Samantha Gains Experience Ch. 01

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My names Samantha but my friends call me Sammy or Sam and I’m a nineteen year old university student. I want to recount an experience I had a few weeks ago. I was on a placement for my course and was staying with my godmother Liz and her partner Dan. Liz is thirty seven and Dan’s a little older at forty six. I was very lucky in finding a placement so close to my godmother as it saved me the effort and cost of finding accommodation. It was also nice to have someone I knew around to discuss how my days had gone and Liz and Dan looked after me well.

It was on the Saturday morning of my first week-end and I was still in bed when a knock came on my bedroom door. It eventually opened and it was Dan. “Morning Sam, I’ve just brought you a cup of tea, I’ll put it on the bedside cupboard.”

“Ugh,” I groaned still half asleep as I heard Dan leave the room …………………………

The next thing I remember was feeling hands kneading my shoulders and hearing a voice. “Come on sleepy head, your teas gone cold, do you realise it’s ten-thirty.”

I was still quite dozy but could feel the hands on my shoulders. “Mmmm that’s nice,” I mumbled. “My first weeks work has certainly taken it out of me.”

“You’ve certainly slept well. You seem to be enjoying that here let me massage you a little more,” Dan suggested as he rolled the duvet down revealing my bare back. “Liz always appreciates a light rub-down,” he continued as his hands worked down to my lower back. I wasn’t really thinking other than knowing his hands felt good. He moved the duvet lower revealing my bum cheeks which he started to squeeze gently. “When I do this for Liz it gets her moist between her legs, are you getting moist?”

“Uh huh,” I replied in confirmation.

“Perhaps you should spread your legs so that I can check you out?” Dan continued. He lowered the duvet all the way and let it fall to the floor and I slowly parted my legs a little without a thought. I was so relaxed and still a little sleepy. I felt Dan’s hands on my heels, one on each and he spread my legs wider. They then moved slowly up each leg to the top. I felt his thumbs pushing down between my legs and then one being gently eased into my love hole. “Well Sam your more than moist you’re actually lovely and wet already. I think we should continue and play with you a little more, would you like that?”

“Mmmm!” I said showing my lust. “But what about Liz?” I questioned as an after thought.

“Don’t worry about Liz she’s gone out and won’t be back till later and anyway she doesn’t need to know, ” Dan said reassuringly.

“Are you sure she won’t be back?”

“I’m sure. I’ll have finished doing you well before her return, that’s if you’re going to let me have you.”

“You’ve already worked me up and got me wet, I want you to continue and finish what you’ve started.”

“It will be a pleasure, roll on to your back so I can get a good look at you.” I followed his request and I could see him standing at the end of the bed watching me.

“Your bodies fantastic. Your little tits are gorgeous.”

“They’re not too small then.”

“No not at all, they’re all young and puffy. Why don’t you open your legs and show me that little pussy of yours?” I opened my legs and Dan seemed pleased with what he could see. “You look nicely relaxed and at ease,” he continued “I’m going to get myself more comfortable before joining you.” I lifted my head and watched as he removed his t-shirt followed by his jog pants. He wasn’t wearing any briefs and I now caught my first glimpse of a very large looking cock.

“Wow! That’s a big cock,” I blurted out in surprise. This was only the fourth cock I’d ever seen, having previously only seen my schoolboy boyfriends and two guys at university. As you can tell I’m not that experienced but I instinctively knew that Dan was well hung.

“Well it’s all yours to play with for as long as you like,” he replied. “Do you want to play with it?”

“Yes please,” I replied eagerly . “Are you going to let me play with you?”

“Of course I am.”

“Let’s play then,” he said as he got onto the bed. He lay down alongside me and gently stroked my boob “We’ll only do what you feel comfortable doing. It’s important that you enjoy our time together,” he said quietly and I already felt comfortable being with him. “I take it your on the pill?” he continued. “I intend to do you bareback, if it’s O.K with you, and we wouldn’t want to be seeding you would we?”

“Certainly not! Are you going to shoot inside me?”

“Probably not but little leaks can happen.”

“Don’t worry everything’s fine and I’m happy to be taken ‘au natural’,” I replied.

“Good,” he said as he lowered his head towards me and our lips met. He kissed me softly before probing his tongue into my mouth. I responded by playing my tongue around his. His fingers were gently pinching and rolling my right nipple in-between having my boob squeezed in his hand. Our lips parted and Dan’s mouth moved down escort ataşehir to give attention to my tits. He licked all over them and sucked and lightly bit each nipple, which I knew were as hard as bullets. I felt a hand travelling down over my tummy. It ended up on the inside of my thighs gently pulling on one and pushing against the other as he coaxed my legs apart once again. His head left my tits and I felt his tongue tracing a path down my body, over my stomach and on towards my pussy. Dan’s hands had pulled me open and I sensed his tongue as it licked along my slit towards my love hole. He repeated this action many times and from the sounds he was making he appeared to be enjoying the taste. This was the best licking I’d ever had. The boys who’d given me oral before never made me feel like this and I knew he was making me quite juicy. At the end of each stroke he was now probing his tongue into my love hole and I was responding by moaning my satisfaction.

He had moved so that he was kneeling alongside me with his backside towards my head. I could see his large semi-flaccid cock hanging down between his legs. I reached my hand out and caught hold of the shaft. I felt a shiver of surprise and anticipation going through me as I realised how big he was. I could just circle my fingers around his girth which made him as thick as my wrist. My excitement was mixed with a little apprehension which was heightened as I realised he’d not reached his full potential yet. I slowly worked my hand up and down his meat whilst enjoying his oral attentions. “You’ve a lovely soft and gentle hand. I like that,” I heard him say from between my legs “You’ll need to suck me though to get me fully hard,” he added.

I suddenly realised that I would have to give oral to his sizeable appendage and I was a little nervous, having not given out much head. The thought filled me with a dilemma. On one hand uneasiness worrying if I could take him and more importantly satisfy him whilst on the other I was full of anticipation, having seen women performing on video obviously enjoying them selves and giving their men a real thrill. I decided to go for it and encouraged him to move himself into a position that enabled me to get closer to him. I stuck out my tongue and ran it all over his huge head, he tasted good. He’d started to harden considerably and my fingers no longer wrapped round him fully. I took the ‘bull by the horns’ so to speak, opened my mouth wide and let his large cock head in. It was quite a struggle as I only have a small mouth. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get much of his length in but having learnt, from action on T.V. porn, I knew it was important for me to use my tongue. I was running it all over his head and around the rim. He particularly liked it when I licked the little flap of skin which joins the head to the shaft on the underside.

He was not the only one getting enjoyment Dan’s tongue was doing amazing things to my pussy. No one had ever spent that amount of time licking me. It was not just the time taken but how he was doing it. I’d never had a tongue up inside my love hole before, it felt so good. Then my head nearly exploded as he sucked my clit into his mouth. This was the first touch on my sensitive little nub. It was in his mouth and his tongue began flicking across it. I could feel that wonderful feeling developing in my tummy and he didn’t stop. “Oh! Fuck Dan! I’m cumming! I’m cumming,” I screamed as my whole body shook in the throes of mind-blowing climax. I’d released Dan’s cock from my mouth, but kept one hand firmly on his shaft. He hadn’t moved his mouth, his tongue slowly reduced its pace and pressure on my clit before he returned it to my love hole. I knew he was tasting and savouring all the juices he’d made me produce.

“Mmmmmmm Sam you taste terrific,” Dan said removing his head from between my legs. “You’ve also been a good girl and made me nice and hard. You’ve got a very wet little hole; I think we should make use of it.” Dan moved himself so that he was kneeling between my open legs, with me on my back. He used one hand to hold me open and the other to direct his cock towards me. I felt him rubbing it along my slit before easing his head in. I reached round behind him and holding his buttocks I pulled him towards me signalling my readiness to have all of him. Slowly his cock slid into me, stretching me wide. “Sam your little cunt’s so unbelievably tight baby it’s so good and you’ve taken all of me.”

“I feel so full,” I replied. “Dan please do me,” I requested. Dan responded and slowly started sliding his cock in ad out of me. He was good, varying his pace, sometimes pushing in fully, hard and quick, and sometimes very slow. This was the best shafting I’d experienced. He was keeping me right on the edge slowing down and easing off just before tipping me over. Each time he did so he looked at me and smiled a teasing smile. I knew I was moaning out my pleasure and Dan responded by teasing me even more. He withdrew kadıköy escort bayan himself until he was nearly out of me. Looking at me and giving me a huge lustful grin he started to pump me, slowly at first and then with increased pace and power. I knew he wasn’t going to stop this time until he had completed me. I felt that wonderful sensation building inside me once again and I was soon shouting my pleasure as I orgasmed strongly once more. It wasn’t as intense as the first but was better than any I’d experienced with my previous partners. It was also the first time I’d been made to cum more than once, in a session, by someone else. I had half expected to feel a warm sensation on my tummy as Dan unloaded, as this was what I was used to; surprisingly he was still inside me, and still filling me with a very hard cock.

Dan very expertly rolled me over whilst remaining fully up me. He was now on his back and I was straddling him, cow girl style. “Right young Sam let’s see you ride some cock,” he said light-heartedly. This was all new to me both in the length of time Dan had been doing me and the position he now had me in. Of course I’d seen women in this position on T.V. but it was now up to me to determine and control Dan’s pleasure and my own. I tentatively manoeuvred his cock until it was nearly out of me before allowing it to slowly slide back in. I was leaning forward on his chest and in this position I could feel my clit rubbing on the hairy base of his meat as I gently rocked back and forth. This felt really good as Dan held me close and occasionally ran his fingers through my hair. I could see why the women I’d seen enjoyed this position and Dan seemed to be having a good time as well.

“Sam sit up straight and take it deep,” he directed. I followed his instruction and started sliding up and down on his cock, taking it all, as he fondled my boobs. I felt the build up once again starting in my stomach, and I started to ride hard, helped by his hands under my bum cheeks, until I made myself spill my juice all over his meat. I collapsed forward on to his chest, our mouths met and we were quickly exploring each others oral cavities with probing tongues. It felt so tender and intimate kissing Dan and being hugged tight.

“Do you like doggy?” he whispered in my ear.

“Mmmmmm!” I responded in the affirmative as it was something both my university boys had done with me and I had enjoyed it.

“That’s good. Let’s have you on your knees then,” he directed. I complied, slipping him out of me, and taking up a kneeling position on the bed as requested. He positioned himself kneeling behind me. “Lean forward, arch your back. That’s it get your face and tits down to the bed, keep your bum nice and high.” He held me open and re-inserted his cock into my love hole once more. He began rhythmically sliding in and out of me. He did me like this for some time before beginning to up his pace. As he did me harder his hand and fingers reached under me and found my clit. It was too much for me to take as I started shaking and he had me climaxing again. I fell forwards onto my stomach with him still inside me. He kept still, lying on top of me, until my pleasure had subsided.

“Are you ready to take my cream?” he enquired.

I understood what he was asking and although I’d never completed a guy before I knew that I wanted to do this for him. “I’d love to,” I replied. He withdrew from up me and rolled on to his back and I moved alongside him.

“That’s it! That’s it! Taste your self on me,” he continued as I sucked on his still hard head. I’d never tasted my own love juice before. I was working my hand up and down his thick shaft and he was moaning his satisfaction. “Oh! Yes Sam, Yes! Don’t stop……………Oooooh milk me! Milk me!” he shouted as spurt after large spurt of hot thick juice filled my mouth. I kept my lips firmly over his head until he’d stopped jerking and I could feel him starting to soften for the first time that morning. I was very pleased with myself as I’d managed to swallow everything he’d given me.

I lay there quiet for what seemed like an age with my head in his lap, gently caressing his balls as he stroked my hair. Dan was the first to break the silence “Well young lady I don’t expect you thought you’d be getting fucked like that when you woke up this morning?”

“No I didn’t. It was a real surprise, you’re a very naughty man,” I replied listlessly.

“Naughty but nice, I hope,” he continued.

“More than nice, it was fantastic!” I said far more enthusiastically.

“So you enjoyed me fucking you then?”

“Of course, you were terrific. I’ve never been done like that before.”

“Well thank you. I must add you were a pleasure to fuck and I told you that I’d have finished doing you before Liz got home.”

“Oh shit! I’d forgotten about Liz,” I said in shock and far more awake, raising myself up to a sitting position.

“Don’t be so worried. I’m not going to tell her what we’ve just escort bostancı been up to and I’m sure you’re not. She doesn’t need to know that we’ve been pleasuring each other. I hope it doesn’t change things between us as I’d really like the chance to fuck you again before you go back to uni’.”

“No there’s no problem. I’d love to have you again but we’ll have to be careful.”

“Of course we will. I’m going to go now, you can use the shower first if you like,” he said as he picked up his things before leaving. I was now alone and started to reflect on the mornings events. I had spent the morning having sex with my godmother’s partner. It still seemed so unbelievable apart from the fact that I knew that I had been so completely taken care of.

I got myself together and made my way to the bathroom. As I entered the shower I heard the phone ring. “Oh hi baby,” I heard Dan’s voice in answer from his bedroom. “Yes fine………….Yes……………Yes………..I suppose so……….Where are you………………How long………………………..Good, see you later.”………………….. I heard the bedroom door open and Dan’s voice calling from the landing “That was Liz. She’s still at the shopping centre but will be back in just over an hour.” I heard the bathroom door open. “Not showered yet, so still time for me to scrub your back?”

I turned the water on and stepped under. I felt his hands on my back and then they reached for the soap. He thoroughly soaped my back and then my buttocks. I felt a finger sliding along my bum crack and down between my legs. It continued its progress until it was slid up into my love hole. I felt behind me and discovered his thick cock which was hard again. I felt the heat of his breath as he nibbled on my ear. “Ready to take some more,” he whispered.

“Please,” was my one word reply.

He pushed me forward until my hands were resting on the wall in front of me. I parted my legs and he eased himself into my love hole. I suddenly thought Dan’s doing me again I couldn’t believe it. He really was something else and carried on until I had another lovely orgasm.

“There’s more cream, if you want,” he suggested, and I did want. I turned round, sank to my knees, and sucked on his cock until he filled my mouth again. It felt good as his juice disappeared down my throat.

We quickly got dried, dressed and made our way downstairs …………………………………

“Hi! I’m back,” came Liz’s voice from the hallway.

“Hi baby,” was Dan’s reply. “Had a successful day?”

“Yes,” she answered as she came into the living room where Dan and I were sitting. “I got that coat I was after.”


She looked at me and mouthed “and new bra and pants,” and gave a little wink. “What have you two been up to?”

I felt a cold shiver pass through me before Dan answered “I’ve been reading the paper and Sam’s been doing some work for uni’ on her laptop.”

“Both keeping busy then? What have you got planned for tonight Sam, are you going out?” Liz questioned.

“I haven’t got anything arranged,” I replied.

“I thought we might have a nice meal together, a few drinks and wine, if that’s O.K.”

“You don’t have to go to any bother for me.”

“It’s no bother, honest.”

“Alright then sounds good.”

I continued with my work and at about four thirty I offered to make everyone a drink. Whilst I was in the kitchen Dan came in and ran his hand over my bum. “Not wearing panties under your leggings that’s very naughty,” he said. I told him to stop it as we had to be careful ……………………………

We all got ready for the evening and we started with a drink and a chat in the lounge. During the meal I was sitting opposite Dan and he started playing footsie with me under the table. I was starting to feel a little nervous in case Liz saw anything she shouldn’t. At one point Dan had his foot between my legs working under the hem of my short skirt. He then stopped and the meal passed without any further incident. “Come on lets go into the lounge for coffee, we’ll be more comfortable there,” Liz suggested.

Dan and I went into the lounge with him squeezing my bum on the way. I sat down on the sofa and Dan in the easy chair opposite. Liz came in with coffee and poured everyone a cup. She sat down next to me. “Do you want milk or cream with yours Sam?” Liz asked.

“Cream please,” I replied.

“Cream,” Liz continued. “I’m surprised it’s cream after the amount of Dan’s you’ve had today.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My godmother Liz knew I’d been doing naughties with her partner. I didn’t know where to put myself or what to say. I was hoping that Dan would say something. He didn’t. “I hope he supplied you with plenty, he usually does,” she continued. “Did you enjoy tasting him?”

“Uh huh,” I mumbled, nodding in embarrassment.

“Yes he does taste good. Did you let him fuck you?”

“Uh huh,” I again responded nervously.

“That’s a good girl! I was hoping you would.”

“Y-Y-You knew?” I stammered.

“Of course. Don’t worry, just relax. Dan and I set it all up between us.”

“I can’t believe it…………………I thought I was going to be in big trouble.”

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