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Chapter One

Lying by the pool, Julie felt like a cat in the sun, warm, lazy and satisfied. Well, okay, mostly satisfied. She’d just gone for a nice swim, her parents were gone for the weekend, and she didn’t have work or class for the next three days.

All she planned on doing this weekend was lounging by the pool and relaxing with her best friend Mindy who was lying next to her. The only thing that could make today, and the rest of the long weekend better, was also the thing that could completely satisfy her; some hot steamy sex.

She could have sex in her room because the folks weren’t home, sex by the pool when the neighbor’s weren’t home, and sex in the pool in the middle of the night. Problem was in order to have sex you needed to have someone to have sex with.

She’d sent Nick packing last month when she’d found out he was cheating on her with not one, but two girls down at Penn State. Here she’d been being a loyal girlfriend and going without while waiting for him to come home for the summer.

The upside was since it September when he’d gone down there, she’d only had sex when he’d come home for Christmas and Spring Breaks so it’s not like she’d been getting it all along. But going without to be a good girlfriend and going without while your boyfriend slipped his dick in any coed that would let him, made it more frustrating.

Mindy and her other friends had told her to just jump back in the game. Hit some clubs or go out with one of the guys who flirted with her at school or the coffee shop. It sounded good. The idea of just going home with some guy and going full blown porn star on him to release months of pent up frustration.

Unfortunately, Julie was pretty much a good girl. Her parents had raised her and her younger brother Kyle to believe sex should mean something. Just shy of her twentieth birthday Julie had only been with three guys, all of whom she’d dated for a few months before sleeping with them. She’d wasted the last year with Nick and now as much as the idea of casual sex was a turn on her she knew it would only happen in her fantasies. There were guys interested in her, but she wasn’t sure if she was as interested in them.

If she did begin to date she’d hold to her pattern of seeing if they cared enough about her to wait out sex. Not just sex, but Julie wasn’t about to jerk off or blow a guy she hadn’t slept with first. Those things were more fantasy turn on material.

Especially the thought of sucking off a couple of Nick’s friends here and making sure he knew of it. No, it was looking like the summer she thought she’d be spending having hot fun and making up for lost time with her boyfriend was going to be the summer of sticky fingers and batteries.

Some of that was coming up in her near future because lying out here basking in the sun had her feeling sexy and horny. Julie wasn’t stuck on herself by any means, but knew she was an attractive young woman.

She’d inherited her father’s thick black hair and deep ocean blue eyes, along with her mother’s cheek bones and lips that Nick had described frequently as ‘luscious’. Julie took after her father’s side height wise, her tall slender five nine frame towering over her mother who barely stood five two.

Her long legs made up a good part of her height and were one of her best features, especially when despite her height she wore high heels. The rest of her body resembled her mother and she had no complaints.

Julie had a slender build which seemed to make her even taller, but she was more athletic than skinny. Her well toned legs led up to a small, but firm tight little heart shaped ass she always showed off in tight jeans and when her parents weren’t around painted on daisy duke shorts.

In contrast to the rest of her, Julie’s breasts were far from small. A full d-cup by the age of sixteen, she’d feared they would keep getting bigger and she’d be top heavy. Fortunately they hadn’t gotten any bigger, but then again neither had the rest of her.

At one point she’d been self conscious of their size, but when it dawned on her no boy was ever going to complain about big boobs on a skinny girl, she embraced them and showed them off whenever she could.

For example, the black bikini she currently wore. The top was barely able to contain them, leaving the tops and inner halves of her round firm globes, visible almost to her nipples which were just tucked behind the cups.

Twice while in the pool with Mindy she’d had nip slips coming from under the water and was glad Kyle hadn’t been out there. On the other hand, the two brothers that lived in the house behind them had been out on their porch coincidently since Julie and Mindy had come out by the pool.

The lower half of the bikini would send her parents into fits if they ever saw it. Two strips of flimsy material tied through silver hoops on her hips, it was little more than dental floss in the rear and not much more than that in the front.

There had been a couple of near wardrobe malfunctions with the bottom as well. Not that the guys perving on her would be able to see from that distance, but the idea of them catching a glimpse of her freshly bikini waxed pink pussy was a pleasant one.

Julie supposed she was a cock tease. She showed off her body whenever she could and was a little flirty at work and school, but all show no go as the expression went. She could play sexy all she wanted, but she was pretty much a good girl acting like she could be bad.

Her thoughts had her warm for reasons other than the heat and Julie knew that when they went in she’d be bringing a little something extra into the shower with her.

“Laying here is getting me horny,” Mindy spoke next to her. “What about you?”

“Breathing gets you horny, you little slut.” Julie turned her head and smiled at her best friend since middle school. “But yeah, me too,” she added with a laugh.

“I just keep thinking how hot the two of us look out here to those goofs ogling us next door.” As always Mindy’s mind was in tune with hers. “Keep thinking about them coming down here and getting between our thighs and easing the bikinis to the side and licking our…”

“Whoa!” Julie put her hand up. “Not so much detail, you’re talking to the girl who isn’t getting any.”

“Like I am? I kicked Chris to the curb a month ago for being such a damn mama’s boy he kept cancelling our dates anytime mommy needed something.”

“Yeah, but you could get it if you wanted to. Just look at you.”

Julie wasn’t just being nice, Mindy was pretty damn hot. The total opposite of her, Mindy was short and blonde with a voluptuous set of curves Julie wouldn’t mind a little of. Mindy was her equal in the chest department but had a well-rounded ass to match.

Her busty form featured hips that Mindy was quick to point out were made for doggy style and a set of lush soft and inviting thighs. The two of them made a killer pair when they went out; both sexy, but in completely different ways.

“Look who’s talking, you have guys lining up for you.” Mindy had turned her head to face her. “Especially since word got around Nick’s out of the picture.”

“Wonder how that word got around, hmm?” Julie stared pointedly at her.

“Nick was always an asshole so I’m making sure you get yourself a new man before that cheating dick tried crawling back.”

“I appreciate it, but I don’t know.” Julie shrugged, enjoying the way the movement caused her tits to jiggle. “Trust me, I haven’t had anything but my vibe since April and I’m ready to pop, but you know how it is for me.”

“You’re a good girl.” Mindy smiled at her. “And proof the good ones can be the most fun, but you have to wait them out.”

“Not a lot of guys want to even though I’m worth it if I say so myself,” Julie laughed. “If they knew how much I loved to suck cock they’d stick around.”

“Dirty girl,” Mindy giggled. “Too bad those guys were your neighbors. I wouldn’t mind sucking on something hard right now.”

“Not just neighbors, but they go to URI and they’re in the D-bag fraternity that’s gotten in trouble a few times for hazing and harassing girls. Total assholes.”

“Then we’ll just keep teasing. Let’s give them the rear view.”

Mindy rolled over on her on the towel onto her stomach now showing off her deliciously plump rear in her red bikini which had about as much to it as Julie’s. With a laugh, Julie rolled over as well and for added affect bent her legs at the knees and slowly kicked her feet back and forth.

“Nice touch!” Mindy winked and was now doing the same. “Maybe we should rub some lotion on each other.”

“I can only tease myself so much.” Julie sighed.

“Touching me would tease you? There something I don’t know?” Mindy playfully flicked her tongue at her. “A little no boys allowed action going through that dirty little mind?”

“You are pretty hot, but no.” Julie shook her head, liking the way her wert hair felt sliding across her back. “This girl needs cock.”

“They sell fake ones, we could take turns.”

“Eww!” Julie scrunched her face up. “Maybe you’re the closet carpet muncher here”

“Nah, it’s just my mood. When I get horny everything sounds good.” Mindy gestured to the pool. “Look at this set up. The pool, you have the house to yourself. We’re all oiled up and looking fine in bikinis our father’s would flip out over and no sex to be had.”

“We could, we’re choosing not to.” Julie sighed. “Sometimes I wish I could just have meaningless sex. Just a hot one night fling and go my merry way.”

“You could never and if you ever did? You’d feel so shitty afterward it wouldn’t be worth it.” Mindy grinned at her. “You’re a good girl waiting for the one to be bad for.”

“Guess so. I wasn’t even all that bad for Nick. Just couldn’t let myself go. Maybe because he was always kind of vanilla.”

“Now he’s boring two girls.” Mindy rolled her eyes. “His loss.”

“Yup, and hopefully my gain if I meet someone better.”

“Hey, it could be worse. You could be your brother,” Mindy snickered. “The eighteen year old virgin.”

“Leave him alone, it’s not his fault,” Julie told her. “The bitch Heather strung him along for a year, then he found out he was the only guy she wasn’t banging, the nasty fucking whore.”

“Wow, tell me how you really feel.”

“Kyle’s like me, we were both taught sex; especially the first time should mean something. I happened to meet someone I cared about when I was sixteen. He didn’t until he was almost s*******n and she had him thinking she was little miss cherry and wanted to wait.”

“She did wait, but only with him.” Mindy started to laugh, but stopped when she saw the pissed off look on Julie’s face. “Jeez, why so touchy?”

“Because Kyle deserved a lot better than that; he’s a sweet k** and was way better to that slut than she deserved.”

“He’s pretty hot too,” Mindy’s smile was back. “Told you before if he wasn’t your little brother I’d do him.”

“He doesn’t need to be done, he needs a nice girl,” Julie paused. “Who’ll do him.”

“He could find one. I’m not k**ding, Kyle’s a good looking guy and he’s got that sweet aw shucks smile and he’s not cocky. I really can’t believe the boy hasn’t gotten laid yet.”

“He wasted too much time on that skank, then he spent months moping over her. There are a couple girls that would be interested, but he’s so goddamn shy.” Julie shook her head disgustedly. “Now he’s heartbroken and in that why try mode.”

“Fix him up with someone.” Mindy suggested.

“Who, you?”

“Nah, I’d just fuck him. He’s not really my idea of a boyfriend.”

“Don’t let him hear you say that, you know damn well he has the hots for you.”

“He’s never gotten laid, he probably has a thing for anything with tits.”

“Please, he’s been ogling you since you were thirteen.” Julie smirked at her. “Bet he’s blown more loads to you then any porn star.”

“Nasty!” Mindy made a retching sound. “Why would you do that to me?”

“You said he’s hot. You don’t like hot guys jacking off to you?”

“Not when they’re a friends little brother; I’ve known him since he was eleven so cute or not, he’s sort of like my brother at this point. But enough about him, I’d rather lay here and think about the cute jerks stroking on the porch while they stare at out hot little asses.”

“Nothing little about your ass, Julie winked at her.

“Skank.” Mindy flipped her off.

“Slut.” Julie stuck her tongue out at her, and then lowering her head on her forearms, closed her eyes and went back to enjoying the warm sun and having absolutely nothing to do.

Julie must have dozed off as her head jerked up at Mindy talking to someone next to her. “Why don’t you take a picture, it lasts longer?”

She turned to see her brother Kyle standing next to them, his face beet red as he stammered.

“W…what do you mean? I just came in through the gate.”

“Bullshit.” Mindy had rolled over onto her back to look up at him. “I felt you staring and I had my eyes open the last couple of minutes, but you weren’t looking at my eyes were you?”

“I…” Kyle looked away. “Yeah, I was checking you out. Sorry, Mindy.”

“Hey, don’t be sorry,” Mindy laughed. “I didn’t say I minded; just don’t try to be sneaky.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“Nothing wrong with being checked out by a hot guy.” Mindy winked at him. “You are a cutie.”

Kyle’s face turned even redder and the shy smile on his face caused Julie to smile. Her little brother was so damn cute sometimes.

“You think so?”

“Know so.” Mindy sat up and Kyle’s eyes immediately dart down to her breasts which were as close to spilling out of her small bikini as Julie’s were. “I remember when you were this geeky scrawny little k**, now look at you.”

Julie knew Mindy was teasing, but not entirely k**ding. After being a bean pole up until he was s*******n , Kyle had finally started putting on weight over the last year. Going to the gym and playing hockey had ensured the weight went to the right places, and he was looking good.

Kyle had always been cute, but in a boyish kind of way. Like his body, his face had matured and the addition of a neatly trimmed beard made him go from boyish to people thinking he was older than her.

Kyle had grown the beard not just to look older, but cover up the same soft features and cheekbones Julie had which had given him a pretty boy look he hated. He also shared the same deep blue eyes as Julie, but where she took after her mother with her dark hair, Kyle’s hair was a sandy brown.

Unfortunately for him, his confidence hadn’t improved with his looks and he was still a nervous wreck with girls. Even now, he was lobster red and rocking from one foot to the other with a goofy grin on his face as Mindy flirted with him.

“You know, Kyle,” Mindy picked up the bottle of tanning lotion. “I could use some more of this on my back, think you can help a girl out?”

“I…” Kyle swallowed nervously. “Sure I that wouldn’t be too hard, I…”

“What’s hard?” Mindy cut him off. “Are you hard?” She pointed to his crotch, which in his loose running shorts, wasn’t noticeable, but didn’t stop Mindy. “Looks like watching me might have gotten a little rise out of you.”

“No!” He shook his head so hard he looked like an idiot. “I wasn’t looking at you like that, really!”

“Then why were you looking at me? If you were just looking why weren’t you looking at your sister?”

“I was looking at Julie too.”

“You were checking out your sister?” Mindy’s eyes widened in mock disbelief. “Kyle that’s…”

“Leave him alone.” Julie was willing to let a little teasing slide, but Mindy was pushing it. “Ignore her, Kyle, she’s just being a bitch.”

“Aww, was I getting to you, little boy?” Mindy taunted him. “Big sis has to stick up for you?”

“No, I don’t need her to stick up for me, and I wasn’t looking at my sister.”

“You sure? Must be tough never having had sex and living with such a sexy girl. Especially when she’s showing off those big t…”

“Mindy!” Julie snapped at her while sitting up. “Stop being disgusting.”

“Hey, he was the one looking.” Mindy shrugged, then tried to hand Kyle the bottle. “So how about you squirt some cream on my…hey!”

Julie snatched the bottle from her and turning it, squirted a huge glob of it all over her chest. In hindsight that wasn’t the best move as Kyle’s eyes widened at the sight of the white lotion sprayed all over her tits.

“Rub that in yourself.” Julie told her. “Pretend it’s the end of one of your dates.”

“Oh, ow.” Mindy laughed, then meowed like a cat. “Bitchy!”

“Did you want something, Kyle?” Julie asked, trying to get his attention away from Mindy who was now making a show of rubbing the white cream on her tits.

“Oh, yeah.” Kyle managed to looked at her instead of Mindy. “I was wondering if I could ask you something.” He pointed to the house. “In private?”

“Sure.” Julie stood up and stretched, the move earning a loud whistle from the neighbors and one of them yelling, “Hey, take that top off sweet tits!”

“Watch your fucking mouth!” Kyle shouted over to them. “That’s my sister.”

“I’d like to watch your sister’s mouth!” The other one yelled back and they high fived like idiots.

Kyle glared at them and started to walk away from Julie towards the gate that led to the driveway.

“Let it go.” Julie caught his arm. “They’re morons who are going to go in the house and jerk each other off because they can’t find a girl who’ll touch them.”

“Yeah, but…”

“No buts, let’s go.” Julie let his arm go and catching his hand, turned and walked to the house, tugging him along with them. “Mom and dad are away and I’m in charge. I don’t need you getting arrested for punching out that dipshit.”

“What about you Blondie?” The asshole called to Mindy. “I want to see some ass.”

“Then look in the mirror,” Mindy yelled back to them.

“That was a good one,” Kyle laughed behind her.

“Yeah, she’s a riot,” Julie muttered as they reached the sliding glass doors that led into the kitchen.

The doors were tinted to cut down on the amount of sun going directly into the kitchen and Julie could see their reflection as the approached. She expected to see Kyle looking over his shoulder at Mindy or staring at the jerks on the porch next door.

Instead he was right behind her with his head down and if she didn’t know better she’d swear he was staring at her ass. No, that was ridiculous, she was his sister. She just had it in her head from Mindy joking about it.

However, when they entered the kitchen his first words to her proved he had indeed been staring.

“Jesus, Jules, what’s up with that bikini? Dad would ground you for a month if ever saw you in that.”

“That’s why I’m wearing it because he’s not here,” Julie pointed out as she sat at the kitchen table. “Or is he going to hear about it?”

“Come on, sis, when have I ever ratted you out?” Kyle looked genuinely annoyed. “Seriously, we’ve always been cool like that. You don’t tell, I don’t tell.”

“True.” Julie nodded and when he didn’t sit, but leaned against the counter, she turned sideways in the chair to face him. “I bought this to wear for Nick when we went to the beach. Figure with the folks gone I may as well wear it.”

“It’s pretty revealing.” Kyle gestured to her. “Your boobs are ready to fall out.”

“They almost did in the pool, but I don’t think Mindy would pay attention even if they did.”

“And that’s nothing but butt floss back there. Just about your entire ass is out.”

“Why are you looking at my ass?”

“I’m not!” He exclaimed, but the red was back in his face. “I mean I was, but not cause I was checking you out, just that you’re my sister and I’m surprised you’d wear that.”

“I’m your sister, but I’m a woman. I’m twenty, not twelve like I keep telling dad.”

“You wear that to the beach you’ll have that piece of shit, Nick, replaced in no time.”

“With what, some guy who just wants me for my tits?” She shrugged. “Fun thought, but you know I’m not like that. I’ll wait around for someone who seems interested in more than the girls.”

“The girls?” Kyle cocked his head. “You call your boobs the girls?”

“Sure, you don’t have a name for little Kyle?” Julie teased.

“It wouldn’t be little Kyle.” He looked appalled. “But I guess I’d call it lonely.”

“You’ll meet someone, Kyle. You just need to start approaching girls and not acting like you’ve bahis firmaları never talked to one before. Girls don’t like cocky, but we like confident.”

“Hard to be confident when you’ve never done anything,” he mumbled.

“Sex isn’t everything, you twit.” Julie rolled her eyes. “I’ve told you before; getting laid doesn’t make you a man. You don’t have to have sexual experience to talk to a girl.”

“But it would help. Part of why I’m nervous is I’m so frustrated after spending a year with Heather and still not getting anything that its all I think about.”

“It’s all you’ve always thought about,” Julie laughed. “Remember mom that time? ‘How does he go through so many tissues, he doesn’t have allergies?”

“Okay miss owns stock in Duracell,” Kyle retorted. “Better hope mom never looks in that bottom drawer of your night stand.”

“Have you?”” Julie meant it as a joke, but the look on his face wiped the smile from hers. “Oh my god, tell me you didn’t snoop in there?”

“I…” Kyle lowered his head and clasped his hands together like a young k** getting scolded. “I was just curious. I don’t know anything about girls other than porn, and I know that’s not real. So I just wondered…”

“What I use for my me time?” Julie scrunched her face up. “Kyle, I’m your goddamn sister. That’s nasty!”

“But you’re a woman too, a hot one. So I guess I just…” He didn’t raise his eyes to meet her gaze. “Sorry, sis.”

“Did you just call me hot?” Julie wasn’t busting his balls, but really asking. She couldn’t have heard him right.

“You are.” He pointed to her. “Look at you in that bikini. Damn, sis you look as fine as any girl in porn.”

“Whoa!” Julie put her hands up. “Seriously not cool, Kyle. Again, in case you forgot, I’m your sister, not some girl you’re checking out in school.”

“I know, but…”

“You can say I’m cute, or I’m pretty, or hey sis, you look nice today. You don’t tell me I’m hot or sexy. You sure as hell don’t’ tell me I’m porn star hot.”

Julie looked down where she had stretched out her long legs, and then down at her breasts. “I know this is skimpy, but I’m home and I didn’t think I had to worry about it getting my brother hot and bothered.”

“I didn’t say I was turned on!” He sounded flustered and Julie wondered if it were because he hadn’t been, or she had it right and he was trying to cover up. She hoped it was the former.

“All I’m saying is that…” He looked away and continued so softly she could barely hear him. “I’m frustrated, I’m horny all the time and it’s gotten to where sometimes I look at you and see you as a girl. I’d never think anything disgusting, but can’t help noticing you.”

“Kyle, you need to get laid.”

“Who are you telling?” Kyle said glumly.

“No, I mean laid. Not talking romance, not talking girlfriend, shit, I’m not even talking knowing their name. You need to get fucked, little brother and soon.”

“But mom and dad, told us…”

“Mom and dad aren’t sitting here watching you stare at my tits and tell me I look like a porn star. They sure as hell didn’t hear you admit you looked at my damn…” Julie trailed off. She couldn’t even say vibrator to him. God, had he done more than looked? She couldn’t bring herself to ask and assume no.

“You’re not going to tell them are you?” He looked genuinely scared.

“Of course not, you just said that outside. We’re not like most brothers and sisters, we don’t fight and we don’t tell on each other. We’ve always been close, and I’m not mad at you, but if you’re at a point you’re looking at me? You need sex anyway you can find it.”

“Even though this was awkward this conversation kind of worked out then.”

“What do you mean?”

“I told you I needed to talk to you, but then we ended up talking about me looking at you,” he replied.

“So how does that fit into what you wanted to say?” Julie looked up at him and his eyes darted to the side. Was he still gawking at her? Awkward was putting it mildly.

“You know Jasmine Leet?”

“I’ve never met her, but I took some classes with her sister last semester. What about her?”

“Well, she’s pretty hot and kind of easy I guess would be the nice way to put it.”

“Slutty?” Julie raised her eyebrows.

“I’d rather say easy. Slutty is kind of mean.” Kyle said with a serious look on his face.

“That’s what I love about you, Kyle; you’re a really sweet guy. Don’t have a mean bone in your body. So okay what about this very friendly Jasmine?”

“She’s been coming by work and flirting a little, Today she came up to me today and said she heard the folks are away and she wants to come over tomorrow and go swimming and fool around.”

“She said it just like that?”

“Um, no she said we could fuck. I was being polite.”

“You think she’s serious or just looking for a day by the pool?” Julie asked.

“She said she just wants to have fun this summer and she thinks I’m cute and thought we could play around. You think you could give me the house for a few hours? I’ll be nervous as it is. If you’re there it will be worse.”

“I didn’t have plans, but Mindy was saying she wanted to go to Newport. I’ll leave in the morning and come back around six that okay?”

“You’re the best, sis!” Kyle beamed, but then frowned. “Think this is okay to do it like this? She’s pretty clear she doesn’t want anything real.”

Julie thought it over. “If this were an hour ago I’d give you the first time shouldn’t be cheap speech. At this point you just need to get this over with so you’ll feel better and stop letting being a virgin make you afraid to ask girls out.”

“So you think I should?”

“Yes, but you know, be careful.” Julie released a deep breath. “Okay, more awkward time. You have condoms?”

“Yes, mom.” He grinned at her.

“Use them. I don’t care if she says she’s on the pill, you never know.”

“Got it.”

“Not just pregnant, but if she’s that easy then…”

“Got it,” Kyle repeated. “Stop being a killjoy.”

“Sorry, but not like you can talk to dad about this at the moment and he’d say not to anyway”

“So I’ll call her and tell her to come over.”

“You don’t seem excited.” Julie frowned. “What’s the matter?”

“She doesn’t know I’ve never had sex. Should I say anything? It’s kind of embarrassing and maybe she’ll change her mind.”

“True, but then again if you let her think you have experience and you’re clueless that could piss her off.”

“Why is this so complicated?”

“Because you make it that way.” Julie noticed his eyes roaming up and down her leg and lingering at her… “Are you staring at my foot?”

“I like the black nail polish.” Kyle told her. “You have cute feet.”

“Kyle get that girl over here tomorrow, take a deep breath and dive on in because you’re turning into a pathetic little perv.”

“I know,” he admitted. “You think its easy? I’m so damn horny all the time and I can’t look at a woman without starting to think about sex. Shit, I saw Miss Williams across the street in the doorway in a short robe and started wondering if she liked younger guys.”

“Miss Williams? Younger to her would be forty! Kyle get laid, will you?”

“By this time tomorrow,” he declared and for the first time looked excited. “I know its not the way we were raised, but I don’t care anymore.”

“I don’t blame you, but don’t make this a habit. Get it out of your system, get some confidence and get back to trying to find an actual girlfriend.”

“Sounds like a plan. What about you, Jules? You hadn’t seen Nick in months and now he’s done. You have to be kind of…”

“Don’t finish that sentence,” she warned him.

“Lonely was what I was going to say. You should go out and have some fun.”

“Should, but I’m not like that. Difference between us is I’ve had sex so even though I miss it I’m not crazed over it.”

“More batteries though.” He winked at her.

“Don’t be a shithead and make me buy a lock for my nightstand.”

“God, it was just once.” Kyle cocked his head and stared at her.

“What?” Julie asked.

“You’re earring.” He tapped his left ear. “It’s missing.”

“Oh my god!” Julie exclaimed, touching her ear. “They were Grandma’s, mom gave them to me but a back was missing. I put one on, but it was loose.”

“Didn’t you lose it a couple days ago?”

“Yeah, but I got lucky and found it in the shower. Mom will kill me if I…”

“Here you go.” Kyle produced the small diamond stud from his pocket. “I found it by the pool when I came in the yard.”

“You jerk!” Julie snatched it out of his hand, but then kissed his cheek. “Thank you!”

“No worries, but be careful sis, it keeps falling out.”

“Yeah, I have to get to a jewelry shop and get one that matches. Thanks again.”

“Thank you for giving me some advice.” Kyle gave her a quick hug. “Love you, sis.”

“Love you too, little brother.” Julie eased back, but kept her hands on his shoulders. “Don’t worry about anything tomorrow. Just relax and everything will take care of itself, okay?”

“Hope I’m not a two pump chump,” he muttered.

“Don’t worry about it that just means you’ll last longer during round two.”

“I like how you think!” He clapped his hands. “I ever tell you what an awesome big sister you are?”

“Yes, but you can keep saying it.”

“You are.”

“And you’re pretty cool for a dorky little brother.”

“But after tomorrow not a dorky virgin brother.”

“Good, then I won’t have to hear you whine anymore.” Julie gave him a playful punch in the arm and walked back towards the deck. “”I’m going back out to the pool, why don’t you change and come out?”

“Nah, I’m heading upstairs. Have to do some homework and check some things out on line.”

“Hey, Kyle?” Julie called out when he turned to head upstairs.

“Yeah, sis?”

“When you’re researching Mindy’s ass, try to stand a little further back from the window. She saw you last time.”

Chapter Two

Julie pulled into the driveway just after eight and didn’t see another car in the driveway. She assumed Jasmine was going to come over in her own car and assumed the coast was clear. It was everything she could do today not to text Kyle and ask him how it went.

She didn’t want to bother him and also figured he would text her. The fact he hadn’t had Julie waffling between thinking it was a good thing. It could mean things were going so well he wasn’t thinking about doing anything but Jasmine.

On the other hand his silence made her nervous. What if something had gone wrong and he was so upset he didn’t want to be bothered even by her. Julie had caught herself composing a simple ‘how’s it going’ text several times, but then deleted it.

Whether it had gone very well, or something had gone wrong, she’d hear about it either way when she got home. Julie had stayed out as long as she could, but Mindy had to get home for a family barbecue.

They invited Julie to stay and she’d hung out for a couple hours, but at seven thirty she still hadn’t heard from Kyle and her curiosity was getting the best of her. Julie went in through the back gate and noticed there were no lights on in the house, including Kyle’s room upstairs which overlooked the backyard.

Had he picked Jasmine up and they were still playing around? Or maybe he’d worn himself out and already sleeping? Julie entered the house as quietly as possible, even slipping her sandals off so her footsteps wouldn’t be heard on the hardwood floors.

She padded up the stairs and down the hallway, passing her room and standing outside Kyle’s. There was no light from his TV coming visible from under the door. Julie listened but couldn’t hear anything. No music or voices.

Julie was annoyed. She was dying to know how today went, and not only didn’t he call or text, but he was already sleeping? She glanced down at the doorknob and thought about just opening the door a crack and peeking in.

What if he wasn’t alone? If he wasn’t then that would be her answer on how things went, wouldn’t it? She grasped the doorknob and gently turned it. She eased the door open with painful slowness and peeked in.

Kyle had the AC on and with no window open the room was pitch-black. Even though his bed was only a few feet to her left, she couldn’t see a damn thing. His light switch was right next to the door, but she didn’t want to wake him, or possibly them, up.

Julie stood there debating what to do. She could pull out her phone and light up the screen to take a quick peek at the bed. Many mornings Kyle would shut his alarm off when it woke him up, then fall back to sleep.

Julie would come in and wake him up so he wouldn’t be late for school or work and he always slept on his side facing away from the door. She could light up the screen on her phone and take a quick peek and he wouldn’t see it.

What if he wasn’t alone, though? Then she could wake up Jasmine and cause an embarrassing scene. “Sorry, I just wanted to see if my brother finally got laid, you can go back to sleep now.” Right, that would go over well and make Kyle feel like a fool.

That was if Jasmine was even here. Julie decided not to take a chance and be the adult and older sibling she was supposed to be and leave. Whenever he woke up he would probably come in and talk to her. If she had to wait until tomorrow morning, then oh, well.

Julie left his room, pulling the door closed as gently as she’d opened it. She went down the hall and into the bathroom where she took a quick shower. When she stepped out, she realized she’d forgotten to go into her room first and grab her robe.

Not wanting to put her sweaty top and shorts back on, and figuring Kyle either had company or was dead to the world from his first time entering the sexual Olympics, she wrapped a towel around herself.

Julie walked quickly down the hallway, and entered her room. She was tired from being in the sun all day and planned on going right to bed even though it was early. If she woke up in the middle of the night she’d just watch TV until she fell back to sleep.

Julie gathered her long wet hair planning on putting it up so it wouldn’t tangle while she slept. She stopped with her hands over her head and stared at herself in the mirror. She had to admit, she looked good.

She had a great tan and the white towel looked sexy against her bronzed skin. She released her hair and shook her head back and forth. She enjoyed the feeling of the wet hair against her back and still staring in the mirror eased the towel down over her breasts until the white skin covered by her bikini showed.

“How’s that look?” She asked herself. “Like those tan lines, baby?”

She gave herself a sexy smile. “You want to see more? Want to see my big beautiful titties?”

Julie un-tucked the towel and did a playful shimmy letting the towel fall to the floor. Cupping her heavy breasts she lifted them, presenting them to the mirror. “How do they look? Oh, you want to play with them? You want to suck on my big pink nipples?”

Julie stroked her swollen nipples with her thumbs and moaned softly. Damn she was horny lately. Maybe not Kyle level horny, but the fact she’d had sex made her wonder if it was worse than never having it because she knew what she was missing.

She let her left hand stray down her flat stomach and over the silver barbell pierced through her naval that had her father close to a damn stroke when he saw it a few months ago. Her hand continued its southward journey through the neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair between her thighs and into her pink slit.

Julie sighed when her fingers rubbed her aching clit and her voice now huskier with desire she whispered. “You want to me to suck that bog fat cock, then spread my legs and let you fuck my tight little pussy?”

She opened her legs wider and spread her lips open, revealing her pink nub peeking out from beneath its hood. “Then you first, baby. Get down there and lick my pussy and make me cum. Get me all hot and wet for you.”

Jesus, she was standing here talking dirty to herself. Why the hell couldn’t she take the advice she’d just given Kyle and just get laid? Today at the beach three guys had come over to talk and flirt with her. All of them were cute and although one was a jerk the other two seemed nice and genuinely interested in talking with her.

She knew she could be in bed right now with either of them. Instead she was posing for herself and getting all worked up for what her current sex life encompassed jilling off while watching porn.

Julie turned away from the mirror and shut off the over head light, but before she went over to her bed, took a look over her shoulder at her ass revealed in the dim glow of the streetlight coming in through her partially open blinds

. The tan lines looked as sexy there as around her breasts and she thought her firm little ass would look pretty good in the air right about now. She was going to get off which would take the edge off, but what she really needed was some cock. Not just sex, but a good hard fucking. Not that she’d had many of those. Nick was more talk than walk and before him she wasn’t as experienced and was less sure of what she wanted.

Now, at twenty and having a handful of lovers under her sexual belt, she felt that if she met that next right guy he was going to be in for one hell of a wild ride. Julie glanced at the black shorts and half shirt that comprised her pajamas.

She should put them on just in case Kyle came in later or early tomorrow morning to talk to her. He usually knocked, but Julie was a sound sleeper and if she didn’t hear him he had a habit of popping his head in and yelling to wake her up.

Julie tended to squirm around in her sleep and kick the covers off. Its all she would need is for him to come in and see her naked. Especially after their weird conversation earlier where he admitted he looked at her lately.

“Fuck it,” Julie said aloud. She was horny and wanted to get off and laying there naked was a lot more fun than slipping her shorts to the side to play.

Julie slid under the cool sheets and, then playfully kicked it off as if exposing her body to a lover. She opened her legs and giggled. “Come on in, the waters just fine!”

Julie stared down at her long slender body stretched out on the bed, her legs wantonly spread and wished some cute guy was there to admire her. A guy with a hard cock and soft tongue who was going to spend the night giving her everything she wanted and in return unleashing her inner porn star to return the favor.

Instead she opened her drawer and plucked her six inch purple vibe from it. Turning it on, she placed the tip on her right nipple and moaned at the sensation. She spent some time teasing it before switching to her other breast.

In a dirtier mood than usual, she sucked it into her mouth, bobbing her head and closing her eyes, wishing the hard plastic was nice firm cock. She was already wiggling her hips, squirming on the bed and with no further teasing, she reached between her legs and slipped the vibe deep inside her wet pussy.

She turned it to its highest setting and groaned. “Oh, damn.”

She closed her legs, crossing them at the ankles and picked her I-Pad up from the nightstand. Turning it on, she entered her password and went to her bookmarks and briefly scanned the list of her go to porn vids she bookmarked.

Julie selected the last one she’d bookmarked which she’d watched several times in the last couple of weeks. The video, titled guess who, really did it for, she wasn’t quite sure why, but didn’t really care, whatever she liked, she liked.

The premise of the video was a girl hosting a slumber party while her single, and of course hot, single father made himself scarce upstairs. One of the girls waited until the others were asleep and slipped upstairs.

She entered his dark room-supposedly dark as the camera caught everything , albeit dimly, and proceeded to wake the father up by stroking his cock. There was no dialogue as when he started to speak she covered his mouth her fingers, then switched to sucking him.

He lay there as she sucked him, then reversed herself, putting them into a sixty nine. From there she slid down the bed and rode him both ways, first reverse cowboy, then facing him while he played with her small perky tits.

Julie loved the premise and the shadowy action and no sound except for moans and whimpers drove her wild. The vide ended with the father moaning he perabet was going to come and the girl sliding down the bed and sucking him off.

She didn’t swallow, but let his cum drool from her mouth and down his cock. Without a word she slid off, slipped her nightshirt back on and exited the room. The end of the video showed the father downstairs that morning watching the girls frolic by the pool wondering which one it was.

The video went into repeat, showing each girl going down on him as he imagined it being each of them. The video ended with him realizing his watch was missing when he went to get ready for work.

On his way out the door, the hot little redhead ran up to his car as he was pulling out and said, “I think this is yours”. She handed him the watch and without another word got into her car and drove off.

Julie fast forwarded to where the girl first game into the room and was kissing the father while stroking his long thick cock. Julie held the I-Pad with her left hand while her right slipped between her thighs and rubbed her clit in slow circles.

She took her times, playing the game of not wanting to come until the girl sucked him off, cum flowing out of her mouth and down his shaft. Julie had never been that dirty, she generally either swallowed it or finished with her hand, but vowed she’d do this to the next lucky recipient of her oral skills.

Right now the sexy redheads oral skills were on display as she slowly bobbed her head along that delicious looking cock. Julie imagined it between her lips and her hips jerked. She was going to pop way before the guy in the video that was for sure.

Julie teased her clit as much as she could, making it through the sixty nine during which the girl came, her squeals muffled by her mouth being full of cock. But by then her thighs were trembling and her large breasts heaving with her quickening breaths.

When the girl slid down the bed, and guided his cock inside her, the whimper of pleasure and look of pure bliss on her face while she sank down on the huge dick pushed Julie over the edge. She dropped the I-pad to grab her left nipple and squeeze it while her fingers sped up.

Her back arched and her legs straightened, her feet pointing forward as her body tensed under the pressure of her rapidly building climax. She turned her head and released a long loud moan into her pillow. As her pussy convulsed around the vibrator, and her hips bucked, she fought to keep her explosive orgasm quiet.

She rubbed her clit hard and fast while pinching her nipple harder and now moving her legs up and wiggling her ass, working the toy around in her quivering slit.

“Oh, god,” she groaned into the pillow as her body continued to be wracked with pleasure. “Oh, my….God!”

The last word was shouted out as even in the throes of orgasm she saw her bedroom door swing open. Kyle stepped into the room just as she drew her knees up and managed to yank the pillow next to her over her breasts.

“Holy shit.” Kyle’s eyes widened as realized what he was seeing.

“What the fuck?” Julie shouted at him while leaning forward and managing to grab the edge of the sheet and pull it up over her. “Don’t you fucking knock?”

“I…I did.” Kyle stammered. “You didn’t answer, but I knew you were home and I needed to talk to you and…” he paused and cocked his head. “What’s that noise?”

“Get out!” Julie yelled at him, her face turning even redder when it dawned her the ‘noise’ was the vibrator humming away on the sheet between her legs were it had fallen out when she yanked her legs up.

“But, Julie, it’s really important!”

“And I need to put some fucking clothes on! Go back to your room and I’ll come in after I get over this fucking embarrassment.”

“Sorry, Jules, really I….I should have knocked louder.”

“Out!” She pointed to the door. “Now!”

Kyle turned and all but ran from the room slamming the door behind him. Julie fell back onto the pillow and straightened her legs, trying to catch her breath. Un-fucking-believable, she thought as she looked over to see the video was still playing.

Julie pushed the stop button, bringing the screen back to the beginning with the play again option. Not tonight, that was for sure. She lay there for a few minutes letting her body calm down. Fortunately, she’d been near the end of the orgasm, but still felt cheated and no more satisfied then when she’d started.

In spite of the air conditioning her face was hot and her body flushed in a combination of shame and passion. She tried not to think about how much he actually saw. Usually when she masturbated, she was under the sheet incase…what just happened, happened, or her mother just walked in which she had he bad habit of doing.

Tonight she’d been careless, not covered, completely naked. He was already gawking at her and now she’d possibly given his imagination a lot more to work with. She’d moved fast as soon as he came in, but he came in directly facing her, no way he didn’t get a quick peek at her tits.

Fortunately her legs had been closed, but he’d heard the toy. Well, at least this answered the question of whether or not he was alone. That made her stop thinking about her embarrassment and got her curiosity going again, obviously there could only be one thing he wanted to talk about.

“Don’t be a diva, Jules.” She muttered the words her father said whenever she over reacted to something.

What just happened was mortifying, but they were brother and sister living under the same roof. Things like this happened and if anything it was surprising nothing like this had happened before. It would be something they’d laugh about down the line.

She swung her legs off the bed, and getting up donned the pajamas. Julie went to leave the room, but paused in front of the mirror. The shorts were silky with lace trim and fairly tight. The top was loose, but between not designed to be a full shirt and the size of her breasts making it even shorter, it didn’t go much past the lower half of her tits.

Julie hadn’t put a bra on and her nipples were easily visible. She stripped the shirt off and grabbed a loose fitting t-shirt from the pile of laundry she hadn’t put away yet. The shirt covered some of her ass and baggy enough to not show off her boobs as much.

She made her way to his room and made it a point to knock hard and loud.

“Come in.”

“See that?” Julie spoke as she came into the room. “That’s called a loud knock and notice I didn’t come barging in until I heard you?”

“I’m sorry, sis,” he said quietly from where he sat on the edge of his bed. “I just…I fell asleep and when I woke up and saw your car there I…I just need to talk to you.”

Kyle’s voice was coming out in a hoarse whisper and he looked as if he were ready to cry.

“Something went wrong today didn’t it?”

“As wrong as it possibly could.” Kyle nodded and lowering his head, wiped at his eyes.

“Hey, its okay!” Julie sat next to him on the bed and put her arm around his shoulders “What happened, she didn’t show up?”

“She did, it would have been better if she didn’t.”

Oh, boy, Julie thought by squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. “Just tell me what happened, I’m sure its not that bad.”

“She showed up around eleven, right when she said she would.” Kyle spoke with his head down and Julie had to strain to hear him.

“We went right to the pool and she took her sun dress off and she looked so damn good. She’s a pretty girl, blonde, nice green eyes and a killer body. Her bikini was as small as the one you had on yesterday and I’m thinking oh my god, I’m going to have sex with this girl!”

“We swam for a awhile and she was hugging me in the pool and rubbing up on me a little. I thought I was going to pop in the damn pool. Then we lay out on the chairs for awhile and I put lotion on her back and legs, and she let me rub it on her ass.”

“Okay,” Julie spoke only because he’d gone silent and she was trying to get him to keep going. “So far so good, but you can just tell me what happened. You don’t have to put yourself through this”

“I ask her if she’d like something to eat and she smiles and says no, but hopes I’m hungry because she’s got something sweet for me to eat. She asks if I’m ready to go inside and I’m so fucking excited.”

“We go up to my room and she sits on the bed and asks me to show her what I have for her. I’m pretty excited so when I take my suit off I’m…” he seemed to realize who he was talking to. “Um, excited.”

“You were hard, I’ve been there, done that.” Julie smiled, hoping he would, but he just nodded glumly.

“Right and she asks if it’s all for her and I say yes, then she stands up and puts her arms around me and kisses me.”

Where the hell was this going to go wrong?

“She tells me she’s horny as fuck and we’ll play all day, but for now she just wants it. I’m nervous and I’m just standing there with my hands by my sides. She grabs them and puts them on her tits through the bathing suit.”

“Kyle get to it because this is sounding like it was exactly what you wanted.”

“I was so nervous and excited my hands were shaking and she asks if I’m okay. I say yeah and she gives me this smile and says it’s your first time isn’t it?”

“I admit it is, I mean I’m shaking like a damn leaf and I was stuttering so not like I could hide it. Then she looks down and asks what happened. I look and I’m not that hard anymore. I’m like you know, halfway there.”

“Oh, jeez.” Julie knew where this was heading.

“I kind of say well, we could play and she could help me out.”

“Not exactly smooth,” Julie sighed. “But I think most girls who wanted it that bad would be happy to…” It was her turn to hesitate. Why couldn’t dad be here, this was his thing, not hers. “Let’s say work for it.”

“She laughs kind of nasty and says she doesn’t play with soft things, that a real man would be hard.”

“What a bitch!”

“Well, she gets bitchier. She starts laughing more and I get upset and I tell her its not funny and she said it is. It was funny because rumor around school was I was a virgin and she lost a bet with some of her sorority sisters and was told to find out if it were true.”

“So it was a fucking prank.” Julie felt the anger rising up inside her. “I know where she lives and I’m going to go over there and smack that little snot up and down the damn street.”

“That would make it worse. She’s already telling everyone I’m a virgin. I don’t need the next part to be my big sister got involved.”

“So what happened, she just up and left?”

“Yup, she thanked me for letting her go swimming and for helping her avoid hazing then told me that they sell Viagra online and just walked right out of the room.”

“I’m going to her sister. She’s not like that, she’ll….”

“It doesn’t matter, Jules, what’s done is done.” He shook his head. “I was right there! If I hadn’t been so nervous and it didn’t make me lose my…lose it, she wouldn’t have known and…”

“And what? Your first time would have been with a bitchy little cunt sent there by other bitchy cunts?”

“If I kept it up we would have f…had sex.”

“No, she wouldn’t have gone all the way. She came here as a sorority game, she had no intention of going all the way. You didn’t miss out, Kyle.” Julie wasn’t totally convinced of that. Her brother was a good looking guy and if he had been confident and ready so to speak, the little slut might have gotten herself a fuck out of the deal.

“We’ll never know I guess.”

“So okay, she played a cruel trick on you and you’re disappointed. You live you learn, so now you find some…”

“That’s not the end of it.” Kyle picked his phone up from the bed. “I got this text an hour after she left. It’s a link to her sororities Facebook page.”

“Oh, fuck,” Julie took the phone and saw he’d already clicked the link for her.

“Went over Kyle Grant’s house to have a little play date,” Kyle spoke as Julie looked at the post. “Went for a swim then up to his room, started off hot, but then he couldn’t keep little Kyle hard and started whining he was a virgin. Rumor’s true girls, Kyle’s a virgin! Now how about one of you go throw the poor boy a pity fuck, but make sure you bring your Viagra.”

“You memorized it?”

“I read it twenty times and it had over a hundred likes and twenty comments last I looked.”

“Well you’re not going to look again.” Julie went back to the text and deleted it. “And Miss Lindsay my English professor is part of the council of student affairs. I’m going to her with this. This is a personal attack and against the school’s personal conduct. It’s not only coming down but that bitch house is getting put in time out.”

“Let it go, Jules.”

“Bullshit! No one does this to my brother.” Julie took his chin in her hand and lifted his head. “Look at me. This will be okay. It will blow over soon and you don’t go to that school. No one seeing that knows you.”

“She used my damn name.”

“Kyle, its…”

“I don’t even care that much about that! I care that again it didn’t happen! Jesus, is it so hard to have sex? I mean I tried to do the right thing, wait, find a serious girl. That blew up on me now I do the sleazy thing and that blows up worse!”

He was yelling, but there were tears on his cheeks and Julie’s heart went out to him.

“What can I do to help?”

“Nothing, I just don’t get it, Julie. I think I’m an okay looking guy.”

“You’re better than that, Kyle. You’re really cute.”

“I’m a nice guy, I treat girls with respect. I get good grades, I work. I think I’m a good person. Why the hell can’t I just have this one thing?”

“Okay, you’re getting a little dramatic,” Julie chided him. “You’re eighteen, you have plenty of time and…”

“I’m just so frustrated, I was so close twice and this time I couldn’t get it up. What if that happens again?”

“Big head controls the little head. You think like that it will happen. So just think…”

“It did happen, how can I not think of it? God, it was right there. I’m such a fucking loser.”

Kyle put his head in his hands and his shoulders shook, He was no longer tearing up, but crying.

“Oh, Kyle, I’m sorry.” Julie put her arms around him and her heart melted when he put his head on her shoulder like he had when they were little k**s and he was upset. “I know this sucks in every way, but you’ll get past it. You’re a healthy and horny eighteen year old, like you said Miss Williams got you going, at that point you know it has to work!”

“Got a point there.” Kyle laughed softly in between sniffling.

“And if you think your day was bad? At least you didn’t get caught with your hand in the cookie jar by your little brother.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry again.”

“It’s okay. If nothing else you know I’m feeling a little losery myself.”

“But you’ve done it and you’re hot. I’m hopeless.”

“Kyle, look at me.” She waited until he lifted his head. “You are everything you just said, cute, smart, respectful, and responsible and I’d add damn sweet and girls do love that. You’re a great guy and an awesome little brother.”

“Thanks, now I need a girl not my sister to think that.”

“There’s no losers in this family Kyle.” She winked. “Only awesome people like me and you. Go to bed, get some sleep and put this shit behind you. It’s going to happen, Kyle. Soon I promise.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“Would you rather me say you’re going to die an eighty year old virgin, you fucking loser?”

“Um, no.”

“Tell you what, you keep thinking like that? I’ll tell Miss Williams you think she’s hot and you want to play cub to her cougar.”

“Oh, that’s…” he stopped and shrugged. “Who am I k**ding, if she called I’d run right over.”

“Kyle if you’re worried about not getting it up? Seeing her naked would shrivel it up into your damn balls.”

Kyle burst out laughing. “Okay, not that desperate yet.”

“See you’re laughing, you’ll be fine.” Julie rose from the bed and put her hand on his cheek. “Seriously, Kyle, you’ll get past this.”

“Thanks, you are the best big sister ever.”

“Never forget that, you little shit.” Julie told him as she walked out of his room.

She went back into hers and this time locking her door, stripped off the shirt and shorts and climbed back into bed. She had to get Kyle laid, but how? If she found a nice girl who might be interested, it would take time as they dated.

If she found a girl who was more casual with sex, there could be a repeat of today where he got nervous and they wouldn’t have the patience to deal with him. At this point she found herself thinking of Mindy.

She’d just said today she’d screw Kyle if he weren’t her brother. What if she gave her the go ahead? Mindy was a ball buster, but knew there was a time and place for it. If Julie told her what happened she would feel bad for Kyle.

Maybe bad enough that she would do her best friend the biggest favor ever and give Kyle what he needed? The problem was Kyle would then follow Mindy around like a damn puppy dog; he kind of did that now, it would be ten times worse if she fucked him.

He’d make a fool of himself and probably get Mindy to the point she’d get pissed off and tell him she only screwed him because Julie asked her to. Then again, Kyle was pretty bright and might think Julie put her up to it anyway.

Would he even care at this point?

“Wow,” she mumbled. “Kyle was right, why is this complicated?”

She needed to get her brother laid, but without it turning into drama afterwards. Julie went to roll over and winced when something dug into her side. She pulled the I-pad out from under the sheet and went to put it on the nightstand.

When she hit it, the screen came up showing the image of the redhead riding her friend’s father in the dark and the words “Guess Who” over the play now button.

“Damn,” she whispered.

She stared at the still for a couple minutes her mind racing. It could work, it really could! Shutting the I-pad off she grabbed her cell phone and scrolled through until she found the number she was looking for.

“Hey, Julie, what’s going on?”

“Hey, Keri, you have any plans tomorrow night?”

“I don’t know I might go to the mall and catch a movie with Nicole.”

“Nicole’s around?”

“Yeah, her summer internship fell through so she’s home until August, why?”

“My folks are away for the weekend and Mindy’s coming over tomorrow. Nothing big, just hanging by the pool then get some take out and watch movies. She’s going to spend the night and I was wondering if you wanted to come. Invite Nicole, I haven’t seen her in months.”

“Hey, that sounds great, count us in. She was going to spend the night at my house, we’ll just come over there instead.” She laughed. “Better keep Kyle’s tongue in his mouth with us by the pool.”

“He has to work during the day, won’t be home until about nine and he’ll go straight to bed. He won’t be bugging us.”

“Oh, he’s okay, he’s a not a pain, just likes to stare.”

“Well, who wouldn’t look at you sexy ladies?”

“Fine I’ll spring for pizza.” Keri laughed. “See you tomorrow.”

Julie hung up and laying back on the pillow smiled. If Kyle thought she was awesome now what would he think if he found out she was behind him getting a super sexy surprise tomorrow night. He wouldn’t know which girl it was and it would drive him nuts, but all that would really matter is he would get laid and be able to get the next girl on his own.

This was going to work out just fine. All she needed to do was convince Mindy.

Chapter Three

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” Mindy exclaimed, rising from the foot of the bed where she’d been sitting while Julie explained her idea to her.

“Shhh!” Kyle’s still in his room getting ready for work.” Julie remained sitting in the office chair in front of her desk.

“Let me get this straight. You want me to sneak into your brother’s room tonight in the dark and fuck him without saying a damn word?”

“Yes, just like in the video I sent you the link to last night. You said it was hot.”

“I think gangbang porn is hot, but damned if I’d take on the basketball team. Jesus, Julie I can’t believe you’d ask me to do this.”

“Mindy, I told you what happened with Kyle yesterday.”

“You did, and it’s awful and that girl and her friends need a damn ass whipping. Kyle’s a nice k** he deserves better, but you’re asking perabet giriş me to fuck him.”

“He needs this Mindy. After yesterday went wrong he’s more nervous than ever. There is no way he’s going to ask a girl out right now and he sure as hell is going to be a wreck if he gets a chance to have sex.”

“He’ll be fine. This girl was a twat playing games. Most girls would be okay with his nerves. Honestly, I’d see it as a turn on.”

“Then do it!”

“It would be a turn on if I were dating him, or even a onetime thing, but he’s your brother.”

“And you said before you’d be all over him if he wasn’t.”

“But he is.” Mindy pointed out.

“I’m giving you permission to go for it.”

“Permission? Do you hear yourself? I know I like to flirt and talk trash and I’ve been with a few more guys than you, but I’m not easy or slutty and this is just…wrong.”

“I know it’s a lot to ask, Mindy, but its perfect. Kyle will get laid and by someone I trust and know will never say anything, and he won’t know who it is.”

“What’s the reason for that?” Mindy asked. “He has a thing for me, I don’t think he’d mind if it was me.”

“That’s the reason. He loves looking at you and when he was younger you know he had a crush on you. He doesn’t anymore, but if you had sex with him? Mindy, he’d be following you around like a puppy dog.”

“True. I am addictive.” Mindy ran her hands down over her breasts and then her thighs. “Who wouldn’t want more of this?”

“Okay, miss humble.” Julie rolled her eyes. “But seriously, he’d be a pain in your ass and would keep hounding you and he might say something, and other people would know.”

“So this way he can’t stalk his mystery lover.” Mindy nodded. “Okay, I guess I get that part, but think about if this was the other way around. Hey, Julie, do me a favor, go fuck my dad, he’s kind of depressed and could use a thrill.”

“I know it sounds awful, but I’m trying to help him. He was so upset yesterday and this is only a few weeks after Heather broke his heart. He’s getting more frustrated and worried and at this point it might not happen even if he gets a chance.”

“What do you mean?” Mindy looked confused. “How could it not happen? k**’s so horny the crack of dawn can get him going. Only problem I’d see is him blasting off in twenty seconds.”

“No, there’s more than that.” Julie debated whether she wanted to tell Mindy everything. She’d already told her more than Kyle would want her to know, but Mindy was tight lipped when she had to be.

“You keep this between us, okay?”

“I already promised not to repeat what you already told me.” Mindy frowned. “Too bad because I’d love to smack that little bitch as much as you would.”

“This is more embarrassing though. Kyle couldn’t get it up.”

“What? He’s eighteen, a breeze should get him hard.”

“He was, but then he got nervous and once it starts sinking you know the reaction is panic.”

“That’s what this is for.” Mindy wagged her tongue lasciviously at her.

“Yeah, if she intended on fooling around with him, but she made fun of him the second it started and now on top of regular nerves he thinks it will happen again.”

“Yeah, I overheard my parents talking about it once when I guess my dad was really stressed at work. He was worried, she said don’t be she could be very persuasive.” She shuddered. “What’s heard cannot be unheard.”

“Anyway that’s why he needs to know he can do it and in a know pressure situation with someone who if it happens will be persuasive.” She winked. “Like your mom.”

“Ugh.” Mindy sighed. “Let me think on this for a few minutes.”

“Okay, but remember, Nicole and Keri will be there. That’s three suspects he has to think about. It will be like that video he might think about all three of you, probably hope it was you, but will never know.”

Mindy nodded and sitting back down on the bed put her elbows on her knees and rested her chin her hands. She closed her eyes and it took an effort for Julie to stay quiet and not keep pleading with her.

After what seemed like an eternity, she spoke.

“So on one side I have to admit, the video was hot, I liked the set up. I think doing it for real could be even hotter. It doing something sexy and kind of sleazy, but no one knowing it was you. Except for you of course.”

“I could never tell, you know that. If Kyle ever found out I put you up to it, he’d be devastated.”

“But a devasted man who knows what its like to have sex.” Mindy told her. “You know he’ll think you did this anyway. We’re all your friends and he was crying to you last night.”


“But I don’t think that matters. Like you said, he’s going to get a hot little treat and that’s all he’ll think about.”

“Okay, so what’s the rest of what you’re thinking?”

“First off, I think he’s going to think it’s me no matter what. I tease him all the time.”

“But he can’t prove it.”

“True. But the real problem is this is between us?”

“Of course.”

“So your brother can’t let it go and becomes a dweeb. He goes to Keri and asks if it was her or something like that. Now she knows someone did him and it wasn’t her. Now she’s asking questions.”

“That’s the big problem, Julie. He’s a k** and he’ll be excited and he’s not going to leave it be. He’s going to say something. If he comes to me, I deny it and its not that big of a deal, but Keri or Nicole are going to be like “Oh, really?”

“I’ll cut that off before it starts.” Julie put her hands up when Mindy started to protest. “You know Kyle tells me everything. He’ll tell me about this, maybe like you said, even ask if I was behind it.”

“I’ll tell him that he can’t talk about it because what most moron boys don’t understand is if you talk about it? Girls will think twice about being with you, but if you’re a man and keep it to yourself? You’ll get more.”

“But in this case no more.”

“It’s still a lesson. If I have to I’ll stretch it and tell him maybe whoever did it wants to see if he’ll say anything and might come back if he behaves.”

“Lame.” Mindy blew a raspberry.

“Please, Mindy? All the favors I’ve done for you, you can’t do this?”

“You’ve covered for me with my folks and lent me your car and money and helped me out anytime I needed it.” Mindy agreed. “But this is sex, Julie. And I haven’t mentioned what is he sees me?”

“His room is pitch black and his light is by the door.”

“He has a lamp.”

“I’ll unplug it on him. I’ll slice the damn cord if I have to.”

“What about Nicole and Keri?”

“You’re going upstairs to go to the bathroom. Its not going to take that long, Mindy.” She smirked. “Twenty seconds maybe.”

“He has condoms?”

“You’ll have to have it, you’d never find them in his drawer in the dark.”

“Then again,” Mindy gave her a sly smile. “He’s a virgin so he can’t have anything and I’m on the pill. Be kind of hot to ride him bareback.”

“That’s the spirit!”

“You know you’re twisted right? Getting excited over your brother having sex?”

“You know we’ve always been close. I love the little shit and I want him to be happy.” Julie rolled her eyes. “If you do this he’ll have had sex one more time that I have the last three months.”

“That’s it.” Mindy clapped her hands. “I do this, you go on a double date with me with a hot guy I’ve been talking to and his friend.”


“He has his own place and if there’s sparks? We’re going back there you, little miss good girl, are just going to have fun that night and not play the he’s not a boyfriend game.”

“Fair enough,” Julie replied without hesitation. “Telling Kyle he needs to just have fun right now was like talking me into it too. If I think he’s worth it, I’ll fuck him.”

“Fuck him, listen to you, dirty girl.”

“So operation Kyle is a go?” Julie asked hopefully.

“With your word you tell him to keep his damn mouth shut and you make sure he can’t turn that lamp on.”

“I promise to both. After Kyle comes home he showers right away. Give him an hour and say you have a bad headache. I’ll say why don’t you go upstairs and lie on my bed for a little while.”

“Wait.” Mindy put her hand up. “What if I go up there and he’s still up with his light on?”

“Stay up there and keep checking.”

“What of the shit stays up to who knows when?”

“He usually goes right to sleep.” Julie insisted.

“And now I’m thinking what if he notices the lamp and fixes it or…”

“I’ll take care of it,” Julie interrupted her as an idea came to her. “I guarantee the lamp will be off and he’ll be in bed in the dark exactly how you need him to be.”

“Know what, Julie?” Mindy laughed. “At this point I’m not even going to ask how. I guess I’ll just trust you.”

“Don’t worry about a thing.” Julie assured her. “This is going to work out just fine.”

Chapter Four

Julie sat on Kyle’s bed and for the tenth time re-read the note she’d typed.

“Hey Kyle, you want a sexy little treat tonight? Make sure you’re in bed an hour after you get home and you’ll get one. I’ve been wanting to have some fun with you, but just some fun, I’m not looking for anything more than taking Julie’s hot little brother for a test drive.”

“But I need to keep this quiet and can’t have you telling people or wanting more than just a fun little romp so you don’t get to know who I am. If your lights on I won’t come in and I took your lamp so you can’t see me.”

“I’ve been thinking about this all day and am wet and squirming in my chair while I type. I can’t wait to feel you inside me. I know this is kind of weird, but just think of how hot it will be! If you think this is a joke then leave your light on and miss out, because trust me, you will be missing out.”

See you-or should I saw feel you-later, baby.”

“Wow, that’s kind of stupid,” Julie grumbled. But it was her sixth try and the best she could do. They didn’t cover writing sex notes to your brother in English class.

Julie folded the letter and put it in a plain white envelope that she placed on his pillow. As an added touch after she’d written it, she’d coated her lips in hot pink and kissed it, leaving a perfect imprint of her lips on it for him.

Julie got off the bed and saw it was quarter to ten, Kyle would be home in a half hour. Her stomach was in knots, but she told herself it would work out. Mindy genuinely liked Kyle. Not in a romantic or even sexual way, but as a person.

She’d take good care of him and if his nerves acted up, Julie had no doubt Mindy would ‘be persuasive’. She dwelt on Mindy telling her she was twisted. She’d been laughing when she said it, but Julie did feel a little odd at how casually she could think of her best friend possibly sucking her brother’s dick. Let alone screwing him.

But it would make him happy. Not just tonight, but once he broke the ice she had no doubt he’d now have the confidence he needed to approach girls and have no worries about sex. She wasn’t doing this to be a weird little pervert, but for her heartbroken, cruelly pranked brother.

Julie heard loud laughter downstairs and smiled. After talking to Mindy, she’d decided to give Kyle more food for thought and had called her friend Tracy and invited her and a friend who’d come to visit her from out of town over for the night.

There was now five possibilities for Kyle to consider. Julie imagined his mind racing. All five girls were pretty and different looking. From Keri’s red hair and green yes and freckles, to Tracy’s pink and blue streaked hair. Nicole was a tall thin ebony beauty and Tracy’s friend a petite Asian girl.

The five of them in a row would be like a stupid, but funny line she’d heard from a porn “taste the rainbow.” Kyle’s imagination would have plenty to work with that was for damn sure. The only thing that might stand out to him is Tracy’s friend Kim and Nicole had short hair a couple of the girls weren’t too big on top.

Okay, she took a deep breath, stop creating problems. She couldn’t cover everything, plus Kyle would be so excited odds are he wouldn’t notice nearly as much as she was worrying about. Julie left his room and went into her room stripped out the sundress she’d worn to take the ride with Nicole to buy Pizza and wings.

She stripped off her bra, but left her panties on beneath the simple pink night shirt she donned. Julie went downstairs where the girls were all sprawled out on the floor amid a pile of couch cushions and the extra pillows from the closet upstairs.

Julie noticed Mindy was missing, but figured she’d just run to the bathroom or kitchen. She began to sit down between Nicole and Tracy to watch the beginning of their pitch perfect marathon. Twenty minutes into it, Kyle came home.

Julie grinned at the look on his face when he walked in to find five pretty girls in shorts and night shirts on the floor. All of whom gave him a big wave and laughing because as usual he wasn’t subtle about looking at them and when Keri told him she liked his beard he turned fire engine red.

After a couple of minutes of him embarrassing himself trying to talk to the girls, Julie caught his attention and pointed upstairs. With a nod and wave to the girls he left the living room. A couple minutes later she heard footsteps over her head as he went down the hall into the bathroom.

Julie remained on the floor trying to focus on the movie, but her eyes kept darting to the time. Ten minutes before she was due to go upstairs Mindy got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back, she tapped Julie on the shoulder.

“I need to talk to you.”

Julie grinned thinking this was part of the plan. Mindy would head upstairs and Julie would tell the others she didn’t feel good and went to lie down in peace and quiet for a little bit. She frowned when Mindy led her into her father’s den and closed the door as soon as Julie came in behind her.

“Julie, we have a problem.”


“I can’t do this tonight.”

“No.” Julie shook her head. “You can’t back out on me now I…”

“I just got my period.”

“Are you k**ding me?” Julie slapped her forehead. “I thought we were always around the same date, I’m not due for two weeks.”

“The new pill I’m on is messing with me.” Mindy put her hand on shoulder. “I’m sorry Julie, but I can’t.”

“How heavy is…”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake you want your brother to earn his red wings first time out? He’ll put the light on and have a panic attack.” Mindy rolled her eyes. “I know this sucks, but give it up, Julie it can’t happen.”

“Right, I’m sorry.” Julie sat down in her father’s recliner and put her head in her hands. “This is so bad.”

“Listen,” Mindy knelt down in front of her. “We wait a week and do the same thing. Ask your folks if you can have a few friends over. They’ll probably let you and…”

“With my parents’ home?” Julie shook her head. “That’s talking way too big of a chance.”

“We’ll figure it out and its not like he was expecting anything.”

“That’s why this is so bad.” Julie rubbed her now throbbing temples. “To make sure he would have the light off and not miss out I left him a note.”

“Oh, shit, Julie! You let him know what’s going to happen?”

“I didn’t want to, but you were right. This would be the night the dope would decide to stay up to all hours playing Fortnight or whatever dumb game he’s into. Once you agreed I figured nothing else could go wrong.”

“I didn’t plan this.” Mindy sighed.

“I know, its not your fault, but now? He’s going to lay there waiting for something that’s not going to happen then when nothing does it’s another mean prank for the second day in a row.”

“Then he’s going to think one of us is a bitch.” Mindy shrugged. “Sucks, but what else can you do?”

“Nothing, but he’s going to be as upset as he was last night. This will be his third screw over in the last month. Poor k** was in tears last night.”

“You’re making me feel worse.”

“Not trying to, but it’s the truth.”

“What about Nicole? From what I gather she’s a party girl. I’ve heard some pretty wild stories.”

“You’re the only one I could trust to never tell anyone.”

“There’s nothing you can do, Julie.” Mindy rose from the floor and gave her a quick hug. “You meant well. Wish my sister was half as nice to me as you are to Kyle. He’s lucky to have you.”

“Yeah because he doesn’t know I just toyed with his damn feelings.”

“And he never will. Just like he’d never know who had sex with him, he’ll never know who left the note. Just hope he doesn’t think I’d be that mean.”

“He doesn’t know Nicole or Kim; he’ll probably think it was them.”

“I’m going to head back in to living room. You coming?”

“In a couple minutes, I just need a few minutes.

“Don’t beat yourself up over this, Julie. You did everything you could.”

Julie forced a smile, but when Mindy left the room, she swore, “fuck”, and slapped her palm on the table next to her.

“Ow.” She winced, rubbing her palm.

She couldn’t believe Kyle was going to let down again and this was squarely on her. Mindy was right, he wouldn’t know, but she would. She sat back in the chair, her mind spinning. There was an adult dating site Keri had showed her one time and they’d spent time on it making fun of the guys ads

There were a lot of escorts on there, most of them local coeds, usually advertising rates of a hundred and fifty for an hour. Maybe she could do that. Call one and have her meet her around back and sneak her upstairs and…

No, she couldn’t do that. To risky and who was to say they’d do as she asked? If she got a snotty one they might come out and say “This is from your sister.” Besides, a hooker? Mindy was right, she needed to let this go, nothing she could do.

Or was there? Julie went back to Mindy saying he’d never know who left the note. He’d never know for sure who had sex with him if it had worked.

He’d never know who it was he could only guess and the one person he would never suspect would be his sister.

“That’s because that would be so wrong it’s not even funny,” Julie whispered. Where the hell had that crazy thought come from?

Because another thing wrong was Kyle suffering another disappointment. She could imagine him lying there wide awake, waiting for that door to open. He’d be happy, excited, a little nervous, but anticipating that ‘sexy treat’ promised to him in a note written by his well-meaning sister.

As it grew later his excitement would change more to nerves. Was it going to happen again? Was someone else playing a nasty trick on him? Eventually he would realize no one was coming and knowing her brother, who’d always been kind of sensitive, he’d lay their crying in the dark.

This time it would be her fault. This was her idea and it had blown up on her. If only she hadn’t left the damn note or Mindy had found out her bad news an hour sooner. But what was done was done. Kyle was going to be crushed again and it was all on her. He wouldn’t know that, but she would.

He wouldn’t know. Again, the words triggered the taboo thought of Julie doing it herself. He wouldn’t see her, he wouldn’t hear her, and he’d never think it was her. He’d never think it because it was sick!

Or was it? Julie wouldn’t be doing it because she lusted for him, or had any unnatural feelings for him. She’d be doing it because she loved him and wanted to help him through a tough time. Her mind continued down the bizarre path as if one part of her were talking the sane part of her into it.

Who better to do this for him? Mindy was doing it a favor to her and a sleazy little thrill. If Kyle got too nervous, who’s to say Mindy would be as patient as she said she’d be? Maybe she’d get aggravated and leave in the middle of it, or have a what the fuck am I doing moment and back out in the beginning?

If Julie decided to do it, she’d be as patient as she needed to be and if he had a problem like yesterday she’d…what? Suck her brother’s cock? The voice of sanity returned. Suck his cock, get up on top and ride him? Let her brother cum inside her?

It was crazy, twisted, wrong, sick…

But who would know? No one, except Julie. Even Kyle would never know. He’d think it was one of the five cute girls downstairs and it might drive him crazy, but he’d eventually settle for it being a hot time and move on, and that’s what this was about, getting her brother to be able to move on with girls.

This wasn’t sick, it was love and sacrifice for her brother who she knew would do anything for her. Would he fuck you? Her fading conscious asked. That was followed by the uneasy thought he’d admitted he’d been staring at her lately.

But he would never do anything with her, at least not knowingly, so what did that matter. Julie l

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