Sally’s Sexy Santa for Her Father

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It’s the run-up to Christmas, I’m back home from Uni and doing my Christmas shopping, everything is sorted apart from what do I get for my Dad. Then I see something in a shop window that gives me an idea, but it’s so out there, so wild, I can’t believe I even thought of it.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now but not been able to bring about, I just don’t know how to make it happen. Also, I don’t know how a man I love and respect would take it. I would be devastated if he was offended.

But what healthy, forty-two-year-old male would turn down a sexy, nineteen-year-old, blonde, virgin, all gift wrapped in a sexy Santa suit. Yes, me, I’m contemplating incest with my Father.

Going red with embarrassment and disgust at the thought, I wait a little while, and then make my way into the shop. As I do so one of the last conversations I had with Mum comes into my mind, just before she died from cancer. The one where she made me promise to look after my Dad and then added, “Sally I mean in every way you can, in every way a woman can.” When I questioned her what she meant by that, and I was only fifteen at the time and even more innocent than I am now, she simply said, I would know, if and when I needed to, but that I, no, we had her love and blessing.

Emerging from the shop I’d bought the suit, and a couple of extra items of clothing to enhance the look. Now all I needed was the courage to go through with my plan, if I had I’m sure Dad would be opening his “pressie” late on Christmas eve.

Christmas eve and Dad is cooking the traditional meal that we have had as long as I can remember, a simple stew and dumplings, using his Grans recipe, but with his own twist. It’s not haute cuisine, but hot, warm, and filling just right for a cold winters night, but Dad can cook fancy as well.

Since Mum died it’s been just the two of us. Dad had asked if I was going out to a party and had seemed surprised when I said no, I was staying home with him, but we could have a party together. There was no double entendre in what I said, well not much, and none that Dad picked up on.

We’d shared a bottle of Champagne during the afternoon, the smells of Dads cooking wafting through the house, then a nice bottle of red with the meal, so I was feeling pretty mellow and relaxed as we snuggled next to each other on the sofa. I snuggled under Dads arm and leant my head on his chest as we watched a film. As the film ended it was time to make my move. I stood up aware that Dads hand had been resting on my thigh for ages, I asked him to fix me a “Jack and Coke”, then to get nice an comfy as I had a surprise for him.

In my room, I got into my outfit, a sexy satin Santa costume with white fur trimmings that tickled my bum the skirt was that short, it was cut surprisingly high on top, but way, way short in the skirt, I’d put on a red platform bra, that my perky 34B sized boobs did not need as they had always stood proud and firm on my chest, matching red satin panties, and dark grey/light black sheer stockings held up by a black suspender belt, and shiny black killer heeled shoes. The way I was dressed the panties would have to come off before the garter belt so that would be some sight for my Dad, his long-legged and sexy daughter displaying for him no panties on and in sexy stockings. I know he’s always been a leg man.

I had trimmed my pubic hair into just a very narrow landing strip, but in actuality, my hair is so blonde and fine it was as though I was fully shaven.

I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. A willowy and fit, five foot nine inch blonde, with a 34B-22-33 figure, firm breasts, a narrow waist and hips that flared nicely and a cute perky, peach, of a bum, but my best assets were my endlessly long slim legs. My face is pretty enough but not classically beautiful, my blond hair is cut shoulder length and straight as it’s easier to manage that way.

When I re-entered the living room Dad had just put the drinks down otherwise he would have dropped them from the look that came over his face, and to my relief the brief flash of lust in his eyes.

I swayed and sashayed over to stand in front of him and whispered in as sexy a voice as I could manage my mouth was that dry with tension, “Do you like me like this? Do you like your Christmas present, my Christmas present from me to you. Me.”

“What…Sally, what do you mean…You can’t mean?”

“Yes I do, if you want.”

“Sally no you can’t mean it, you’re my Daughter, no I can’t.”

“Why not?” I asked voice quivering and eyelashes fluttering, I was desperate and terrified that my Dad would turn me down and I would be so embarrassed.

“Because I told you, you’re my Daughter. I can’t, what would your Mum think?”

I took a big gulp of air before I replied, “Mum would be ok with it, in fact, we have her love and blessing.” Dad looked shocked at what I had said until I told him the details of one of my very last conversations with my Mum.

As I finished speaking tears welled pendik escort in Dads eyes. He and Mum had been childhood sweethearts and had first got together when Mum was fourteen and he was sixteen, they had been inseparable since, even going to the same University and after they got engaged living together on campus with the help of both sets of parents, they were made for each other, until the cancer changed everything. I think that’s why Dad hasn’t dated or looked at another woman in the four years since Mum died, but I knew he had needs and must be frustrated, so as Mum had told me I was going to look after him in “every way.”

While this conversation was going on and the thoughts going through my mind I saw stood directly in front of Dad, his nose less than two feet from my satin covered pussy. Hips pushed forward, I could see his breathing getting shorter as he ran his eyes over my body, longing, lust, desire there but also fear and trepidation. I stayed still for a few seconds letting him drink in the sight on view for only him, before doing a slow pirouette letting him get a good look at my bum, even flicking the skirt up a little bit. I heard a loud gasp as I did that.

Now let me say at this point, my Dad is hot for a forty-two-year-old, lots of my friends fancy him, and I’m sure a couple have made a playful pass at him. He keeps in shape with plenty of sport and going to the gym four times a week, he’s nice and trim, tall at just six foot, had fair hair just going grey in parts, but that just makes him look even sexier.

I was getting worried that nothing would happen that he would reject my advances, so I threw in what I hoped would be the clincher, “Dad, this is for you and only you, but…also it’s for me, I’m still a virgin, will you please be my first lover. That would be the best Christmas present you could give me. Please don’t embarrass me by saying no.”

Dad reached his arms out placed them around my waist and pulled me close to him, pressing his face into my sexy satin panties. I let him hold me like this for a second and let his hands play lightly over my hips and bum, as his face nuzzled my tummy and groin.

Reluctantly breaking away from him I wanted to get things moving, I moved a couple of feet away, just out of reach, lifted my skirt, hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties and as I turned away from him pushed them down in one quick movement, bending over I spread my legs slightly and kicked them off. Staying bent over I flicked my skirt so it sat on my bum and gave him a clear view right into my sex, I could feel it getting wetter and wetter as I stood displaying it for my Father.

I stood fully up and turned to face him, he could see the front on my pussy now, just in view, surrounded by a sexy black garter belt and trimmed hair. He was captivated, his eyes glazed with pure lust, lust for me his nineteen-year-old Daughter. A Daughter he would willingly have very shortly.

Keeping just out of reach I started to sway my hips and shake my boobs as I undid the zip on the back of my costume, letting the top fall down so my breasts showcased by the platform bra they didn’t need came into view for him. A quick shimmy and shake and the dress had dropped from me, leaving me stood there, in bra, garter belt stockings and killer shoes. I stuck a pose for Dad, hip pushed to one side, one hand in the top of my garter belt as if to push it down the other pushed to my pouting lips, I had been practising this sort of thing all week as this is not me. He was obviously admiring the view, his tongue was almost lolling from his mouth, drooling over the sight of me, his Daughter. I moved towards him and pushed my hips forward, that was a mistake and the last moment of control I had for the next few minutes. Dad pushed his face deep into my pussy.

I scream at the first contact, not out of fear, but at the suddenness of the move and the feel of Dads’ tongue as it laps, deep and greedily at my virgin pussy. I had never had anyone lick me there, never even touch me there before so the feelings were all new and fresh, and oh so delightful.

Dad kept his face buried in me as his hands moved upwards and pushed my bra up and groped my boobs, pawing them, moulding them with his hands, cupping them and rubbing his thumb over my nipples, squeezing them hard.

I’m moaning like there is no tomorrow, pushing my hips forward into my Fathers face, opening my legs to give him better access to my pussy, when things change suddenly, without realising what has happened I’m on my back legs pushed wide open, knees bent and Dad is lying on top of me, between my legs.

Not waiting a second or preparing me in anyway I feel his cock at the entrance to my pussy and then it’s pushed deep into me, tearing right through me in one hard fast movement, then Dad pulls his hips back and with them his cock and then powers back into me, crushing my bum into the floor with the ferocity of his attack. Then he keeps on going powering in and out of me.

I screamed when he took me, escort pendik a short sharp scream of pain, as an intense searing jolt of pain shot through me, as he forced his way through my maidenhead. More pain than I expected, but less than there could have been I suppose.

Dad surprised me by ignoring my scream and kept on fucking me hard. God it was hard and fast, not loving, but primal and lust filled, probably too hard and fast for my first time, but I wasn’t complaining, I’d started it, I’d teased my Dad, and it had been years since he had had any woman.

Dad kept up his pounding assault on my pussy, hammering in and out, using the full length of his cock and as far as I could tell at the time, a nice and long and pretty thick as well cock, as I got used to him I responded more and more as I expanded to accommodate his thrusts and contracted on him as he pulled back. Pushing my hips up and back at him matching his pace, I was sore and I’m sure my pussy must have been red by this time.

Dad didn’t last much longer, increasing his pace to a frantic rush as his breath came in ever increasing pants and without warning his body tensed, his cock stiffened and then he ejaculated in me, filling my pussy with his cum. But he didn’t stop there, he kept on cumming and cumming and cumming, firing spurt after spurt of hot cream into me, filling my pussy. He was still cumming when he began to soften and my pussy took over without my control, clenching on him, rippling along his length, trying to milk every last drop of his precious cum from his cock, my pussy drinking it down.

Dad fell forward on top of me and started to cry, long deep sobs wracking his body as he buried his head in my neck and boobs. He apologised for using and abusing me, saying it was wrong, he was depraved, he was disgusted with himself for forcing himself on me.

I held and cuddled him, comforting him as a Mother would do to a child, telling him everything was ok, I had wanted it, I had started it, he had done what I had wanted. What Mum had wanted, wanted me to do for him and her.

Dad calmed and relaxed as he took in my words, sighing.

“But nothing happened for you, it should have, Sally it was your first time, I should have been gentler with you.”

“Dad, lots happened for me, believe me, I loved it, anyway there’s lots more time to play, lots of time for you to practice your technique,” I teased him, “plenty of time for you to teach me what to do, how to respond. And I want lots of teaching tonight.”

Dad picked me up and carried me to his bedroom and laid me softly on the bed saying, “Sally, I just couldn’t wait, you looked so good, so beautiful, and so sexy in that outfit, I just couldn’t help myself. I had to have you, I had to have you hard and fast.”

I didn’t reply just smiled at him, opened my legs and arms and as he came to me kissed him for the first time, a long slow smouldering kiss on his lips forcing my tongue into his mouth, playing with his tongue.

“Dad, there’s lots of time but I want to try two different positions if you will let me,” getting bold but very frightened at the outcome. “I want to be on top, so I can look down at you, then I want you from behind, doggy style I think it’s called.”

Dad groaned when I said that, I could see the lust on his face, the wanting in his eyes.

“Oh, and I want you to cum in my mouth, even if we don’t do anything else I want to try that. I know it’s horrible and dirty, and disgusting, and nice girls don’t do that, but Dad I want to, just for you, just with you.” I was bright red with shame at what I had just said and my boobs were heaving with the deep breaths I was having to take.

Dad laughed out loud, shocking me, “Sally a woman sucking a man off, swallowing his cum, is not dirty or depraved but one of the sexiest and most loving things she can do. To do that, to do that properly, and mean it, takes a full commitment, and to my mind is an act of pure selfless love. Of course, we can do that, if you can bring yourself to.

“Your Mum used to love that, and Sally, she was good, she drove me mad. But not tonight that’s too much for our first time together, maybe tomorrow, but the other stuff, are you ready? if so get on top of me now, you little minx.”

Dad was already hard as he said this, must have been the dirty talk and the thought that I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I slid down him slightly raised myself up got hold of his cock, rubbing it up and down with my fingers, then rubbed it along my slit, not putting it inside me, but getting a feel of it, and driving Dad mad with frustration and longing.

Looking directly and deeply into my Fathers eyes, I slowly dropped my weight downwards forcing his cock deep into my already wet and welcoming cunt. I can still remember the look on his face as my hot, wet, velvety softness, slid over him and held him tight. I let out a soft sigh as my groin met his and I knew he was as deep in me as he could get.

I leant forward so my firm boobs were dangling in front pendik escort bayan of his face and he did just exactly as I wanted, sucked on them, switching from one to the other time after time, covering them in saliva, making them wet and sticky, he didn’t use his hands to cup me, or hold me, just used his mouth and his incredible tongue.

Sucking my nipples into his mouth, flicking his tongue over them. I was moaning, unintelligible sighs of pleasure emitting my lips, as I rode his cock as slowly as I could. Feeling him push into me as I sank down, and the reluctant clenching of my pussy as I pulled off him.

When I next pushed down on him Dad got hold of my hips and held me still, “Sally just stay there and grind your hips, roll them around on me.”

I was ready to obey any instruction so did as he asked.

“FUCK ME. FUCKING HELL, THAT IS SO FUCKING GOOD.” I screamed at the sensation the movement caused in my pussy and especially on my clit.

“Sally, I wish you wouldn’t swear like that,” Dad said.

I burst out laughing, “Dad, you do know what we’re doing, and you’re unhappy about me swearing.”

In reply, Dad thrust up hard into me, bouncing me up and down, up and down.


And down…



Up… …



Dads hands were on my hips guiding me and he switched to clasp my bum as he increased his pace and fucked me harder and faster. Oh God, what is happening to me, a hot feeling build deep in me, rising slowly as it spread through every inch of me, especially to my pussy which was dripping wet now. I was on the cusp of my first ever orgasm, and even then I knew it would be an intense one. Dad pushed his hips up, then held still as I rode his cock, pounding down on him to my first ever release.

My pussy clenched on him as I came, wave after wave of intense heat and tension flooding through my body, nerve ends firing signals of pleasure to my brain and pussy.

My screams must have hit jumbo jet take off levels.

Then it stopped, and I came down hard, body shuddering in a complete and utter mess, spent, mind numb, body exhausted. No afterglow here, my orgasm was that intense there was nothing left afterwards, nothing to release. I fell forward on top of my Father, but he hadn’t finished with me yet. I was going to be fucked even more. I was his Christmas present, my body was his to use, for his pleasure.

Even in my state, I could feel he was still hard and I mean hard. He pushed me off him and positioned me on all fours so I was kneeling on the bed, knees just on the edge, then he got behind me took hold of my hips and pulled me back and down onto him, forcing his dick into me, not hurtfully or violently but forcefully, letting me know he was in charge.

As spent and exhausted as I was I responded instantly, that strange but welcomed heat building in me again, and so soon after the last time. Pushing back hard and fast on him matching his actions driving myself higher and higher.

The position he was in hit a different spot and angle from what we had done before, stimulating different nerves in my pussy, or maybe the same nerves but in a different way, I didn’t care, I just loved the feeling.

And the thought of who was doing it, made it even more stimulating and intense.

My head was rocking and rolling, hair whipping about, my boobs were bouncing and swaying in time to the rhythm my Dad set as he fucked me from behind, “doggy style.”

“Oh that’s good, oh that is sooo good,” I managed to gasp as Dad continued to use my body.

Dad didn’t let me get into any sort of rhythm, one second he would be hammering into me hard and fast, the next it would be slow, very, very, slow, but when he went slow I’m sure he was trying to get his dick to twitch inside me. I could feel every millimetre of his dick as he slid it in and out of me slowly, but when he slammed in hard all I could feel was the intensity of his passion. I didn’t know which I liked more, I wanted both, time and time again.

Dad had hold of both of my hips as he took me pulling me back onto him, holding me there never letting me escape. Sheer bliss.

“Dad, fuck Dad, I’m cumming.”

“Play with your clit,” he ordered. I obeyed.

“FUUUUUUUCKkkkk…” I screamed, as an intense orgasm hit me hard, I clenched on my Dad’s cock, slammed back against him, screaming time, and time again, as I came again, and again, and again.

Dad had gone still behind me as I climaxed on him, and as I was finishing, the spasms ripping through my body and particularly my pussy pushed him over and he shot a massive ball of cum into me, filling my pussy yet again with his cream.

Dad fell forward crushing me under him, I was hot, sticky and sweaty, and my pussy hurt from the friction it had endured (and loved) in the last couple of hours. A warm glow encompassed me as I relaxed, Dad on top of me.

A Daughters love given to her Father, in one very sexy Santa outfit.

Christmas morning and I drift awake, head fuzzy, then realise I’m not alone, and I’m not in my own bed. Where am I? What have I done? Then I remember. A smile of delight and satisfaction spread over my incestuous and sinful face.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32