Pushing My Luck Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: It’s been quite a while since I posted it, so go here to see part one.

Pushing My Luck 2

“Yeah! That’s five wins in a row for me!”

Springing up from the couch where we’d been sitting together, her video game controller dropping to the ground, Darla launched headlong into her little victory dance. I couldn’t really begrudge her for it under the circumstances, but I knew it was expected and so I did a little grousing anyway.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Our black cat Whozit looked up from where he’d been snoozing on the back of the couch and watched her dance for just a moment before yawning and going right back to sleep.

“Are you sure you aren’t just letting me win, Sammy? I mean, you’re not usually this awful.”

“No, no,” he reassured her. “I guess I’m just a little … distracted.”

“Well, try a little harder this time, will you?”

“Okay, okay.”

Retrieving her controller and throwing herself back onto the couch, Darla restarted the game then and turned her full attention to trouncing her big brother for a sixth time.

I heaved a little sigh meanwhile, very glad indeed that she had not chosen to ask any awkward questions about exactly what it was that was distracting me. I really did try to pay more attention to the game this time too, my competitive spirit rebelling against the very idea that I couldn’t beat her even once, but it was a losing battle.

My eyes were constantly being drawn away from the TV screen to my mother, who was supposedly just taking care of a little housework.

With a rag, she had been taking care of some dusting and, I’d been noticing, she was bending over a lot to get at every little nook and cranny, even getting down on her hands and knees to get at all of those really awkward and hard to reach spots. Right now, she was standing just to the left of the TV and humming happily to herself, letting her bottom sway slowly to the tune as she wiped down the same shelf for the tenth time.

It was very obvious that she wanted me to pay some attention to her ass and I could hardly do otherwise, keeping a throw pillow on my lap to hide the inevitable result.

Yes, my own mother was flirting with me right in front of my little sister and I could only thank God that Darla was too young to see it for what it actually was. Thankfully, as far as she was concerned, Mom was just in a very good mood.

A very good mood that had lasted for two weeks now, as a matter of fact.

I had to wonder just why it was that my mother might be so interested in showing off her ass in particular and hoped it might have something to do with a little conversation we’d had yesterday while in bed together.

If she was signaling what I thought she was …

My older sister Lesley happened to come down the stairs then just as my video game character once more went down in flames. The twenty-one year old stopped and just stared at Mom for a moment with the oddest expression on her face, watching as the older woman swayed while wiping down that shelf for the hundredth time. Mom was so intent on showing off for me that she didn’t even notice her daughter’s arrival at first.

“Hi, Lesley,” I called out, as much to let Mom know she was there as to greet her. “It’s about time you got up this morning.”

Mom actually gave a little start and stopped both the humming and the shaking of her booty, but to her credit, her smile never wavered and no hint of embarrassment or guilt ever showed on her face to suggest she had been doing anything wrong. “Hi, honey! What do you have planned for today?”

My big sister took a few moments before answering, continuing to study Mom and shooting the occasional glance over towards me and my pillow on the couch. “Nothing much. I might go out with some friends a little later.”

Lesley too had been behaving a little oddly of late. If I didn’t know better, I would have wondered if she’d guessed what was really going on between me and Mom, but that was just crazy. I mean, we were being super careful not to leave any evidence lying around that could expose us and we avoided actually grabbing each other if anyone was around. If my dear old Dad didn’t even suspect that his wife was cheating on him, why would my sister?

No, she was most likely just a little weirded out by the fact that her mother seemed to be stuck in a constant state of euphoria these days.

“You seem awfully … happy today.”

I had to congratulate myself on my reasoning when I heard my sister say that, smiling even though I was getting a dirty look from Darla for blowing another game.

“So what do I have to be sad about? Life is good and my family is safe, happy and healthy.”

That brought a complaint from Darla. “Well, I’m a little sad. Do you realize that school is about to start up again?!”

“Yes, dear.”

To be honest, I wasn’t any happier about how soon school would be opening than Darla was. I was eighteen years old and pendik escort going to be a senior in high school this year. It wasn’t that I had any problems with the academics, but I knew it would leave me with a lot less time to fool around with Mom. With five people living in this house, the time we had to be alone together was limited enough as it was!

Reaching for the games reset switch, Darla happened to catch sight of the clock then and let out a yelp. “Oh, no! I’m supposed to be over at Suzie’s house in five minutes! I’m gonna be late!” She switched off the game system, telling me, “I’ll have to finish clobbering you tomorrow.”

As the girl darted for the door, Mom followed her as far as the front window, watching as she bicycled away. “Have fun, dear!”

Lesley stood frozen for an instant, biting her bottom lip as she looked after her little sister with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. It seemed to me that she was mulling something over, though I couldn’t imagine what. Probably, she had just thought of some kind of trouble that she and her friends could get into today.

“As a matter of fact,” Lesley said at length, “I think I might go ahead and head out to the mall to see what my friends are doing. Can I borrow your car for a little while?”

I nearly gave myself a high-five. Did I have that girl figured out or what?!

Mom couldn’t resist sneaking a small glance over at me. With Dad at work and both of my sisters out with their friends, that would leave just the two of us in this house! Who knew what might happen …

As anxious as we both were for some more time together, Mom didn’t just throw the car keys at her and shove her out the door though. No, appearances had to be maintained.

“But you haven’t even had any breakfast yet …”

“Don’t worry. I’ll grab something at the food court.”

Grumbling about how unhealthy that was, Mom nonetheless found her car keys and gave them to Lesley.

My sister headed for the garage, but then stopped and looked back at the couch. “How about you, Sam? You want to go anywhere?”

“No thanks. I’m just going to stay home today,” I told her, forcing myself not to give my mother a playful leer. “I obviously need a little more practice at this game or Darla’s going to keep embarrassing me. You have a good time, though.”

“Um, yeah, okay.” Lesley was on her way then.

Still standing by the front window, Mom waited until she saw her car hit the road and drive away before turning back to me, tossing her dust rag aside carelessly. “Well, young man,” she purred. “I can’t see either one of them coming back before supper time and your father said he was going to have to work some overtime today. It seems to me that we have quite a few hours to kill. Whatever shall we do to pass the time?”

I invited her over with a warm smile and a curl of my finger. “I’m sure we’ll be able to find something fun to do.”

She came without a second’s hesitation, her hips swaying as she crossed the room to stand close enough that I got the scent of her perfume, the warmth of her body. Two weeks of having this wonderful, playful woman as my lover had taught me a fair amount about control, but it was always overwhelming to be this close to her.

And that was when we were still keeping our hands to ourselves and still had all of our clothes on!

Whozit looked up again suspiciously. He had learned over the last couple of weeks that he didn’t like being close when his humans started getting wild and sweaty. He tended to make himself scarce when Mom and I were alone together like this.

The pillow was a dead giveaway of course, but Mom apparently wanted more definite proof of just how much I’d been enjoying her performance. She glanced down at my lap and then met my eyes again. I got the message and moved the pillow, revealing the bulge I had been hiding all this time.

“My big boy,” she cooed, smirking just a little.

Her hands on my shoulders, she perched herself on my lap facing me, gazing deep into my eyes as she straddled my legs. My hands went quite naturally to her hips, holding onto her as she settled herself right atop that bulge. I shuddered, moaning as her weight pressed down on my imprisoned cock.

Climbing to his feet, Whozit made his way to the far end of the couch, pausing there to look back at us. I would swear that he had an exasperated look on his little face, as if he just couldn’t believe how we were unable to keep away from each other. Maybe he would have been able to understand if we hadn’t had him fixed …

Bending down, Mom gave me a kiss on the lips. It started out as a tender, loving kiss, but it swiftly deepened into something much more passionate and hungry, our tongues wrestling. Her hands moved to the sides of my face, holding me in place as she gave me a very, very thorough kissing. We were both left breathless in the aftermath, our eyes sparkling when our lips parted at last, her forehead resting against mine.

“I maltepe escort love you so much, Mom.” It was softly said, but deeply felt.

“I love you too, Sammy.”

Taking a deep breath, she started to move then, working her hips back and forth to rub the crotch of her snug jeans against the bulge in mine. It was a slow, gentle motion at first, but it would not stay that way for long. Harder and harder she ground herself against me, straightening up as the heat built up fast and we both started groaning louder and louder.

My hands gripped her hips more tightly, pushing and pulling to get her moving even faster. She let go of my face, reaching up to grab her own tits through her blouse with both hands and squeeze them tight. I watched with wide eyes as she roughly fondled herself, pushing my crotch up as best I could so that our bodies were grinding against each other that much harder.

She saw my interest – how could she have missed it really – and gave me a breathless grin as she hauled her blouse up and over her head, tossing it aside carelessly. This left her in just a bra from the waist up and rather than struggle to unhook and remove that while bouncing and grinding on me, she instead just pulled down the cups to expose her tits to her excitedly watching son. Pinching and pulling on her nipples, she looked rather amused as I responded by letting out a hoarse moan and shoving myself against her yet harder.

The cat made a run for it at some point, but Mom and I were far too busy and way too distracted to even notice.

Considering how hard and fast we were rubbing and grinding against each other, it’s just unimaginable that the friction didn’t cause us both to just explode into flames. She soon forgot about showing off for me and her back arched as she started to lose control, her full breasts bouncing and swinging freely now as her hands rose to tangle in her hair. Gasping and straining, I responded by using the last of my strength and my stamina to push myself into her just one more time.

She suddenly gasped and dropped on top of me, wrapping her arms around my neck and squeezing me tight. Her body jerked and convulsed as she came atop me, consumed by what had to have been a very big orgasm. I followed her example immediately, my own arms going around her body to crush her to me as I came hard, filling my pants with hot cum.

We would lie like that in a tangle on the couch for awhile, enjoying the slow cooling aftermath. As wonderful as it was to just lay in each other’s arms though, we both soon started to feel more than a little uncomfortable as we started to realize how big were the messes in our pants.

Panting, her face flushed and damp with sweat and her hair tousled, mom lifted her head and gave me a kiss on the cheek.


“Yeah, Sammy?” she purred happily, cuddling with me.

“How about we get out of the rest of these clothes? I need to be naked with you.”

She giggled. “Okay then, baby. Not here though.” She climbed off me, swaying slightly as she steadied herself. She held out a hand to me. “Take me upstairs to bed?”

I lurched to my feet enthusiastically and took hold of her hand. “Yes, ma’am.”

We dashed upstairs together as quickly as we could.

Normally, we would have our fun in my room as much as possible so that there would be no evidence accidentally left lying around for someone to find. As we reached my door this time though, she pulled me straight past it by the hand and led me back to her own bedroom instead. I admit that I was concerned – the last thing I wanted was for Dad to see something and realize that his wife was cheating on him.

“Mom …”

She knew what I was going to say and cut me off quickly. “The bed in my room is much more comfortable, honey. Comfort is very important if we’re going to do what we were talking about yesterday.”

I shut my mouth immediately and gave her no more trouble as she hauled me into her bedroom.

I was fucking my own mother on the sly, shattering the ancient taboo against incest without too much hesitation. She was just as eager to fuck me, too – dazzling her son with incredible blowjobs and plenty of hot fucking. So, what else could any virile young heterosexual man ask for? What was it that she and I had started talking about doing yesterday? I guess the answer is pretty obvious.


Right from the moment we first started our affair, I was grabbing her ass and sticking my finger into it, so it was no great surprise to her when I finally asked if she would let me fuck her ass. She had been a bit hesitant at first, shyly admitting that no one had ever banged her backdoor before. Hearing that only made me that much more keen to do it – how could I not be thrilled with the idea of being the first person ever to do something like that with her? – and I don’t deny I begged shamelessly.

It was only when I promised her that I would use a condom and plenty kartal escort of lube to make it as safe and comfortable as possible for us both that she even agreed to think about it.

Naked now except for her wedding ring, she was now bent over the edge of the big bed she normally shared only with her husband, her legs spread well apart. She had insisted on settling herself where she could look across to the vanity mirror and watch as her only son stuck his cock into her butt.

Having put on a rubber and lavished it liberally with some warming gel, I then smeared some on and all around her little sphincter. Using two fingers, I even pushed some of the gel as deep into her bottom as I could reach. She squirmed and let out a long and happy sigh as the gel worked it’s magic, heating up. When she felt my fingers go inside, she pushed her ass back at me, looking back over her shoulder.

“Do it, Sammy. Don’t make me wait. Fuck your Mommy’s ass.”

Holding her by the hips, I moved up behind her and ground my dick hard into her crack, groaning deeply as my erection jerked happily. She giggled and rubbed her butt on me, sending a shiver of excitement through me from head to toe. I shifted my stance a little and was able to bump and rub the tip of my hard cock against her asshole. Her playful giggling was cut short by a low moan, her hands clawing at the bed sheets.

My hands moved to her cheeks, spreading them apart. My fingers were on either side of her sphincter and I used them to spread her hole open too. Our eyes met in the mirror opposite and she gave me a small smile and a firm nod.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed forward slowly. I was expecting her ass to be very tight and it certainly was that, but it wasn’t nearly as hard to get in there as I was expecting. Maybe it was because of how aroused we both were, maybe it was because of the gallons of lube I’d used, but I made it all the way in up to my balls in just a few strokes.

Mom’s head dropped back to the bed and she squeezed her eyes shut as she felt herself be stretched and filled in ways that were entirely new. I was gripping her hips tight enough to leave bruises now, panting gently as I savored the delicious pleasure of being fully sheathed inside my woman. She clenched and gave my cock a very, very snug hug, earning a deep moan of pure pleasure from us both.

I started pumping in and out of her then, starting slowly but quickly gaining both speed and force. The lube helped a lot in smoothing out the ride for us both, though I had certainly used too much – Mom would later complain about a little too much warmth coming from the warming gel. It wasn’t enough to spoil this moment though and she pushed her ass back to meet each and every one of my thrusts into her, our bodies meeting with a slap and a grunt.

So, I was pounding myself into her tight ass hard and deep when a soft creaking sound reached my ears. Lord knows how I managed to hear it over all the noise Mom and I were making, but it sounded a lot like the old hinges in the bedroom door as it opened.

An opening door meant danger, right? It meant someone was coming in and just about to catch us red-handed in the middle of an act of adultery and incest. I needed to stop immediately and let my mother know that we were discovered so that we could get covered up and together figure out how we were going to deal with the situation. I mean, it went without saying that that’s how this was supposed to work.

And yet, I never even paused in fucking Mom’s ass like I was a wild animal in heat. My mother now lifted herself up, supporting herself with both arms as her tits swung and swayed below her. Her eyes were still tightly closed and it didn’t look like she had even heard that tell-tale creak, focusing every bit of her attention on fucking her only son.

I was completely certain that we were all alone in the house, so there was no need to panic. I didn’t have any doubt at all that my Dad was at work, my little sister was over at her friend’s house and my older sister was off at the mall. If the door was slowly opening, it had to be because Whozit had come to see where his humans had disappeared to.

He wouldn’t come in though, not wanting to get close when his humans were doing anything like this.

“Oh, God!” Mom wailed, throwing her head as the friction finally started to wear through the excess lube, her hair flying. “Fuck me, Sammy! Fuck my ass harder!” She reached back between her own legs with one hand, rubbing her dripping cunt vigorously.

When she started slapping it too though, I was inspired to do something especially wicked.

Reaching with one hand, I grabbed hold of a fistful of her hair and hauled her head up even as I slammed my painfully hard cock into her butt. “What was that, whore?” I asked in a low, guttural snarl. “I didn’t quite hear you.”

As far as I was concerned, this was seriously pushing my luck. Mom and I had always treated each other lovingly, gently and with respect up until now. What if she didn’t appreciate being manhandled and called names? To my great relief though, she seemed to enjoy it at least in this . . . unusual context and pushed her ass back harder than ever to meet my every thrust.

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