She’s Full of Cyn

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Many people are impressed with my sexuality at such a young age; some can’t even believe the kinky things that I am willing to do or experiment with. The only person that was always able to listen to my fantasies and not judge me on them was my good friend Kevin, and he was the person to really open my sexual horizon. So when I had experienced the best four days of my life, he was the first person I was calling to tell every juicy detail to.

It didn’t take him long to meet me; he always loved to hear what new things I have been trying and how I was making sure to get the best out of sex. The best way to tell him everything that had happened was to start at the very beginning.

It all started about two months ago in a chat room hosted for sexual desires and fantasies. That’s where I met Darkandhandsome226. We chatted happily but soon found it a little crowded and that we wanted to be talking just one on one without all of the other people in the room, so we started our own instant message:

Youngandsweet112: Hey there.

Darkandhandsome226: Hey, this is much better.

Youngandsweet112: Lol yeah so tell me about yourself.

Darkandhandsome226: I’m 35 years old, single with no kids, and you?

Youngandsweet112: 18, just got out of high school and working in a mall.

Darkandhandsome226: Does it bother you that I am so much older?

Youngandsweet112: No, not so much. I usually like talking to older guys anyway

It was true, I always had a fetish for being taken by a much older man than myself. It turned out that he had a similar desire, but that he wanted to be the older man taking the younger girl; he had a fetish for the daddy/daughter role-playing as well. I had never given much thought to it, but it sounded like it would be a lot of fun and after that one conversation, I thought about it more and more.

Every day I would sign online hoping to see his screen name in my buddy list window; and every time he was or soon would be. We talked for days online for hours at a time; his name turned out to be Brian and soon we exchanged phone numbers so that we could hear one another’s voices and be able to be in contact more easily.

Seeing his name on my cell phone when he called sent shivers up my spine and my heart would start racing. Hearing his voice or his laughter on the phone would make me melt and my pussy would get wet instantly. We talked more about the daddy/daughter role-playing and he asked if I was interested in actually doing it. I was always up for trying something new but I wasn’t so sure about this, until I could really hear the desire in his voice to do something like that with me; I couldn’t help but say yes.

We planned on going away for four days, Thursday through Sunday, to a local beach and staying at a resort. He wanted us to act as if we were actually father and daughter going away on vacation. There was a twist to it though and he would soon show me.

We never met before this but we were going to meet at an ice cream place and at 4:00. It was close to where we were going, so it would be a perfect place to meet up. He was there before I was and it wasn’t hard to tell it was him. His dark brown eyes locked on mine and his white teeth emerged in a beautiful smile. I went running to him and wrapped my arms around his neck; his arms falling around my waist.

“It’s so good to see you Baby girl!” he said with another smile and a wink. I smiled back at him and hugged him again. My heart was beating faster than I had ever expected it to and I had butterflies in my stomach. His arms wrapped around me and I could feel his warm golden-brown skin against my own.

“Daddy, I’ve missed you so much. It’s not the same living away from home.” I knew we had to start acting our parts as soon as we saw each other to make it seem more believable even if we were to never see these people again. It was also good practice for the days and nights coming up.

“Wanna get some ice cream before we get going?” He brought his hand up to my shoulders and we started to walk to the counter to order. Once we got our ice cream, I got vanilla soft-serve in a cup and he got strawberry in a cup, we went and sat down at a picnic table. We got more comfortable around each other and talked a little. On my last bite of ice cream, a drop of it fell off my spoon and down onto my chest, slowly dripping down my cleavage.

“Let me get that for you Cyndi.” he said to me with a smirk and took his finger and caught the dripping ice cream, bringing it up to my mouth. I licked it off of his finger and took a little more of it into my mouth than seemed appropriate.

“Thanks daddy, you always take such good care of me.” I bit my lower lip smiling at him. He looked a little surprised that I did it but pleased with big ass porno me also. We got up and threw our cups away and started to walk towards his car. I looked back and saw the looks on everyone’s face that saw what just happened. I finally got what he meant now by a twist in how we do things as father and child.

The ride to the resort was only about twenty minutes. He brought his hand to my thigh and held it there. The touch of his strong hands made my little clit jump and made me want him more than ever. I looked over to him and saw that he had a hard-on and his jeans weren’t covering it very well. My hand found it’s way over to his leg, and then up to where his dick was. I stroked it softly through his pants and heard him take in a quick breath.

My fingers worked to unzip his jeans and let out his dick, but he stopped me with a firm hand on my wrist and told me that I had to wait until we got to the resort. I looked at him pleadingly but he just stared back, clearly not going to back down from this, even if he wanted it more than I did.

We walked in the lobby to the resort and picked up our room keys. “Get up to our room and start taking a shower honey. I wanna take my little girl out to dinner tonight so wear something nice. I’ll be back in a little bit.”

I smiled, not knowing what it was he was going off to do or get, but then he grabbed me in a hug and kissed my lips tenderly, in a father way, and then slipping in a little tongue before walking back out the door. I took my key from the lady at the desk and walked away, laughing a little from seeing the look on her face after seeing the exchange between my “daddy” and me.

I rushed up to our room, 512, and quickly undressed in the bathroom and starting the shower. The warm water hit my skin like little needles; the sensation was amazing and my energy picked up fast. I poured soap into my hands and let them run all over my body.

My hands caressed each part carefully and sensually; kneading my fairly large breasts and touching my pink fully erect nipples softly. My finger tips grazed my stomach, the skin soft and then followed the curves of my body down my legs. I came back up and gently stroked my clit, feeling it become just as hard as my nipples. I knew I was in for a night filled with pleasure.

I turned the water off and grabbed a white fluffy towel to dry off with and hurried into the room to get dressed. Brian was back by then and sitting on the king sized bed watching TV. I sauntered over to him, my body still warm from the hot water and still a little wet. The air conditioning in the room brought my nipples to full attention again. He looked up at me and motioned for me to come and sit in his lap. He brought his arms around me, his warm hands touching the exposed skin of my legs and moving up closer to my pussy.

A small moan escaped my mouth and he slid me onto the bed, laying down. He laid next to me, his hands exploring the path to my pussy. One of his fingers gently stroked up and down my slit. I closed my eyes and my breath quickened. He laughed a little and said, “Come on Baby girl, you need to get ready.”

I sat up quickly and grabbed his hand, bringing it back to my pussy. “Please daddy, just a little bit longer, please?” I pouted and pleaded with my eyes. He smiled and sat on the bed again.

“Later, you’ll get all your wanting. Right now we have dinner reservations so get dressed.” He smiled and I pouted more; he had tricked me and I thought I was going to get what I wanted. This teasing had to stop but in order to get what I wanted, I figured I would have to go out to dinner with him. So I gave up and got dressed.

I went to my suitcase and opened it, looking for something to wear. While I searched, Brian got ready in the bathroom and cleaned himself up a little. I finally found the perfect outfit for tonight; A little black dress that came up to my mid-thigh with a lace up back.

I slipped on a lace black thong and pulled the dress on over it. I found my strappy black heels and put them on; then I went over to the mirror to do my hair and makeup. I blow dried my hair so that the straight dark brown layers fell around my face and down my back. For my makeup, I didn’t have to do much, just simple black eyeliner, mascara, and a little bit of lip gloss that accented my ivory skin and green eyes.

He came out of the bathroom only a few minutes after I was ready. He looked amazing in black dress pants, nice black shoes and a light blue button down shirt with a black jacket. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him and feel everything underneath his clothes!

His brown short hair was still a little wet from his quick shower. He was just a sight to see. “Hey gorgeous, ready to go?” He smiled at me.

“Yeah big tits porno daddy, just one-second.” I put on white gold hoop earrings and sprayed perfume on me. “Lets go.”

We left the room and walked down the hallway toward the elevator. Once we got in, there were two other people. Brian stood behind me and the other two people were to my right. I felt his hands on my hips and felt him press against me. I could feel his dick rock hard and he whispered into my ear, “You look beautiful honey.”

I pushed him away and laughed saying, “Oh daddy, you’re making me blush. You don’t think this is too slutty?”

He laughed a little too and then said, “No, not at all. It’s just perfect, I love it when you dress like this.” The doors then opened and we were out. He ordered a limo to come pick us up and it was outside when we were downstairs.

“Daddy! You got a limo for us?” I looked at him, completely surprised.

“Yeah, gotta have the best for my Baby girl.” He opened the door for me and I got in while he went around to the other side of the car. Inside, there was champagne in a bucket of ice. Brian got two glasses and filled them both with the bubbly liquid and told the driver where to go.

We both finished our glasses, talking and flirting with each other. The car stopped and the driver let us know that we were at the restaurant. We got out and I saw that we were at this beautiful Italian restaurant.

I looked at him and said “Are you sure this isn’t too much?” I couldn’t believe this man was taking me on our first “date” at this amazing restaurant.

“Cyn, nothing is too much for you. You’re my one and only daughter, I need to treat you to the best.” He smiled and I became putty in his hands. He placed his hand on my lower back and we walked in together. The hostess brought us to our table and sat us down.

We had a wonderful dinner together, flirting throughout the entire meal and still acting as father and daughter. When dinner was done, we got up and went back out to the limo. On the way back to the hotel, Brian’s hand found my thigh and gravitated up my dress to my panties. His mouth met my lips and parted them with his tongue.

Our tongues danced with each other, and his fingers massaged my clit through my panties. His other hand held the back of my head; I moaned a little as my breathing picked up. My pussy was becoming drenched in my juices and as soon as the limo stopped again, and the driver let us know we were back to the resort, we finally unlocked from the kiss and we straightened up to get back to our room.

On the way in, his hands were on me at all times. We headed straight for the elevator, all eyes on us. I loved the attention we were getting so I turned around to face Brian before we got into the elevator. I put my hands on his neck and took him in a passionate kiss, pressing my body to him. I pulled away to look in his eyes and right before the elevator doors opened I said to him, “I love you daddy.”

The adrenaline was pumping through my veins and I wanted him more and more. He pressed me against the wall of the elevator and pulled my dress up to my waist. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him, feeling his dick through his pants press up against my soaking wet cunt. I needed to feel him inside of me.

The doors opened again to the elevator and he carried me to our room, my legs still wrapped around him. We got in and he laid me down on the bed, pulling my thong off while I started to pull my dress off. Once I had my clothes off I unbuttoned his shirt as he threw his jacket to the floor. His shirt was thrown to the side and he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down with his boxers while kicking off his shoes.

His hands explored all parts of my body, and he brought his lips to my rock hard nipples; sucking on them and gently biting them. I moaned a little and begged for him to stick his dick inside of me. He slid two fingers into my pussy and started to move them in and out. I thrust my hips to meet his fingers, wanting more inside of me. His fingers found my G-spot and I was seconds away from cumming.

Brian brought my legs up and rested them on his shoulders, he rubbed his dick around my wet hole, teasing my more and then quickly he thrust his dick into my tight pussy and started pumping in and out of me. His pace quickened and he thrusted his dick deeper into me, my moaning coaching him to keep going harder.

“Come on Baby girl, cum for Daddy!” Hearing him say this sent me over the edge, I grabbed onto the sheets of the bed and twisted my fingers into it, holding on tightly, as a wave of orgasm went through my body, and covered his dick in my cum.

There was no way that I was spent yet, I wanted more and I knew he would give it to me. blacked porno He slowed down his pace and I looked up at him a little confused. “Daddy, what are you doing?”

“I bought something earlier for now, and I want to use it with you.” He slid out of me, his dick still rock hard and my cum covering it. I sat up, curious as to what he had in the bag that I hadn’t noticed until now. He pulled out a thick dildo that looked almost like a real dick.

I was still sort of confused and asked, “What’s that for?” He brought it over to the bed smiling.

“Do you want to make Daddy happy Baby girl?” I nodded and looked into his eyes, questioning whether it was for me or him.

“This is going into your pussy honey while I am fuck your ass. I want you to move this one in and out and be completely filled up.” I smiled at the idea and laid back so that I could get the dildo into my pussy. With my legs spread, Brian watched me at the foot of the bed, me playing with my clit a little to make my pussy more wet and make it easier to take the rubber dick in. Slowly it slid into my pussy all the way. I sat up, still holding it into me and turning onto my hands and knees, waiting for his dick to enter my ass.

His dick was still wet with my juices, but he had lube with him anyway and slicked his dick up more and put some onto his finger. He pressed his middle finger to my puckered hole and rubbed around it before pressing in slowly. The pressure sent a shock through my body and brought a small scream to my lips.

“Daddy, I don’t think I can handle this…” I really hadn’t been sure. I had anal sex before but it only lasted a couple of minutes and it hurt like hell.

“Don’t worry Baby girl, I know you can.” I felt his lips caress my ear and felt little kisses down my neck and back. He lined the head of his engorged dick up to my little hole and pushed in slowly. I felt the head pop through the tight muscles at the opening and push further in.

“Stop, stop, stop!” I almost screamed to him.

“Shh, it’s alright honey. We’re taking it slow.” He held his dick there for a few minutes, letting me get used to the feeling.

“Okay, go ahead.” I said to Brian once I felt like I was ready to take more. He slid more in, only a few more inches before he could feel me tighten up again.

“How much is left?” I asked him.

“Only about one and a half more inches. I can just push it in really fast now so you can get used to it faster if you want.” His hands rubbed my ass and my back, trying to relax me more. “Play with your clit baby, it will help with the pain and focus your attention to the pleasure more.”

I listened to what he said and stroke my clit, starting to rub it hard and said to him “Okay, now!” He shoved the rest of his dick in with one quick thrust and I screamed a moan of both pleasure and pain. I was so full with the dildo in my pussy and his cock in my ass! It was something I had never experienced before and loved more than anything. Brian waited a few minutes before he started to pull back out to start pumping in and out of my ass.

“Baby girl, when I pull out, pull the dildo out with it and then when I thrust back in, shove it in your pussy.” As soon as he said it I reached for the rubber dick and pulled it out as he did and started to move with his rhythm, picking up speed and depth as he did.

I was moaning more and enjoying it a whole lot more than I had expected. My pussy was dripping hot liquid down my thighs and I felt his balls slap against my ass as he thrust deeper. “Cum with me honey, cum with your Daddy. I’m almost there.”

“Harder Daddy harder.” He fucked me harder, bringing me closer to climax. I rubbed my clit hard and felt the muscles in my body tighten up and felt my pussy clench the rubber dick like a vice. His dick thrust in deeper than before and as soon as I came, he shot his hot load into my ass.

“The sex was amazing night after night and we kept up the act of father and daughter for all 4 days. The looks from people multiplied and we were getting attention from everyone. Little whispers here and there and I could feel their eyes on us at all times. It was just an absolutely amazing experience and I can’t wait until I can do it again.”

The look on Kevin’s face once my story was finished was priceless. I could see that he was all hot and bothered and I didn’t even have to look to know he had a raging hard-on. I laughed and said “You alright?”

He finally smiled back at me and said “Yeah that was the most intense story I think you’ve ever told me. You tell him the next time you talk to him that if he ever wants to have a three some of you, me, and him, that I would be willing to anytime. That would be so much better than having that dildo in your pussy! Try having two real dicks in you and cumming in you together!”

The thought made my pussy wet and made me smile because I was almost positive that Brian would be into a three some and sharing me with another man. It was just another fantasy of his that was waiting to be played out.

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