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It was beautiful summer evening and very warm. Vicky was dressed in a flimsy blue floral summer dress and it was obvious to anyone who managed to catch a sight of her when she was backlit that she was not wearing anything underneath. She was not normally quite so uninhibited but even the thought of wearing no knickers made her feel so deliciously hot that she had eventually after much indecision left them off. It had been worth it because she was feeling deliciously sexy and knowing her boyfriend Brad had spent most of the night with a fairly prominent bulge in his pants because he was so hot for her made her even more so.

Vicky had been teasing him since he had picked her up earlier, keeping him horny but allowing no more than kissing and a subtle groping. The groping was so that he could know that she was wearing nothing more under her dress than her perfume. She had whispered to him on several occasions how sexy she was feeling and how she was looking forward to later on. They had gone to a local pub to have a bite to eat and a couple of drinks. Brad had been fairly unsettled most of the time they were there. He had not seen Vicky for several days as they had both been so very busy at work. All Brad wanted now was to go back to one of their flats and enjoy some time alone having long slow delicious sex.

Finding out that Vicky had nothing on under her light dress had been a surprise. He had not expected Vicky to be so daring and the way she kept nibbling his ear and whispering suggestively how badly she wanted him was keeping him at a constant state of arousal. She also kept allowing her hand to find its way to his crotch where she would lightly touch him when she thought nobody was watching.

‘Shall we go?’ Brad leant closer to Vicky and whispered in her ear. He was stroking her left leg, lightly running his hand between her knee and thigh, teasingly allowing it to creep under her dress until she would place her hand over his stopping him. Sally was finding herself getting more and more turned on as the night progressed. She wanted so much for Brad’s hand to continue up her thigh until it reached her wetness. But she was keen to continue making Brad wait; his own obvious need for her was such a turn on.

‘But Brad we are having such a good time here.’ Vicky laughed at Brad’s expression. ‘Don’t you feel like another quick drink before we go?’

‘Vicky, if we stay here another minute I çankaya escort don’t think I can be held responsible for my actions.’

Vicky looking wide eyed and feigning ignorance asked him what he meant.

‘You sexy wench, you know exactly what I mean,’ he laughed. ‘You have me so turned on I am in pain. If we don’t leave now I am going to have you over this table and I don’t care if the whole pub watches. The choice is yours.’

‘Wow, I didn’t realise.’ Vicky reached her out hand and laid it over the bulge in Brad’s chinos and squeezed gently. ‘This is all because of me?’

‘Right come on.’ Brad stood up and taking a firm hold of a laughing Vicky’s hand led her out of the pub.

As they passed the next table a pretty blonde girl, who would have heard the two of them talking, looked directly at Brads crotch as he walked passed, she smiled at Vicky before saying. ‘Looks like enough there for two, if you want a hand?’

‘Oh I am looking forward to taking care of this myself.’ Vicky giggled as she quickly passed.

As soon as they had left the pub Brad pulled the still giggling Vicky towards him and crushed his lips against hers. Brad’s hands gripped Vicky’s bottom as he held her against him. Needing no further encouragement she ground herself against him enjoying the feel of his erection hard against her. Their bodies moulded against each other as they kissed deeply for several minutes before they breathlessly broke away form each other.

‘We had better get back soon, before we get arrested.’ Vicky panted.

‘My place is closer and have I told you how incredibly sexy you are?’

‘Oh I think that he is making that plainly obvious.’ Vicky said tracing Brad’s erect cock through his chinos.

Vicky and Brad decided to walk home through the park instead of waiting for a taxi. It was still warm even though the air was getting heavy and threatening rain.

They had only been walking for a few minutes, half of that time spent kissing, when the rain started. Within seconds it was raining harder and harder until it was belting down furiously. Vicky and Brad looked at each other before laughing out loud. Her light summer dress was soaked through and was clinging to her body, her nipples painfully erect because of the sudden cold were straining against now almost see through material. Brad already feeling hornier than ever thought Vicky had never looked so sexy.

‘Well we ankara rus escort can’t get any wetter,’ Brad said as he again pulled Vicky to him and he started kissing her neck and shoulders. Completely oblivious to any possible passers by he ran his hands all over her body, caressing, stroking and squeezing. He turned Vicky so she was facing away from him as he continued kissing her shoulders. She allowed herself to sink back against him as his hands cupped her breasts and capturing her nipples between his thumb and index finger he teased them as he continued kissing along her shoulder.

Vicky moaned as she felt Brad’s hands working their magic on her. She was feeling so turned on she had to lean back against him for support or she thought she would fall over. As she pushed back she could feel the hardness of Brad’s erection pushing against her. Her legs felt weak, she was not sure they would be able to support her body weight. Brad’s fingers on her nipples were sending bolts of delicious electricity through her body, it felt as if her clitoris was somehow attached as it seemed to pulse in time with his manipulations.

The rain beating down on their bodies and the fact that they were outdoors and could be caught at any moment only added to the excitement. Vicky let out a long low moan as one of Brad’s hands made its way down the front of her body and slipped up under her short dress to caress between her legs. She involuntarily moved her legs wider apart to give him greater access. She thought she would scream as his hand came into contact with her pussy, she had never felt such undisguised lust as she pushed herself against his hand.

Brad cupped Vicky’s pussy allowing his middle finger to slip between her folds; he was amazed at the hot wetness he felt. With the long slow build up during the evening Sally was already so turned on he knew she did not want to wait much longer. As soon as he touched her clitoris Vicky gasped and thrust herself against his hand. Brad kept up a steady rhythm with his fingers until Vicky went very quiet and very still before suddenly he felt her convulsing as she had her first powerful orgasm. He held her tightly with one arm around her waist as he felt her shuddering against him. His other hand still busy caressing her pussy and fingering her clitoris.

Still facing away from him Vicky reached behind and deftly undid his chinos and unzipped ankara yabancı escort him. She was still gasping as his fingers kept up stimulating her clitoris drawing her closer to another quick orgasm. Never had she cum so fast or felt so turned on as she was now. She managed to get a grip on his chinos and quickly tugged them down, only stopping as they got caught.

Brad removed his grip from around her waist and helped her to drop his chinos and boxers to his knees freeing his painfully erect cock. He pushed Vicky’s back so she was bending away from him then took hold of his cock and guided it towards Sally’s pussy where he held it against her.

On feeling his cock touch her, Vicky immediately pushed backwards taking him all the way in. She gasped at the pleasure as he started to move slowly in and out of her, his finger was still rubbing her clit bringing her closer and closer to another orgasm.

‘Yes! Harder, Brad, hard and fast. I can’t wait, quickly before someone comes along.’ Vicky gasped.

Brad kept the pressure on Vicky clit as he started to pump his cock deeply in and out of her. After the continual teasing and seeing Vicky so turned on he knew he would be pushed to last very long. As he felt Vicky reach between her legs and run her hand over his balls then continue until he felt a finger probing his ass hole he knew he would not last very long at all.

Vicky felt the orgasm building up as Brad’s cock pumped in and out of her hitting her g-spot and his finger worked magic on her clit. She felt for and located his ass hole and managed to slip her finger in as she felt her orgasm exploding within her.

As Vicky’s finger slipped into his hole he felt and heard Vicky’s orgasm hitting her. He could not stop his own orgasm as he drove himself furiously in and out of her a couple more times before cumming deep within her.

Brad stayed deep inside Vicky as they both shuddered and gasped at the amazing orgasms they had just experienced. After several minutes Brad’s cock slipped out of Vicky and she turned and throwing her hands round his neck kissed him hard.

‘Wow that was something else.’ Vicky giggled.

‘You are not kidding, what a way to end an evening.’ Brad agreed, as he quickly zipped himself up.

‘End an evening? I think we had better get back to your place. If you think I am going to settle for one little quickie, then you can think again or are you not up to any more? Vicky laughed teasingly.

Brad grabbed Sally’s hand and quickly led her back to his place.

‘You wait until I get you home, you’ll have so much sex you won’t be able to walk for a week.’

‘Promises, promises.’

They both laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32