R-Rated Movie Star

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Harold stepped quickly out from under the awning and into the light rain to move into line. He was glad the rain lightened enough for him to climb out of his stuffy car. The rain wouldn’t normally have bothered him, but tonight he had a bag full of memorabilia that he didn’t want to get wet. Keeping the bag folded tightly shut and tucked beneath his arm, he let his fogged horn-rimmed slide down his nose a bit as he peeked above them at the people in line.

A few others carried small bags of items but none seemed to have as big a bag as Harold did. When he looked at the slightly blurred face of the person in front of him he said, “I must have seen this film two dozen times as a kid.”

“It was the first R-rated movie I ever went to,” the face replied.

“Yeah, me too,” Harold said, noticing several others in line nodding. Harold also noticed that most of the people in line were young men about his age, most wearing thick glasses, pocket protectors and clothes completely devoid of any style.

As the line began moving he heard someone mumble, “Old nerds never die… they just appear at the midnight showings.” Not sure whether to laugh or moan, he moved forward pulling out his wallet. Moving up to the ticket window, he passed a ten dollar bill to the attendant and said, “One adult please.”

It was the midnight showing of his favorite slasher-horror flick, one of those films where the only times the women characters aren’t foolishly stumbling into knife wielding murderers were when they were baring their breasts. Several of the actors and actresses from the film had come to tonight’s showing to sign autographs and meet some of the fans. Tina Wheldron was one of the actresses scheduled to appear, the same Tina Wheldron whose breasts Harold had lusted over since he was old enough to attend the R-rated movies.

Of course he was older now and Tina had to be in her sixties but still Harold wouldn’t miss this for the world. Once inside the theater, he paused and looked at Tina in one of the oversize movie posters and then passed over the snacks and headed directly to find a seat. He sat patiently while over the next half-hour the theatre filled with the scent of fifty to sixty damp, un-showered thirty something adolescents ready to recall the most incredible breasts they ever saw.

Harold watched the movie and although he enjoyed it, the glimpses of çankaya escort Tina’s and the other actresses’ breasts seemed all too fleeting, often just a quick flash of skin, much different than what he remembered. As the lights came on, he wondered if perhaps the film had been edited since he had seen it years ago. Some others thought the same thing because as the actors came up on stage to answer take a bow and answer some questions it was the first question asked.

“No, this is the uncut, unedited version that we showed twelve… no thirteen years ago,” one of the actors replied.

Harold sat silently through the introductions and question and answer session waiting for the less formal get together between the most avid fans and the celebrities. It took special tickets to get into the after party, tickets Harold and only about a dozen other fans held. When the group broke up and most of the theatergoers headed home Harold followed a small group of fans into a small reception room.

A bit overwhelmed at meeting these celebrities, he moved slowly, talking just a bit to several of the actors, getting a few autographs, but basically avoiding Ms. Wheldron. As he moved he couldn’t help but stare at her, noticing her watching him as he moved about. Finally, as the small party was drawing to a close he built up the courage to walk over to her.

“Mmm… Ms. Wheldron could you sign…” he paused, holding a photo of her from the movie, breasts fully bared and beautiful.

“Wow, they didn’t release many of those photos,” the woman said. Slipping her hands under her breasts and holding them up she continued, “They don’t quite stand up like they used to.”

Noticing the wrinkles at her eyes and mouth as she smiled Harold nodded and then looked down at her cleavage. “I ah… you were… I mean, this was the first movie I really saw, ah…”

“I was your first? Your first set of boobs?”

Flushing, Harold nodded. He looked back at her face noticing the graying hair for the first time and as she signed the photograph he saw the age spots on her hands. Remembering that in the film she played an adult woman, he wondered how old she must be now, maybe fifty or sixty?

The old woman looked up at Harold, then looked around the room and then back at him. She leaned forward, held up the picture and whispered, “Looks like most everyone is leaving, how would ankara rus escort you like to get a firsthand look at these?”

Harold nodded enthusiastically.

“Come on, follow me,” she whispered, standing up and grabbing his hand. She then led him into a small anteroom, closed and locked the door behind them. Sitting down on a nearby chair, she pulled her blouse over her head and then pulled down the shoulder straps to her bra. As the support of the straps fell away, her breasts settled down onto the paunch of her stomach, but she quickly grabbed them and held them up to Harold.

Stunned by the sight, he was unable to move, he simply looked at the sagging lumps of flesh marked by dark blue veins and stretch marks and saw the same, beautiful, incredible breasts he first looked at in the movies. He didn’t notice the wrinkles, or veins, didn’t seen the stretched skin, the age spots, he only saw the firm nipples and soft breasts he looked at so many years ago.

“I see you like what you see,” she said, nodding at his pants.

Harold glanced down and saw the huge tent his cock had formed in his pants. There was a wet spot forming where the material was soaking up the precum. Embarrassed, he turned and reached down to adjust himself.

“Take it out if you like. It feels good to know I can still do this to a man,” she said.

Harold unzipped his zipper and then eased his cock out of his pants.

“Now I’m sure that feels much better. Tell me, would you like to come on them?”

His eyes grew big as saucers as he nodded.

“Well, be my guest, but first tell me your name,” she said, reaching into his pants and gently cupping his balls with one hand while the other kept her breast held up to him.

“My name is Harold.”

“Okay, you see I don’t just do this with any stranger. Call me Tina.”

Nodding, Harold reached down, wrapped his fingers around his cock and slowly began stroking it. As he moved his hand up and down his shaft he could hear Ms. Wheldron… Tina encouraging him.

“Come on, that’s right. Show me how I turn you on.”

He stared at her breasts remembering how many times he had jacked off looking at her picture at her breasts, the perfect nipples. Pleasure ran up and down his cock as his hand moved and he felt a pressure building in his balls. The sensation of her fingers gently squeezing ankara yabancı escort him was so good, so intense. It was something he wanted to last forever and yet in less than a minute he felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through his body. Arching his back he watched as his cock spurted his cum onto her breasts in splash after splash.

It had been a while since he had masturbated so he came a lot, finally milking out the last drops onto her. Looking down he saw her breasts were soaked, trails of cum sparkled over her breasts, down the sides where it pooled, soaking into her bra.

“Wow, you certainly needed that I think,” she said, slipping her hand from his balls. “Could you hand me that towel over there?”

Harold grabbed the towel and handed it to her. She reached out with it, dabbed the tip of his cock and then began cleaning herself up. He stood and watched as she worked for some time dabbing up the pools of cum and drying herself off. She then slowly worked her breasts back into the cups of the bra and slid the shoulder straps up.

As she pulled her blouse back over her head, Harold slipped his cock back into his pants and zipped himself up. He then grabbed his bag of memorabilia and said, “Th… thank you Ms. Wheldron.”

“Thank you Harold, it’s nice to know I still got it,” she replied as she stood up and led him to the door. “You be careful driving home.”

Harold nodded and then headed out of the room.

It was only two months later when he stumbled across a small article in the back of the entertainment section of the newspaper. They had found her in her hotel the morning after a midnight showing in some odd city. Ironically the cause of death was breast cancer, a condition she apparently ignored, perhaps wanting to leave her breasts unscarred. The article didn’t go into the details.

Harold felt a bit lightheaded as he grabbed a copy of the movie and slipped it into his DVD player. He fast forwarded to the first of Tina’s spots. Watching the fleeting glances of her breasts as the DVD played, he slowly undressed. Finally he stopped the DVD freezing the screen to the same image he had on the picture she had autographed.

Naked now, he wrapped the fingers of his right hand around his cock and began to stroke. Remembering the sensation of her fingers on his balls, he reached his left hand down and lightly squeezed, just like she did when he saw her. When he came, he felt the warm, wet cum splash up on his stomach as he remembered how it looked splashing on her breasts. He then dried himself off with a towel and turned off the DVD.

“Goodbye Tina,” he whispered as the screen went black.

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