Rockin’ in Rhode Island

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With my fling with Katie a thing of the past, it made way for me to meet new people and Victoria and I were the perfect match. After a few months of dating Victoria and I got married but because of the impulsive nature of our getting hitched we never got to have a honeymoon. We were both all tied up with work and didn’t have the money to do anything. About eight months later Victoria got a call from her aunt Lillian asking her to house-sit at her place while she went to New Jersey to meet a guy she had met on the internet. Since Aunt Lillian’s house was in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island right by the beach and we now had the time and some extra money we decided to make this be our honeymoon.

Let me tell you, Victoria is a knockout hottie. She stands about 5’1″ with long black hair and tan skin. My baby also has a very cute face with dark brown eyes, high cheekbones and a dimple in her chin. She has a flat stomach which is accented with a belly button ring and some perfect round tits. They look great both in and out of clothes and look really great oiled up and look best of all with my cum all over them, but that’s getting off topic. She also has drop-dead legs and a booty that would make a grown man cry. I’m a very lucky man. Many times I catch people turning their heads to look at her and it makes me proud. Let the other girls be jealous and let the guys fantasize about her while I actually have her.

The drive to Newport was really stressful with traffic and all that so when we finally got to Aunt Lillian’s we were very happy. We grabbed our bags out of the truck (yes Victoria had a lot more bags than me), got the key from under the flower pot on the porch, and went inside. Once we got to the guest bedroom we dropped our bags on the floor, and Victoria gave me a big kiss. I kissed her back and I felt her gasp as I slid my tongue into her mouth. I kissed her cheek and down her neck as I untied the back of her dress. She slid her hands under my shirt and lifted it up over my head. As her arms went up her dress fell away to show she had nothing under it. No bra, no panties, just perfect body. Holy fuck she was sexy! I dropped my shorts as Victoria laid back on the bed with her legs in the air.

“No time to flirt, just fuck me,” she said. I slid my hard dick into her already wet pussy and started fucking and she started moving her hips with me. I leaned in and pushed her legs up even further as I really drilled her hard. “oh yeah yeah yeah,” Victoria moaned. She looked up at me with a pleading look in her eyes and said “come with me baby?” I nodded enthusiastically. She started rubbing herself and I fucked her hard until I felt her pussy start pumping and I held my dick up in there as I filled her up and she cried out. Once we calmed down I pulled out slowly, causing some cum to leak out dribbling down her ass and onto the bed sheet. Victoria giggled a little bit.

“Let’s unpack our shit and get to the beach,” Victoria said. “It’s only about a mile up the road and I want to make the most of our time here.” I changed into my swim trunks and Victoria changed into a white bikini.

“You can’t wear anything white,” I joked. “I know how impure and dirty you are.”

“Shut the fuck up,” she said and playfully slapped my arm. “You know I look good and I only get dirty for you.” Then she turned to go to the truck, swinging her hips and showing off that ass.

We got back in the truck and drove a short way to the beach. We parked and found a spot on the sand. We laid out our towels and sat down. We took a few silly selfies of ourselves. After that Victoria opened the side zipper in her purse and pulled out a bag of weed and one of her prized possessions, a pink and white bowl with PRINCESS written on the stem. She packed it, lit it, and took a hit. She hit it hard, exhaled slowly out of her nose, and passed it to me. I took a hit and gave it back to her as I kissed her and passed her some smoke.

“That’s my second favorite thing you’ve ever blown in my mouth,” she said and kissed me again. We smoked up the bowl and then headed to the water. We stood in the waves and made out. I heard somebody cheer and whistle. We kissed really passionately. I started squeezing her ass but she pushed me away. “Uh uh uh, save it for a little later”, she said.

The sun began setting over the water and it looked truly beautiful. Victoria and I kissed again and took another selfie together. As it got darker we packed up and went back to the house. We grabbed a frozen pizza from Aunt Lillian’s freezer and heated it up. I’m a really good cook but today I didn’t have the time or energy to do anything fancy.

After we ate Victoria said, “how about you do the dishes and after that meet me upstairs.” Obviously I was excited out of my mind and couldn’t wait to get those dishes done.

I approached the bedroom door and opened it slowly. The lights were down low and music was playing. Victoria was standing there wearing a purple robe which was open to reveal she had nothing else on except a necklace that illegal bahis dipped down between her tits. She beckoned me with a finger as she backed up and got up on the bed. “Come to me,” she whispered seductively. I walked toward her and as I stood at the edge of the bed I dropped my clothes. My hard-on was standing at full attention so Victoria got down on all fours and stuck out her tongue at me to show off her tongue ring she had put in. She licked up and down my hard dick a few times and took a few long sucks. Then she kissed my balls and gently sucked on each one. Then she licked up my dick and kissed the head. I laid down on the bed and she got on top. Victoria started riding me slowly and working her hips as I reached and grabbed her sweet ass. She leaned down and put her tits in my face and I kissed and sucked them. She moaned softy and in my ear sang along to the song that was playing, “I just want to look good for ya, good for ya.”

She playfully bit my earlobe. I responded my shoving my dick hard up into her. She moaned and then giggled. We kissed passionately. She took off her robe, got off me, and laid back on the bed. She opened her legs wide and I got down and started licking. I licked up and down her pussy and worked my tongue inside. She moaned and said some things under her breath couldn’t quite make out. She was so wet! I pulled her lips apart and licked her clit really fast, a trick I know makes her cum quick. Sure enough she did with a squeal. I got up and she turned around. She dipped her hips and shook her ass at me. I slid my dick in from behind and fucked her doggy style. As I got into it I smacked her ass a few times and she started working her hips. She whipped her hair and threw her head back as she let out a moan. Then Victoria put her gymnastics skills to use as she got down and did a split with her legs all the way out. Her ass looked so good and her pussy was so tight it took all the control I had to not cum too fast. Finally she came for me again and I didn’t have to hold back any longer and filled her up

The next morning I was woke by Victoria shoving me. “You would not believe what happened!” she said. “Max is harassing me again!” Max is her ex-boyfriend and is a total creep who still won’t leave her alone. After they split, Victoria actually had to move, give up her car, and change jobs due to his endless stalking and harassing her. He tried to crash our wedding but was recognized by some of our friends who threw him out. Now after all that he apparently had been creeping on Victoria’s Facebook page and seen the selfies we took at the beach the day before and had sent her a nasty message. It was some rambling bullshit that called her a bunch of nasty names and wished a bunch of bad stuff happened to both her and I. Real charming buddy.

After she read me the message Victoria sighed and said, “Well if those pictures got him mad, let’s take some to make him more mad.” Victoria grabbed her phone and took a picture of us kissing. Then she grabbed my dick and started stroking it. In no time it was rock hard. She handed me her phone and said “snap away babe”. Then she started sucking my dick very energetically. Shen never broke eye contact with the camera and I got a few good shots of her in action. After that she got on top and started riding me. As she got into a rhythm she reached down and started touching herself. “Be sure to get shots with my wedding ring,” she told me as she rode me hard and rubbed herself. Really soon she moaned “I’m gonna cum I’m gonna… AAAA!! FUCK!!” She came for me and I got some shots of her face in ecstasy. After a moment Victoria got off me and said “let’s get that money shot. Go see if there is some lotion in the bathroom.” I went to the bathroom, searched around under the sink and sure enough found some lotion. I brought it back to Victoria. She got on her knees, squirted some lotion into her hands, and started jacking me off as she looked up at me and made flirty faces. In no time I came all over her face and tits. Victoria took the bottle and squirted some more lotion on herself for dramatic effect and I took some pictures of that sexy sight. Once she toweled herself off we picked out the best pictures form our little photoshoot and she sent them to Max. Then she blocked Max so he was not able to respond. A message appeared saying Max and been blocked and “we’re sorry you had this experience”. We were actually both glad to have had the experience we just did.

We got dressed and decided to go to Providence for the day. I wore jeans and my UConn Huskies t-shirt. Victoria wore black capri pants and a red button up shirt which was unbuttoned at the top to show off how fantastic her tits in a push-up bra look. “You DO know we are deep in Brown territory. Don’t you think people will give you a dirty look for that UConn shirt?” Victoria asked.

“I think they will be too distracted by my hot wife,” I responded.

“You’re a clever one,” she said and smiled.

We drove out to Providence and explored around town. We took a illegal bahis siteleri bus tour and saw the home of the writer H.P. Lovecraft and the house where they filmed the opening scene of the movie “True Lies” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie says it was in Europe but in reality that house is actually right there in Providence. You don’t really care about any of that though, do you? Well, actually Victoria did. She was seriously interested in all that history crap. She was fascinated by every little detail and wanted pictures of herself next to every sign, statue, landmark, or scenic view.

When we got back to the house and decided to smoke another bowl. We sat on the living room couch and smoked it up. We started making out and Victoria got on my lap when the phone rang. We let it ring and it went to the answering machine and Aunt Lillian’s voice came on asking Victoria to pick up if she was there. Victoria answered it and talked to her aunt. As she was talking I sneaked up behind her and started rubbing on her and squeezing her tits. She playfully pushed me away so I lifted her hair and kissed her neck. Then I squatted down and pulled down her black capri pants and started kissing and licking her nice ass. I took a finger and reached forward and started rubbing her through her thong. Victoria said on the phone “I think there’s something burning in the oven. I have to go, I’ll call you later.” She hung up and turned around to face me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” she said, trying to sound angry but obviously was not convincing at all. “I’m trying to talk to my aunt and you can’t behave for one minute?” she started to unbutton her shirt. “Is THIS what you want?” she said as she took off her bra and shoved those tits in my face and I started kissing and sucking on them. In a hurry all the clothes came off and before I knew it Victoria was on her knees and I was holding her hair with one hand as she was going down on me. She looked over at a big mirror that took up most of the wall and watched herself in action. “Yesss,” she moaned. “I look so fucking hot sucking on your fat cock. I look like such a dirty slut.” She sucked a few more times. Then she turned to face the mirror and, crouching in front of it, started playing with herself. She got into watching herself and the look in her eyes got more intense.

She opened up her legs wider and leaned back so she would have a better view. I watched for a moment, then I walked over to her and lightly smacked her on the cheek with my hard-on. She turned her head and started sucking while she rubbed her pussy. She looked up at me and said “what’s a cunt without her cock? Let me ride it.”

I got down on the floor and she got on top facing me. Victoria started riding me. A moment later she leaned down and kissed me as she kept grinding. Then she looked over her shoulder in the mirror. “Holy fuck!” she sighed and smiled at me. “It looks so fucking hot. I can see my ass bounce while that cock goes in and out of my pussy.” She giggled. She moved herself up and down slowly while watching in the mirror.

“I want to see too,” I said. “Let’s do that doggy style.” Victoria got off me and bent over with her ass in the air. She reached down and rubbed herself gently a few times before she took my dick in her hand and put it in. I started out slow but got faster and harder. Victoria and I both watched ourselves and each other in the mirror. Now and then she would shake her ass at me and I would spank it. She reached down and started rubbing herself hard as I fucked her. In no time Victoria came hard with a scream. I kept fucking her still cumming pussy as she moaned and even growled a couple times. I grabbed her hair and pulled it as I came inside her really hard. We caught our breath and kissed passionately. Then we went to bed and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Our after-smoking, after-sex nap was very relaxing and felt like a long time but when we woke up it turned out we had only been sleeping for about an hour. Victoria called back Aunt Lillian while I went to the kitchen to make dinner only to find there wasn’t very much there so we decided to go get some stuff. We got dressed to go to the store. I put on an Aerosmith t-shirt and some gym shorts. Victoria put on a black dress that was VERY short. We drove up the road to the store. In the store we were picking out food and Victoria did a lot of bending over on purpose. She would intentionally reach for something on the bottom shelf and give a very obvious view up her skirt. I caught a few other people looking and really couldn’t blame them. My wife is sexy, it’s a natural fact. Several times Victoria rubbed her ass up against me or quickly touched my dick through my shorts. I had a very obvious hard-on the whole time. Over the sound system in the store that song by (I think) 3-OH-3 that goes “you make me feel so la la la la” was playing. Victoria playfully shook her ass to it. We checked out and got a dirty look from the fat clerk.

When we got in the car and started canlı bahis siteleri driving as fast as we could. When we got back to the house we didn’t even bother to take the groceries. We just went inside and Victoria immediately bent over. I lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and shoved my hard dick inside her. I fucked her hard and fast until she came hard with her legs shaking so much she could hardly stand up and fell to the floor.

“I want to taste it,” Victoria said before taking my dick in her mouth. She sucked it very enthusiastically. Right when I was at that point she did two kisses right on the tip and I came. She stuck out her tongue and tried to get as much as she could in her mouth. She smiled up at me, softly said “good boy” and kept gently kissing and licking my dick as it went soft and sucked my balls.

I put on my boxers and Victoria put on a bathrobe and we brought the groceries in. We had dinner and cuddled up on the couch watching TV. The movie “Dude Where’s My Car” was on. I personally think it’s really dumb but it’s one of Victoria’s favorite movies so we watched it and fell asleep.

In the middle of the night I woke up to Victoria moving next to me and the light of a phone. It took me only a second to realize what was going on. She was getting off to the pictures we had snapped earlier to torment Max. I kissed her on her cheek and slid my hand down to where hers was. Victoria kissed me very passionately and with my hand I felt she was so wet down there. Her panties were off and she was soaking wet with juice was all over her smooth pussy and dripping down her ass. I was obviously hard as a rock and I got on top of Victoria. My dick slid in so easily. I fucked her and she worked her hips and we looked in each other’s eyes the whole time. Neither of us spoke a word but we were totally in communication in a physical and soulful way. I kissed her as I felt her orgasm approaching and Victoria reached down and rubbed herself. We came together very passionately.

The next morning we got up and decided to get to the beach early to get the maximum amount of sun and sand. We set up our little spot and laid out for a while getting some sun, sipping Gatorade to stay hydrated. That was Victoria’s idea and makes total sense. Isn’t she brilliant? I’m so glad I married her. Now and then we would get up and go for a dip in the water. Victoria’s white bikini practically gets see through when it gets wet and I had an obvious boner in my swim trunks so we had to try to behave ourselves and be at least a little discreet.

When we got home we took a sexy shower together and then decided to go out. I changed into a button up shirt with blue flames on it and jeans. Victoria put on black leather pants and a belly shirt with some high heels. In our adventures of the past few days Victoria had been keeping an eye out for places that looked nice. After asking several people we had met at the beach earlier she had gotten recommendations for a place called Buskers and we went there for dinner. It was very good and if you’re in the Newport area I really do recommend going there.

After that we decided to hit some bars. We walked along until we found a place that looked pretty cool. There were lights on and music playing and a decent amount of people. Victoria took me by the hand and we walked in as some guys hanging out smoking cigarettes turned their heads to check out my sexy wife. We ordered two Heinekens and sat at the bar checking things out. After we quickly finished our drinks (we’re classier than chugging but not wimps who nurse one drink all night) Victoria and I hit the floor and started dancing to the music that was playing. Victoria is a good dancer, having done gymnastics and dance lessons since she was young she has a special talent and way of moving. We grooved together to the music. As the song ended I held Victoria’s hand in the air as she spun around and then we kissed as I squeezed Victoria’s ass. At least one person at the bar cheered.

We went back to the bar to get some more drinks and then got back to dancing. A few other people got on the floor too, possibly inspired by us. These three college dudes invited us to do a round of shots with them and we gladly accepted. On a dare one of them took a shot from a glass stuck between Victoria’s tits.

After a few rounds of drinks and dances we started to get a little rowdy. A loud rock song came on and Victoria started banging her head and whipping her hair. I sat down on a bar stool and she started grinding on my lap. Soon enough the bar owner came over and asked us to leave. We resected his wishes. Say what you want, call us punks but we didn’t want any trouble to ruin our honeymoon.

We were too drunk to drive so we took a taxi back to the house. When we got back I grabbed a certain CD and put a certain song on. The song in question would be “Grind On Me” by Pretty Ricky. That’s a song Victoria and I have some history with. That song was playing the first time we ever fucked and her roommate walked in on us asking if Victoria had her straightener and ended up seeing something she can never unsee. Victoria also gave me a lap dance to it another time. It was also the song Victoria and I consummated our marriage to on our wedding night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32