School Days Ch. 01

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On her bed, face down, face burred in a pillow, another pillow under her stomach, elevating her hips. Lynn’s hands clenched the pillow and cried out in ecstasy as her boyfriend Dwayne ever so slowly stroked her from the back. He was taking his time moving in and out her, going as slow as he could manage to keep himself from loosing inside of her too quickly.

It was a fight Dwayne was losing with each of his strokes. Looking down on Lynn, her hips elevated, pushing herself up on her knees so he could get deeper. Her round, light cocoa brown ass clenching as she pushed back into him, her wet, swollen, juicy pussy gripping onto him so tightly. It was only moments later, with his hands pressing down on the bed, his body trembling calling out her name and loosing it inside of her. Lynn slamming her self hard against his pelvis, impaling herself on his very hard and long dick. Trying to make him remember this night for the many lonely nights they would soon be apart.

It was a night to remember, there last night together for the rest of the semester and almost all of the summer. Dwayne and Lynn were both juniors at Ft. Valley State in Georgia and Dwayne was about to leave on a college co-op in Virginia. They would be a apart for the Spring semester and most of the summer. It would be tuff because they had been together since early on freshman year. It had been her, Dwayne, her girl Tricia and Dwayne’s friend Anthony that always hung together. pendik escort They had become and inseparable 4 some of friends. Even with Anthony’s and Tricia’s hot and cold relationship, they still remained inseparable. But, now for the next few months it would only be Lynn and Anthony because both her girl Tricia and Dwayne would be off co-opting.

Lynn was happy at least that Anthony would be there, he lived in the apartment right next to hers. Of course it wouldn’t be the same as having her man there or even her girl Tricia. But, not too bad because her and Anthony had become good friends as well. Anthony confided in her many times when he and Tricia were fighting or on the outs, and of course Tricia did the same. She had learned to navigate with out taking any sides. Which was always good because inevitably the two always wound up back together. Anthony was a good friend indeed and she knew they would be able to keep each other company.

Lynn also knew that familiarity breeds comfort and that friends or not she did have to be careful not to get to comfortable with Anthony. Anthony was a very attractive brother, tall and muscular and she had caught herself noticing him a few times. Not only that but, she and Tricia had broken some cardinal rules and shared a little too much with each other things that went on in their bedrooms. She knew things about what Anthony liked, that she probably didn’t need to know. Not only that but, there had escort pendik been an occasion unbeknown to both of them, where she saw them together. It was something that embarrassed her to think about. Not because of her purely by accident getting an eye full but, because she actually watched them for almost 10 minutes.

It happen not 6 months ago, when on an occasion she walked into Anthony’s apartment. She thought that Dwayne was over there, so she just walked right in. When she made her way back to his bedroom, even in the dim light of the room, through the cracked door, there reflection in plain sight in the mirror. The entire closet doors itself was a mirror. They were suppose to have been broken up but, there was Tricia with a tight grip on the base of dick, and her mouth swallowing as much as she could of him. There argument had been about her visiting with her ex boyfriend when she had been home for a past weekend. Now, she was between his legs engulfing him trying to win him back. With the way she had his eyes rolled back in his head, the plan was working just fine.

Lynn, knew she should have been ashamed at watching that but, her legs just wouldn’t turn and walk away. She also knew she shouldn’t be comparing Anthony with her man Dwayne but, she couldn’t help but, note that Anthony was just as long as her man but, thicker and his dick had a hell of a curve to it! It was one of the most unscrupulous things she ever done, being a pendik escort bayan voyeur with her friends. But, she just wanted to watch her friend Tricia take that big dick of his. That’s just what she did, she watched as her girl took him in and out of her mouth. Watched as she licked and kissed his hardness from base to tip, before pulling herself on top of him. Lynn’s face was flush with embarrassment as she had watched her girl slowly slide down her other friends Long, Thick, Hard, Curved dick. Watching how Tricia has obviously been missing that good dick of his because he had her clawing at his chest cumming right from the time she took him inside.

Tricia always put up a big front that she had her man on a tight leash. But, here she was her calling out his name, telling him how good it is, how much she missed him. She couldn’t take all of Anthony inside of her bouncing up and down on him. But, what she did take, she took very well, She gave her girl some props because she could ride really ride a dick. Lynn couldn’t help but, see how wet Tricia was making Anthony’s thick curve and how hard her made her cum. Before Anthony’s big finish which was quickly approaching Lynn could tell, she tore herself away from watching. Made her way back out the door and into her own room. There in her bed those 6 months ago, she cheated on her boyfriend. Cheated on him in fantasy, fantasy of just how far down she thought she could make it on her man’s good friend’s dick. It didn’t take her long at all rubbing her clit to cum imagining herself taking him all the way inside.

That is why she needed to be friendly but, wary of being too close and comfortable with Anthony.

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