Quads Ch. 09

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“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the graduating class of 2006.”

With that said, our caps went flying, and we yelled at the top of our lungs. After four long tedious years, Shane, Stacy, Stephanie and I had finally graduated with our college degrees. Brenda and Jack, our first cousins, were somewhere amongst the thousand or so graduating seniors. Turning to Stephanie, I grabbed her and planted a kiss on her that would make anyone jealous who saw us; Shane was doing the same with Stacy. If anyone did see us, they would have thought that we were dating. Only Brenda and Jack, along with our parents, knew the truth; the four of us were brothers and sisters, a set of identical quadruplets. After switching partners, we looked for Jack and Brenda. Finding them, slapping each other on the back, and gave kisses all around, we went hunting for our parents.

It took us awhile to weave through the surging crowd, but we finally located them. Another round of hugs and kisses took place, along with picture taking, and then we were free to go. We turned in our caps and gowns, or at least the caps that we thought were ours, said farewell to the friends we made, and then jumped in the stretch limo.

After settling in and savoring the moment, we thought back on the last four years. Shane, Stacy, Stephanie and I, along with Jack and Brenda, enjoyed our time here, but were greatly relieved that is was finally over. We remembered all the weekends when we did nothing but fuck each others brains out. The only times we got out of bed were to eat and use the bathroom.

We also remembered Coach Johanson; the female swim coach for the college, or at least the former females swim coach. She had somehow gotten invited to a party at a fraternity house, and when the authorities were called in, there was a line out the door of people waiting to get in. Coach Johanson was the center of attention. Every orifice on her body was filled with a cock, and she had somehow filled her hands as well. When one person had cum in or on her, another took their place. An inquire was done, and Coach Johanson was relieved of her position. Word got around that she went to Las Vegas and was now working as a call girl.

The limo we were riding in was a long stretched Hummer, black in color. This was the same one we used at our senior prom in high school. The couple who owned it was getting a divorce and the business had to be sold. Shane and I discussed it, talked our dad into giving us a loan, and we bought the business. With this being a big college town, and with some hard thinking and work, we were soon turning a profit. Shane and I wanted to expand by buying a few more vehicles, but decided to wait until we graduated. We were still going to add on, but that was still down the road.

As we were traveling down the road, Stacy, Stephanie and Jack were standing through the sunroof of the Hummer. Shane being the wild one of the bunch got a wicked look on his face and made his way to the front of Stacy. Reaching under the dress she was wearing, he quickly pulled down her panties and started to lick around her vagina. Stacy tried to duck back into the Limo, but Shane held onto her, preventing her from moving. Brenda started laughing, and then made her way to Jack. Unzipping his pants, she pulled out his cock, and proceeded to give him a blow job. It was a little crowded there, so I just stayed where I was. All the windows were darkly tinted so no one could see.

Stacy and Jack must have been really enjoying the treatment they were getting because I could see them start to tremble. One of them must have said something to Stephanie, because she somehow squeezed herself back into the limo.

“I was wondering what was going on,” Stephanie replied as she sat next to me. “Stacy was surprised at first, and Jack has a big grin on his face.”

“Well, now you know,” I told her laughing.

“You’re just going to sit there and not do anything then?”

“Yes I am going to sit here. Why?”

Looking at me with a wicked grin, Stephanie eased her way over and straddled my stretched out legs. Unfastening my belt, she undid my slacks and slowly pulled my zipper down. Reaching into my briefs, Stephanie pulled my thickening cock out. Sliding further down my legs, she leaned down and engulfed my manhood.

I could feel the suction Stephanie was creating. Leaning my head back, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of the blowjob she was giving. Slowly she worked my in and out of her mouth until I could feel myself tighten up. Stephanie felt it also and let my out of her mouth with an audible pop. Lifting my head, and opening my eyes, I could see her move her way back up my legs. When she got high enough, Stephanie lifted herself high enough, pulled her panties to the side, and lowered herself onto me. When I was fully in her, Stephanie braced herself on the ceiling of the limo, and rode my cock for all it was worth. She stated out slowly, but then picked up speed.

Stephanie was pendik escort almost a blur when I felt myself tighten up again. She slammed herself down one last time, and I felt her muscles tighten as she started her own orgasm. I couldn’t hold back any more and shot my cum deep into her. When we both were done, Stephanie collapsed onto my chest. We rested like that for awhile until we felt movement. Opening our eyes we looked into the limo and saw that the others had worked their way back inside.

Jack was sitting on the sofa with Brenda and Stacey tag teaming his cock. Shane had made his way to us and had positioned himself behind Stephanie with his hard cock in hand. Moving her panties to the side a little more, he positioned the head of his cock at her anal opening and slowly pushed himself in. Stephanie normally didn’t like anal sex, but with two cocks in her now, she started to enjoy it.

Feeling Shane’s thick cock through the thin membrane that separated us got me going again. When my cock got hard enough, the both of us started to pump in and out of Stephanie. Feeling the two cocks in her, she started to moan louder and louder. Shane was the first to let go. He slammed into Stephanie, and I could feel his cock spasm as he shot his cum deep into her bowels. I had already cum once, so I knew it would be awhile longer for me. When Shane’s cock softened enough to slid out, Stephanie caught her breath again, and then lifted herself off of me. Sliding down my legs again, she engulfed my cock in her mouth once more. When I felt my cock tighten up again, Stephanie opened her throat and took all of me in. I started to shot my cum straight down her throat.

When all of us were done, we straightened our clothes out and waited out the rest of our ride.

As a graduating gift, our parents paid for a cruise. We would have port calls in Cozumel, Mexico; Roatan City, Honduras; Belize City, Belize; and of course Cancun, Mexico. We were going to be taking the Norwegian Cruise Lines; that is all we knew. When the limo arrived, it pulled right up to the gang plank. All four of us were still in the clothes we graduated in, so there were a few people who turned their heads wondering who we were.

Once we were unloaded, and got into where the receptionist was, we gave our names for the room keys. When that was taken care of, stewards arrived to take our luggage. We got onto the elevator, and started to go up. When we kept going up, we started to wonder where we were going. Finally it stopped and we got out. We were at the top most deck with rooms, and talk about a lay out. Our parents must have dished out a good penny for this cruise.

We had gotten the Owner’s Suites, and they had everything imaginable. Private balconies, floor to ceiling windows, a mini bar, and so on and so on. This was going to be one hell of a cruise. When we were left in our rooms, we explored them like little kids.

“Mom and dad had to fork over some big bucks to afford these Stephanie,” I called out.

“Don’t you know it? Look at this; we even have a CD collection. There a lot of oldies, but hey, we probable won’t be in here long enough to listen to them.”

Stephanie and I had a room, Shawn and Stacy were together, and then Jack and Brenda had their own. All three rooms were right next to each other. Once we were situated, we changed and then went out to the rails to watch the ship set sail.

It was a long drawn out process of setting sail. Some fanfare, people waving to family on the dock, some last minute hugs and kisses, that was about it. Nothing spectacular, at least that is the way I was looking at it. After we got going, the six of us went back to our cabins to grab some shut eye; it had been a long day for us.

Later that evening, after all of us woke, we toured the ship, ate dinner, then watched some shows. Since we set sail, Brenda hadn’t been feeling too good. We chalked it up to motion sickness, and she took some dremamine.

Around midnight, Brenda excused herself saying that she needed some air. She had been gone a good while when I left to check on her. It took me awhile to find her, but I finally did at the bow of the ship.

“Hey Brenda, you okay?”

“I’m fine Shawn, thank you. Look down there,” she said pointing toward the water.

The moon was full that night, and along with the clear sky, you could see the dark waters of the ocean. Swimming along side the ship, and jumping out of the water ever now and then, was a school of dolphins. They were swimming along with the ship, acting as guardians leading us on a safe journey.

“Wow. That is nice,” I told her.

“Yes it is.”

Brenda and I stood there in silence, watching the dolphins, and looking out at the vast expanse of the waters in front of us. Then she gave a shiver as if cold.

“You cold?” I asked as I put my arm around her shoulders.

“No, just a slight chill,” Brenda replied as she laid her head against me.

Rubbing maltepe escort her shoulder, I acted as if to keep her warm. Brenda soon turned toward me, wrapped her arms around me waist, and laid her head on my chest. If any one of the passengers were still up at that hour and walked by, they would have thought of us as two young people on our honeymoon.

We don’t know how long we stood in the embrace, but we soon found ourselves passionately kissing each other.

All six of us had been pretty much partnered up since we have been together, but every now and then we did have different partners when no one else was around. Every one knew of it, and really didn’t care as long as we didn’t bring a new person in; such as the case of Coach Johanson. We wouldn’t cheat on each other, and wouldn’t think of it. All of us would be together for the rest of our lives and knew it.

The kiss soon turned into more. Those that may have thought we were on our honeymoon would have known it if they say us then.

Brenda’s hands were the first to travel. She went to my crotch and was rubbing my cock through the jeans I had on. My hands went to her breast, and were kneading them through the light sweater she had on. We were going at it hot and heavy and Brenda would have gotten down and given me a blow job had I not come to my senses quick enough.

“What a minute hun. Not that and not here.”

“What then?” she managed to gasp out.

It only took me a quick second to figure out what to do. Brenda had on a mid calf skirt, so I turned her back around so that she was facing out to sea, and pushed her up against the steel banister. Looking around, I looked to see if anyone was close by, or could see us. When I saw no one, I quickly reached under Brenda’s skirt and pulled her panties down and off. Holding them to my nose, I took in the sweet smell of her that was soaked into the fabric. Putting them into my pocket, I then undid my pants and pulled out my still hard cock. Brenda was leaning up against the railing, so I pulled her skirt up, and pushed my cock straight into her.

Brenda let out a yell as I penetrated her. If anyone took that time to walk by, all they would have seen were two people leaning against each other looking out at the ocean. Checking again to make sure no one could see us, I started to pump in and out of her from behind. The only thing that could see us that night was the stars on the sky and the dolphins still guiding us along.

Out of Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda; Brenda is the one who gets the loudest during sex. The longer we were at it, and the faster we went, Brenda got louder. I wanted to try and keep her quiet, but I was enjoying it as much as she was.

We were at a fever pitch now, and both of us could feel the climax reaching its peak. Someone from the pilot house must have been watching us, because just as soon as Brenda let go with her climax, the air horn of the ship went off, and it was a good thing it did. As vocal as she was, Brenda would have let off a scream that would have caused people to come running. I let go with mine at the same time, and started to shot my cum deep into her.

When we were done, both of us stayed there for awhile so we could catch our breath, and let Brenda get the strength in her legs back. As soon as she was okay, both of us straightened ourselves up and it was a good thing we did. Just as we were done, a member of the ships crew came walking by. He greeted us, smiled and kept walking. All the way back to our rooms, we couldn’t decide if he had seen us or not. Both Brenda and I agreed not to be doing that again on this trip.

The next day, our journey continued on. We would be at our first destination until early afternoon the next day, so the six of us either walked the ship, lounged around, or screwed each other silly. There was nothing else to do, so why not. We also ate, and boy did we ever. The buffets were open twenty-four hours, and they were always stocked with food. As much screwing as the six of us were doing, we had to eat to keep up our energy some how.

The ship docked at Cozumel, Mexico around one in the afternoon on day three. We were only going to be here for about six hours, so we made the best of it. Cozumel is a relatively small Island, so we all rented scooters and rode around site seeing and buying souvenirs. If we had the extra time, we would have found a secluded spot to have more fun, but time was wasting. All of us barely made it back onto the ship before it set sail again. The day was short and tiresome, so bed time came early.

The next day the cruise line arrived at Roatan City, Honduras around noon. We did pretty much the same here as we did in Cozumel, site see and buy souvenirs. One thing we did do here that we didn’t do in Cozumel was to have sex on the beach. The ship wasn’t due to leave until later on that evening, so we found a good secluded spot.

“This looks good,” Stacy told us as she looked around.

Indeed kartal escort it was. The beach was away from the road a good bit, and it was blocked from view by surrounding brush and rocks. Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda wasted no time in stripping down naked and jumping in the water, Shane and Jack quickly followed suit. I sat on the beach and watched them.

“Shawn, aren’t you coming in?” Stephanie called out.

“No, that’s okay. I will stay up here and watch out for people.”

Five against one was not very good odds, so I soon joined them.

After some playing around and frolicking in the clear blue water, we soon found ourselves back on the beach. Stacy started out by giving me a blow job, but I soon had her on all fours getting her from behind. Brenda was being her usual vocal self, and I was hoping that we wouldn’t be heard.

As I was sliding in and out of Stacy, I was watching the sky change its colors as the sun slowing started to sink in the distance. The one thought that was in my mind, was here I was making love to a person I dearly loved on a beach, and watching the ever changing skies. Just as the sun was about to sink out of sight, I let go and sank my juices into Stacy.

After we rinsed off in the ocean, we quickly got back on our scooters, and made it back to the ship without a second to spare.

We awoke the next morning to find ourselves docked at Belize City, Belize. We toured around as usual, but found that we did not like this place as much as the others. All of us quickly bought souvenirs, and then got back on the ship. The rest of the day we lounged.

Our next stop was in beautiful Cancun. We quickly purchased our souvenirs, and the girls wanted to stop in a clothing store. After dropping our buys off on the ship, we got back off again to be on the beach.

The beach of course was a topless one, and Jack, Shane and I could have been treated for whiplash the way we were going. The girls laughed at out antics, but didn’t say much else. When we found a good spot, and got situated, the girls stripped down to their suits. All three of them must have bought new suits in the clothing store, because I had never seen the girls wear them, and I am sure our parents wouldn’t have approved of them.

The bottom piece consisted of a small patch of fabric on the front held in place by strings; the top was the same way, two small pieces of fabric big enough to cover their nipples, and nothing much else.

My mouth dropped open, Shane whistled at them, and Jack dropped his drink. The girls smiled the wicked smile of theirs, and then proceeded to sit in the lounge chairs. It was my turn to drop my drink when they then took their tops off.

You could only imagine the reaction the girls received when people passed by. Here were three stunning beauty’s lying on the beach, sunning themselves topless. From a distance they looked identical with the matching suits, only someone looking real close could tell the difference.

Of course there were also the crazies walking by. A few times some fool would proposition them for some crazy idea, and some really pushed them on the ideas. Stephanie got really upset at one person and told them they would have to ask their body guard’s, and pointed back at us. They shut their mouth real quick and scampered away.

People also took pictures. I worried what would come about of them, and didn’t want anyone to recognize who they were. They girls were wearing sunglasses, but I still worried. One person in particular was polite enough to ask if they would like their picture taken. A few words were spoken, which I couldn’t hear very well, and then we were approached.

“Excuse me,” they politely replied. “These girls told me I would need to speak with you. I am with the tourism committee here in Cancun, and need to find some pictures to take for our beautiful resorts. The young ladies told me you were with them and to ask you.”

Jack, Shane and I quietly looked at each other, and after a nod from them I agreed.

“You may, under some conditions.”

“And what would they be?”

“You do not get too close to them, and you send us copies.”

“That is fine.”

After the pictures were taken and information given, we were left alone again. A few hours later we had to leave to board the ship for our return trip home.

That night the six of us got together for one last wild time before our trip ended. When the cruise ship docked back stateside, we were one tired bunch. Mom and dad met us, and after our greetings we headed home.

Our jobs started a few days after we got home, and Stacey, Stephanie, Shane and I stayed at our parents until we could get a place of our own. When we did it was a set of townhouses joined together, and it was fortunate enough that there was a third one for Jack and Brenda to move in.

The weeks that followed were very hectic and busy for all of us. We had very little time with each other, and when we did manage to get together, we usually relaxed. A few months later the girls wanted to talk with us.

It was a weekend, and after cooking on the grill, we grabbed some drinks and sat on the deck. The girls walked up and stood in front of us.

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