Roy and the Gardener. (Fiction or maybe Fantasy).

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Roy and the Gardener. (Fiction or maybe Fantasy).
“Woooooow!Summer Holidays are here”,finished my exams,3rd year seniors,done crap as usual,definitely,”Not a Scholar”.
Well almost 7 weeks break from school,lots of fun with my friends up at the riding stables.
“Rooooy”,my Mom shouted,”Will you stop daydreaming,Dad & me will not be back till Monday from Bewdley till Monday and we are going straight into work,so we will see you Monday evening,(They have a Static Home on a club site that they use weekends at the Historic town of Bewdley ,on the River Severn).
“I,ve put Matts money in the cupboard there”,pointing to a cupboard on the kitchen wall,”he,s back off his holidays,so he will be back here Monday morning”.
I look at Mom,”Who,s Matt,what,s the money for”.
“It,s his wages,he,s the gardener”,Mom says.
“Did,nt know we had a gardener,I thought you & Dad did it,suppose he,s an old bloke”.
Barbara,my older sister,sat next to me,gave me a nudge,”No Roy,he,s about 20-21 years of age,You,ll like him,my little Gay Brother,he is Hot,but no good to you,he,s Straight,just had 2 weeks holiday in Barbados with his girlfried,well his fiance,he,s Hot”.
Well parents went off to Bewdley for the weekend,Barbara went off to stay at a friend of hers for the weekend after we had ,had our tea.
The weekend went quick for me,Horse Show,Saturday,won 3x 1st,s,2 x2nds & 2 x 3rds in the Gymkhana events,on my Grey Arab,Gymkhana Pony,”Dancer”,Saturday.
I stopped at my friends house,”Tony W”,on Saturday night,we took it in turns stopping at each others houses after Gymkhana shows.
Tony canlı kaçak iddaa was the same age as myself,a month different in our ages,we had known each other from 8 years of age,I,m sure I was in love with Tony & i,m sure he feels the same about me,we,re always together.
We always sleep together in the same bed,although nothing has really happened,I,ve made moves onto Tony,(I Fucking hate this,I,m used to Bois or Blokes coming onto me,for my Ass,not me doing the chasing).
I,ve had a hold of Tony,s Cock,hand on top of his underpants,he,s Cum & it,s oozed through the cloth of his underpants,I,ve turned my back on him & licked his Cum off my hand,Luvved the taste of him,woke up the next morning,both of us walking around the bedroom with a Boner on & even then he has,nt come onto me.
I get so Fucking Frustrated,in my head i,m Screaming out,”Tony,for Fuck sake,Fuck me”.
Tony,s attitude does,nt change,it,s as if nothing has happened,he,s still my Best Friend.
Sunday evening,I,m back home,Ray my elder Bro is at home,he always stops at his girlfriends on weekends.
I wake up Monday morning hearing Ray getting himself off to his work,he,s a butcher,I know Barbara will go straight into her work from her friends house,I must have fell back off to sleep after I heard Ray leave.
It must have been about an hour later when I was awoken by a noise in the back garden,I get out of my bed,Naked,as I always am at home in my own bed,not a Big Cock,but I,ve a Good,Hard Boner on,I wander over to the window,which are,4 big windows from floor to ceiling,I see him kaçak casino there in the garden,Wooooow,is he Fucking Fit,no shirt on,Great Suntan,I could see he,d been on holiday,pair of Blue Jeans,fitting perfect,I did,nt realise I was Stroking my Little Cock, he looked up,seeing me at the window,I ducked out of his sight,putting my underpants & a Teeshirt on & looking at my bedside clock,09.45 am,Iwent back to the the window wondering if he had seen me Naked,I still had a Boner on inside of my underpants.
I stood looking at him working in the garden,”He is Fit”,i,m thinking,”He can Fuck me”.
He looked up at the window,a smile on his face,that smile was telling me he,d seen me Naked & I was hoping he had, I opened one of the windows & called down to him,”Hi,are you Matt”,he called up to me,”Yes,you,re Roy arent you”,”Yes”,I replied,”Do you want a cup of tea”,he nodded back to me,I took another look at him before turning away to go downstairs to the kitchen,”Fuck he is Fucking Fit”.
I open the backdoor & shout out,”Matt”,he shouts back,”OK,Roy,I,m coming”,me thinking,”I hope you are shortly in my Boihole”.
I look down at my underpants,i,ve still got a Semi Hard on & I see the glisten of Pre-Cum oozing through the cloth of my underpants.
“Well I,ve never been Shy being seen in my Underpants before by anyone so a bit of Pre-Cum showing,might encourage him to go for my Ass,as i always say,It Pays to Advertise”,I was thinking.

deleted I heard Matt knock on the backdoor,”Cum in Matt,grab a seat”,(Mine I was hoping)I had my back to him,putting casino oyna the kettle on & getting a couple of tea mugs out of the cupboards,”Milk & sugar Matt”,”One sugar Roy & not to much milk”.
I brought the teas over to the table,putting his in front of hm,I sat opposite him,pulling the chair out from the table & sit down in front of him,my legs spread open,i,d got him so he had to look at me.
“How did you know my name Matt”,I asked.
“Your Mom never stops talking about you Roy”.
Im thinking,”Wonder if she,s told him that I,m Gay”,I catch his eyes checking me out,Up & Down my Body,his eyes linger on my Wet Spot on my Underpants,then he looks direct at me,”Oh,she,s always telling me about your pony & your Gymkhanaing,I can see you,re Fit,suppose you have to be,for that game”.
“Now I know he,s not 100% Straight,checking my Body out,Barbara you,ve got it wrong,this Boi is going to have his Meat in my Boihole”,I was thinking.
We chatted for a while about Gymkhanaing,showed him the Rosettes I had won over the weekend,I was playing every move to get him into me,moving about a little Camp & talking Slightly Effeminate,he,d got to know now,I wanted his Cock.
He drank his tea up & said,”Nice chatting Roy but I,ve got work to do”,Disappointedly I gave him his money,Mom had left in the cupboard.
“Matt”,I said,”I,m going up for a shower & get myself ready to go up the stables,so if you want anything,you know were I am”,hoping he would take the hint & come up the stairs to me,Give me a Good Hard Fucking.
“I,ll be OK”,he said,don,t forget to lock up before you go out,maybe see you next Monday”,and he disappeared down the back garden.

Well is Roys Luck going to change,Will Matt have Roys Boihole,I hope so,

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Story told by James.

Luv from Us2.

Roy & James.xxxxxxxxxx

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