Sibling Sex Education Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

Learning to Live Together

The first few weeks in our new town home, Sam and I developed our routines. We were both focused on our classes and study but learning to do all the other mundane tasks that had previously been done at home. Laundry, cooking and cleaning soon found their way into our lives. Sam was busy working on the “training room” and I was looking forward to the day when she would reveal her work.

Most nights Sam removed all of her clothes once we were back from classes and paraded about the house in stockings, garter belt and high heels. She insisted on being available for her Master at all times. Her nipples had healed well and the two rings dangled easily as she moved about the place doing this and that. Each night we made love in our bed, like any other couple but on the weekends we resumed our play. On Saturday mornings, Sam would put on a skimpy maids outfit over her normal attire and hand me a paddle. Then she would clean and do laundry and I was supposed to make sure she kept going, paddling her ass from time to time. By lunchtime, she was so horny from the paddling that I would usually fuck her against the kitchen counter or on the washing machine as it gyrated to clean our clothes in the wash.

As time went on Sam added some other items to her ‘house’ dress. One of my favorites was a corset with no bottom and cups that pushed her tits up and out. Everyday was something different, even if only in color and style. I hoped I’d never tire of seeing her mostly naked body, whenever I could. One night as my cock had just finished filling her pussy with cum she asked.

“May I speak Master?”

I nodded and still breathless from our union she said.

“First of all Master your training room should be ready in about a week. I am just waiting for some items to come in. If Master wishes we could invite my slut Alex over for a grand opening.”

I nodded my ok and she continued.

“Unless Master says no, I would like to bring our slut mother over tomorrow night and humiliate her. We have not used her since coming here and I have been doing some on line reading and would lie to try something on her with you, Master.”

I thought about it and thought it would be good to keep mom in line so I said.

“What exactly do you have in mind for our dear mother Slut?”

“Master, if you don’t mind, I’d like to make it a surprise for you, though I will tell you I want to watch you fuck her.”

“Ok slut, invite her over just remember that if it displeases your Master…”

I let the threat hang there in the air but Sam smiled and said.

“Well that’s what the training room is for Master. Your slut is aware of her need to please you. Your slut will only learn by her mistakes.”

I kissed her and folded her in my arms as sleep came to us. All through my classes the next day all I could think about was fucking my mother that night and wondered what type of humiliation Sam had in mind. I got though the day and came home to see mom waiting at the door for me. Sam had a later class and we had not given mom a key. I let her in and wordlessly pointed to the couch where mom went and sat patiently. I busied myself with some work for class while I waited for Sam to come home. Occasionally I would look at mom and she had her head down and just sat waiting. She knew it was Sam who had called her.

When Sam did arrive she was carrying a two-liter bottle of water and went up to our room as she usually did to ‘change’. Returning to the living room clad in a black corset, black stockings and five inch black heels I smiled inwardly enjoying the way her tits bounced as she walked, the way her calves tightened in the heels and how her ass seemed more pronounced. She looked at me and after taking a long drink of water asked.

“Master, may your slut begin?”

I nodded and watched. Sam took another long drink and then said

“Slut, take off your clothes.”

Mom stood and removed her slacks, blouse, panties, bra and shoes then stood at attention with her hands clasped behind her, her eyes staring at Sam’s feet. The Sam took mom by her hair and pulled her into the kitchen and said.

“On the floor slut, on your back and spread your legs for your son.”

On the floor with her legs spread her pussy wide open she then obeyed Sam’s command to stroke herself and make her pussy ready for her son. I sensed Sam’s use of the word ‘son’ was part of the act and watched fascinated as my mother masturbated herself as her daughter had commanded and never taking her eyes off of Sam’s body. Sam left the room for a minute and came back with a bag, which she left on the counter. Then she drank more water then bent over to feel mom’s cunt.

“Master you slut mother’s pussy is ready. This slut would love to watch you fuck her.”

Knowing this was all part of Sam’s design I got between my mother’s legs and slipped my hard cock into her. I had no instructions to go fast or slow so I moved at my own pace. While I was beginning to enjoy the feel of my mother’s hot cunt Sam leaned over so her ankara escort face was just inches from mom and asked.

“Are you a slut? A slut mother who is enjoys her own son’s cock as he fucks her?”

When mom only nodded, still concentrating on my cock plowing into her Sam slapped her cheek and said.

“Answer me slut?”

“Yes! Mistress. Your slut mother is fucking her own son and yes, Mistress I am enjoying the feel of his cock inside me. Thank you, Mistress, for allowing me to feel my son’s hard cock.”

Sam polished off the water bottle she been holding and again with her face only inches from her mother’s face she said.

“Slut, do know your son fucks your daughter every night? Do you feel good about your daughter loving your son’s cock?”

“Yes, Mistress this slut knows that her son is fucking her daughter.”

“Does my slut mother know that her son enjoys spilling his cum in her daughter’s cunt and ass?”

“Yes Mistress this slut knows that her Mistress has my son in all of her holes and this slut is envious. This slut wants to feel her son’s young strong cock in all of her holes too and would also enjoy the taste of her daughter’s wet pussy.”

I was having a hard time not cuming as Sam made mom admit she knew everything her son and daughter were doing as well as Mom’s admitted desire for me. When Sam reached into her bag and started to put some sort of wrap about mom’s face I watched intently to see what she was doing.

“Master please let your slut know when you are about to fill our mother’s slut cunt with your seed.”

I nodded.

Sam had finished attaching the belt like thing to mom’s head and I saw it was a gag of some sort, with something forced in her mouth to keep it open. The Sam waited and looked at me. She was bouncing from foot to foot and finally I said.

“I’m going to cum.”

Sam reached in the bag and pulled out a funnel and placed the small end in the hole of mothers gag, fitting it into her mouth. Then Sam squatted over the larger opening and faced me as she did. Then she took her hands and pulled her pussy lips open and began to pee into the funnel. The sight of her pissing in our mother’s mouth shocked me and I came hard watching her piss fill my mother’s mouth. Almost as shocking was how eagerly mom gulped my slut sister’s piss. When Sam was finished she waited to watch the balance of her urine trickle down mom’s throat then she removed the gag and funnel and squatted down on her face and said.

“Lick me clean slut.”

I pulled my spent cock from my mother’s sopping cunt and watched as mom smiled and then licked the remains of Sam’s piss from her cunt. She lapped at Sam’s piss covered cunt, lapping her clean. When Sam was satisfied that she was done she pushed away from Mom’s mouth stood and said.

“You only get to clean my piss, not make love to me. Get dressed and go home slut.”

Sam walked over and took me by the hand and led me to our living room where she sat me down and then knelt in front of me and cleaned my cock with her mouth. Mom hurriedly dressed then stopped at the door and said.

“Thank you Mistress.”

Sam responded.

“You will need some training slut, but I can see how much you crave both your slut daughter and her Master, your son. Now go.”

Then her head bowed mom left. The whole scene had turned me on something fierce and as Sam’s mouth worked to clean my cock, it began to grow along with my need. I could see Sam smiling around my growing cock and she lifted her head off of me and asked.

“Master, May I speak?”

I nodded.

“Was Master pleased with the way his slut humiliated his mother slut?”

“Yes, slut you did well. So well that I will let you select which hole my cock will fill tonight.”

“Thank you Master. I would like you to take my ass in bed tonight, the way you took me once before, holding my ankles to my ears.”

I insisted that she leave her heels on as well as her corset and hose and took her to our bed. Sam positioned herself with her legs spread and a grin on her face as I took her ankles in my hands and lifted her legs.

“Master, may your slut guide your cock to my ass so you can pin this sluts legs properly?”

“Yes slut.”

Having had Sam’s ass a number of times I knew I could ram in, but this was meant to be pleasurable for both of us, not ‘training’ as Sam would call it. So I took my time entering her ass, allowing it to open fully as I pushed my cock in. Once satisfied that she was ready I began a rhythmic motion, increasing the speed and force of my thrusts as her ass began to hump back into me. It was a longer fuck then usual as I had just cum in mom yet Sam seemed to be thrilled with the duration. She was trembling and begging me to fill her ass, to fuck her hard, make her scream and I did.

“Ahhhhh Master. Yessssss your cock is so goood to your sluttttttt.”

“Yessss fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck your slut and make her feel you.”

“Cum now Master your slut is sooooo readyyyyyy.”

I erupted inside her ass and I could feel escort ankara not only my cock jerking with each ejaculation but could feel cum splattering her back passage. I released her legs and they wrapped around my back and Sam pushed her hips into me as she rode her orgasm. Later lying side by side I was lightly playing with her piercings when she asked permission to speak. I nodded and Sam said.

“Master, your slut loves you and loves the way you use your beautiful cock on me. Master I have been reading a lot of porn in order to be a good slut for you and I have been turned on by a lot of what I’ve read and hope one day that you will allow your slut the pleasure of these different sexual games that people seem to enjoy.”

“Yes slut.”

“Master, I am also not so turned on by some of the other things I’ve read what some Masters have their sluts do, and I am afraid that your slut has some limits, sir. I know I will do anything with and for you sir. It’s just…”

“Tell me what’s bothering you slut. My job as Master is to know what you want. You need to tell me when I cross your lines.”

“Yes Sir. I do like playing with mom and Alex. I enjoy the taste of pussy and I pray I am a good enough slut, that you will occasionally let take some other woman, Alex, mom or someone new. Your slut has seen how you enjoy watching her lick pussy and she is pleased to be able to serve you in that way.”

“You are telling me what you will do I want to know what is bothering you.”

“Sir, this slut is afraid you will let other men in me. I only want your cock Master. It would be hard for me to allow some other man to fuck me. I will admit I enjoyed and got off on dressing to reveal myself to other men, and when we were dancing it was ok to be touched and fondled in front of you, but I just do not like the thought of some other cock in me.”

“Slut, you promised to be my slut completely. It is for me to decide how you are to be used. If, I wanted to see you fucked by a roomful of men, then that would be my right as your Master.”

I watched Sam’s face as I spoke and could see real fear in her as I continued.

“So long as you do your best to please me slut, to surprise me like you did tonight, to continue to dress for me the way you do at home, to accept your training and to always love me then….”

I let that hang there for a minute wanting Sam to understand then I continued.

“…I will never make you, nor allow you to have another cock. It shall only be me who fills your mouth, who leaves his seed in your ass and pussy.”

Sam wrapped her arms about me and pulled me close and I felt her tears on my shoulder as she sobbed lightly and whispered in my ear.

“If it were possible Master I would marry you and have your children. I will never leave your bed of my own volition and if we can marry and you will want me, I would be the happiest slut in the universe.”

“Stop your tears slut. I too will always have you in my bed. I love you more then a brother loves a sister. Now let’s sleep as the lovers we are and dream about the possibilities of your training room.”

As the words training room left my mouth Sam shuddered in delight. Tomorrow was Friday and classes we’d have the weekend to enjoy ourselves. I had some plans for Saturday night and looked forward to seeing Alex who always came by on Friday night to be our slut

As soon as I came home from class that Friday I encountered both Alex and Sam, naked sitting on opposite ends of the couch trying not to be overcome with the site of each other. It was always like this, they loved to fuck one another but Sam would only allow her slut to fuck her when I was there to watch. So as was my usual function on Fridays, I refused to stand and watch, but busied myself about the house for a while and made them wait. I knew their orgasms would only intensify with the delays I imposed.

Tonight I surprised them when I went first to Alex and said.

“Stand up slut, let me inspect your pussy!”

I groped and felt her for a few minutes but as soon as her respiration increased I stopped and told her to sit. Then I required the same of my slut sister. When I was finished with my fondling I walked away watching them squirm in their seats, obviously I set a spark to their already inflamed desires to be touched. I returned in a few minutes to see them both with their heads bowed. I tossed the razors on the couch before them and said.

“I am not pleased. I do not want to ever have to remind you to keep your slut cunts soft and hairless for me. Now clean each other up while I decide if I will watch you two fuck.”

I received two “I’m sorry Master” as they began to clean each other’s cunts. The act itself was further exciting them. They worked quickly but carefully scrapping the razors on each other’s pubic mound then took turns carefully cleaning the area’s around their two holes. When they indicated they were finished I once again ‘inspected’ them. This time I took my time and by the time I was finished, they were both panting and my hands were wet. I ankara escort bayan sat across from them and pulled my cock out and said.

I will fuck whoever cums hardest tonight. The other will have to watch.”

In the end I determined that Alex had been the winner and I made Sam suck my cock and strip me before I slipped my raging cock into Alex’s soaking pussy. Sam was left to watch and I forbade her from touching herself as I drilled Alex’s slut cunt. When I was finished I sent Alex home and took Sam to bed and held her, but did not in any way let her cum.

Over breakfast on Saturday morning as Sam served me in her skimpy maid outfit I thought about the session Sam had set up with our mother the other evening and I said.

“How did you know how much mom would like drinking your piss?”

“Master, from all the stories I’ve read about domination and what we’ve learned of out slut mother I was pretty sure about her need to be humiliated. After hearing what she said about doing it all for Dad, I realized that it was for her. Our parents have plenty of money, dad doesn’t need that job.”

“Yes, I saw that too slut.”

“Master I have a gift for you; may I get it for you?”

I nodded and Sam hurried off and was soon back and handed me a long stick like object that I eventually recognized as a riding crop.

“Master, your slut was hoping you might use this instead of the paddle if she fails to clan properly.”

I nodded and then asked her to come kneel before me. When she was in place I had her pull my cock from my pants and told her to look up at me. Then I began to piss on her, soaking her hair, covering her face and when she opened her mouth let a long stream of piss fill her mouth, which she greedily swallowed. By the time I was done she was soaked in my urine.

“Now clean slut and smell your Master’s piss on you as you do so.”

For several hours that morning Sam worked to clean our house and every moment she rested, I swatted her ass with the new crop. By lunch her ass was covered in red streaks and a few were tattooed on her tits as well. She stunk of piss and was so ready to be fucked that she began to beg me to make her cum. To please just fuck her anywhere and to let her cum. I looked at her and eventually said.

“Your Master is not interested in fucking a piss covered slut. Take a shower and do not attempt to cum until I allow it slut!”

I followed her to the bathroom and watched her clean her sweat and piss covered body. When she was done I watched her dry and comb her hair, then had her do her make up. When she was done I asked her to stand as I dressed her.

I pulled a package from me drawer and asked her to hold her hair up. As she did I took a pair of earrings specially designed and put one into the piercing in each ear. Then I took a small chain and attached it to her nipple rings. The chain was just long enough to pull her nipples toward each other and in the middle of the chain were two letters, L and U. I stood back and with Sam still holding her hair away look at her right ear lobe with the earing bearing the letter S and her left lobe with the letter T. I had marked my slut.

I put a mirror in front of her face and watched as Sam looked at the jewelry I’d fasten to her. When she first saw the letters on her ears, then the letters on her nipple chain she was confused till she realized she was reading them backwards. Then she looked up at me and with a tear coming from her left eye said.

“Thank you Master. This slut is so pleased to be marked as your slut. You have made your slut so happy, thank you so much Master.”

Then I pulled one last piece of jewelry from the package and placed it around her neck. I was a short necklace that fit tightly to her neck with a figure of a naked, blindfolded woman with her hands tied behind her back, carved in jade. A symbol that also identified her as a submissive slut. When she saw it in the mirror she asked permission to hug me and as she did I felt her shudder in my arms.

“Master, I could not help it, my body came. I was so pleased at how you have marked your slut I could not stop my orgasm, please forgive me Master?”

“You Master understands slut but you will still be punished. I will think on the proper punishment and deliver it when I feel it’s time. Now I must finish dressing you so we can parade my slut.”

I went into her drawers and found a skimpy lacy white corset and put in on her, making sure that her tits were seated atop the underwire that would keep her breast up and pushing forward. I had her sit as I put on shear white hose and snapped them securely in the garter attached to the bottom of the corset. Then I had her slip on a pair of white five in stiletto heels. I paused to look at my slut and pleased with my efforts so far went to the closet and pulled out a sort dress. It was a white material that was somewhat silky and that would cling to her body, prominently showing her the shape of her tits as well as her hard protruding nipples. It buttoned in the front, the buttons running from her neck to her hem line and for now all of them were fastened. This hid the chain the stretched between her nipples, but allowed the image of the submissive slut to show at her neck. With her hair down the two earrings were mostly covered as well.

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