Robbie’s Mother

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“Mom, I need your help with something,” Robbie turned the corner and walked into his mother’s room.

Carla, his mother, was sitting in bed, reading a book like she always did at night. She was wearing the same nightgown she always wore. Nothing Robbie hadn’t seen dozens of times before.

But this time Robbie paid attention to how his mother looked. For the last three days, his friends had been teasing him about his ‘hot mom’. They knew her because she was a teacher at their school.

At first, Robbie had been annoyed by the teasing. His mother wasn’t hot, she was just his mother. But now he wondered.

“Am I missing something?” he thought. “Do they know something I don’t?”

So this time he really looked at his mother. Her favorite nightgown was see-through. He had never paid much attention to that fact before.

Robbie realized he could see her brown areolas moving up and down as she breathed. They were easy to see under the nightgown. He felt his cock stir in his pants.

She was looking at him, waiting for him to say something.

“You need help with something?” she prompted.

“Yeah,” he broke out of his reverie. “I need to sew a button back on my shirt and I can’t get this needle threaded. Can you try?”

His mother took the needle and thread. She raised her arm and turned, holding the needle up to the light so she could see better.

Robbie was watching her breasts. The nightgown shifted as his mother moved, showing him the outline of her breast. They weren’t huge but they weren’t small either. Robbie thought they looked soft.

For the first time, he noticed her nipple. It was a pretty ordinary nipple. Except that it was his mother’s nipple.

He tried to subtly adjust his cock in his pants.

“What am I doing?” he wondered to himself. “It’s just my mother. Just because the guys were kidding around about her being hot doesn’t mean she is.” His cock continued to disagree.

“Got it!” His mother handed back the needle, now threaded.

“Thanks, mom.” Robbie paused for one last look before he left.

“Definitely not hot. Just average,” he thought.

Carla smiled after he left. She knew he had been looking at her breasts. Frankly, she was surprised he hadn’t done it years ago. But Robbie, now 18, often lived in his own world, lost in thought.

She had always worn see-through nightgowns. Carla had tried regular nightgowns. She found them too heavy. Her nighties were made of thin material and were light as a feather.

She had tried sleeping naked but could never get over the feeling someone would catch her. So she stuck with the see-through nightgowns.

Carla knew one day her son would notice. That day had finally arrived. Robbie’s mother hoped it would be a phase that passed quickly, like a summer storm.

Her son had never seemed to have much interest in girls or sex. After all, he had never been on a date, never mind have a girlfriend. He had never even asked how to meet girls.

Back in his room, the boy focused on sewing the button back on. His mind kept replaying the scene in his mother’s bedroom. Her breasts moving, the color of her areolas, her nipple sticking out. His cock kept getting harder.

He finished the sewing and went into the bathroom to jack off.

“This is so stupid,” he thought “getting a boner over my mother.”

That night he dreamed about his mother and woke with another boner. Morning boners were pretty common for him so he didn’t think much of it. He jacked off and got ready for school

Later, Robbie was leaving the cafeteria headed for class. A friend passed him headed the other way.

“Just saw your hot mama,” his friend said grinning and pointing back over his shoulder. Robbie saw his mother walking down the hall ahead of him.

Normally, he would have run up to say “Hi” but not today. Instead, he hung back, watching her hips move as she walked. He could see the panty line under her skirt.

“Does she wear panties to bed?” he wondered. His cock stirred and tried to rise in his pants. Robbie made a quick side trip to the boy’s bathroom to shift it to a more comfortable position.

That night at dinner, they were eating and chatting as usual. His mother suddenly leaned forward to catch a bite as it slipped from her fork. Her blouse gaped open and Robbie was suddenly looking down at his mother’s bra.

“That’s a pretty skimpy bra,” he thought. “I can see the top of her areola poking out.”

The view disappeared as his mother sat straight again. Robbie looked closely at his mother’s chest. Was he imagining it or was her nipple poking out? He shook his head to clear his mind and resumed eating.

Robbie was ready for bed but wanted something to drink. He walked to the kitchen, wearing only the lightweight flannel shorts he used for pajamas.

His mother was standing at the counter eating a piece of cake.

“God, he is a handsome hunk of beef, isn’t he?” was her first reaction.

“Great minds think alike,” she said out loud. “You want some bursa escort cake?”

Robbie nodded. His mother was in her nightgown. The see-through one. And he could see everything through it. “Why have I never noticed this before?” he wondered.

His mother was wearing pink thong panties. He could see where her dark pubic hair shaded the pink. Some of her hair was visible at the sides. Looking carefully, Robbie thought he could see a camel toe.

“Is she doing this to tease me? Does she want me to make a move on her?” He dismissed the thought immediately. That was a crazy idea.

His mother looked at him oddly as he got his cake and began eating standing by the opposite counter. Robbie suddenly realized his cock was hard and his lightweight flannel shorts were doing nothing to hide it.

He shifted and leaned his side against the counter. That was even worse. His cock stuck out at a 60 degree angle, pushing the shorts away from his body. His mother chuckled to herself and politely looked away.

“I’m going back to bed,” said his mother, still smiling. Robbie watched her hips sway as she walked down the hallway. The thong left her ass cheeks exposed. They jiggled as she walked.

“Damn, she’s got a nice ass,” he said half aloud.

Another dream about his mother. Another morning boner. Another jack off session.

Carla passed by the bathroom on her way to the kitchen. The door was open slightly. She knew he was masturbating. It wasn’t the first time that had happened.

But this was the first time she looked. She peeked through the crack and saw her son with his cock in his hand. It was the first real cock she had seen in many years. Ever since Robbie’s father had left.

“He sure is better hung than his father was,” his mother thought. “Stop it! He’s your son.”

But she didn’t stop watching. She was beginning to feel aroused. She kept watching until he was ready to come. Then Carla walked away.

“Leave him a little dignity,” she thought.

At school, Robbie went out of his way to find his mother. He watched her walk down the hall. There was no panty line. Probably wearing the thong from last night.

Robbie thought about how her ass cheeks jiggled when she walked. He got erect. Robbie had already positioned his cock in his pants, knowing that would be his reaction.

During the same day, Carla was thinking about her son. Or at least about his cock.

Robbie’s father had left over a decade before and Carla had put her sex drive on hold. She was busy with a job, a baby, and getting her teaching degree. She didn’t have time for sex.

Besides men in their twenties didn’t want to date a single mom when there were still lots of unattached women available.

Over the years, her sex drive had stayed on hold. Carla masturbated occasionally but it was less lust or desire and more a way to relax after a tough day at work.

The sight of a real cock, erect and in her own house, had set her sex drive back in motion.

“What is wrong with me? I’ve seen a cock before. Several of them, in fact. No big deal.”

Her pussy seemed to disagree. It stayed wet all day. The longer she thought about it, the more she wanted sex. Or at least a hint of sex.

When she got home, Carla changed into her ‘sexy bra’ and an oversized shirt. She left an extra button undone.

“What harm can it do? It’s just a little playful teasing,” she tried to convince herself.

She made soup and sandwiches for dinner and placed her bowl a little further away than usual. Which meant Carla leaned forward a lot to eat her soup. Her loose fitting shirt fell open every time. Robbie could see both breasts.

“That’s a different bra. It’s skimpier than the other one,” he observed. The cups were one layer of cloth with no padding. “I can almost see her nipple,” the boy observed.

“Holy Shit!” The bra had just gaped open and exposed his mother’s nipple. His cock was super hard. Then it did it again. Robbie rubbed himself under the table and almost came in his pants.

He hurriedly excused himself and hustled to the bathroom to masturbate. It didn’t take long.

Carla smiled to herself. Earlier, she had installed a tiny webcam in the bathroom so she could record exactly what her son did.

“If he’s going to jack off to me, I might as well jill off to him,” she had decided.

Now she was amused. “He’s getting all hot and bothered by my tits. Don’t I feel like a fine sexy woman! Having an 18 year old drooling over my tits.”

Robbie sat down again and focused on his mother’s shirt. He paused his eating every time the shirt gaped open. About every third time, he could see his mother’s nipple.

If Robbie hadn’t been so focused on his mother’s tits, he might have realized Carla’s hand was rubbing her crotch under the table.

“I should have worn a skirt and no panties. That would make it easier to play with myself.”

Her son was 18 but she had always thought of him as her little boy. At least until she saw him handling his adult size bursa escort bayan cock. Now she had to restrain herself from staring at his crotch.

They were washing dishes after dinner. She was washing, he was drying. She playfully bumped him with her hip. He bumped back.

Things escalated. Soap bubbles were thrown back and forth. Then water. Robbie got the spray attachment and hosed his mother. Her white shirt got soaked and became transparent.

His mother fought back by tickling him. He returned the favor. They wrestled around, laughing and having fun.

Robbie accidentally grabbed his mother’s breast trying to move her away. He quickly let go and almost as quickly grabbed it again. He squeezed it a little, savoring the feel in his hand. His mother moved off and stuck out her tongue.

When he rushed her, she ducked down and grabbed him by one leg, trying to tackle him. Instead, she ended up with his crotch in her face. She felt his hard cock and shifted to gently mouth it through his pants.

“It’s been a long time since I had a cock in my mouth,” she remembered. She knew her pussy was wet.

This time he moved away. They circled each other, smiling.

“We should stop now before this gets out of hand,” his mother said. “We don’t want to break anything.”

“Definitely,” Robbie replied just before he rushed her again. He picked his mother up and they both crashed to the ground.

They lay there panting. Robbie’s thigh was pressed tight against his mother’s crotch. Her hand was trapped under his cock. Her nipples were visible through the wet shirt.

Robbie wanted to do something. Something that would lead to sex with his mother. But he didn’t know what to do.

His mother solved the problem but not the way he wanted. She pushed his shoulder and tried to sit up. The game was over.

As his mother struggled to sit up, her hand never left his cock. If anything, she took a firmer grip. Then she let go and stood up as if nothing had happened.

“She just squeezed my cock!” thought Robbie, stunned.

Robbie sat on the floor and watched his mother walk off. At the door to her bedroom, Carla paused and pulled the wet shirt over her head and off. For just a moment, the boy could see his mother’s bare breasts. She walked into her room.

“Was that on purpose? Did she want me to see her half-naked?” Robbie was confused and horny and his balls hurt. Time to jack off again.

Nothing happened for the next two days. No nip slips, no accidental touching, no deliberate groping. But the sexual tension lingered under the surface of everyday activities.

It was Friday afternoon. The start of the weekend. Robbie and his mother usually did something over the weekend. A movie, an outing to a park, museum, whatever caught their fancy.

“We need to talk,” his mother said. They sat at the table and talked. It was an awkward and disjointed conversation about growing into a man, temptation, puberty, finding a girlfriend, and safe sex. It didn’t make much sense to Robbie and he was glad when it was over.

His mother had been planning on an entirely different conversation. One where she told him looking down her blouse was normal for a teen his age but had to stop. Where she told him that accidental groping, like the other day, had to be avoided.

But she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

“Be honest with yourself, Carla. You like him looking at your tits. You liked it when he squeezed your boob. You don’t want him to stop. And you like looking at his cock. You don’t want to stop either.”

So, at the last second, she improvised the weird half-ass ‘birds and bees’ speech that made no sense.

His mother went to bed early, as usual. She brought her book with her, as usual. Normally, she would read for a couple hours before going to sleep.

“Hey mom, I’ve got an idea about this weekend,” Robbie said as he walked into her room. He stopped dead in his tracks.

His mother sat in bed. The covers were thrown back. Her nightgown was bunched up around her hips. A pair of panties hung from one leg. Her hand was under the nightgown, moving in and out.

Mother and son looked at each other. His mother reached for the remote and turned off the TV. She had been watching a video of her son masturbating. Now his cock stood two feet away.

Carla took her hand out from under the nightgown. Two fingers glistened with wetness. She looked for a tissue to dry them and couldn’t find one. She put the two fingers in her mouth to clean them.

“You were saying?” was her very calm comment.

Robbie didn’t know what to do. He stood there, mouth open.

“Don’t be so shocked. Everybody masturbates. You masturbate a lot.” His mother gestured toward the bed. “Sit down.”

“I know you’ve been looking at me differently lately. I know you’ve been looking at my breasts. That’s okay. That’s normal for a boy your age.”

Robbie nodded slowly. He was blushing at having been caught.

His mother was going to say it was time to stop. They had to escort bursa be adults and avoid temptation. Those weren’t the words that came out of her mouth.

“Does it arouse you to see your mother’s breasts?” It was like a different woman was talking. Robbie nodded dumbly.

“Does it arouse you because it’s taboo? Or does it arouse you because you like my breasts?” Her hand was slowly drifting back down toward her pussy.

Robbie was coming out of his shocked state.

“Both I guess. You have nice breasts. The fact that it’s taboo kind of adds to it.”

“What else do you like about my body?” His mother couldn’t believe she was saying these things.

“You’ve got a nice ass. I like the way your hips sway when you walk. My friends think you’re hot.” Robbie was unconsciously rubbing his crotch.

“Maybe we could be a little more open with each other. Like right now, I bet you’ve got a hard on.” His mother shifted forward a little. “Do you have a hard on for your mother? That’s quite a compliment, you know.”

Now Robbie was beet red. Of course he had a hard on for his mother. She was sitting right in front of him wearing that see-through nightie. He could see her nipples and areolas. He could see her whole breast.

If he looked carefully, he could see pubic hair through the folds of the bunched up nightgown. Her panties were hanging from one leg.

“Stand up, Robbie. Let me see your hard on.” His mother wanted to see what his cock looked like through his pants. But that wasn’t how Robbie took it.

The boy stood, undid his pants, and dropped them to his ankles. His cock sprung free, hard and proud.

“Damn that’s a fine looking cock,” Carla thought. “I’d like that inside my … “. Carla wouldn’t let herself finish the thought.

“Go get a towel, Robbie. Put it on the end of the bed.” Robbie found a bath towel and placed it across the bed.

“Now you masturbate your big cock onto the towel and I’ll masturbate my pussy.”

Robbie very hesitantly put his hand around his cock.

“This is fucking weird. My mother wants to masturbate with me. God, that’s so hot.” He smiled to himself. “My friends thought she was hot at school. They should see her now. Super hot.”

He watched as his mother pulled her nightgown even higher and spread her legs. She was watching him and deliberately giving him a good look at her pussy. She eased two fingers between her lips and began to move in and out.

His mother had been almost done when Robbie had interrupted so she quickly got close to orgasm again. She panted as her excitement built.

Robbie was stroking his cock without realizing it. He was so aroused by the sight of his mother it took him no time before he was shooting cum across the towel. It was a lot of cum. When he was done, he just stood there, cock in hand.

He watched his mother climax. She panted and twisted on the bed. She closed her legs and pressed her hand hard against her pussy. Her body tensed and her face contorted. She froze.

She relaxed with a soft “Ahhh”. After a few moments, she looked over at her son. He was mesmerized.

“Maybe you should clean off your cock and go to bed.” He nodded agreement and left with the towel.

The next day, mother and son managed to mostly avoid each other. The little interaction they had was framed with embarrassment. They even ate separately.

Robbie kept reliving the night before. How her tits looked through the nightie. How her pubic hair looked. How his mother tensed as she came.

Carla wasn’t reliving the night before. She was thinking about what came next.

“There’s still time to stop. It was just one time. You can tell Robbie it was a mistake,” one part of her mind was saying. “Shut the bedroom door, get a thicker nightgown. You can stop this before it goes too far.”

Another part of her tried to justify things. “Hey, nudity is no big deal. You saw your parents naked all the time. So you masturbated together. It’s good for him to see a woman do that. Heaven knows he isn’t getting a girlfriend anytime soon.”

There was another voice in her head. It was quiet but persistent. She tried to ignore it. She couldn’t.

“You want him. You want him inside you. You want him inside you every night. You want him in your pussy, your mouth, your ass.” The voice paused. “You want him to give you a baby.”

Carla almost cried. She did want him. More than anything. She knew it was wrong but she wanted him anyway.

The three voices in her head went around and around until a decision was made.

It was late when Robbie’s mother came out of her room. She stood across the living room from Robbie. He felt her presence and looked up from his homework.

His mother was wearing her regular nightgown. He could see her nipples through it. He realized she wasn’t wearing panties. He could see her dark bush. He got erect.

She walked across the room and took his hand. She led him into her bedroom. There was already a towel across the bed.

Carla grasped the waistband of his pants and pulled them down. His cock sprung free again. She stood and took off his shirt. He was naked in front of his mother.

Robbie had probably been 10 the last time his mother had seen him naked.

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