Road Trip Ch. 07: Room Service

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(AUTHOR’s NOTE: Arthur is 60, Kent 38, Rose and Renee are 18 years old. The characters are a family introduced to Literotica Readers previously in the cantos of the epic poem “O Mother Dear”.)

Rose jumped from the bed, her ass smarting from her dad’s slap and her pussy leaking thick creamy bits of his cum. Grabbing her bottoms from the sheets, she dashed, half nude, past her uncle, pushed him through the connector into Room 190, and locked the door. Renee rolled off the bed and ran to hug her sister. Embracing, she ran a finger along Rose’s sticky slit and put it, first on her own lips and then, on Rose’s mouth. “Mmmm, yumm-O!” she exclaimed, and both girls broke into gales of laughter.

Stripping quickly, the twins scampered to the shower to freshen each other up under the hot needle spray. They dawdled only slightly as they douched their still tender twats and then briskly dried each other off. Returning to the room, they adjusted their wardrobe from yesterday’s casual SIM appearance to their Flat Out Identical Look – FOIL – and stepped out the front door of Room 189.

This time neither Arthur nor Kent could identify which was who. What is more, they could not have cared less as they gawked at the two young women who miraculously seemed to have replaced Rose and Renee.

The twins were visions in white, beige and gold and the men slowly appreciated them from the ground up. They stood tall in bone-white knee-high wrinkle-top cowboy boots with spiraling harness straps, buckled in bright gold D-rings. Their legs, above the boots, in snowy tights, disappeared at mid-thigh under the hemline of creamy, soft, mock turtleneck, long-sleeved sweater-dresses. Across their chests three zigzag bands, graduated from beige to sand to taupe, marched from the center of their busts to their armpits, accenting their impressive shelves. The dresses’ design, and the yarn’s weave and density, was paradoxically modest and revealing. Every nuanced and pronounced contour of the twins was highlighted, yet, there was no trace of undergarment lines or detail. From neck to ass, Rose and Renee were smooth, soft round lines. Arthur thought his father, were he alive to see these angels, might have described them as “French curves in sheaths, waiting to be laid and brought under a pen.”

Their make-up and hair was equally simple, understated and complimentary. Pale lip gloss shone discreetly and hints of rouge on their cheeks announced their dimpled smiles. “Hi, Daddy! Hi, Uncle Art!” they called in unison, presenting themselves. Turning full circles, they asked, “Do we look OK?”

“You look like a Vogue cover,” Arthur answered.

Kent added “I’ll say!” and then, to Arthur, under his voice , “And good enough to eat…later.”

Forcing themselves to restraint, the men stepped forward, lightly kissed each girl, and went into the room to collect their bags and load the Jeep.

Arthur drove the final 90 miles to North State University, parked, and the quartet fund seats in the back of the NSU Memorial Hall just as the Dean of Freshmen began her ‘Welcome to North State’ orientation presentation. As she droned on the biggest challenge was staying awake. Finally, they were released to the guiding care of Teaching Assistants, to parade in small groups pendik escort around the sprawling campus, ending at Administration Hall to pre-register for the Fall Semester. At two o’clock the girls were done with the compulsory stuff and totally done with wanting to be on campus. “Can’t we just leave?” whined Renee, with Rose nodding vigorous support.

“I guess, so,” Kent offered, looking to Arthur for a final comment.

“Sure, let’s ‘skip school’, head along the coast toward San Francisco, cut inland and drift home the long way.” Arthur said. “I know a nice little in with a view. I’ll call and see if they have rooms for us.”

Promptly leaving NSU behind they drove down the scenic Old Coast Highway to Bodega Bay where Arthur pulled under the portico at a fancy resort and said, with a twinkle in his eye, “What the heck, I thought we could splurge for a night…You wouldn’t mind a suite here, would you?”

The twins “Oooh”-ed and “Aaah”-ed and even Kent was impressed by his father’s uncharacteristic largesse.

The bellman unloaded their luggage to a trolley and Arthur flipped the Cherokee keys to the valet and went with Kent to the main desk. Rose and Renee swiveled their legs to get out of their respective doors. On the driver’s side, Rose’s extended left leg pushed past the sweater-dress’ hem, which had ridden up on the seat cover as she moved out of the Jeep. The valet had missed Arthur’s key toss and now, bent to pick them up, he found his eyes on a plane with Rose’s thigh. He stared at the white triangular cavern of her dress hem and her slightly separated upper legs. Rose continued to climb down, flashing briefly the snowy crotch of her tights before her right foot touched the ground. She casually ran her hands down her sides, smoothing her dress bottom, and turned to walk around the rear of the SUV. Hearing the valet sneeze as the globes of her butt naturally undulated beneath the weave, she looked over her shoulder. Still walking away, she gave the valet a big smile, winked, and said “Goesintight!”

Renee waited on the other side for her sister. Hooking their arms, they paraded in step slowly through the lobby to the front desk to join Arthur and Kent. The following bellman, keeping his eyes fixed on their floating asses, stumbled twice with the cart but managed not to drop his load. The men turned as the twins arrived. Arthur told the bellman, “501, please” and Kent spread his arms to herd the party toward the elevator bank.

The elevator cab was a bit cramped. Renee, stepping in right after the bellman and trolley, was constrained to stand facing him. He faced the button panel, pushed ‘5’ and dropped his right arm to his side with his uniformed bicep just grazing Renee’s chest. She stepped an inch closer, wedging his upper arm between her hidden breasts, and smiled sweetly. Inhaling, she increased their contact and then, exhaling softly through her mouth, she wafted a light peppermint scent from her lip gloss past his nose. The bellman, trapped between the trolley and Renee’s tits, grinned nervously, eyes locked on the panel. Renee shifted her balanced stance slightly and moved her hands. Her left closed on the bellman’s right wrist and pulled until his hand was on the inside of her left leg just below her dress hem. Her right hand extended escort pendik past the bellman’s trousers pocket to rest flat against his groin and delicately scratch the swelling object there. “OH!” she chirped, with a clutching squeeze, as the elevator stopped at their floor, “That was quick!” Turning her head to Rose, who watched the show and blocked Arthur and Kent from view, Renee added, “Did you feel a little thrill just now?”

“Mmm Hmmm,” answered Rose, “I sure did.”

The doors opened and they exited the elevator. The bellman bent over the trolley a moment, rearranging the bags more securely, then backed carefully out with an odd gait. Arthur wondered if he was a wounded veteran and thought it strange he hand not noticed the limp before they got in the elevator. He gave the bellman and extra large tip, said “Thanks for serving,” and closed the door to Number 501.

Kent said, “It’s early yet, but let’s head down to the dining room.”

Already out on the balcony, looking across the greenery tothe surf pounding on the beach, the twins turned and immediately protested.

“Daddy!” started Renee.

“We love this room and view,” picked up Rose.

“Can’t we get room service? asked Renee.

“Yeah!” finished Rose, excitedly, “The suite has a table and four chairs and everything we need right here!”

Arthur supported them. “That’s a good idea. We can enjoy the view, eat, and, with no one else around, it’ll be just like we owned the joint!”

Kent agreed and picked up the phone. “Add a couple of bottles of domestic champagne, Son,” Arthur said, then changing his mind, “Wait! see if they have Cold Duck or some other sparkling burgundy. If they do, get one of those, too!”

“Yay!” shouted the girls, “Party time!” Jumping onto the coffee table, in front of the sofa, they raised their arms over their heads and started to dance.

Arthur and Kent came over to the couch, sat back and were rewarded with a close 30 degree up-angled view of the teenagers’ lithe bodies slowly swaying provocatively to unheard music. Encouraged by the audience, Rose and Renee streched high to the ceiling, causing their breasts to flatten somewhat and their dresses to creep up their thighs, showing the undercurves of their bottoms and the faint outline of their pussies’ lips pushed against their invisible panties and highly visible tights.

Turning to face each other, hands touching, arched overhead, the girls drew close and kissed briefly. Withdrawing, they slowly lowered their arms and held each other’s shoulders loosely with their elbows bent. They again closed the gap and stood, in profile to the men, each sliding her hands behind her sister’s back, spreading fingers and thumbs, maximizing contact. They moved nearer still to each other and edged their hands down. Crossing the small of the back, their hands crawled laterally to find the hips, then down again, rearward, to rub and grasp the dress material drawn tight across their bottoms. Gently, slowly, persistently the girls tugged the weave up until it was gathered fully in their hands at waist level, leaving each sister’s perfectly formed buttocks, tummy, thighs and knees silhouetted above their buckled high-heeled bone boots.

Holding each other’s waists, they jigged, and pendik escort bayan jiggled, in a small circle on the table top, then pushed each other’s bunched sweaters up, over their chests, heads, and finally, off their arms. Renee and Rose swung these wool lassos, gyrating their hips and rolling their shoulders, and then let them go to land on the laps of their astonished Father and uncle. Each twin turned half around and now they stood, back-to-back, breasts jutting beneath their chemises, which draped to mid-stomach, leaving a two-inch band of pale flesh to peek above the waists of their tights.

Keeping their backs straight, they sat, still in profile to the sofa, and brought their knees up to their chins, compressing their bosoms with their thighs. Now, Rose and Renee reached down and eased their boots from their feet, pushed them off the table, and swung their white-on-white legs and bodies around to face their rapt audience. Sitting on the table edge, the twins lay back, lifted their legs straight up and pedaled the air slowly as their hands slipped the seats of their tights over their flexing ass cheeks. Lowering their legs, they sat up and rolled their tights down from hips to toes. At last, with delicate calculated ankle kicks, they flipped their loose leggings to join the heaps of discarded wool now piled at the feet of Arthur and Kent.

Reduced to panties, chemises, and bras, the girls slid off the table, knelt before the men and quickly unbuckled, unzipped and undressed them from the waist, leaving their rigid one-eyed jacks to poke through their boxers. Rose attended Arthur while Renee worked on Kent, then both slithered and climbed onto the couch, knees straddling the men’s thighs and hips, poised over, but not touching, their twitching rods already gleaming with pre-cum. The girls leaned forward, arching their backs, and raised the bottoms of their chemises to clear the tops of their breasts, still firmly supported within the which lace cups of their bras. Not stopping there, they raised their arms to pull the chemises over their heads and cast off the garments.

Only the merest covering of sheer lace maintained as the twins again began to move. Swaying, shimmying, swiveling, they quietly danced on the men’s laps and smiled as they saw, and heard, Kent’s and Arthur’s growing appreciation. Nor were the twins immune to their own teasing routine. Both Renee and Rose started to succumb to the thrills of arousing the men. More independently, but still with unity of purpose, they began to address their own desires.

Rose opened the center clasp of her bra and shrugged her breasts free to bounce happily in her uncle’s face. Arthur wasted no time latching on to one budding tip and twisting the other with a pincer grip.

Renee dropped her head to take her dad’s purple knob into her mouth to suck as she rubbed his missile with abandon and cupped is huge balls in a fiercely possessive hold.

Arthur pushed Rose down and lodged his cock between her tits, squeezing them close and tight as he lunged his hips, sliding in this created channel.

“MMmmph!” exclaimed Renee, muffled by Kent’s great cock in her throat.

“Oooh! Uncle Art!” cried Rose.

“Room Service!” called the bellman, knocking on the door to 501.

“Coming!” shouted Arthur, spewing his jet stream up onto Rose’s neck and chin to bounce back onto her tits.

“Yeah! Coming!” growled Kent, pulling out of his daughter’s mouth and shooting his wad onto her sputtering face.

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