Second Date Seduction

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November, 2007. Our second date.

I lead Ian to the dining room and seat him on the chair, looking deep into his eyes. I start to strip him of his clothes, first scarf, then tie, slow buttons, never losing his gaze.

Trappings released, I pull the rest off him, pants around his ankles till he somewhat quickly kicks them off… Still in my tight, clinging dress, I straddle him, and watch as his hands grip the seat, his head thrown back, eyes closed, ever so slightly biting his lip.

I start with sweet kisses, teasing my body just above his, lightly brushing his naked cock, already thick and swollen.

“I want to taste you,” I breathe, whispering in his ear, and with that he grabs my waist, my hips, and slams me down against him.

Already my wetness is soaking through my panties, the musky scent uncontained in the air.

It’s too much to take, me in heeled boots, dress hitched up, rubbing against his hard body. I begin to rock, leaning forward to nuzzle his neck, feeling his smooth, bare chest through the thin fabric of my dress. My hair is a shroud around us, trapping both our auras in a cocoon of magic.

Reading my thoughts, he pulls my silky sheer panties aside and plunges first one, then two fingers into my sopping, wet cunt. He begins to move them in and out, slowly at first, building up his rhythm as I ride his hand. I’m losing control; low-pitched moans, guttural and raw, slip from my lips.

He knows exactly what I want, this man, and bends to take almost my entire breast in his mouth, leaving it wet and shining. He closes his eyes and blows a cool stream of air; my nipple stands on end with the unfamiliar, welcome sensation. With lips pursed, his gaunt face and sharp cheekbones make an almost painfully handsome visage, and he lets the stream of air play over my face with a sense of tenderness, calming the moment.

I lean over to again breathe in his scent, running my fingers through his thick hair, and suddenly grab it hard and fast. I intertwine my feet taut with his calves, and continue to ride his hand, biting his shoulder and scratching his back in a barely controlled heat. He reads my body and pushes back, his fingers working inside me, his thumb teasing me without.

And I can feel it building, this pure, animal pleasure; I want to last longer, all night, even, but his skill and my desire combine bostancı escort bayan till I contract in a noisy, uncontrollable cat-like fury. Bucking against him, he leaves his fingers inside my dripping pussy, finally resting them still. I clamp around him in frantic spasms for full, long minutes, gasping, the walls of my cunt squeezing against him tight as a sheath.


I want nothing more than to please this man, to indulge him any way he can dream of. He pulls his hand out of me, and I let out a small sob with its absence. He silences me with the palm of his hand, and I suck my own tangy, sticky sweetness off his fingers one by one, looking into his crystal clear eyes, glassy and heavy with want.

I outline the tight crux of his jaw from ear to ear, this angular perfection only adding fuel to my lust. I move my own hand to his mouth, pushing in all four fingers, and he coats them for me, willingly, hungrily. I reach down and glide this wetness over his cock, still stiff and tall, drenched from the rush of my juices. I stroke him with my hands, and make my way down against his smooth, firm skin, tracing the sparse smattering of dark freckles with my lips.

I kiss the first shining, salty beads off the head of his ready cock, then raise ever so slightly up, a thin thread of liquid trailing from him to my mouth. I lick around the swollen head, then down the front of his shaft, then slowly, delicately run my tongue from the base even lower, stopping at his balls and moving even farther below. He’s arched against the chair, again gripping the seat.

His low moans, his words, excite me even more, and I start to stroke his balls, ever so gently placing first one, than the other in my mouth, sucking slowly, caressing him softly with my lips.

Neither of us can take much more of this hungry anticipation, and I lick the length of the shaft, glancing up at him one last time before diving back down to take his entire cock, from head to base, into my mouth. I can feel him deep against my throat, and he grabs my head, my hair to guide me.

Feverishly I work up and down, sucking, moving, slowly then quickly, and again even faster, building up a rhythm that soon has him writhing. And then I feel a new firmness, as he stiffens even harder than before, clasping me firmly.

His cock is literally pulsing in ümraniye escort my mouth, and he moans between breaths, “I’m going to come…”

And soon the movement stops, as he wrenches and cries out, clenching me from above, the rush of salty thickness filling my mouth. I wait a moment, his cock and his cum co-mingling together as one on my tongue. I breathe in, tasting him, finally, and swallow, deep and long, hoping he can feel my throat around him as I take in this ultimate essence.

I rise up once more, clinging against his knees, the two of us panting in unison. He hugs me to him, hearts beating together in time.


But this ending is just the beginning, for after our short recovery he takes my shoulders, looks at me dark and deep, and says, “I’m taking you to the bedroom.”

Standing me up, he grabs my dress and pulls it over my head, trapping it around my wrists; he spins me around, plying my arms behind my back. Now as naked as he, he pushes me from behind to the bedroom, throwing me face-down on the bed.

Before I can move, he’s climbed on top, pinning me with his knees and forcing my legs apart. He uses his hands, both of them, to look at me as I blush into the bed, completely vulnerable, totally exposed.

“You’re wet again,” he says, teasing slow circles around my entire swollen cunt, the opening, the lips, my clit, slowly up, down, around, just gently, driving me truly mad.

“Do you want some more?” he asks, with a slight menace to his voice.

I say, “Yes, yes…,” moaning it, trying to rub back against him as he cruelly pulls his hand away.

“What was that?” he says, “I asked you if you wanted more…” and plies his fingers through my hair, just a little, lifting my head ever so slightly off the soft bed so he can hear me.

“Yes,” I beg “Yes… More. PLEASE…”, ever more crazed with desire.

But I can’t move, I’m still pinned. His hand now bears down on my head, harder, forcing me down, my every sound muffled.

“Oh, poor thing,” he coos. “I think I know what you want, but I still can’t hear you.”

And I yet I can hear him, feel him stroking his cock, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Suddenly, I feel a warm, wet drip on the crack of my ass, and it drips down to coat the narrow slit between my buttocks. He rubs his cock against me, the wetness easing the escort kartal friction as he guides himself smoothly against the valley of my cheeks.

“Oh, oh… oh, my…” I think, as he continues to rub against my roundness, pleasing himself as he rides above me. But he soon moves the head down to the swollen parting of my pussy, and speaks again.

Bending down to my ear, he whispers, “Do you want me to fuck you?” and lets me turn my head to speak.

“Yesss…. Please. Oh, please…” I respond, again breathless with longing.

“Hmmm… Well, I’m not sure… Do you mean it?” he responds, rubbing my opening again with his cock, teasing, pushing gently in, only centimeters, and pulling quickly back out. “Tell me what you want, Sola,” he breathes, reveling in his power. “Tell me.”

“Oh god, fuck me!” I pant with a low cry, hardly recognize my own voice. “Now.. please… fuck me…”

And with that he plunges all the way in with one stroke, as deep as he can go, grabbing my hips, my ass, kneading my body as he slams against me. I’m writhing in ecstasy, trapped beneath him. I can’t get enough of this man, his cock, his hands, his breath, his words. I whisper my own lost mumbles into the air, and again he wraps his paw in my long, tangled hair and pulls, arching my back up and straining my neck to hear my gasps.

He drops down lower and puts his rough cheek against mine, wrapping his arm around my throat. He never stops rocking back and forth above and inside me, clear and vocal with his pleasure. I’ve never felt anything like this before, this pure animal power, every inch of him pressed against me, in total control; I’ve completely surrendered.

I can feel the tightness building up inside me, at my core, radiating out till I’m blinded with pleasure, tingling from hands to feet. The sides of my pussy cling and pulse against him, muscles tightening with a vice-like grip that threaten to milk the cum right out of him. And as I shudder and spasm, I can feel his own heat building up, as he emits a slow, fractured roar, getting louder and louder with every second.

I can feel him coming, his cum long hot spurts that warm me from the inside out. I feel him ooze out of me, coating my inner thighs with a glassy shine. He collapses on top of me, his heavy weight a gift, my pussy still tightening around him with the aftershocks of only the greatest of orgasms.

Breath in my ear, we nuzzle against each other again, slow kisses with swollen lips, gazing into each others’ half-lidded eyes, fully sated and spent. We rest till he grows soft inside of me, and doze lightly, on and off till morning.

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