Priya and Ganga and I Ch. 02

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I finally got a chance to be alone with Ganga and Priya. I made the best use of the opportunities.

Within a few days of my moving in I was able to get familiar with the schedule of those in the house. Priya’s husband was the first to leave for work on his motorcycle, followed by his father after about fifteen minutes on his scooter. Priya had a scooter as well and she left a few minutes later. I usually walked to work about the same time as Priya. I knew Ganga worked at a school around the corner, but she was the last to leave and first to come back.

Most days, all were back home by the time I returned. One evening I was preparing to go meet some friends when I happened to glance out of my window which opened onto the backyard. The yard was not well kept, with weeds and piles of mud and stones all over. But there were a couple of patches where I believe Ganga had tried to grow some vegetables. The area where they hung out their clothes to dry was also kind of well kept.

I was about to turn away from the window, when a movement on the ground caught my eye. I saw Priya moving about in an area of the yard that was shielded from normal view by a row of banana trees. Behind the trees were two or three clothes lines, and I was quick to realize that this was where the ladies hung their clothes, especially their intimates, to dry, away from the view of the general public. This was a common practice. I examined the clothes from where I was and could clearly discern a number of bras and panties hanging. Priya grabbed each of them and loaded them onto a basket she had on the ground. When she reached a particular piece, I noticed that she stopped. She picked the piece off the clothesline. It was a pair of black panties, of that I was sure. She raised it to her nose and sniffed it. Then she looked down at it and scraped her fingers on it and then again sniffed it. And then, satisfied, she put it into her basket. Was she sniffing her own panties?

Then I saw Priya and Ganga in midst of their small garden. They were chatting and picking vegetables. They were squatting and moving around and I noticed they both had the customary nightie on, which covered them from neck to feet. I stopped abruptly and froze as Priya stood up.

Her dress made a deep, delicious wedgie on her beautiful ass, clearly outlining it. Her panty lines were visible and I was captivated by how her panty cupped her ass cheeks. The evening sun shone right through the cloth of her gown and silhouetted her body perfectly. Her every curve was on view – her thick thighs, her wide hips and slim waist. She turned towards me slightly, and her small boobs were now visible, framed by her bra. She bent down again, and the dress tightened around her firm ass. When she next got up, she subconsciously reached behind her and with two fingers pulled out her dress from between her ass crack and corrected it.

It was now Ganga’s turn to stand up and once again I was treated to a grand view of two tight ass cheeks. Her thick thighs and butt strained against her dress. She too put her hand behind her and corrected her dress.

My mind went racing. I realized I was getting a hard-on just seeing the backsides of these two women.

I had a green thumb and was quite adept at gardening. I maintained a small vegetable garden at my home, wherever my job in the Indian army took me. What better way to chat up these two ladies than talking about gardening?

I approached them quietly, soaking in the view of their tight asses as the fabric of their dresses stretched across the expanse of their backsides. I couldn’t make out if Ganga had any panties on, but I could clearly see that Priya had a black full back one on, digging into her cheeks.

“Aha,” I said. “You have a nice garden! Do you need any help?”

They both jumped at the sound of my voice, and turned around, surprised. We hadn’t talked much since I moved in, beyond the usual hello!. So this was new for all of us. I looked at them in turn and held their eyes with mine for a few seconds each. Priya’s face was turning red, and she quickly adjusted her dress in front and back. Ganga’s boobs were straining at the front of her dress and she hurriedly moved a towel she had on her shoulder and covered up her chest. I wanted her to know that I had taken a quick look. I was sure she knew.

Ganga said, “Oh. Nothing much. Just something small for us.”

Priya, blushed, and said, “Sir, do you? You know, do this ?” and she pointed to the plants.

“Oh yeah!” I said. “I am pretty good at maintaining a garden. I have a pretty big one at home. Why can’t you extend this and make it bigger ? You can get a lot more….”

“Oh, no, sir,” Priya interrupted. “We would have to clear all this, and…,” and pointed to all the trash that was in the yard.

“Yeah, it is going to cost a damn fortune to clean it up !” a loud, gruff male voice came suddenly from behind me, causing all of us to turn and look.


The husband spat out a wad of chewed paan çankaya escort and grumbled, “Not worth it. Why do we need a garden, eh?”

Priya had quietly slipped out of view and back into the house. She obviously did not want her husband to see us chatting.

I did not give up. I turned back to Ganga and said, “Hey, not a problem. I can do it if you want. I will get a couple of guys from the office and get this done. Won’t cost you anything!”

The husband jumped at this. “Free? You sure? Don’t want to pay for this, you know.”

There was nothing free in this world. I’d have to pay the guys to do it, but these people needn’t know about it.

“No. No.I will get this done in a day or two,” I said, then glancing directly at Ganga, I continued, “Let’s see what all we can do. Will be a nice big garden.”

I smiled at her, and she beamed back at me. By then the father-in-law had also come out and there was some explaining and some discussion back and forth. I left them to it, and walked out. But not before turning back one last time. The men were pointing with their hands and mouthing something. Priya had joined them now but the two ladies were looking at me, smiling. I waved to them.

The next evening I looked out the window but there were no clothes yet there. Perhaps I missed Priya or they did not wash clothes daily.

Sure enough, the next day when I looked out I could see the clothesline full. I picked up my army supplied field glasses and took a closer look at them. I saw solid colored panties that were small and I made them out to be Priya’s. The larger white/off while ones were definitely Ganga’s. I made a mental note of the brand and size of these for future use. God ! I was a voyeur and a pervert!

That Saturday I was able to get a few chaps from the office to clear the backyard completely. I was not one to shirk from manual work and I too joined in the clean up. It was hard work but a good workout and a lot of fun.

The men of the house were away, but I made sure Ganga and Priya were there throughout. I asked them unnecessary questions, joked and chatted them up. I had numerous opportunities to observe them at close quarters. As the day wore on we became more and more comfortable in each others presence.

I was sweating with the effort and took off my shirt and worked in my sleeveless vest. My efforts to make them notice my well-built, army-toughened body were not wasted. And I had my fill of them as well. I was able to glance at Ganga’s amazing boobs, and delight in Priya’s young, lithe body. I filled my mind with images of their cleavage, thighs, claves, face, ass, boobs. Freed from the restrictive presence of the male members of the family, both the women let their guard down somewhat.

I caught Priya staring at my muscled arms and legs more than once. She came close to me many times on the pretext of offering me water or juice and it was obvious to me she was checking me out. She may have acted demure and shy in the presence of her husband and father-in-law, but she definitely knew the effect she had on men, and especially on me now in this situation. She was not overly sexy. She was pretty in a normal sort of way and like other girls and women around her age she was clearly used to men ogling her.

I was sure Gange did too, but she was experienced and did it so surreptitiously and in her own way. She asked mundane questions and directions just to engage with me. She slid in some private questions about my family in our conversations, probing and looking for answers. She giggled and blushed like a shy teenager when I said something funny. I had a good view of her body from multiple angles. I was able to look down the front of her dress and notice the white bra straps hugging her magnificent boobs. If she knew I was doing this, she did not show it or seem to care much.

Where could all this lead to anyway? But I had plans.

At the end of the day we had almost all of the yard cleaned. I had sent the workers back early in the afternoon and Ganga, Priya and I had the rest of the evening to ourselves. After we were done, we cleaned up and they prepared some hot tea and snacks and we had them sitting on chairs in the backyard.

Lying in bed that night, I relived the day. I replayed all the images of Ganga and Priya. I got aroused just thinking of them. Then I pictured Priya again at the clothesline and the panties she was putting out to dry. Man I was a pervert for sure. I masturbated that night. It was a long, slow session and the release at the end was a beautiful and delightful end to the day.

The next day being Sunday, Priya and her husband went out visiting some friends in the morning. The father too went out to some political meeting or something or another, leaving Ganga alone in the house. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I went down to meet her. The kitchen door at the back of the house was open, and I knocked, and entered.

Ganga was clearly taken aback and surprised to see me. “Oh, ayyo, ankara rus escort it’s you! I thought it was someone else!”

“Sorry to have surprised you. I just wanted to see if you needed anything? Oh, what are you cooking?” I asked.

“Oh, you know, standard stuff. Cooking for the family….”

“Yeah? I can help. I have nothing to do. Come on, let me help. You don’t have to give me anything.”

She wasn’t used to this, I could tell. Having a man in the kitchen offering to help with the cooking. But she went along and made me do some chores. We chatted about this and that, and I told her about my experiences cooking in various parts of India. I wanted to spend some time with her and I was not disappointed. She was glowing with the effort. Sweat formed on her forehead and the armpits of her blouse were lined with sweat as well. She showed a small roll of white flesh above the waist of her sari and I could sense small droplets of sweat there also. I did not ogle or leer or stare at her. I just observed her for the amount of time that was acceptable and correct in these circumstances. But I also realized she was looking at me and when our eyes locked for more than one instant, there was an uncomfortable silence in the room. If she did not want me there she could have stopped me at the very outset. She obviously didn’t mind me.

“Ganga, I don’t think you know this, but I am a good cook, and I like to cook. You should allow me to make some dishes for you,” I ventured. “Maybe North Indian. You will realize what you are missing. How about next Saturday?”

“Oh! No. No. You don’t have to. My husband and, what will they say? Please let it go. There is no need. Aiyo, imagine you cooking in my kitchen!”

“OK. Maybe not for all. Maybe just a bit.. For you, and maybe Priya. Like today, when no one is at home. I am bored, doing nothing. Let me at least do this.

“We’ll see, “ she said, looking at me. I held her eyes for a bit longer than was necessary. She shifted, a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation.

The doorbell pealed loudly. Ganga froze and looked at me wide eyed. “Aiyo, they are here. You you… can you please ? Don’t be in the kitchen. Please, quickly!”

She wiped her face with the pallu of her sari and rushed to the front door.

What? Did we do anything wrong? Maybe she did not want anyone to see me and her together in the kitchen. Damn! I quietly slipped out. Was she so scared of her husband and/or son?

The next morning I noticed Priya lingering near the front gate with her scooter. She was looking at it as if something was wrong. I approached her and asked, “Priya, what’s up ? Some problem with the scooter?”

“Yes, sir. I,, I don’t know,” she started, and bent down to look at the dials on her scooter. Then to my surprise, she looked up this way and that to see if anyone was within earshot. Turning to me, she said softly, “Sir, I want to ask you something.”

“Yes, what is it,” I said.

“Sir, don’t think badly of me.. But this is about money…”

When see saw my surprised face, she continued, “You know, sir, the rent you are paying us.. I mean my Rs. xxxxxx?” She looked up and down again, kind of scared.

I did not understand where this was going. I said, ‘Yes, so?”

“Sir, I am in the accounting department and I know that for your officer level the house rent allowance is much more….like Rs. YYYYY. “

I guess I knew where this was going. I said, “Probably. You know better. Why?”

“Sir, I was thinking that…,” she started. “That.. that.. Now please don’t tell anybody, sir.” She said rapidly, obviously nervous and scared.

“No. No. Go ahead.” I said, knowing fully well what was coming.

“So, sir. If I give you another contract for Rs. YYYYY, you can get that reimbursed from the office. And…..and .. we can split the difference, sir. Please ! Don’t take this the wrong way, and please don’t tell anyone!”

Man! I thought I was the smart one!

“Hey, Priya. No problem at all. You obviously have thought this through. I have no issues. Let me know what I need to do. That’s all!”

“Really, sir ? You are OK with this? You won’t tell my husb.. Anybody?”

“Not at all. Will be our secret.”

“Sir, it’s not like that. Prakash is very tight fisted. He does not spend.. give…he takes my monthly salary… and ..and gives me very little…” she drifted off.

“No, Priya. Don’t tell me. You need to be safe. Make sure you are…others should not know what you are doing.”

“Yes, yes, sir. That is not a problem. I will take care. will not spend the money on myself. I have a younger sister and my parents need to send her to a good training school and all that.. That’s why…”

“No worries. Just let me know what to do. And be careful, here and at the office, ” I assured her.

“Ok. Thanks so much, sir !”


I was planning on a trip back to my family that weeked. It was an overnight train ride from this town. I returned ankara yabancı escort from work that Friday, eager to make the trip back to see my wife and son, but on approaching Priya’s house I realized there was some sort of commotion there.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I asked.

Ganga was in tears and so was Priya. The two men were just standing around, grunting, doing nothing but chewing paan.

“Oh, sir,” Priya gasped between sobs. “Amma’s father ..” She meant Ganga’s dad. “Is … is very ill. They have taken him to the hospital. They say it is serious! Aiyo!”

“Where?” I asked, “In the native place?”

Ganga replied, “Yes, Yes. We have to go tonight itself before it is too late! I have to catch the 8:30 train. Not sure if I will get a seat. Every travel agent says the train is full. Oh God! What to do? I have to see my father one last time. Aaiyo, amma!”

“Hey, Hey. Here, don’t worry. I am going to my home tonight too, but my train is a bit later in the night. Let’s go to the station. We can work it out. We can definitely get at least one seat for you. Hurry ! Let’s go! “

Turned out that like most trains in India, Ganga’s was fully booked, with a long waiting list. But this was not something that could be overcome. I made a few phone calls and used my army contacts and managed to get Ganga a seat in a ladies compartment. She would have to sit all through the night, but that was okay as long as she reached her place on time.

Once she was settled I said my goodbyes and went on my way to my train that was on a different platform. But I did not go all the way there.

I waited around the corner and after a few minutes, I got on to a different compartment on the same train as Ganga. Unknown to others, I had managed to get a first class air conditioned cabin for myself. I made sure no one else occupied the remaining three seats on the cabin by paying for all four seats. It cost me a bundle, and I hoped it would be worth it. After a few minutes, the train pulled out of the station.

The cabin was very comfortable, a far cry from the other hot, crowded, dusty compartments. I waited for about 15 minutes and then made my way through the different compartments and finally reached the one with Ganga’s ladies cabin. It was very crowded, with people sitting wherever they found an unoccupied spot. Vendors selling a myriad of stuff were screaming at the top of their lungs, babies crying all over, the stench from the open bathrooms overpowering.

I reached Ganga’s cabin and looked in. She had her head down and I knew she was sobbing, oblivious to her surroundings. I pointed at a woman sitting next to her and gave her a piece of paper and asked her to give it to Ganga. The woman took the paper and prodded Ganga with her hand. Ganga started up suddenly and looked sharply at the woman. The woman gave her the paper and pointed at me. Ganga looked up, and her eyes widened in surprise and for a few seconds she could not understand what was going on. I pointed at the paper, and she read it and looked up at me. I motioned her to follow me. She was incapable of thinking straight at this point and I was counting on that. She grabbed her bag and followed me, twisting and turning between people, babies, luggage and baskets. When I reached my first class compartment, I stopped and waited for her. I took her bag from her hand and opened the door to my cabin and let her go in before me.

I got in and closed the door to the cabin. She was still wide eyed, and looked around and then at me and asked, “Sir, what ? Why are you.. How? What about your train? Where are you going?”

I moved towards her and I placed my hands on each of her arms and pressed. She looked at me, incredulously, still questioning, now slightly scared.

“Ganga. You and I are going to be in this cabin tonight. No one else. Tomorrow you will be at your father’s place. But until then, just you and me.”

“What?! What are we doing? Why?”

“Don’t ask why. You know why. I want to be with you, Ganga. You know that. I could not think of anything else. I want you.”

“Sir!! What? No! I .. I .. what if no .. this cannot be. Please. I cannot be alone here with you…I have to…”

“Ganga, do you really want to go? No one knows you on the train. No one cares. As for your family, they know you are going to your place and I to mine. I know this is difficult. But I don’t want to force you. If you don’t want to do anything it is okay. Just be here….”

“Why are you doing this? I thought you were a respectable man…I am not supposed to be”

“Ganga, just sit down, for now,” I said, softly. “Do not make a fuss. I wasn’t thinking correctly. I wanted to be with you. I wanted you. I wanted you from the day I saw you. That’s why I did this. I didn’t plan it. It just happened in the last minute.” I didn’t know what to say. I just wanted her to quieten down for now.

She looked at me for a long moment, and resigned herself and sat down on the long seat opposite to me. Then she pulled up her legs, folded her sari and sat crossed legged.

We were like that for a very, very long time. Then she surprised me. She stood up, crossed the narrow path between our two seats and sat down next to me. I didn’t know what to do.

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