Quid Nunc Pimus

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“Billy did you check the Smirnoff when you restocked? We had a run on it tonight.” My manager Siobhan asked in a heavy Irish brogue while I finished breaking down boxes.

“Yeah; we’re fine, we still have three cases.” I replied.

“Thanks, you’re out of here once you get done with those. You’re

not on tonight are you?”

“No, I’ve got the bar for Sunday brunch.”

“See you then Billy, have a good night off.”

“Thanks Siobhan, see you Sunday.”

Bending down to grab the flattened of boxes I heard someone walk up behind me.

“Hey Billy, need some help?” Asked Beth.

“I got the boxes, could you get the door if you’re heading out?”

“No problem. Hey, would you like a ride? I drove tonight.” She asked holding the door for me.

“That would be awesome, thanks.”

I was grateful for Beth’s offer, it’s never fun walking home at 1:30 in the morning after spending the last nine hours on your feet. Beth was college senior who swam for Commonwealth Campus. She really didn’t live close to me but every time she gave me a ride we would have a few beers, maybe smoke a joint and just relax. She was an amazon; 6″0′ flaming red shoulder length hair, a large set of tits that seemed to defy gravity, broad shoulders that tapered down to a muscular ass, firm shapely legs and a very cute face. She was outgoing, smart, loved to flirt and often made comments to me soaked with innuendo.

I tossed the boxes into the dumpster then walked over to Beth’s Jetta and got in. Beth started the car and the annoying whininess of music slid out of the speakers.

“Don’t you love Tori Amos?” She asked sarcastically.

“No.” I said with a sideways glance.

“Oh… that’s right you’re a grunge guy.” She said with a smirk.

“More punk and hard rock.” I countered.

“I bet you are.” Giving me a sexy sideways glance.

We pulled out of the parking lot behind the bar, without asking permission I turned the music down.

As we drove through the nearly abandoned streets of the early morning we chatted about work and tips. Beth shared gossip that I cared little about but I feigned interest. A few minutes later we were pulling in front of my apartment.

“Want to come in for a beer?” I asked as the car came to a stop.

“And a shot….or two?” she added.

We got out of the car and walked to my apartment. As soon as we got in Beth excused herself to the bathroom and I headed to the kitchen to grab a couple of beers and shots. I brought the drinks into the living room put them down and turned on the TV. Beth hadn’t reappeared yet; so I slipped into the bedroom and rolled a joint before returning.

Beth was sitting on the couch and smiled at me with raised eyebrows when she saw the joint.

“Oh, by the way your answering machine is blinking.” She said.

“Great” I responded before grabbing my shot and emptying it before taking a gulp of beer. I pushed play and we listened to a drunken convoluted message from my ex-girlfriend. As it finished Beth shook her head and said;

“Damn boy, why do you put up with that bitch?”

“Because sometimes when she calls she’s not just drunk but also horny

and the sex is good.”

“Billy you need to find another chick.” She said.

At this point I picked up the joint, lit it and took a deep drag before passing it to Beth. We each took three or four good hits before I put it on the ledge of an open window.

“So, how’s your boyfriend doing in basic training?” I asked, trying

to change the topic.

“I guess it’s going okay, I don’t get to talk to him. I could kill that

dumbass for flunking out of Bouve.”

“How much longer does he have?” I asked.

“Six more weeks…..I’m going out of my fucking mind, we can’t even

have phone sex.” Beth lamented.

“Uh…does he write you letters?”

“Not sexy ones.” She said with a pout.

About this point I finished my beer; rising I looked at her and shook my empty bottle, Beth nodded and I headed to the kitchen. Reaching into the fridge I heard Beth walk in while I bent over to grab the beers. I stood up, closed the door, and turned around to find Beth standing in front of me. I don’t know if it was the weed, the alcohol, the conversation or a combination of it all. Without a word she took the bottles from my hand and placed them on the counter, then stepped towards me. Without thinking or any hesitation I leaned forward; our mouths opened, eyes closed, lips touched and tongues probed. Her tongue slithered slowly exploring my mouth, I felt one arm go around my waist while other held my head. My arms encircled her. Our mouths pressed hard into each other, a small moan escaped from our coupled lips when I slid my hand up her spine to the back of her head. Without breaking the kiss I pushed Beth against the counter, her hips parted slightly and I pushed my body against her. The sensation of her breasts against my chest caused my already rising cock to get even harder. Beth then shifted her pelvis spreading her hips slightly çankaya escort allowing me to slide between her thighs. “MMMmmmmmm” she moaned into my mouth when I ground my hard on into her. Beth thrust back against me, my hands slid down gripping her firm ass; as we started to dry fuck each other.

“Oh God!” Beth gasped pulling her lips from mine.

Still driving my jean encumbered cock against her pelvis I moved my hands to her hips while she panted and looked lustfully at me.

“Jesus…Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a boyfriend.” She mumbled.

I slowly ran my hands up her sides grazing of her breasts, causing her to shiver and push back against my straining dick.

“It isn’t your fault he’s not here.” I said taking a finger and lightly tracing it over a breast. Her eyes fluttered then closed and she seemed to grind her teeth.

“God, what I want you to do to me.” She half whispered and half hissed.

“Do tell.” I said before leaning forward and lightly kissing her neck with three or four pecks.

“Dammit….I can’t.” She said weakly and looked down.

I took a step back, with my other hand I cupped her crotch and lightly rubbed her pussy.

“We don’t have to fuck, we could just mess around and get each other

off.” I offered.

Beth half squinted her eyes, took hold of my hand and led me out of the kitchen. Since she was the one with the boyfriend, I decided to let her take the lead.

In the living room we faced each other, embraced and locked lips again. Her moans filled my mouth when both of my hands gripped her ass and began kneading it. She pulled the bottom of my shirt from out of my pants and slipped her hands onto my flat stomach. A muffled “oooohhhhh” slid from my mouth to hers. Slowly her hands climbed up my torso, her fingers pressing into my muscled flesh. I stepped back from her and pulled off my shirt.

“Oooohh, nice.” Beth said with a grin; then before I could take a step

towards her, she slowly started to undo her shirt. Her hands crept upward, finally the last button was undone giving me just a glimpse of what lay underneath. Her arms dropped to her sides and for a moment she gave me a lusty look. Then diverting her eyes from mine she shrugged her shoulders, rolled them back and her shirt cascaded off onto the floor.

Without a word I grinned and shook my head. In front on me was a tanned torso that gave the hint of a one piece swimsuit, clad only in a heavy duty standard white bra that was stretched to capacity. It had been almost two years since I had kissed someone other than my ex-girlfriend much less have one undress in front of me, instinctively I took a step forward. Beth smiled and with a lifted hand wagged her index finger at me.

“No touching only looking.” She pouted.

Without breaking eye contact she reached behind and undid the clasp.

The bra fell away releasing two large alabaster globes that dropped slightly then bounced before settling on her chest. Light pink areola the diameter of biscuits gently rose to eraser sized stiff nipples.

“Fuck…..” Quietly escaped my pursed lips.

Biting her lower lip, Beth looked down and jiggled her tits before returning her gaze to me and raising her eyebrows.

“Wish I was your boyfriend.” I chirped.

Beth cupped her breasts with both hands, lifting them upwards while lowering her lips to one of the stiff nipples. “Mmmmmmmmmm…..” she moaned sucking first the nipple then a fair amount of the surrounding pink flesh into her mouth. She sucked the tip of her tit with greater and greater intensity, moaning louder and louder before doing the same to the other breast.

My cock felt like it was going to rip through my jeans as I watched her. After a minute or two Beth lifted her head. She released her spit covered tits, brought her hands behind her head and arched her back thrusting her chest forward.

“Damn girl, you have one hell of a chassis.” I whispered hoarsely. Blushing she shot me a sexy little smile and leaned forward. Her tits slid forwards almost to her chin when she leaned forward to loosen her shoes.

Watching her I began to undo my belt, and struggled to kick off my own shoes. Beth stood up, stepped out of her shoes; with our eyes locked she brought her hands to her pants and ever so slowly undid them. Without breaking eye contact her thumbs looped under the waist band she pushed it over her hips and ass; then brought her hands back behind her head, her legs swayed left to right and her jeans fell to her ankles.

My mouth must have been hanging open, I froze before unzipping my pants and just stared. Beth was a tall woman only an inch or two shorter than myself. Her shoulders and hips were broad but in proportion to her body and breasts, tan softly muscled legs and a flat stomach that bulged ever so softly completed the image. A white thong obscured what lay between her thighs.

Beth smiled at me and in the tone of a little girl asked;

“You like?”

“I like a lot” I said enthusiastically.

“I ankara rus escort want to see you….take it out.” She said softly.

Without taking my eyes off of her, I unbutton and unzipped my 501’s, grabbed the waist band of my boxers and jeans and pushed them to my ankles, then stepped out of them. My erection jutted at a 90 degree angle from my body bobbing just slightly.

I am no porn star, but my dick is a fair bit longer than average and equally thicker, the combination of the two occasionally leaves a favorable impression. I don’t know what Beth thought when it sprung out but her eyes got bigger and she stared for a couple of moments before speaking.

“You’re bigger than Mark.” she hoarsely panted.

I smiled, grabbed my cock and gave it four or five long strokes, milking a clear drop of pre-cum from it.

“Just imagine, just think about how it would feel in your hand…between

your lips……” I teased.

Beth’s hand slipped into her thong and began to slowly undulate under the fabric. I let go of my shaft, took a couple of steps backwards and flopped down into an overstuffed chair. Leaning back I rested my elbows and hands on the armrest, my cock stood straight up.

“Take it off.”

Beth smiled and rested her hands on her hips for just a moment before pushing the thong down her thighs and letting it fall around her feet. She took two steps towards me, and placed her palm just under her navel above her bikini wax job. A closely cropped triangle of fire orange hair stretched from her bikini line to just above her glistening swollen nub. She looked down and her hand descended and began to slowly caress the orange fuzz up and down a few times, then stopped just above her clit. Her eyes moved to mine, her middle finger straightened so that the tip rested on her slick nub and she lightly rubbed it in a circular motion. Without thinking my hand took hold of my shaft and started to move up and down in synchronization with her. Silently we watched each other touching ourselves for maybe a minute or two. Beth drew her hand away stepped back to the couch that faced me.

“Keep touching yourself.” She whispered as she sat down.

My hand kept traveling slowly up and down my length while watching her spread her thighs, revealing a moist creases bordered by thin lips. One hand cupped a breast as she rolled the nipple between her thumb and index finger. Spreading her legs more, two fingers of her other hand slowly rubbed her moist slit a few times. Beth looked at me intensely then slid the two fingers into her pussy.

“Jesus, Beth.” I gasped, stroking myself with greater intensity. I watched as her fingers slid in and out going deeper each time. Her breathing was ragged, her hips were undulating as she stared at me with squinting eyes.

“Tell me…tell me what you would…do…to me.” She gasped

Panting, I tried to put my thoughts into some comprehensible form.

“There is so…so much I want to do to you. I would love to taste you, run

my tongue up and down your creamy slit….”

“OOOhhhh…yeah Billy…Do you want to fuck me?”

I really didn’t know what the context of the question was, did she just want to hear me say it or did she what me to do it.

“God, I want to fuck you.” I said desperately.

Beth’s eyes open wide her hands moved to the top of her thighs, staring at me she spoke in a sultry whisper.

“Billy I need it… I need you…I need you to fuck me.”

Still not sure I replied;

“Should I get a condom?”

“No, just give it to me.”

I rose and took four steps to her; then knelt between her legs, my dick stood out at the same level as her pussy. She scooted her ass to the edge of the couch I leaned forward. Looking into each other’s eyes, she took hold of my cock and guided it to her moist gap. Without a word we both watched as she rubbed the tip up and down her slit coating it with her wetness. Then stopped, I shifted my hips forward and slid my crown into her.

“OOH OOH Oh yes..yes….”

Her pussy was warm and oh so wet. Feeling no resistance I leaned forward sliding more of my length into her. First one inch then another and more. She was not as tight as my ex, but as more of my cock filled her I could feel her pussy begin to pulsate. We both stared silently as I penetrated her deeper and deeper. With two inches left I felt the resistance of her cervix and could go no further. My eyes moved to her face, a wide eyed gasping Beth stared back. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled my face to hers and wrapped her legs around my waist. We kissed frantically as I began to take short strokes in and out of her clutching cunt. After a couple of minutes I slipped my hands under her ass, without slipping out of her I pulled her off the couch on top of me on the floor. We took a second to shift slightly. Beth placed her hands on my shoulders and began to ride me. I lifted my head and locked my lips on a plump tit and sucked as much of as I could into my mouth.

“oohh..OOhh.. ankara yabancı escort yeah!”

Beth kept sliding up and down my cock. My lips squeezed her hard nipple while my tongue lashed it. Beth adjusted her hips and slipped her hand between our bodies, I felt the vibration as she rubbed her clit. I sucked her nipple deeper into my mouth and gently bit down at the same instant I began thrusting back against her.

“Yeah…Yeah…harder…. harder…..” She shrieked.

Not knowing whether she wanted me to bite harder or thrust harder, I did both.

Suddenly she sat up pulling her tit from my mouth. Her back arched, the hand stopped moving, her eyes and mouth opened wide but no sound came out as she took all but an inch or two of my cock. She was motionless for a moment or two, then I felt her pussy begin first to pulsate then clench with impressive force before her whole body began to shudder.

“uhh..cumming…cumming…uhhhhh.” she whimpered over and over. This lasted about ten seconds; feeling her pussy begin to relax I rocked the two of us side to side a couple of times (to build momentum) then rolled on top of her without dislodging. Her legs wrapped around me, my mouth covered hers and I began to slide in and out at a ferocious pace. Within five minutes I felt her cum again. I tried to break our kiss so that I could suck a nipple but her arms held me tightly in place.

When her climax faded and her arms relaxed I placed my hands on her shoulders propping myself up and began slamming in and out of her loosening pussy. For ten more minutes I pummeled her until I felt the tension begin to build within my loins. My pace became more frantic, my face contorted and my body started to tense. Beth could tell I was close.

“I want… you to cum…on my tits.” she panted.

At the moment of no return I pulled out and grabbed the base of my cock. I had barely straddled her waist when the first volley erupted from my dick landing just above her tits on her collar bone. I kept pumping my shaft; a second, third, fourth and finally fifth spurt spewed forward covering her tits and belly. Lost in a post orgasmic haze, I rolled off of her and sat on the floor leaning against the couch.

Beth sat up and looked down at her glazed torso.

“Damn Billy when was the last time you got off? That’s a lot of cum.”

Without waiting for my answer she pushed her cum splattered tits together and up as she lowered her head and began to lick up the cum. When she was done she lifted her head, looked me in the eyes and swallowed loudly then wiped her lips.

“God I love a dirty girl, where have you been my whole life?” I joked.

“Dating boys with small dicks who can’t last ten minutes.” She said as she crawled next to me. I put arm around her, pulled her to me and kissed her slimy mouth.

Beth took off around 4:00 am and immediately I fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later, grabbed some books (which I carried in an old saddle bag) and headed to a little coffee shop (Ground Werks) around the corner, where I studied every Saturday morning for a few hours. I got to the “Werks” at 8:30 and took my place in the slow moving line. As the line crawled to the counter I noticed a very attractive woman with two young girls behind me, I would have paid more attention to her but I also spied a large gold wedding band and ring that cradled a substantial diamond. Waiting to order I that the young girls behind me were speaking French. Curious, I began to eaves drop trying to determine if they were Canadien or French. I had little time to listen; I got to the counter ordered my coffee flavored coffee and retreated to the only unoccupied table. I was reviewing some class notes when I was interrupted by the woman who had been behind me in line. She was carrying two orange juices and each daughter had a plate with half a bagel.

“Do you mind if we join you? There are no empty tables.” She asked with

a slight Texas drawl.

I was slightly taken a back, I was expecting a French accent.

“No, not all.” I answered, quickly standing to remove the saddle bag from

the table to make room.

“He has a purse, mommy!” blurted the youngest girl.

The mother laughed.

“Honey that’s not a purse, it’s a saddle bag. It’s how cowboys carry their

things when they are riding a horse.”

“Are you a cowboy?” Asked the youngest one.

“Do you have a horse?” Asked her older sister.

By this point I had figured out that they weren’t French nor were they Candien/Quebecois, but I was still curious about the French thing. With a smile I explained that I wasn’t a cowboy and that I didn’t have a horse.

“So, why do you have it?” The older one asked.

“To carry my stuff.” I explained.

I then stood up and threw it over my shoulder, showing them how it worked. The younger girl looked unimpressed and announced;

“So, it’s a purse.”

Their mother was trying to stifle her amusement but couldn’t help giggling. Realizing, I was beat, I responded.

“You’re right, it’s a purse.”

The bemused mother looked at her watch and said.

“Girls, eat your bagels we have to be at French school in twenty minutes.” Well, that explains the French thing I thought to myself as I returned to my reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32