his coffee.

With his pen, the Officer pointed to the body on the ground covered with the yellow plastic sheet.

“That gray-haired gentleman face down on the asphalt is the driver of this Lexus,” he said, and pointed at the car with his pen.

Dan nodded. Os took a sip of her coffee.

“Apparently, he survived the initial crash, only to be stabbed in the throat with this gold pen,” the officer said.

He handed a plastic evidence bag to Dan. Inside the bag was a gold pen. The pointed end of the pen was covered in blood.

“Looks expensive,” he said, and handed the bag to Os.

“No doubt. It’s engraved with the victim’s name,” the officer said.

Os handed the bag back.

“Stabbed with his own pen?” she said.

“That’s not the odd thing,” the older officer said.

Dan and Os looked at each other. She frowned.

“There’s an odd thing?” Dan said.

The officer led them to the body, face down on the pavement, where its right arm stuck out from under the yellow plastic sheet. With his pen again, he pointed to the victim’s hand.

“He’s missing the middle finger of his right hand. Looks like it’s been bit off,” he said.

“Now, there’s something you don’t see every day,” Dan said, and sipped his coffee.

“Where’s the driver of the minivan?” Os said.

The older officer pointed toward the ambulance with his pen. Dan and Os turned and looked in that direction.

The doors at the back of the ambulance were open and the paramedics were treating a middle-aged, slightly overweight woman. She had a bandage over a gash on her forehead.

“Ma’am? Are you the driver of the minivan?” Dan said, and pointed at the overturned vehicle.

“Yes. I am,” she said in a low, soft voice.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

She nodded.

“That man? He cut me off. Then he gave me the finger. So I ran into him,” she said.

Dan looked at Os. She nodded.

Do you know how he got stabbed with his own pen, Ma’am?” Os said.

The woman nodded again.

“He wanted me to write down my license number. He was just so … So I stabbed him with it,” she said.

“Are you saying you killed him because he cut you off and gave you the finger?” Dan said.

“He gave it to me. So I’m gonna keep it,” the woman said.

She held up her closed fist. When she peeled her fingers open with the palm up, she was holding the missing middle finger. Os’ eyebrows arched up, and she looked at Dan. He frowned.

“Now, there’s something you don’t see every day,” he said, and took a sip of his coffee.


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