Reindeer Games: Rudolph

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


The last reindeer out of the herd, the ones that performed the flight of the reindeer across the sky, all pulling the sleigh together, stood before the wolf, though neither wolf nor reindeer knew which way their interlude was going to swing.

The barn was quiet, Razak having left the warmth of the cabin and their reindeer celebrations to seek out Rudolph, with his trademark red nose. It did glow faintly, though the reindeer had assured him that it could be brightened when he wanted it to, even if the soft glow gave away their position, in the snow around the back of the barn. Inside, the barn was still lit, all musty warmth and softening hay, them out in the cold, though he didn’t feel cold at all, not when he was pressed so wantonly up against the reindeer.

It was a long, deep kiss, the kind of kiss that lovers could break from and wonder what was going to happen next, the passion of it beyond anything else. But such a kiss could be shown in the throes of lust too, their hard cocks grinding up against one another, Rudolph’s paw closed around as much of the two shafts as it could, pressing them together and pushing them back together too whenever they chanced to spring apart.

It was needed, all so very much so, the moment perfect as it was, though Razak knew, after everything that had happened down at the farm, he would have quite a story to tell when he finally made his way home. His bare hind paws crunched in the snow, compacting it down, though he knew exactly how he wanted to start things.

“Lean back and let me take care of you, hm?” He growled against Rudolph’s lips, though Raz disliked having to break the kiss to do so, a string of saliva connecting them for a heartbeat of a moment. “You can’t go off flying across the sky with your balls this heavy and you this…needy.”

The last word rasped forth in an exhalation that spoke of lust, Rudolph shuddering against him, though he matched the light in the wolf’s eyes easily with his own.

“I’ve done it many times,” he grunted back, voice thick with need, “but I won’t say no…”

Razak knew that he wouldn’t, the wolf slowly, sensually folding to his knees, like he had done a thousand times over. It was a good place to be, even if he liked switching, taking the reindeer’s thick cock down his throat, tasting it, showing him just what a wolf’s muzzle was capable of. He had a longer tongue than the reindeer, osmaniye escort slimmer and more flexible, able to twist and curl around the head of the reindeer’s cock.

Rudolph leaned back against the side of the barn with a shudder.

“Ah… Fuck…”

It was a thrill to hear those words from anyone’s lips, though it was even hotter, in a way, coming from the reindeer. He was the one out of every one of “Santa’s” reindeer that Razak had thought would be the most difficult to please, though that was not to be. The reindeer’s fingers caressed his hair, stroking and teasing back and down, though the moment was not only for him, but for the wolf too.

Razak moaned openly around Rudolph’s cock, slurping, teasing, letting the long, lewd wet laps of his tongue tickle and caress, scooping all the way down to the stag’s nuts. Rudolph’s rack of antlers bumped back against the side of the barn with a hollow knock, dislodging a bit of snow from higher up, floating and drifting around them like snowflakes. Yet he took his time, half in control of the situation as he nuzzled down to the reindeer’s cock, cradling his length on his tongue, letting it sit there.

The reindeer’s hips rolled sensually as if he could not help himself from thrusting, needing it more than even the wolf did in the heat of the moment. And that very heat was enough to melt the snow around them, dripping faintly from the guttering, Rudolph shifting his weight, tail flicking lightly, even if the wolf could not see it. All they knew was the fire of one, grunting, groaning, though there was no need for secrecy.

Rudolph huffed and grunted, closer and closer to the edge with every passing second. The reindeer could not hold it back, his need heightened, nose quivering, brighter and brighter. Glancing up, though he could not see very much, Razak wondered if he knew just how brightly his nose was glowing or if it was something that had passed his attention.

It didn’t matter, not as Raz pulled back from his cock in a lewd slurp, standing suddenly, though he pressed up too urgently against Rudolph’s front. The reindeer gasped, yet his lips were once again claimed in a kiss, another dick urgently grinding up against his once again. He moaned, paws on the wolf’s shoulders, though he didn’t want anything else than to cum, losing himself, moaning, bleating, the need to bellow brimming up from deep, deep within his gut.

The wolf smirked into the kiss, battling the reindeer’s tongue back playfully, though the moment was right exactly as it was, pushing on, grunting, moaning, humping and frotting. He was near the edge too, but he wanted something different holding back only so that he didn’t have to cum too soon, so that he could make what he supposed would be his last of the night osmaniye escort bayan worth it. Though he was sure there would be someone else around to help him out if he really, really couldn’t manage the rest of the evening and night without any climax…

Mm… No, maybe that was the horniness talking, grunting, shifting his weight, one arm up against Rudolph’s shoulder as if to pin him there, to hold him, though the reindeer wasn’t going anywhere either way. He knew just where he wanted to be, rocking his hips, gasping into the kiss, his nostrils fluttering and twitching ever so cutely.

But Rudolph had never wanted to hold back from that peak as he shuddered in a restrained bellow, the tremors of it resounding straight into the wolf’s muzzle, his cock aching and pulsing up against Razak’s. Raz pushed his cock insistently up against the reindeer’s, though otherwise let Rudolph find his own way, grunting and humping, no more than two horny bodies that needed something from one another.

And that was all right. They needed it, craved it, lusting for it…and they could have it as they wanted, Rudolph spending his speed over his own cock, his thighs, down Razak’s front. It trickled around the base of the wolf’s shaft and even a little into his sheath, dripping to the scuffed up and torn up snow under them, the earth beneath a little crisper even it warmed to their shifting weights.

The reindeer let his head fall back, the brush of a paw across his throat simply sublime, yet the moment was purely to be as it was, grunting, heaving, panting, snorting… Letting everything be exactly as it needed to be. Cum dribbled down the length of his cock, Razak’s throbbing against him, though the wolf betrayed his need with his knot ever so slightly swelling at the base. It could soften again, however, allowing him to do what he wanted, if only he calmed down.

Calming down, however, was not likely to be on the cards at all as he turned the reindeer about, grabbing his hips and dragging him back against the throbbing spire of his dick. The wolf grinned through an open mouth, teeth showing, yet there was nothing predatory about it, lusting for it, letting all come to pass as it would. He lusted and moaned, pressing in for a nip to the back of the reindeer’s neck, making Rudolph tremble.

“Mmm, brace a bit now… Gonna take you for a fucking ride…”

A good kind of ride, an excellent kind of ride, the kind of ride that had his cock ramming up into the reindeer’s tail hole and plunging deep. Rudolph cried out, arching his back to grind and roll back onto the wolf’s dick, coming up short on his knot, which had swollen a little more. But the wolf was not going to go along with only partial penetration, of course not, letting Rudolph grind even as escort osmaniye he ground his teeth together, ears back, intent on his prize.

Rudolph was going to be very sore when he pulled the sleigh that night… The good thing about it was that neither of them cared. And neither would he be in any trouble at all when it came to pulling the sleigh, his nose glowing brightly enough to scare away the darkness, showing the rest of the reindeer the path they were to follow through the night sky.

It was where they needed to be, Rudolph grinding back with every thrust of the wolf’s, though his knot sliding in, as if by accident, made his eyes snap open once more.


The grunt could not be stopped and the wolf smirked, pressing in closer, pinning his body up against the reindeer’s as he kept his cock as deep as possible. Thrusting shortly and shallowly as his knot swelled to its full extent, locking them together, making it so that there was no way for his shaft to leave the reindeer’s arse without him softening again. Yet with how Rudolph ground and rocked onto his length, it did not seem at all as if the reindeer wanted that.

All the wolf yearned for was the deluge of orgasm, thrusting deep, grunting, groaning, losing himself for the last time that night. It was all he craved, his shoulders rounding, pressing onward and inward, each thrust bringing with it a sharp flash of pleasure.

It felt good, too good, the tight grip of the reindeer’s arse around his cock, flexing and pulling. Raz didn’t know whether it was deliberate, but it felt too good to ignore, slowing his thrusts, revelling in the slick pull and tug of sensation, massaging his dick.

Oh, it was good, too good, so good that, at long last, he slipped over the edge with a howl, pressed in close and not throwing his head back. He wanted to be as near as possible to the heat of another’s body, to feel it all, to enjoy every moment of it, panting, heaving, grunting as he broke his cry. His knot kept every drop of seed within the reindeer’s arse as he spent himself, throb after throb of his cock sending his spurts deep. But it did not matter how deep his cum trickled, only that it was right where it belonged, Razak huffing and grunting, pressing in closer to the reindeer with a light wag to his tail.

“Are all reindeer this horny?”

He groaned into Rudolph’s back, nuzzling and lapping as the reindeer chuckled weakly.

“Mmm… Sometimes. More so when we’re pulling sleighs.”

“I’d like to see you all dressed up in a harness too…”

It was there that they stayed, unable to move with the wolf’s knot filling Rudolph’s backside, tugging faintly from time to time, just to see how the reindeer shuddered for him. It was erotic to see how he trembled, the slightest motion getting his dick at least half-hard all over again. The wolf smirked. It was good to have a knot when it meant that his partner had to just stay there and enjoy the fullness, the stretch… And good for him too.

As Rudolph flew across the sky that night, Razak would only remember how good his cock had felt shoved up under his tail.

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