Promising Family Modeling Careers Ch. 03

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Mary was lying in bed thinking of her two children. She was so looking forward to her son Paul shaving her daughter and herself. The thought of the three of them smooth had her very wet and aroused again. Her hand slipped down between her legs and she softly stroked her vaginal lips.

She thought how alike she and Julie were and how sensual it had been when Stuart remarked on it. They were meeting Stuart again tomorrow at 11am for another photo session. It would be so nice to see her children photographed nude and smooth. Stuart had said he would be concentrating on more erotic photos of her children next time.

The thought of Julie and Paul being photographed by Stuart in even more erotic poses had her masturbating intensely. She loved Stuart watching her children nude and exposed. She recalled how flushed he got when he photographed Julie from behind with her legs spread wide showing her vagina and anus, open and inviting. Stuart had chosen that moment to compare mother and daughter and remark how he’d love to have a daughter like Julie. Mary loved the way Stuart had touched Julie and Paul on the bottom in a friendly and sexy way as they were posing, and the way Stuart licked Julie’s breasts to show Paul how to do it to his sister for the photos.

Mary was really hot now. She was fantasising about posing with her two children in highly erotic positions for Stuart. And the most exciting thing was that she was sure it would be possible. Her finger was stroking her slippery clit as she pictured the three of them hugging each other close. She could almost feel her son’s cock pressing against her motherly vagina and her daughter’s wet vagina against her bum. It took her right over the edge to a really beautiful orgasm. Sleep came quickly.

Mary woke early. She had plenty to do. She had the 11am appointment, cleaning to do later and, as her husband Tom would be home after three days away on a photo shoot, she’d like to prepare something special for him for dinner that night. She also had to get her thoughts together on just how much she’d tell Tom about the photo shoots. She was very worried about his reaction. But first of all and most importantly her dear son Paul was going to shave her and Julie.

Mary went into her son’s bedroom to wake him. He was just starting to stir. She bent down and kissed him softly right on the lips, holding the kiss for what seemed like forever. Looking Paul right in the eye she said: ” Get yourself ready my dear to shave your mummy and your young sister. We have to be at Stuart’s studio by 11am for the next session. Are you looking forward to it my love?” Maintaining eye contact she slid her hand under the bedclothes and touched her son’s already hardening cock. She played with it until it was fully erect.

“Well Paul my love you don’t really have to answer that question, mum can see you are really looking forward to today.” Paul said he had dreamt about it. Couldn’t stop thinking about it. He said: ” Mum one of the nicest parts about it all is having you there to watch me being photographed nude, especially the highly erotic shots with Julie. I love being aroused in front of you, knowing how much you like it. Your approval is so important to me and your presence gets me so hot.”

“Darling your mum loves to be there. I’m so proud of how beautiful you both look, especially when you’re sexually excited. It was so hot to see your body right up against Julie, your hard cock pressing against your young sister. I got very wet then. I was thrilled by the idea of you and your young sister together like that. So was Stuart. He said today he would be concentrating on more erotic shots.” “Mum are you sure Julie is comfortable with it?” ” Oh yes dear. She loved it. She was so aroused. Surely you could feel that dear. Your young sister adores you. I better go and wake her.”

Mary left Paul to shower and get ready and went into her daughter’s bedroom. Julie was already up and showered and was just about to put on her panties. Mary kissed her and patted her bare bottom and said: “Paul’s shaving us both today for the modeling session. It’s going to be fun.” ” Oh yes mum I’ve been thinking about that.” She’d been more than just thinking. She’d been fantasising and masturbating. The idea of her own brother touching her intimately and shaving her had her wet all her waking hours. Mary’s hand lingered on her daugter’s bum as she said: ” Meet us in my bathroom just as soon as you are ready.”

When Paul entered his mum’s bathroom Mary and Julie were both waiting for him naked, ready to be shaved. He couldn’t take his eyes off them both but was also a little apprehensive and shy all at once, even after all that had happened. Mary could see that so she told Paul to get started with Julie right away because there was not a lot of time to spare. She also got Paul to undress so that he could get into the bath with Julie to avoid any mess.

Mary helped him undress to speed things up. Predictably Paul was hard again as he joined his little sister escort ataşehir in the bath. Mary got Julie to spread her legs and got Paul to put his inside his sister’s as they faced each other in the bath. Paul lathered Julie up just as Mary had done earlier to him. His hands went right between her legs and down around her bottom. Julie was thrilled by the touch of her brother on her vagina and bum. Paul got the razer and very carefullly shaved his sister. He did not leave any trace of hair like most women who shave do. That was the way Stuart had wanted it. Paul always called Julie his little sister and after being shaved she really looked like it. Both brother and sister looked so much younger shaved.

Mary said to them: “It looks like old bath time days again. Let me look at my two smoothie children. My you both look so lovely.” Mary slipped her hand between Julie’s legs and felt her bareness. Julie’s lips were swollen from the excitement of it all and from all her recent masturbating. Her mum’s touch had her even more aroused, especially with her brother watching right next to her with a fully erect cock.

Mary didn’t leave Paul out of it – she ran her hands all around his bare cock. “You both feel so lovely and smooth. Touch each other and see.” Even after all that had happened they were slow to move, still embarrassed. Mary took Julie’s hand and placed it on her brother’s erect cock and took Paul’s hand and placed it between Julie’s legs. “Move your hands around. Feel the smoothness.” Paul felt all around Julie’s bare and swollen vagina. It thrilled him so much. He felt his sister’s heat and her sticky wetness. Julie ran her hand along her brother’s cock and felt his balls.

Both children were very excited. Mary kissed them both on the lips. She whispered in Paul’s ear: “Masturbate your little sister. She really needs it.” Paul didn’t hesitate he moved his finger right onto his sister’s clit and started stoking her. He put a finger inside her hot slippery vagina and moved it in and out as he stoked her clit.

Mary put Julie’s hand around her brother’s cock and started her masturbating him. She said: ” Kiss each other my little darlings.” Brother and sister kissed pasionately. Mouths wide open and tongues exploring each other feverishly. Mary had her arms around both of them. She joined in the kissing. Her tongue licked both theirs. What a lovely sexy family scene it was. Julie came first with a strong shudder and a loud sigh. It wasn’t long before Paul came too. His sperm shooting all over his little sister.

After Paul regained his composure he shaved his mum. Mary was thrilled by the intimacy of being shaved by her son. When he finished Mary suggested Paul compare her vagina and his sister’s now that they were both shaved and exposed. Mary opened her vagina lips wide so her son could see everything. Julie followed mum’s lead. Paul bent down to have his eyes level with their vaginas.

He was as hard as a rock. His mum and his little sister had their vaginas right in his face. They were both very wet. Their sexual scent filled the air all around Paul. He could see their clits and their openings so clearly. Because they were lying back he could also see their anuses. Their vaginas glistened with their sex juices. It was obvious they were the vaginas of mother and daughter by how alike they were. Both vaginas were swollen, and protruding just a little. Their clits could be clearly seen and were very firm with excitement.

This was so exciting for him. He was mesmerised. The thought of his little sister’s vagina open and inviting right in front of him and his mum’s next to it had him out of control. He thought how beautiful they looked. Instinctively he started licking them. His tongue softly licked his mum around her outer vaginal lips. Even they were very wet. He could taste his mum’s essence. His cock stiffened with her scent and taste. “Wow”, he thought to himself, “licking my very own mum’s vagina.” Then he moved over to his little sister and did the same to her. Her scent and taste were similar to his mum’s. He was in heaven. As he licked his sister he fingered mum.

Both his mum and sister were already hot but after this they got hotter and wetter. Mary said to him: ” Do you like your mummy’s and your sister’s pussies? Are they alike my darling?” “Oh yes mum you both have the most beautiful vaginas and your sexual scent is very similar. You both taste deliciously the same too.” He then went to work with his tongue on his mum’s clit and deep inside her opening and on his sister’s clit and hole with his fingers. They were moving their hips lewdly as he did. He had his mum and sister on heat. They were crying out: “Paul, Paul”. As he alternated between them in a similar manner, his face became covered with their juices. It wasn’t long before mum and sister came to beautiful climaxes, almost together.

The whole atmosphere was filled with their sexual scent. Mary then said to Julie: ” We have to look after our dear Paul now.” kadıköy escort Mary started kissing her son and Julie joined in, their tongues and mouths devouring Paul. Mother and daughter could taste and smell their own sex juices on Paul’s mouth and face. Julie continued passionatley kissing her brother as Mary went down and started licking his cock. She licked all around his shaft and down under his balls right to his anus. Her tongue then licked all around his anus as his sister came down with mum and sucked on his cock. Paul came with a loud sigh and shook violently as his sperm filled his little sister’s mouth. She swallowed all of it.

After all this they had to rush to get ready for their 11am appointment at Stuart’s photo studio. They made the appointment with only seconds to spare. Allison, one of Stuart’s senior assistants, met them at the door and took Julie and Paul through to change and Mary to see Stuart.

Stuart was looking at the photos from the last session as Mary entered the studio. He came over and kissed Mary on the lips and hugged her. “These are really wonderful Mary. Your children show such promise. Look at these shots of Julie.” (They were the ones with Julie on all fours with her back to the camera looking over her shouder. Her legs were spread and she was holding her obviously very wet vagina open. Her anus was clearly exposed too).

” Doesn’t she look so sensual Mary, and at the same time so innocent. Look at the shyness in her lovely almond-shaped eyes. What a beautiful rounded pert bottom. She’s so much like her mum. And even though she is so exposed, wet, and available looking, she still somehow manages to appear virginal and pure. She is a real beauty. I would love a daughter like her. My own daughter is very pretty and certainly as sexy looking but she doesn’t have that purity that yours has. It would be so nice to have two daughters, one buxom, sexy and almost wanton-looking like mine and your Julie. As he said this he looked quite flushed and excited.

Mary was both proud and aroused to look at her daughter’s photos with Stuart and hear him talk about her like that. She was still hot from the morning’s encounter with her children and was so looking forward to the session today.

“Mary I would like all the work today to be the highly erotic artistic poses. But I want to take it much further, far more erotic than the other day, if they are comfortable with that and it’s alright with you. I feel your children need that sort of exposure to get noticed. I want to do one series entitled: Brother and Sister Love. But of course if that is too daring for you or them we can keep it like last week.” Mary was quick to say that it was fine by her and she was sure it would be ok with her children. Stuart looked elated. Mary was getting wetter and wetter thinking about it.

Allison led Julie and Paul into the studio. As instructed by Stuart she removed their robes. As they stood there naked they were perhaps a little more shy and embarrassed than last time because they felt more exposed since they’d been shaved. Stuart said: ” Just stand still and let me take in the look of your new smooth state. Oh my you look so good. So innocent and sensual. Both stand with your legs open. Yes that’s it. Let me have a closer look.”

He came over next to them and looked more intently. Julie’s smooth girlish vagina was of great interest to him. When she opened her legs you could see a slight protruding of her vaginal lips. Paul was obviously excited again. His cock was erect for all to see. Allison, who had remained in the studio, and Mary were particularly interested in Paul’s lovely smooth cock and balls. They were looking intently at him. He stiffened a little more as they looked.

Both children were aroused by being on display, shaved and vulnerable. Mary was so proud of them. It aroused her to see her children presented like that and to feel Allison’s and Stuart’s sexual interest in them. The children too were aroused having mum there as they were exposed. Stuart said: ” What a difference. It always improves models to be shaved. And I see you are both completely free of pubic hair as I asked. You both look so much younger like that; free, innocent and pure.” As he said that he ran his hand over Paul’s cock and balls and Julie’s vagina, feeling their lovely smoothness. Touching Julie and looking at Mary he said how much like her mum she was and how he’d love to have her as his little daughter. Mary got so hot hearing this and her face was flushed with excitement.

“Well let’s get started”, Stuart said. ” Paul and Julie, if you agree, this is going to be very very erotic today. The series we’ll do now is called: Brother and Sister Love. Are you ok with that?” They nodded and said it would be ok, but inwardly they felt more than ok about it. They were extremely thrilled and stirred by the idea.

“Allison my dear, get them ready for the first pose. Allison knew exactly what to do. She had been over it in detail that morning maltepe escort bayan with Stuart. She took each of them by the hand and led them over to the backdrop. Paul’s hands were placed on Julie’s shoulders and Allison whispered to him for a few minutes. Paul then kissed his little sister very tenderly, caressing her lips with his, then opening her mouth with his tongue. Stuart was clicking away continuously. Paul’s hands slid down over his sister’s young breasts, lingering on her nipples. Playing with them with his fingers. They felt so hard and erect to Paul’s touch.

His hands continued down to her stomach and then to his sister’s bare, smooth vagina. He was now licking her lips as he went.

Stuart stopped shooting and came close. He thought of a change to the plan. He showed Paul how to stand back from his sister and stretch his arm out with a finger gently touching Julie’s vagina. Then to ever so gently insert it in her opening. His other arm curved and raised behind him, almost like a ballet pose. Stuart demonstrated this by actually doing it to Julie himself. Julie was so hot and wet to Stuart’s touch.

Mary shivered in delight as she watched Stuart intimately touching her daughter. Paul followed Stuart’s lead perfectly, gently fingering his sister. He then licked his finger. Stuart captured it all on film. Paul was more aroused now. The taste of his sister’s juices had him wildly excited.

Allison then instructed them both about various poses…… Paul had his arms around his sister hugging her tightly. His hard cock up against her vagina. Paul could feel his sister’s heat and dampness against his cock. His hands moved down Julie’s back and onto her buttocks, tracing her crack with his finger, stopping at her anus and leaving it there right on her tight little hole. Her cheeks were parted with Paul’s other hand. Stuart moved in behind Julie to shoot it all up close.

Allison then took them over to a bed in the corner. It was covered in simple white sheets and there were white pillows. The backdrop was also white. All designed to make sure nothing would take the focus away from the young bodies being photographed.

Allison told Julie to lay down on the bed on her back with her legs spread. She kissed Julie reassuringly on the cheek as she noticed a little fear in Julie’s eyes. Then she kissed Julie’s lips tenderly and said it would be alright. It helped still Julie’s fear and also arouse her more.

Paul got on the bed, kneeling at his sister’s feet. What a sight for a brother to see! His young sister wide open before him. Her vagina swollen and glistening with her heat. They smiled lovingly at each other. Paul started slowly licking the inside of his sister’s leg, just above her feet. His tongue went right up her leg to her knee and then on the inside of her thigh up close to her vagina. He could not be any closer without touching it. Infact his tongue was just touching the raised area near her outer lips.

Julie’s vagina looked so beautiful to him. Her sex scent had him swooning. Stuart was clicking away from a great vantage point behind Paul and to his left. He could see everything. He thought what a dear hot young sister Julie would look in the photos. Her vagina was by now dripping with her sex juices.

Stuart was as hard as a rock. He thought all those seeing the photos would be able to see Julie was so aroused. But they would not be able to experience her sex scent as he was.

Paul traced his tongue along Julie’s other leg but this time as he reached her vagina his tongue licked his sister’s vaginal lips. His tongue lapped at his sister’s opening and then he pushed it right in as hard as he could. She quivered and could not stop the involuntary thrusting of her hips. Paul was now licking his sister’s little hard clit. It was sending the little darling crazy. Paul loved the taste of his sister. Her juices were spreading over his face.

Allison thought to herself: “Julie’s ready.” Allison kissed Paul tenderly on his ear and whispered to him: ” It’s time to fuck your little sister. She’s ready”

Allison rolled Julie gently over on her side and got Paul to lay alongside her. She kissed Paul on the lips and then kissed Julie on her lips very lovingly and gently and said to her: ” Julie dear you are ready for your brother to fuck you.”

Paul was now to the side of Julie. Allison placed Julie’s leg over Paul’s shoulder. Then helped Paul get his rock hard cock in to his litte sister’s wet and slippery vagina. It looked so beautiful to see a brother inside his young sister. From in front of them you could see Paul’s cock parting his sister’s lips. Both cock and vagina were glistening with Julie’s abundant juices.

Paul was thrusting in and out of his sister. She was calling out: ” Fuck me Paul, fuck my cunt hard.” Their mum was watching intently, masturbating herself wildly. She was so carried away she did not care if anyone saw her. Stuart was capturing it all on film. People would go wild over this brother and sister series he thought. He certainly was. Julie came with a rocking shudder and so did Paul, crying out : ” Julie, Julie, Julie.” He filled his young sister’s vagina with his sperm. As the sperm oozed out of Julie’s vagina Stuart clicked away. What a shot.

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