Queen of Heaven Ch. 05

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Note: This story plays out slowly over several chapters. Not a fast payoff story.


“Maybe you’re just like my mother. She’s never satisfied…”

The music on my phone seemed to be speaking to me directly. I suppose His Royal Badness could be a little prophetic. I mean, I know why we’ve been screaming recently. And it was contextually appropriate. So, I’m not worried about that.

But if I’m putting together an R&B playlist featuring Mom’s Sade preferences and the occasional bit from back when, I suppose there will be some moments of sensual prophecy. Let’s face it, pretty much the entire history of music is about relationships and religion. Sex and sacrifice. No Ordinary Love is perhaps not “ordinary” but it’s certainly a connection we all recognize and react to.

I’d made it home easily enough once my eyes were back on the road. I live in a nice enough spot. It’s suburban, but not heinous. I guess it was the ‘burbs of 20 years ago, and as the city has expanded so have the limits of suburbia. Weirdly, my place is now essentially in town. Go figure.

I hadn’t yet settled in enough to think about buying a house, but when I was looking at apartment rentals, the agent asked me if I’d considered leasing a home instead. Well, after years of residence halls and apartment complexes, I admit that having four walls with no one on the other side had some appeal. Turns out that since this development had become unfashionable, as the city had expanded north and west, the rent wasn’t out of my range. Most of my neighbors were homeowners, and, I discovered, not too happy about the house being used as a rental. Still, it wasn’t forbidden by any of those ridiculous covenants folks have to sign, so this spot was open even if the neighbors weren’t wild about it.

I did a walkthrough and was kind of blown away. I mean, the neighborhood wasn’t blocked off with one of those silly gates, so that was good. I hate that shit. But, it was relatively quiet. It was way more space than a single guy needed or was used to, but I was finally making a little money so it felt like not a bad possibility. Then, when I stepped into the backyard I saw the pool. That settled things.

I mean, I live in a town with a lot of sun. Pools are pretty common around here. But I am young and not a homeowner. The notion of having a pool to myself? Well, yeah, sign me up. The privacy fence was handy, and there was minimal yard maintenance to keep up.

I hopped right on board. The place is a little empty. I don’t have a lot of stuff. And there are two floors. Well, mostly one and a half, but still way more room than I need for me. I thought it would be nice for a year and then if I need to move on, no big deal. I just needed to be sure not to buy more stuff for the place than I could easily move into a smaller space. It was a good deal.

Michelle had stayed over a couple of nights, but Mom hadn’t spent time here. She knew my address and all, but I hadn’t thrown a housewarming or anything. Besides I barely had any furniture. It was spare.

I tossed my bag on the bar and plugged my laptop into the charger. Phone in the dock and launched a shuffled playlist. It wasn’t curated yet, but when I had a break at work I hustled together several acts into an Anna list. I figured I should just play along with the music of the 80s and 90s. Why not? There was nothing on the list I didn’t like and Mom, of course, loved it. Michelle seemed to at least enjoy the context in which she heard similar things last night. Sade, Prince, Dead Can Dance, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, and Morcheeba for good measure as we creeped into the 21st century. I opened a Shiraz, poured myself a glass, walking out the back door.

It was a nice evening. Warm without being stifling. Comfortable. I took a long sip of wine. Life had taken an odd jink, but it felt like a good path. If it worked without drama, all the better. If it shook up our understanding of ourselves and each other? Well, sometimes that leads us all to better places. We don’t grow without adversity. That said, I’d rather not lose the depth of connection I was developing with Michelle. And I certainly didn’t want to alienate Anna. I didn’t think that was likely, but, you know, I didn’t think that I’d be sleeping with her either. Surprises abound.

I sat back in my poolside lounge chair as the speakers piped tunes around the house. I felt right with the world and drifted as the sky darkened and the stars began to peek out. I was centered and content. What would come would come… the power of a lovely night by the pool with a glass of wine in your hand. Sade seemed to read my mind. I heard her comforting me with,

“don’t lay awake at night thinking about your problems, keep looking.”

She’s a wise woman.

“Dude! You could answer your damned door you know. It’s like you don’t want two gloriously hot babes to visit.” A different wise woman.

Michelle had opened the gate and headed into the back yard. Apparently I’d drifted off more than I’d expected. I didn’t hear them arrive or even the doorbell.

“Well, pendik escort okay, I guess… just let yourself in why don’t you?” I chuckled and swung my legs around to stand up. “You know you don’t have to stand on ceremony. I think the front door is open, and I’m not likely to kick you out if you just walk in you know?”

Michelle leaned into me for a kiss. “I don’t know that for sure, but I did have a suspicion. I don’t want to jinx things, but I think you might like me.”

“You think?”

Anna walked up and kissed me on the cheek. “She thinks. I know. I’ve known you longer and I can read the signs.”

“Well, that’s fair,” I said. “Wine anyone?”

“Took you long enough,” Anna replied. “Red and free would be preferable. Unless you’re drinking that boxed stuff… I’m not that forgiving.”

“No, dearest. It comes in a bottle and everything. I think there’s even a real cork. Though, nowadays folks don’t think that’s important, I understand.”

“Child o’ mine, as long as I don’t get a paper cut on the packaging I’ll drink it. I mean, I think there’s even a place for two buck chuck, but don’t quote me on that in public.”

“All your secrets are safe with me, oh Queen of Heaven.”

Michelle reached over and pulled at my earlobe, “You never call me Queen of Anything, boyfriend.”

“Forgive him Mike, he’s just being all obsessive about my tattoo… and, of course, my evident divinity.”

Michelle turned to her and said, “Aren’t we all, babe? Aren’t we all?”

“I don’t know about that, Mikey. But I do know about wine. Want me to grab you a glass too?”

Michelle said, “Please and thank you.”

Anna turned and opened the patio door. She dropped her purse on a chair and headed for the wine glasses hanging near the sink. I turned to Michelle and said, “So, I gather that you’re getting along with your new girlfriend rather well. Am I being booted to the curb?”

Michelle smiled a sly little smile, “You know, I haven’t decided yet. I’m pretty fond of you, you know?”

I grinned, “Really?”

Michelle ran the palm of her hand up my chest and behind my neck pulling me down slightly into her kiss. Her tongue traced the line of my lips and she briefly took my bottom lip between hers with the slightest of nips from her teeth. “Yes, really. I mean, yeah, I’m into Anna too, but as long as you don’t mind sharing a bit I think you’ll like the arrangement. I’ve never felt as alive as I feel with the two of you in the same room. It’s intense and I want more of it. Got a problem with that?”

I smiled and said, “No, definitely not.” I heard it, however, in stereo… Mom was standing at the patio door with two glasses of wine and a smile. She apparently was completing my sentences for me now. You know, if you’re going to be in a ridiculously close relationship with two women, it’s probably not a bad thing to feel like one of them is too good to be true and the other knows you better than you know yourself. And vice versa.

“In vino veritas, Anna?” Michelle grinned and held out her hands wiggling her fingers apparently demanding wine. As one does.

“In all things honesty, sweet Mike. All things.” Handing a glass to Michelle, Anna toasted both of us. “Look, since Bobby and I divorced, I’ve been all honest all the time. Not cruelty or anything, but honest to who I am and what I need. Embracing the goddess.”

Michelle raised her glass, “Embracing the goddess.”

I raised my glass and followed, “Embracing the goddesses.”

“Well, glad to know I’m getting the promotion,” Michelle answered.

“Always, dear. Always.”

“Always?” Anna raised an eyebrow. “You know, that sounds like you might be-” Michelle poked Anna in the shoulder with an outstretched forefinger. “… er… making a very sweet toast.”

“I feel like I’m only aware of half the conversation around you two,” I said.

Anna chuckled, “Which probably makes you about twice as aware as the average 20something guy, hon.”

“Thanks, mom. So, I didn’t really plan for company or anything. Dinner might be fairly unsophisticated.”

“Babe, we ate pizza at your Mom’s place and that didn’t go so badly right?”

“True,” I said and kissed the Michelle’s forehead as she snuggled into my chest. “And I think I could still manage actual food for you. Though if it’s going to get me laid, I’m glad to order pizza.”

“I think you’ll manage to get laid regardless, Gil.” A sentence I never really imagined my mother saying before this week. “It’s really all a matter of timing. Besides, dinner can wait. I haven’t really seen the place before. Show me around.”

“Oh, right, of course. Michelle’s only been over a few times, but I think she knows the lay of the land. Want to show her around?”

Michelle said, “Making me work for my dinner already? I thought we were still in the flirty stage where I don’t have to lift a finger and you’re the gallant knight?”

“Of course. Just thought if you wanted to rummage through my house and find all my secrets.”

Michelle, suddenly maltepe escort very somber, looked me right in the eye and said, “Honey, I’ll do that with you in the room. I don’t have to make a secret of it.” We all smiled, but I think I believe her. She turned to the chaise I’d just been in and said, “Besides I like the notion of drinking wine by the pool in the twilight. You two do the fifty-cent tour. I’ll be here drinking Chateau Fleet Street.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Seriously? You’re a Rumpole fan? The depths.”

“Heh… and you too apparently.”

“Blame Anna. I thought everyone on TV had a British accent until I was 10.”

Anna shrugged, “Call it a weakness. Or call me She Who Must Be Obeyed. But for now, show me around Gil. I want to see what you are squandering your vast resources on. And where you hide all your secrets.”

We stepped into the kitchen through the patio door. “Well, obviously you found the wine glasses.”

She replied, “First things first. In case of emergency, open wine.”

“Lessons from the master. So, anyway, yeah. Kitchen. The basics but nothing fancy. I know it’s not really your favorite place, but the important stuff is clear. Fridge, glasses, microwave.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

“Moving on. Living room is essentially part of the kitchen, so you can live with that no?”

“Of course. I like that there’s a lot of space. No tiny rooms.”

“Yeah, it’s mostly one big space. The master bedroom has a door, and of course the office… the bathrooms, etc. But the big entry way and the living area and the kitchen are basically under one roof. It’s a big space but with just one or two people it’s kind of perfect. If you had a big family or roommates it would get crowded.”

“Unless everyone was comfortable naked and fucking,” she grinned.

“Aren’t you just turning into the foul mouthed saucy girl?”

“Hey, I was always foul mouthed. I’m just a lot more saucy now. Like I said, after the divorce. In this stage of my life. It’s all out there.” She linked arms with me and rested her head on my shoulder as we walked.

“No kidding. Anyway, TV, charging stations, couch… very exciting, I know. Desk and such in the office area. I can work from home some days and having a separate office is a nice way to break away from the distractions of just being home. Let see, bathroom and through to the Master Bedroom.”

“Where the magic happens?”

“Er, mostly where the sleeping happens, but I’m open to changing the subtitling.”

Anna patted my arm maternally and said, “Good boy.”

“So, yeah. Bedroom, through to Master Bath.”

“Ooo, nice. I like that the tub and the shower are separate. Especially with that giant tub. That could be… fun.”

“I could imagine that. In fact, I’m obviously now only imagining that.”

Anna slid her arm out of mine and put a hand on the back of my neck. She dragged a fingernail lightly down my spine. I shivered.

“Good. I always encourage my boy to have a healthy imagination. Great things come from vivid daydreams, don’t you find?”

“Well I do now. Oh, and if it makes a difference that tub has jets in it… so, you know, extra… relaxing, I guess.”

“Nice. I like to feel that rush. I mean, my first orgasm was in the bath so it’s also sentimental.”

Things I didn’t know, and didn’t imagine I ever would.

“Really,” I said, “I wouldn’t have guessed that.”

“Oh honey, I bet the same was true of Mike. Unless, of course, she had a favorite pillow involved. I mean, when you’re a young one you find joy where you can. In my case, running water. In others, favorite stuffed animals… pillows… or just good old manual exploration. But, I’ve got a soft spot- okay, maybe a firm spot- for swiftly rushing water.” She sounded a bit wistful. I felt increasingly uncomfortable with how comfortable I was now feeling knowing this sort of thing. But it was a discomfort that was certain to fade. If I had to lock it in the closet to make it go away.

I said, “I think that’s something I’m going to have to remember. Like I could forget half of the stuff you’ve revealed about yourself since the gym.”

Mom wrapped her arms around my waist and met my eyes.”I’ve been very revealing, huh?”

“And I think we’re just getting started,” I said.

“You always were bright, kiddo.”

“Bright enough to know that Michelle is going to start wondering what we’re up to. It’s not THAT large a house. We should probably save the upstairs for later.”

“True, but give me a kiss and let her wonder just a little longer.”

I leaned in and our lips met. I traced her lips with the tip of my tongue and pulled her in close to me. Mouth to mouth. Hip to hip. Anna seemed to purr. That made me smile and break the kiss.

“You definitely are a good boy, son. And in case you were worried, I’m not going to steal your girlfriend.”

“Never crossed my mind, mother dearest.”

“I thought we weren’t going to lie to each other.”

I chuckled, “Okay, it might have crossed my mind, but kartal escort I figured that you wouldn’t totally abandon me. So, I thought at least one of you would stay in my life.”

“True. But here’s the thing. I like her a lot. And I love you, of course. So, I’m going to make it a point of spending time with both of you. Try not to fuck it up at any point because I think this thing where we make a nice happy family of sorts is pretty great, don’t you?”

“I do indeed. Speaking of which, why don’t we go see what sort of trouble our girlfriend is up to?”

“Trouble? Mikey? Yeah, you’re probably right.”

We walked arm in arm back to the patio. As we stepped outside, I didn’t see any sign of Michelle. Anna said, “Mikey-dear. Where oh where are you hiding?”

From the pool we heard a splash and saw Michelle rise to the surface. I guess she didn’t want to wait around on us. She cleared her eyes and said, “What? You’ve got a freakin’ pool.”

“But no spare swim suits,” I answered.

“Damned right, boyfriend. Now bring my girl and your naughty bits on in. The water is just fine.”

A pair of trousers landed on my head. I looked over to see that Anna was already down to underwear that were slipping off one foot as she walked towards the pool.

“When in Rome,” I said as I started unbuttoning my shirt. Under the stars, naked and, let’s be honest, in love with two women who were naked and calling my name. I was definitely hitting the life jackpot. Thank you gift horse. Thank you. Also, who thought buttons and zippers were necessary. I think I’m going to invest in a kilt.

Also, just in case you encounter this problem in life, always remove shoes and socks first. I mean, short of Jermaine Clement, who I’m taking at his word, I’m fairly certain no one has successfully seduced anyone while bouncing around with his pants at his ankles trying to shuck off shoes at the same time.

And no man gets lucky in just his socks. That’s never a good look. Which is to say that after the laughter died down from the pool, I quickly dived in with more than little splash just to quiet down the critics.

As I surfaced, both ladies splashed me pretty viciously. Eh, who needs to see? So, I flailed out and grabbed ahold of the first one I could find and dragged her down below the surface. There was kicking and writhing and we both surfaced laughing. It turns out that I had Michelle around the waist. We turned to see Anna a couple of feet away. She held up a hand and said, “No. Just no.”

I’m afraid neither Michelle nor I seemed to hear her. There must have been water in our ears. But once she was back up from the dunk, we called truce. Or at least tried to. I’m afraid she might be holding a grudge. I tried to stifle the unhappiness with a kiss. She didn’t seem to mind.

Wet, warm and holding each other. It seemed like the perfect moment until Michelle slid in behind Anna and made it the more perfect union. As I kissed Mom, I could see that Michelle was pulling hair away and kissing the back of her neck. Our hands brushed against each other as both of us caressed Anna’s back, hips, and breasts.

Anna’s arms wrapped around my neck and her legs floated up and around my hips. I could feel Michelle reach between us gripping my erection and directing it along Anna’s vulva. Sex underwater isn’t always easy. The water washes away the lubrication you rely on. Luckily, the level of arousal and determination in that pool were off the charts. Michelle slid the head of my dick across Anna’s sex twice before planting me firmly within. We splashed together. I think all three of us groaned.

As Anna and I found a rhythm, we became lost in the moment. She leaned back into Michelle as I thrust into the floating body in front of me. It was divine. Michelle cradled Mom’s head and ran her hands across upturned breasts. I lost track of the time as we seemed to slip between reality and a dream. No gravity, no limits, three bodies. We made a sort of rhythmic splash music together. Anna moaned. Michelle caressed with the palms of her hands and traced lines with fingernails.

I couldn’t imagine stopping, but Anna had other ideas. She pulled up and floated off of me. I very articulately said, “Wuh?”

“Don’t worry baby boy, you’ll get plenty. But I have other ideas. Out of the pool. You too Mikey darling.”

We looked a little confused but stepped out of the water. My cock waved a bit to the crowd (had there been a crowd), but as I looked around Anna laid down two full sized beach towels from the cabinet near the patio door.

“Okay, kids, on the towels and, you know, do what comes naturally. Pool sex is awesome but you two could use some landlocked fucking I think.”

“Mother knows best,” I said to my gorgeous girlfriend as she stretched out on the towels.

She replied, “I think maybe she does. Now get down here. Kiss me or something, dude.”

I know when I’m being given good advice. Kneeling down, I slide my wet body against hers. Our lips met and we seemed to melt together. Firmness and softness. Heat and cold. This was where I needed to be. This was where she needed to be. Somehow Mom knew that this was what we needed right at the moment. Not to take away from the fun we were having as a trio, but to reaffirm that the couple was still a thing.

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