Sailing Lessons Ch. 03

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(Author’s note: This is a continuation of Sailing Lessons and will make more sense if you’ve read the first two parts.)


It was a great day to be out on the lake sailing. It was nice and warm for this late in the season, and the blue skies were dotted with big puffy clouds. There was a stiff breeze out of the West, and a slight chop on the water. As Audrey and I came back topside, we found Judith at the helm, standing with her feet apart for balance, as the Princess knifed through the water.

Audrey and I made our way to a seat on the high side of the boat, and hooking our toes under the padded rail, hung our butts over the side to help counterbalance the boat, which was heeling over hard in the stiff breeze. Judith grinned at us and asked where we’d been.

“Fixing some sandwiches!” Audrey said, holding up the little cooler in one hand while holding on to the safety line with the other.

Judith was standing at the wheel in her yellow bikini, sneakers and sunglasses. She was completely focused on making the Princess go as fast as it would, and leaning over, she gave the winch a crank, tightening the main sheet another notch, making the boat heel over still further. We could feel the boat pick up speed perceptibly. The starboard gunwale was almost in the water, and spray was coming over the bow now and then.

“Jeez! We must be doing, like, fifty miles an hour!” Audrey laughed as she got a spritzing, and leaned into my shoulder to avoid the spray.

“I think you’re wrong,” I said, winking at Judith, “I think it’s more like seventy!”

Judith smiled at that, and looking down at the instrument panel, announced that we were only doing eighteen knots.

“Maybe we should break out the water skis!” I said.

“Judith is such a speed freak!” Audrey said, “You should see how she drives a car! Everybody is afraid to ride with her!”

“That’s not true!” Judith said, grinning. “Lisa McFarland rides to school with me all the time.”

“That’s just because she lost her driver’s license last semester for reckless driving, and she didn’t have any other way to get to cheerleader’s practice.”

“That doesn’t make me reckless.” Judith said over the noise of the water. She turned the rudder a bit and the boat picked up another knot. “I just like to go fast!”

We were going quite fast for a sail boat, and the spray came over the bow every now and then. Judith stood there, like a stoic captain of a ship, and let the spray bounce off her sunglasses. Her blonde hair, pulled back in a pony tail, was already drenched. The thin fabric of her yellow bikini wasn’t transparent, but it clung to her gentle curves like it was painted on. Her nipples were poking out in a big way, and she stood there grinning, like sailing the Princess was the most fun she could think of having.

Audrey, on the other hand, was huddled into my shoulder, sheltering herself from the spray. She was taking the opportunity to press herself against me, and I could feel her warm breasts pressed against my arm.

“Where are we going?” I asked Judith. She shrugged.

“There’s a little bay around on the other side of the island.” I suggested. “We could pull in there and drop anchor and have our sandwiches.” I said, pointing at the island about quarter of a mile away. Judith grinned and nodded.

Judith looked around and asked, “Ready to come about?”

Audrey and I nodded, and got ready to change to the other side of the boat. Judith handled the boat like a pro, and brought us about smartly. We headed on a tack that would take us to the other side of the island. In a matter of seconds, she had the mainsail set and had the Princess heeled over to port and was making headway as fast as before. She really got into going fast. We covered the distance to the island in just a few minutes. I was afraid she would bring us into the bay too fast, even though we would be heading upwind, but just as I was about to say something, she spun the wheel and headed in. She headed straight into the wind, and we coasted into the bay as our speed dropped. I went to the bow and got the anchor ready. About twenty yards from a small beach we glided to a perfect stop, and I dropped the anchor while Judith dropped the main sail. Audrey and I helped her gather it in, and we had the boat secured at anchor in minutes.

Audrey had gotten out a towel and was drying herself. She was wearing a black string bikini, and I watched in fascination as she delicately dried the tops of her breasts and the cleavage between them. She was watching me out of the corner of her eye, and smiled when we made eye contact. Audrey’s teasing was not lost on Judith, who had seen the subtle exchange of looks. When I glanced her way, she just looked amused.

Judith had found her own towel and was drying herself off too. She took the rubber band out of her pony tail, and shook her head. She dried her hair with the towel and then brushed out her hair a bit. I couldn’t help but admire Judith’s pendik escort smooth, tanned skin and blonde hair. Judith was slender and more petite than Audrey, but, like Audrey, had big beautiful eyes and a big dazzling smile. Audrey had gone back down into the cabin and brought up a couple of bottles of wine.

She looked at me with an innocent smile and asked, “Would you open one of these, Dave?”

“Sure.” I said. Audrey produced three glasses and placed them on the cabin roof. The cabin roof wasn’t perfectly flat so when the boat rocked a bit they started to slide off. Judith saw them start to slide and jumped towards us to catch them. I had my hands full with the bottle and the cork screw, but I was right next to the cabin roof, so I tried to block the fall of the glasses by putting my left hip against the edge of the cabin roof. Audrey, in the meantime, had reacted at the same instant as Judith, and lunged towards the glasses, with the result that the three of us crashed together and collapsed into a heap on the deck. More like the two of them had tackled me, and landed on top of me. I had held the bottle in the air to keep it from breaking, and Audrey and Judith were laughing hysterically.

Judith was sandwiched between Audrey and me, and had a glass in either hand.

“Way to go, Grace!” Judith said to Audrey. Audrey couldn’t quit laughing.

Judith had landed face down on top of me, and slightly askew. Our legs had wound up tangled together, and our crotches held firmly together with the weight of Audrey on top of us. Judith’s left arm was across my right shoulder, and I could feel her left boob against my chest. Audrey must have reached down to tickle Judith, because she went off into peals of laughter, and squirmed as if to get away. The net effect was that Judith was grinding her thigh into my groin, and that was causing a sudden reaction. I just couldn’t help it, and I’m sure Judith couldn’t help but notice.

Still laughing, Judith carefully placed her glasses on the deck, and then reaching behind her, tickled Audrey. Not to be outdone, I put the bottle and corkscrew on the deck, and reached up to tickle each of them. This resulted in the two of them counterattacking, tickling me fiercely and squirming, trying to get away. As Audrey shifted her weight to roll off Judith, she forced Judith’s groin into mine and if it wasn’t perfectly obvious to Judith before, there was no ignoring the rising tent in my shorts.

With Audrey’s weight off of her, Judith planted her hands on either side of my chest and pushed up just enough to be able to look at my eyes without actually getting off of me. I could feel her left leg between my legs as she moved, and she took her time breaking contact with my hardening member. She smiled as she looked in my eyes, and then lifted herself off of me. Instead of getting up, she just rolled up so she was sitting with her back to the cabin, and reached out to retrieve the wine glasses.

I sat up as well, and leaned against the cabin wall. I looked for the bottle of wine, but Audrey had retrieved it already, and was standing over Judith and me, twisting the corkscrew the rest of the way in.

Chuckling, she said, “What a bunch of clumsy bartenders!”

Expecting Audrey to pour the wine, Judith held up her glass and said, “At least we didn’t break any of the glasses!”

Audrey tugged at the corkscrew mightily, but it didn’t budge an inch. She leaned over and stood the bottle on the deck between her feet and tried to pull the cork out. Judith by now was laughing at Audrey’s futile attempts to uncork the bottle, and said, “C’mon Audrey, we’re thirsting to death!”

I had taken a glass from Judith and was holding it out In front of me expectantly. I was also enjoying the view down Audrey’s skimpy bikini top as she was bent over and her boobs wobbled with each tug on the cork screw. By now, Audrey had gritted her teeth and was growling at the bottle. Finally, she let out a big breath and sank down to sit beside me.

“I give up!” She said and handed the bottle to me. I handed her my glass and with a display of manly strength, pulled the cork from the bottle. I filled Audrey’s glass and Judith held the other two glasses for me to fill. When I got the cork safely back into the bottle and parked it beside me on the deck, Judith handed me my glass, and the three of us sat there, leaning against the cabin wall and sipped our wine as the boat rocked gently in the little bay.

“What a struggle!” I said.

“Here’s to sailing!” Judith said, hoisting her glass.

“Here’s to being parked and having the damned wine open!” Audrey said.

We sat there soaking up the sun and drinking our wine and talking about this and that, Audrey and Judith happily chatting away about lots of things. I eventually had to open another bottle of wine, and Audrey and Judith got onto the topic of friends and relatives they both knew and the wild and crazy things that had gone on last year at the lake. Eventually, Audrey escort pendik reached over and pulled her bag next to her. She pulled out a little container and produced a skinny little joint and passed it across me to Judith.

My eyes bugged out and I know I looked at Audrey with wide eyes. Judith just smiled and plucked the joint out of Audrey’s hand. Audrey smiled at me calmly and then looked at Judith. She pulled a lighter out of her bag and reaching across me, lit the joint as Judith held it to her lips. Judith and Audrey grinned at each other, reveling in my shocked look. Then Judith looked at me and handed me the joint. Judith had a twinkle in her eye and smiled a reassuring smile like nothing unusual at all was going on. I took a little puff and passed it over to Audrey.

Audrey looked at me and asked us “Have you ever shared smoke?”

“What?” I asked, looking at Audrey.

“Well,” she said, “I take a puff and blow it into your mouth, and then you pass it on to Judith.”

Judith took a sip of her wine and said, “Go ahead, Audrey. He’ll figure it out.”

Audrey set her glass down on the deck and took a big puff. She leaned over and planted her lips on mine. She blew the smoke into my lungs and then took the opportunity to slip her tongue into my mouth. Her left hand roamed across my chest. When we broke our kiss, I turned to the expectant Judith. She leaned in and planted her lips on mine. I blew the smoke into her lungs. Judith held it for a minute and then blew out the tiny wisp of smoke.

Audrey took a sip of wine and said, “I don’t think she got very much.” She passed the joint to Judith and told her to start it this time. Judith took a big puff and handed Audrey the joint. Then she leaned over and planted her lips on mine. She blew the smoke into me, and I was a little surprised when her hand went behind my neck and she held the kiss for much longer than necessary. She pulled back and looked right into my eyes. I thought she was going to say something, but she didn’t. I looked back at her and was so distracted that I just exhaled without giving any to Audrey. Judith had beautiful eyes. Judith broke our gaze and looked at Audrey. Audrey had picked up the lighter and had lit the joint again. She took a big puff and handed the joint to Judith.

Audrey leaned into me and again planted her mouth on mine. She blew smoke into me and then plunged her tongue into my mouth again, turning it into a deliberately passionate kiss. Her left hand caressed my hair and then roamed back down to my chest and trailed down to the waistband of my shorts. I had my right arm behind Judith, and Audrey was now on top of my left arm, so I was powerless when Audrey boldly ran her hand right across the bulge in my shorts and down to my thigh. She caressed my leg as the kiss lingered on. Audrey was making a deliberate show of giving me a passionate kiss. I was left breathless when she broke our kiss, and she left her hand on my leg when she pulled back and looked at Judith and smiled.

Judith was patiently waiting her turn, sipping her wine. As soon as I caught my breath, Judith lit the joint again and took a puff. She rolled towards me and proceeded to kiss me deeply. I could feel her perky little breast crushed against me and her right hand caressed my chest. Meanwhile, Audrey’s hand had crept up my leg and she was brazenly stroking my raging erection through the fabric of my shorts.

Judith’s tongue was exploring my mouth and dueling with my tongue. The kiss went on long after I had to exhale through my nose. I was becoming light headed, and getting lost in the moment. Judith was obviously getting lost in the moment as well, as she wrapped her arm around my neck and plastered herself to me. She came up for air just for a second before mashing her mouth to mine again, oblivious to Audrey.

Audrey continued to stroke my shaft through my shorts as Judith simply got lost in our kiss. Judith rolled towards me and hooked her right leg over mine. I was almost sure she would have to feel what Audrey was doing to me. I knew Audrey was doing this to freak me out, and it was working.

I gave Audrey a pinch with my left hand to let her know she should quit that before Judith saw what she was doing. I could feel Judith’s hips begin to grind ever so slightly as she continued kissing me passionately. Finally, she broke the kiss and pulled back just enough that she could gaze into my eyes.

“Wow!” she said, still staring right into my eyes. I couldn’t help but stare right back at her. Finally, after what seemed like a long time, Judith looked over at Audrey, and they smiled at each other like they were sharing some inside joke. Judith rolled off of me and sat back up to lean against the cabin wall again.

She picked up what was left of the joint, which had gone out, and looked at it.

“That’s some pretty good stuff!” she said.

That was an understatement. I was starting to get a serious buzz. A number of thoughts danced through my fuzzy pendik escort bayan brain. It somehow seemed perfectly normal to be out on a sailboat with two of my wife’s nieces, sharing wine and a joint with them. I tried to imagine what might happen if anybody in the family found out. Not that I had really initiated anything. I just seemed powerless to resist whatever Audrey and Judith wanted to do. Not that it would make any difference to Aunt Edna or Uncle Albert, or my wife Louise, if they found out.

Judith had set the joint aside and picked up the wine bottle.

“More wine?” she asked.

Audrey leaned forward, retrieved her glass and held it out. “I thought you’d never ask.”

I pulled my right arm from behind Judith and retrieved my glass and Judith refilled my glass.

Audrey pulled the cooler closer to her, and opened it.

“Want a sandwich?” Audrey asked, pulling a couple of the small sandwiches from their baggies and passing them to us. The three of us sat there, leaning against the cabin, soaking up the sun and we munched our little sandwiches and sipped our wine. I was overwhelmed with a sense of well-being and relaxation. It was a wonderful warm day, and I was sitting between two gorgeous young ladies in tiny bikinis, and we were catching an excellent buzz.

We munched on our sandwiches in silence, just taking in the blue sky and water, the fluffy clouds, and the warm sunshine. The water lapped quietly at the boat’s hull, and you could hear water birds in the distance.

After our snack, we opened another bottle of wine and each had another glass. We were feeling quite mellow and Audrey took out her towel and stretched out on the cabin roof to work on her tan.

Judith squinted at the beach.

“That looks like a really nice beach.” She said. “Too bad we can’t pull the Princess up on the beach.”

“Why would you want to pull the Princess up on the beach?” Audrey asked.

“So we could go lay out on the beach, and explore the island a little.” Judith replied, sipping the last of her wine.

“You could always jump in the water and swim in.” Audrey said. “It’s not that far.”

Judith looked at Audrey and asked, “Do you want to swim in with me?”

Audrey, by now looked like she was half asleep, and without opening her eyes just said, “Actually, I was just getting dried off a bit.”

Judith pondered that for a bit. Then she looked at me.

“Would you swim in to the beach with me?” she asked.

“Um, OK.” I said, looking over at Audrey, who seemed to be asleep already.

As long as somebody stayed with the boat, I guess we could go for a swim. For some reason, the story about the sailboat found drifting empty out in the Caribbean popped into my mind. The story was that all of the people on the boat had decided to go swimming while they were floating out at sea. The last person who dove into the water had apparently forgotten to put the ladder out, and there was no way for them to get back on the boat, and so the boat floated off and they were never seen again.

Actually, we had a perfectly good ladder on the stern. Judith got in the water first, and I followed. The water was quite cool, and we headed in the direction of the beach.

“I’ll race you to the beach!” Judith said as she kicked hard and took off.

“OK,” I said, and managed to grab her ankle as she went past. As I pulled her back, I pulled myself forward, and I took off. Judith laughed and made a frantic grab at me as I shot past her, but she somehow managed to grab the leg of my shorts and pulled.

“Ha!” she said, giving a hearty tug and pulling the trunks down to my knees. The tug had also pulled her even with me, and she kicked hard to get away from me. I was struggling to try and pull my trunks up with my right hand, and trying to grab Judith with my left. I was just a bit too slow, and even though I got a handful of Judith’s bikini bottom and gave it a tug, Judith rolled over and pulled free. Once she had gotten away, she laughed as she sprinted ahead, and swam the short distance to the shallow water where she jumped up and ran as fast as she could up to the dry sand and plopped down. Even though I’m in pretty good shape, I couldn’t swim near as fast as Judith. I came staggering up the beach, breathing heavy and walked up to where Judith was sitting and stood, looking down at her, dripping. She was trying to squeeze the water from her hair as she panted. I couldn’t help but look at her perky little breasts as they rose and fell with each breath. Her nipples poked out through the yellow clingy fabric.

“You’re a pretty fast swimmer!” I said appreciatively.

She just grinned up at me.

“Besides, “I said, “you cheat!”

“Well, you started it!” she said, sticking her tongue out at me and grinning. “I should have pulled your trunks all the way off!”

“That would have just reduced the friction so I could have gone faster.” I said, as I wiped the cool water from my hair and arms.

“Maybe so, but then again, you might have run aground with your centerboard sticking down like that.” Judith said with a smile, nodding at the outline of my semi-hard member as my wet shorts clung to my skin.

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