Rendezvous in the Fog

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The cool fog began it’s decent into the California farm valley as the warm sun was setting behind the mountains. I was on my way over to Glenda’s house to help her move a few pieces of furniture in an effort to redecorate her house. As I entered the driveway of the old farm house I noticed that Brenda, Glenda’s roommate was still at home. I have known Glenda for years and helping her around the house was not uncommon and our friendship grew even stronger after the passing of her husband in a terrible car accident a few years earlier.

As I parked the truck, I noticed both of the girls waving from the kitchen window and motioned me toward the back door. I entered the back door and put my furniture dolly down as Glenda ran over to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I looked over to Brenda as she was stirring some stew on the stove. She put the spoon down and came over to give me a warm hug. Brenda’s perfume was tantalizing and her long locks of red hair lay on my chest with just a hint of jasmine filling the air. I only knew Brenda for a couple years, but she always brought a smile to my face from the first moment we met. Brenda’s husband was overseas for a while and she and Glenda had become best friends. Brenda was especially supportive following Glenda’s husbands death.

I grabbed the furniture dolly and with Glenda’s directions we started to move the furniture from one room to another. We finished redecorating within a couple hours and our appetites grew as Brenda finished cooking the meal and set the table. The food was terrific and hit the spot just right. The girls cleared the table and brought out a deck of cards for a fun game of hearts. I mentioned that I should get going before the fog got worst. They just smiled and said we need to just relax a few minutes. Somehow I suspect the girls were cheating and they smiled at each other after every game I lost and convinced me that I would win the next game. The time passed quickly and it was past midnight before I realized it. It wasn’t until then, when I turned around to look out the back door that I discovered that the fog was so thick that I could not even see my truck. Brenda looked at me and said it was too thick and that I needed to spend the night for my own safety. Looking at Glenda she asked if it was alright if I used the spare room upstairs. Glenda nodded with approval and gave Brenda an odd smile as started to turn my head.

Brenda led me by the hand upstairs and opened the door to the room. As I entered the room I noticed that some of Brenda’s clothes were lying across the chair sincan escort and when I turned around to tell her this is not a good idea she had already closed the door and simply touched her finger to my lips, pulling me gently toward the bed. My protesting ended quickly as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me softly to her gentle lips. The passion of her kiss melted any remaining resistance that remained. She sat me on the edge of the bed and looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes and slowly started to open the buttons of her blouse. The soft glow from the candle on the night stand sparkled gently on her tender wet lips. I started to reach up to help her undress only to have her take hold of my hands and place them by my side. She finished unbuttoning her blouse and slowly removed the fabric from her shoulders and let the material fall to her feet. Her size 38d bra barley concealed her beautifully formed breast and the cool air excited her nipples, visible through the sheer satin material. She knelt down between my legs to remove my shirt and push my bare back against the bed. Brenda stood back up and slowly unzipped her pants, sliding the denim material down her legs and stepping out of the pants. Reaching behind her back she unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor, exposing her perfectly formed breast and hard nipples. Sliding down between my legs again, she removed my belt and pulled the zipper of my pants down. Brenda reached around my waist and slowly pulled my pants down exposing my throbbing dick. She began to slide up my body rubbing her hard nipples across my hard dick on the way to my chest.

I could not take it any longer and pulled her within my arms, upward closer to my lips so that I could taste her tender lips and feel the passion of her every breath. Our tongues explored each other as I rolled her onto her back, sliding gently down her chest. My lips gently touching her hardened nipples as my tongue moistened her tender skin, my hot breath further stiffening her already erect nipples. Leaving a moistened trail from my tongue I gently moved toward her silk panties, stopping momentarily at her belly button only to circle her exposed skin with my tongue as my hands gently slide down her sides only to remove the last piece of material from her waiting paradise. My hands slid softly down her thighs, pulling the silk panting down, exposing the most perfectly formed pussy. Her gentle pussy lips were exposed to the candle light and her soft mound was shaved clean, only exciting me even further. My lips began to kiss the soft mound, ankara escort as she continued to moan is soft ecstasy. My tongue parted her soft folds of pleasure and tasted for the first time the nectar of her sweet juices. She tasted so sweet that I did not want to come up for air. I started to rub her clit with the tip of my tongue as I softly slid my fingers into her waiting pussy. He breathing quickened and her hands began to clinch the fabric of the sheets. She started to shake her head side to side and moved her feet uncontrollably as Brenda released her juices into my awaiting mouth. At the very end of her climax, I exposed her clitoris with my fingers and gently blew my hot breath on her quivering pussy, only to send chills across her entire body.

She lay next to me on the bed, regaining her breath and looking into my eyes with a depth of satisfaction and lustful desire. Her hand was softly stoking my chest as our tongues explored each other. Brenda released my lips and slid slowly down my body kissing my breast and softly stroking engorged penis. As she slid further down my body I could feel her hot breath on my shaft as she was gently massaging my balls. Reaching up she encircled my shaft with her hand stoking it a few more times before licking the length of my penis, leaving a trail of saliva. She kissed the tip my dick and tasted my salty pre-cum. Looking up into my eyes she lowered her lips around my stiff rod. Brenda gently rubbed my balls as my dick was sliding in and out of her warm mouth. The veins in my dick were enlarged with blood and my balls began to tingle. Sensing I was about to explode, she released my dick from the warm enclosure of her mouth and let the throbbing subside as she rubbed my legs and chest. As if she was playing a musical instrument like a concert violinist, she expertly brought me to the verge of an orgasm only to pull me back from the brink of eruption. My dick was throbbing with anticipation after each tease of her velvet throat. Sensing I could not hold back much longer, she started with long strokes of her tongue while her fingers gently rubbed my balls and ass. At the moment of no return she forced my throbbing shaft down her throat and quickly slide her finger in my anus rubbing my prostate causing my penis to throb, erupting like a volcano and coating the back of her throat with my hot seed.

She lay there gently massaging my twitching penis as my fingers circled her hard nipples. I was watching her chest rise and fall, the sweat glistening from her warm body. I could not believe what just happened, yet I could not etimegut escort stop thinking how long I wanted to taste her sweet juices. My eyes wondered over her entire body, drinking in passion of her soft skin. I had to taste her again. I lowered my lips to her waiting pussy and let my tongue slide between the folds of her steamy pussy. She wasted no time in motioning for my legs to move my penis directly over her face. Her tongue began to lick the underside on my dick as her hands massaged my legs and ass. Her lips parted and my stiffening dick slide down her throat. I could feel my balls fill with a fresh load of sperm as her own juices were starting to drip down her cheeks. I lifted my face from her wet love hole and moved to the edge of the bed looking into her inviting eyes. I reached down and picked her up, pulling her close to me. With our tongues intertwined, I slowly lowered her pussy on to my waiting dick. Her wet pussy lips slowly parted and I felt the warmth of her juices encircle my throbbing shaft, sending a quake of emotions throughout my body. I slowly lowered her pussy until I could no longer feel the cool night air on my moist shaft. My legs felt weak as the warmth of her body overpowered my emotions. For a brief moment it felt as if time had stopped so that this moment would last a lifetime. My hands reached down beneath Brenda’s ass and pulled her upward, releasing my dick from the warmth of her pussy only to let her pussy fall back down. I continued to pump my dick in her steamy pussy as she let out a moan of pleasure while an orgasm ruptured throughout her body and her pussy gripped my dick in waves of convulsions.

We collapsed back on the bed and she rolled on top of me rocking back toward my dick. At first she just allowed her pussy lips to glide over my dick, spreading her juices on my entire shaft. She then masterfully slide back toward me and firmly shoving my completely within her pussy walls. Rising up on her knees she slides up and down the entire length of my hard shaft. I reached up and softly massaged her huge breasts. She would lift her body high enough to allow the tip of my dick to barely stay in her pussy and then slam back down forcing my balls to slap her ass. I could feel the sperm boiling in my sack and start to rise up my shaft. I reached around her waist and lifted her up and down, bringing her to an orgasm just before I released my hot sperm in her pussy. Her flood of juices ran down my shaft and dripped of my balls. We laid there for rest of the night holding each other. But just before we drifted off to sleep, she smiled at me and told me she had planned this evening. I only smiled back to her and let her know that Glenda had told me earlier in the day… I still look back at that day with a smile and I will never forget our rendezvous in the fog.

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