Ridden Tempest

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This story has been submitted as part of the RAINY DAY STORY CHALLENGE set on the Author Hangout Discussion Forum. All criteria and build up can be viewed through this link: RAINY DAY STORY CHALLENGE THREAD. Enjoy! And get wet!

* * * * *

Liz pulled into the driveway, grateful to be home after a long day at the hospital. She took a moment to admire her home, but the real reason she was reluctant to go inside was because it meant she’d have to leave the cool cabin of her car. The Northeast had been plagued by heat waves this summer and air conditioning was a luxury that she and Sabrina hadn’t seen fit to equip their home with. The breeze off the Atlantic was normally more than capable of cooling the small Cape Cod they owned, but she was really wishing they had it now.

Taking one last deep breath of crisp, cool air, Liz turned off the engine and headed up the driveway. Her first step onto the front porch stairs always made her chest swell. A mix of pride and anticipation filled her as she reached for the front doorknob. She loved this house more than she’d ever imagined but what really made her heart race was the gorgeous blonde within. Liz smiled at her own giddiness and despite feeling drained by the smothering heat, she felt a bit of bounce returning to her step as she crossed the threshold.

“Hey, baby!” Liz called into the large living room.

There was no answer and she dropped her satchel by the door before sifting through the mail. Bills, junk, ad circulars and yet another damn AOL trial disc were replaced in their basket before she leaned down to slip off her shoes. She started for the stairs and looked around to be sure that all windows were open, praying that some kind of movement would stir the oven-like air surrounding her.

“Blondie?” She yelled at the top of the stairs, but there was still no answer.

Liz wandered into the bedroom where she immediately stripped out of her scrubs and stood before the fan. She pulled her curly brown hair off her neck and piled it atop her head, clipping it there to keep her neck exposed and letting the breeze from the fan caress her naked skin. She walked to the bathroom and was disappointed to find no sign of her girl.

Liz walked to the bedroom door and yelled down the hall in the direction of the work room, “Sabrina!”

She waited a moment and heard nothing in response. Liz pushed away from the door frame and stalked across the bedroom to stand in their window. A flood of sexy memories washed over her and the effects of prolonged heat and lack of sex could be felt sharply. Her mind’s eye replayed the image of Sabrina masturbating in the window, her silhouette easily discernable standing as she was, aglow in the moonlight. A sudden twitch in Liz’s pussy reminded her of the erotic sights and sounds of her lover approaching orgasm while she watched from a chair in the darkest corner of their bedroom.

Where the hell is she, Liz wondered. She could’ve sworn Sabrina’s car was in the driveway when she arrived and she didn’t remember the blonde saying she had any plans that evening. Just then her stomach growled and she decided to grab some supper before she did anything else. Liz pulled on a pair of running shorts and a sports bra before heading down to the kitchen. She found a covered plate on the island and lifted the paper towel to find a turkey sandwich, made just the way she liked it, accompanied by her favorite potato chips.

Liz smiled at Sabrina’s thoughtfulness and took the plate over to the refrigerator where she ate happily, standing with her face in the open freezer. She never figured she’d have to deal with heat to this degree when she moved from the south, but back home they had the good sense to furnish every building and vehicle with air conditioning. Why the idea hadn’t caught on or was deemed unnecessary up here was quite beyond her comprehension.

She finished quickly and reluctantly closed the door to the freezer before opening the refrigerator door in search of something cold to drink. The cool air felt good on her skin, but she knew the second she closed the door, the air around her would seem even hotter than it had before. She was surprised to find the fridge stocked. Sabrina abhorred grocery shopping, but Liz quickly realized that the blonde had opted in favor of the cool grocery store air and said to hell with her dislike of shopping.

Liz smiled when she saw a six-pack of her favorite beer and reached for a bottle, loving the little woman more in that instant. Deciding she was alone in the house, she walked out back to see if Sabrina had gone for a swim. The deck was empty and after inspecting the water with her toe, she could see why it was unoccupied. The pool water felt more like bath water, and Liz took a long swig of beer before sliding the cold bottle over her bare midriff.

Hot, tired, drained and lonely was a bad combination for the brunette, and she returned to the house, slamming the door behind her. She had no desire to sit ulus escort bayan down on the warm leather sofa and watch television, nor did she feel the urge to boot up her computer and write. Truth be told, she didn’t have the energy for much of anything and decided to walk down to the beach for a cigarette. She grabbed her smokes and another beer and headed out the front door.

The sun had disappeared behind her, casting an orange hue over the quiet neighborhood. The temperature normally would have begun dropping at this time of evening, but she found the air outside just as hot and sticky as it had been earlier. There was one difference, however, and that was the smell. The unpleasant aroma of hot air had been replaced with the earthy, musky scent of rain and she breathed in deeply. Liz let the salty sea air fill her lungs and momentarily forgot about the heat as a noisy fishing boat rattled and chugged its way past the dock as it entered the harbor.

She was half way across the yard when the first few rain drops splattered onto her overly warm skin. Liz looked toward the sky and said a silent prayer that this wasn’t another five minute sprinkle like those that had teased of rain all week. She continued across the yard and started down the steps to the semi-private beach that came with the property. Lined on either side by tall bamboo stalks, a large rock retaining wall and lush green bushes gave the impression that you were descending into a very secluded haven. The sound of fishing boats in the harbor was coupled with the gentle and rhythmic sound of waves lapping at the sandy shore. The orange-pink glow was quickly fading, giving the rocks and sand a soft purple tint that hinted at the enveloping darkness to come.

Every step lent more to the sense that you were leaving the world behind and walking into a cocoon of nature. The light rain tapped at the leaves, and Liz felt the stresses of her day fall away at the urging of the soft staccato beat on either side of her. Three more steps remained before her bare feet touched the sand and she could almost feel the tiny grains shifting beneath her weight as she drew nearer. A sudden sense of boding washed over her as she reached the next to the last step and she instinctively stopped and scanned the beach from right to left.

Her breath caught and held when her eyes gained sight of the woman at water’s edge. The low light cast an amazing glow on all things light in color while the rocks and water appeared almost black. Standing as she was, the small woman’s silhouette was easily deciphered against the inky backdrop of water and Liz gazed on in silence. Everything around her, the heat, the rain, the noise, ceased to register as all of her senses honed in on the unsuspecting woman.

Liz crept backwards up one step, carefully ensuring that her presence was undetectable, and watched her lover dabble her toes in the surf as it reached her feet again and again. The brunette smiled when Sabrina stretched her arms out on either side and tilted her face to the sky. Her woman. Strong and capable, but forever a child, Sabrina loved the rain. Liz felt the first stirrings of arousal she’d had in over a week and fought the urge to go to the smaller woman.

Thankful she’d maintained her hiding place, she watched on as Sabrina untied the knot at her left shoulder, letting her sarong glide down her lush body and float to the sand. Standing just out of reach of the tide, as naked as the day she was born, was the woman that had brought Liz back to life. A breath of fresh air when the constraints of life surrounded her like thick black plumes of smoke, Sabrina had saved her from what could have been a lonely and unfulfilled existence.

Liz greedily drank in the sight of her girl. Short blonde hair, creamy skin, powerful legs, and a generous backside set the brunette’s body on fire. Liz felt her grip tighten on the glass bottle in her hands as her body responded to the visual stimulus. Sabrina would never know that the simple sight of her nude body drove Liz absolutely insane with desire. She couldn’t. Liz, herself, could barely wrap her mind around it.

As she often did, Liz had the urge to shout. The kind of abrupt noise one makes when the feelings within them all join forces and demand to be heard. She bit it back tonight and reveled in the excitement of the unexpected voyeuristic opportunity. The rain began falling harder. She could feel it gathering at various places on her skin and then racing down her body. Likewise, Sabrina’s skin glistened as the rain coated her and Liz moaned softly when the blonde moved her hands to her sides and slid them down over her hips, bending at the waist and caressing her thighs.

Liz downed the rest of her beer as Sabrina walked into the water and dove in. She swam under the water for quite a while and the brunette caught sight of her again when she emerged near the buoy for the lobster pot. Liz grew envious at the thought of cool water caressing naked flesh yenimahalle escort bayan but remained hidden to watch as Sabrina began swimming toward the sailboat. Long graceful strokes of her arms propelled the blonde through the shimmering water and Liz pulled off her sports bra.

Her nipples reacted instantly when she located the blonde floating on her back near the bow of the ghostly white boat. Liz knew Sabrina was replaying the day she slid her fingers beneath Liz’s bathing suit and fingered her senseless just below the surface of the water. The brunette replayed the same scene in her own mind, recalling how dizzy she’d been when she finally pushed away from the stimulation to keep from drowning. Remembering the event now while she looked over her lover’s floating body brought forth a flood of sensation and she stood to remove her flimsy running shorts.

The top of Sabrina’s thighs, chest and face were the only things visible above the black water and Liz’s gaze settled on the blonde’s small, pert breasts as they glistened wet beneath the moon. She licked her lips, tasting the rain as it dripped down her face and imagined the slick texture her tongue would find at Sabrina’s breasts. Longing to feel a firm nipple between her teeth, Liz made her way to the hammock and sat on the side, facing the water. Sabrina floated for several more minutes as thousands of raindrops splashed into the ocean, creating a dancing mist around the blonde’s body.

A pale flash of lightning lit up the sky and when there was no thunder Liz surmised that the bulk of the storm was yet to come. The cool rain soaked her hair and coated her skin, removing the heat one fat drop at a time. Her heart began to beat a bit faster as Sabrina backstroked her way toward the beach. Every arc of her arm over her head brought the blonde closer and closer until she reached the shallow water near the beach. When she could no longer swim, Sabrina walked back on her hands and sat down in about ten inches of water, hugging her knees to her chest and resting her chin atop them to stare out at the forest of sailboat masts in the harbor.

Liz waited patiently, squinting through the growing darkness in an attempt to make out the tattoos she knew to be on Sabrina’s back. Surrounded by darkness and lit by the moon, the lines of the smaller woman’s shoulders and back were clear, and Liz longed to reach out and touch her. The brunette’s desire grew exponentially when Sabrina rose from the water and turned toward her, their eyes meeting and holding, conveying the lust each woman had for the other in that moment.

A beautiful smile spread over the blonde’s face when Liz reached out and beckoned with her index finger. Sabrina began walking toward her and watched as her lover spread her legs and pointed to the ground between them. She knelt obediently and promptly placed a soft kiss on Liz’s knee. She then looked up, watching the brunette’s reaction as her tongue caressed its way up Liz’s thigh. Sabrina drew so much joy from bringing Liz pleasure, and when the taller woman leaned back in the hammock with a soft moan, she whimpered in turn.

Liz felt soft lips brushing over her pussy and subconsciously held her breath, anticipating the first touch of the blonde’s tongue. When it came, her whole body stiffened momentarily, her feet pushing into the sand. Sabrina’s caresses were languid and gentle which allowed Liz to relax as a dull tension made itself known in her abdomen. Her body stiffened again when the blonde slid a finger into her pussy and upon relaxing this time, was filled even further by the intruding digit. Sabrina’s mouth covered her clit and a series of moans erupted from the brunette as every swipe of the girl’s tongue caused her thighs to tense, which in turn caused the hammock to swing away just slightly.

The back and forth motion of her body brought more complete penetration and Liz was completely unprepared for more when Sabrina introduced another finger. Her hands shot back to grasp the other side of the hammock and she groaned loudly with the pleasure of it all. Apparently the past week of heat induced abstinence meant that she was extra sensitive tonight and her body was unraveling beneath the blonde’s touch at an alarming rate of speed. Sabrina was loving every minute of Liz’s undoing and sealed her mouth over the brunette’s clit, moaning around the hardened nub.

The vibrations from the noise only served to escalate Liz’s pleasure and she thought she’d go mad when Sabrina’s pinky began teasing at her ass. The rain fell harder now, stimulating her everywhere it touched and serving to spread the erotic sensations from her pussy through the length of her body. Her lover’s fingers pumped into her with vigor and Liz’s eyes shot open when she felt a finger slide into her ass. She had precious little time to breathe before Sabrina located the one spot inside her that ended it all. A ferocious orgasm ripped through her rain-soaked frame, followed by a throaty eryaman escort bayan cry of bliss that was quickly carried away on the mounting winds.

Sabrina watched it all; craving more, always more, even as she slowed her hands and allowed her lover to come down. Liz laid there for what seemed like a long time but couldn’t have been more than a minute and sat up, looking down on the blonde at her feet. She gave a subtle jerk of her head in the direction of the rock wall marking the left boundary of their beach and Sabrina rose, offering her hand to the brunette. Liz smiled and shook her head in denial.

Sabrina didn’t protest and walked toward the rocks, turning just before reaching them only to have her wrists grasped by the brunette. Liz had been much closer than she expected and she felt her arms being raised over her head as the brunette’s body pressed into her. Sabrina did her best to absorb the impact of her lover’s advance, but the rocks at her back prohibited any further movement in that direction. Greedy lips crushed against her mouth as her wrists and back were pressed even harder against the stone wall. The cool, slick rain covering her skin was in sharp contrast to the warm, hard body pressing into her and the blonde reeled at the intensity of the combination.

Sabrina parted her lips, yearning to deepen the kiss, but was denied when Liz moved to bite her shoulder abruptly. A startled gasp flew from her parted lips at the pain, but it was immediately replaced with pleasure as Liz’s tongue laved over the spot. Her neck was always sensitive, but between the rain and her lover’s tongue Sabrina was in heaven. She was so distracted that she didn’t notice right away that Liz had pulled back and was staring at her. When she did manage to open her eyes, the sight that greeted her caused a jolt of need throughout.

The darkness kept Liz’s face shadowed, but her wet hair picked up what little light was available and danced on the wind that softly howled its warning through the sailboat riggings and docks in the harbor. Just then a bright flash of lightning lit the beach and Sabrina’s breath caught in her throat at the wild look of animal desire she saw in her lover’s green eyes. Never before had Sabrina seen such carnal need and for a moment she felt vulnerable, trapped between immovable stone and a woman in need.

All feelings of vulnerability gave way to her own growing need when Liz moved her thigh between Sabrina’s legs, pressing upward quickly and without relent. Sabrina felt the muscles in her lover’s thigh flex against her pulsing mound. Her body reacted without permission, acting only on instinct as her hips jogged against Liz’s thigh. The brunette leaned forward, her breasts pressing into the smaller woman’s chest as her teeth sank into Sabrina’s neck, harder this time.

Sabrina moaned loudly and jerked her head to the side, a delicious pain sweeping across her shoulders and down her chest. Liz’s breathing was labored and seemed to grow louder as the tempest of the storm drew nearer and more intense. The wind would not be denied tonight and the sailboats moored nearby rocked precariously, their riggings slapping wildly at the masts in a cacophony of metallic tones. Trees and bushes swayed according to the ebb and flow of the wind and the constant rustling of leaves grew above the earlier whisper, joining the wind with its own swishing noise.

Sabrina’s arms struggled weakly in the brunette’s grasp before giving up entirely, letting herself be taken away on the passion of her lover’s storm. Liz slid her fingers down the blonde’s wet face, continuing down her neck on their way to her breast. Sabrina cried out when her aggressor’s fingers closed around her nipple and pinched it roughly, sending a shot of pleasure straight to her pussy. Liz removed her thigh from the blonde’s sex and received a groan of frustration from the smaller woman.

Sabrina looked up into the brunette’s face, silently begging that the pressure against her aching sex be returned. She read a distinct message in Liz’s eyes but was completely unprepared when the taller woman thrust two fingers inside her, forcing the air from her lungs. Sabrina’s eyes pinched shut, her breath coming in jagged gasps as her mistress plunged into her again and again. Holding on with all her power, the little blonde struggled mightily, waiting for the signal to let go.

The storm intensified, lightning and thunder blotting out all rational thought and driving the women in their quest for ultimate surrender. Sabrina chewed her lip in earnest as the fires within threatened to consume her if she did not find release soon. Turning pleading eyes on the brunette, she whimpered and gasped as her inner walls tightened with every thrust. Just when Sabrina was ready to bite the bullet and give in without permission, a slight nod of Liz’s head gave her what she craved.

The moment she saw the nod Sabrina let go, as quickly as if a switch had been flipped she shuddered and then stiffened as a primal scream flew from her upturned lips, joining the rolling thunder and howling winds. The power of the storm escalated her pleasure as the first sharp clap of thunder echoed around them. Sabrina’s legs went weak and she felt as if she were being carried away on a powerful gust of wind, her body sliding down the rocks behind her.

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