Reform School Sisters Ch. 18

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Over the next few days, Jamie’s skill in the art of lesbian love making improved exponentially. Every night, she and her cousins, Paige and Breanna, spent hours fucking and sucking while locked away in their shared bedroom.

Bree and Paige confessed to their cousin that they had actually been fucking for months, and that they had lied in order to seduce her. They also told her about fucking Cassie and Kimmie, and even about having sex with their own mother.

“Your Mom?!?” Jamie had exclaimed in surprise.

“Oh yeah. She’s so fucking good. You’ll have to try her sometime!” Paige replied, as she planted kisses on her cousin’s inner thighs.

Jamie thought about fucking her aunt Lilian, and found it an incredible turn on. ‘They’re fucking their mother…’ she thought, as Paige worked her way up to the girl’s pussy.

She couldn’t help picturing her own mom, Gina, and wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. The thought instantly had her creaming. Jamie quickly had an incredible orgasm as Paige ate her pussy, while fantasizing about fucking her sexy mom.


Gina was oblivious to what her daughter and nieces were up to. She found it odd how much time they seemed to spend in their room, but shrugged it off, assuming they were just cousins doing some much needed catching up.

She was in the kitchen, drying the last of the dishes one afternoon after a quick lunch with her daughter. As soon as they had finished eating, Paige had come in and grabbed Jamie, dragging her up to their room before Gina even had a chance to ask her to help clean up.

As she drained the sink, her cell started to ring. She walked over to her purse and pulled it out. Gina held the phone to her ear. “Hello?” she said.

“Hello, Gina?” a man’s voice answered.

Gina paused for a moment. “Yes? Who’s this?”

“It’s Donald.”

Gina’s face went pale. “What do YOU want.” she spat.

“I want to know where my wife and daughters are. And I know you know.”

Gina hesitated. “I have no idea where Lilian is. I haven’t heard from her.” she lied.

“Bullshit. I know they’re with you. And I know you’re not at your house, because I’m here now.”

“What the fuck are you doing at my house?!?” Gina demanded.

Donald ignored the question. “Listen, Gina. We used to get along, right? Didn’t we? Did Lilian tell you what she and those whores of hers have been doing?”

“I’m hanging up, Donald.” Gina warned. She was just about to when Donald continued:

“They’re having sex! They’re having sex WITH EACH OTHER, Gina. Your sister, and HER DAUGHTERS.”

Gina’s heart pounded in her chest. “You’re so full of shit, Donald!” she shouted.

Donald shouted right back: “I’m not full of shit, Gina, I’m right! Why don’t you ask them and find out for yourself! Watch out, or they’ll seduce that bitch of a daughter of yours, right under your fucking nose! They already got their other cousins in on their twisted little sex ga-“

Gina hung up the phone and threw it down on the counter. “Ugh!” she exclaimed, shaking with anger. “Fucking liar… Fucking…”

Gina tried to tell herself he was full of shit, but she started to think again about how much time the girls were spending in their room.

‘They couldn’t be…’ she thought. She tried to put it out of her mind, but her anxiety soon got the best of her, and she went upstairs to check on the girls.

She got to their door and was about to knock, when a noise caught her attention.

‘No…’ she told herself. ‘It can’t be…’ She heard it again, louder this time… She heard her daughter let out a sensual moan.

“Oh, fuck Paige, right there!” Jamie whimpered on the other side of the door.

Gina gasped. She knew she should do something, but she stood rooted to the spot. She listened intently as her daughter and niece made love to each other.

It wasn’t long before the sounds started to affect her physically. bursa escort She could feel herself getting warmer. She pressed her thighs together, and sucked in her breath as pleasure throbbed in her heated pussy. ‘This is so wrong… I… I can’t…’ she thought, as her hand drifted hesitantly between her legs.

It had been so long since Gina had been with a man… Picturing her daughter in the throws of passion, naked and writhing, had a surprising and intense affect on her. She closed her eyes and groaned quietly as she cupped her groin and squeezed it.

“Gina? What are you doing?”

The question jolted Gina back to reality, and she spun around, finding her sister Lilian staring curiously at her. She froze in fear, her hand still buried between her thighs.

Lilian looked down at what Gina was doing, and stepped up to the door, holding her ear to it. She heard the sounds of lesbian love making, and recognized her daughter and niece immediately. Lilian smiled, and looked back at her sister.

“You naughty girl.” she whispered with a knowing smirk. “Aroused by your daughter’s filthy behaviour?”

Gina blushed, yanking her hand away from her pussy. “I… I was just trying to hear what they were up to…” she stammered. “We should put a stop to it right away!”

“Why?” Lilian asked, approaching her sister. “It’s no worse then what we used to do.”

Gina’s eyes grew wide. It was true, she and her sister used to experiment with each other, but she had forgotten about that years ago. Now Lilian was inches away, looking at her the same way she had decades ago.

Lilian lifted her hand, brushing it against Gina’s face. She leaned forward, her eyes closing.

“We can’t…” Gina whispered, although she was leaning forward as well. Their lips crushed together, and Gina gave in almost immediately to her desire, kissing her sister with unbridled passion.

Lilian pressed her tongue past Gina’s lips, and her sister moaned. Their kiss deepened, and they reached for each other, their hands exploring. They pressed their bodies together, groping and fondling one another with growing excitement.

It had been ages since Gina had felt Lilian’s touch, but it felt so familiar, so welcoming. She melted into the kiss, completely absorbed in the erotic sensation.

Lilian pulled back, and her sister let out a frustrated whimper. “We should move out of the hall.” she said. “Someone may see us.”

Gina seemed to hesitate, but nodded in agreement. “Ok. Where should we go?” she breathed.

Lilian led her sister into the nearby bathroom. As soon as the door swung shut, she threw Gina against it, and they resumed their passionate kiss, this time with uninhibited desire.

The two women tore at each other’s clothing, stripping one another with hurried, experienced hands. Their shorts dropped around their ankles and their tops were thrown away as soon as they were pulled over their heads.

“It’s been so long since we’ve done this…” Gina gasped.

“You’re still just as beautiful now as you were all those years ago…” Lilian moaned.

The sisters lunged for each other again, their naked bodies colliding. Gina groaned as Lilian pawed at her breasts. Her nipples hardened against her sister’s palms. The two women made out passionately as they pressed themselves against the bathroom door.

As Lilian wriggled her tongue between Gina’s lips, she pressed a naked thigh up between her sister’s. Gina squealed as she felt Lilian’s burning skin scrape against her heated pussy.

While grinding her leg roughly against her sister, Lilian straddled Gina’s thigh and started to hump herself against it. Her pussy juices spread themselves on Gina’s skin, and ran slowly down her leg.

The two women fucked themselves against each other desperately. Lilian gripped Gina’s churning hips, pulling her harder into her slippery thigh. They whimpered into each other’s mouths as sweat began to build on their burning flesh.

“Did bursa escort bayan you enjoy listening to your little girl moan while my daughter fucked her?” Lilian asked between licks of her sister’s throat.

Gina groaned, but didn’t reply.

“Imagine if they were here with us now, Gina. What the four of us could do with each other…”

Gina’s eyes shot open. “You… you would do this with your daughter??” she asked, incredulous.

“I have, Gina. I’ve done it with both my girls, and it was fantastic! Don’t you want to feel Jamie’s tongue running through your hot pussy? Hmm? Don’t you want your little girl to make you cum?”

Gina furrowed her brow, struggling to resist the image, but couldn’t deny how badly she wanted to cross that very taboo. “Y-yes!!” she croaked, tilting her head back as she writhed between Lilian and the bathroom door. She closed her eyes, and pictured her daughter naked and waiting to be fucked. The image made her cunt drip with desire, and she let out a passionate groan.

“That’s right, Gina. imagine your little girl. Imagine fucking her tight little pussy…”

Gina was pounded back against the door over and over again as the enthusiasm of their fucking increased. She gripped Lilian’s neck tightly, pulling her face down to her chest.

Lilian allowed herself to be guided to Gina’s breasts. She lapped at her sister’s tits with obvious relish. Lilian sucked at one of the woman’s throbbing nipples, causing Gina to whimper with pleasure.

“Yes!” Gina moaned. “Suck them! Suck your Mommy’s breasts! Just like when you were little!”

Lilian grinned around her sister’s tit flesh. She eagerly went along with the woman’s fantasy. She fed at Gina’s nipples, sucking and nibbling them, all while churning her hips against her trembling sister’s.

“Oh, Mommy… You’re tits feel so wonderful! I love sucking big, juicy nipples!” she groaned.

Gina could feel herself getting close to an orgasm. Too many new fantasies and sensations were filling her newly depraved mind. The fact that she was having lesbian sex with her sister, the knowledge her daughter was at that moment fucking her niece just down the hall, and the fantasy of the girls joining them for a twisted family orgy. It was all too much for her, and she wailed as her body erupted in orgasm.

Lilian held her sister tightly as she convulsed against the door. She felt Gina’s hips bucking wildly into her thigh, and her own pussy being slammed repeatedly by her sister’s leg.

Gina’s manic thrusting soon overwhelmed Lilian, and she too fell over the precipice and exploded in ecstasy. “Oh, shit, Gina! FUUUUUUUCK!!”

The two women clung to each other as their pussies slapped violently into one another’s thighs. They clamped their mouths together once again in order to muffle their frantic screams.

Gina was pinned tightly against the wall, her sweaty body pressed into snuggly by her sister’s. As she came, her mind was inundated with images of her daughter, her nieces, and her sister, all piled together in a glorious pile of writhing flesh.

Lilian eventually stumbled back, struggling to stay standing on wobbly legs. Gina fell against her, drained by her powerful climax.

Before she could recover, however, Lilian spun her around and pushed her down onto the toilet. “We’re not finished yet.” she purred, before sinking to her knees. She pulled Gina to the edge of the toilet seat and spread her legs wide, then dove forward, shoving her face into the surprised woman’s gooey snatch.

Gina leaned back against the toilet tank and squealed as her sister began to devour her. She still hadn’t fully recovered from her last orgasm, and Lilian already had her well on her way to another.

“Jesus, Lil!” she cried. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as Lilian’s tongue glided through her slippery folds. “Fuck! Don’t stop!!”

Gina lifted her thighs into the air, giving her sister full access to her dribbling cunt. escort bursa Lilian ravaged Gina’s pussy, pushing her tongue deep inside and lashing it through the woman’s dripping cavern.

Struggling to stay balanced on the edge of the toilet, Gina grabbed clumsily at the nearby shower curtain. She writhed uncontrollably, her face contorted in excruciating pleasure.

As Gina writhed on the toilet, she knocked over a pair of candles that stood on the rear tank. One rolled toward Lilian and touched her knee.

Lilian looked down and grinned. She picked up the candle and went back to licking eagerly at her sister’s clit. At the same time, she brought the candle to Gina’s pussy and started to push it inside her.

Gina’s hips jolted as she felt herself being penetrated. “Jesus fuck!” she cried. Her pussy took the candle inch by inch, stretching around it’s girth.

Lilian pumped it deep inside her sister with increasing speed. Pussy juice oozed from her cunt as it was vigorously fucked. As she pistoned the candle inside Gina’s snatch, Lilian continued to swipe her greedy tongue over her sister’s burning clit.

Gina groaned, drool frothing at the corners of her mouth. She bunched up Lilian’s hair in her fists, pulling her face harder into her boiling pussy. “Yes!” she wailed. “Don’t stop!”

The candle was a blur as it pummelled Gina’s cunt. Lilian clamped her lips around her sister’s nub, doing her best to drive her sister over the edge.

It was all finally too much for the sweat drenched woman, and Gina screamed frantically as her body erupted in climax. Her pelvis bucked against Lilian’s face, and cum gushed from her snatch. Lilian was drenched in waves of her sister’s orgasmic release.

Lilian left the candle shoved inside Gina’s pussy and grabbed her thighs with both hands, holding her steady as she licked her clit through her orgasm. The waxy phallus slowly slipped out of Gina’s gash and fell to the floor, followed by dribbles of oozing cum.

Finally, Lilian pulled back, breathing heavily. Her eyes were wild, and she was insatiably horny after eating her sister to orgasm. She held Gina by the ankles and stood up, tossing a leg over one of her thighs. Scissored with her sister, she lowered her cunt to Gina’s, mashing them wetly together.

“Oh my God…” Gina whimpered. She wasn’t sure how much more she would be able to withstand.

Lilian was frantic with need, however, and started scraping her cunt furiously against her sister’s. Gina writhed on the toilet, drenched in sweat, as her pussy was pummelled repeatedly by Lilian’s.

Holding Gina’s shins, Lilian churned her pelvis desperately. She bit her lip, her brow furrowed as she worked herself toward a much needed orgasm. Her body was on fire, her pussy pouring juices onto her sister’s swampy mound.

Gina lay helpless beneath her, swaying her head back and forth as it rested on the back of the toilet. Her ass slid against the seat, covered in accumulated sweat and pussy juice.

The heat from their boiling pussies radiated out as they mashed together. Lilian could feel herself getting close, and her body stiffened, making her thrusts shorter and faster.

Gina sensed her sister’s impending climax, and the fury of her thrusts was driving her tired pussy to squeeze out it’s own final orgasm. Together, the two women wailed hoarsely, their cunts melting together as they convulsed in ecstasy. Their shared climax destroyed their tired bodies, and they thrashed manically against one another.

Her strength finally giving out on her, Lilian slouched forward, resting her weight fully on Gina’s flaccid body. The two women wheezed as they lay against each other, struggling to catch their breath.

“What… should we do… now?” Gina eventually panted.

Lilian struggled to sit up on her sister’s thigh and looked down at her. “We should get cleaned up before the girls wonder where we are… And we should go to bed early tonight. We’ve got a lot more fucking to do.”

Gina shuddered, but didn’t say anything. She knew she would be helpless to resist her sister the next time they were alone… She knew they would fuck again, and she knew she was looking forward to it.

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