Preparing For Love

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Anal Sex

Last week, I decided it was time for an elaborate seduction plan for my wife. Between a real upswing in her work travel over the past month, and my own short vacation a few weeks ago, we had only managed to find about three opportunities for sex in 30 days. That’s not enough for me, and so I was pretty horny. Plus, while pleasant, none of those encounters had been especially adventuresome or “story material” and I like getting a bit wild. So since she was out of town from Thursday morning until late Friday night, I decided to prepare a major seduction for Saturday night.

Knowing Kelly, I realized the most important thing was that I make my preparations as transparent as possible. She usually ends up getting fully into it once we get going, but where I like the mental stimulation involved in a fantasy seduction, she is much more spontaneous and resists obvious manipulation. So for my plans to work out the way I wanted, I knew they had to seem natural and my execution must be smooth.

I settled on a relatively simple plan for a great dinner and a romantic setup for later. Since Kelly was out of town, I was able to start my preparations early. I strategically placed candles around the bedroom, as well as incense. I also placed our favorite dildos and lubricant in a towel lined shoebox under my side of the bed. Often, pausing in the middle of whatever we’re doing to go to the “toy drawer” which is unfortunately on the other side of the bedroom can be kind of a mood-killer, but I wanted them handy for this encounter. (I think I’m going to keep them there, it worked great!!). I also set up a romantic playlist of MP3’s, and found what I hoped would be a good romantic/erotic movie to watch.

On Saturday, I was especially careful to make sure she had a great, relaxing day. In fact, we went shopping and she bought two pairs of shoes – that always puts her in a good mood. I made sure she knew I had plans for romancing her that evening, but she didn’t know what exactly. However, after a hard day of shopping, I started preparing dinner while she took a nap. The meal was a shrimp primavera alfredo from scratch, with a nice salad and rosemary potatoes. I had also gotten a better than average Syrah to accompany the meal and get her loosened up a bit.

Fortunately, my recipe-less dinner turned out fabulously and Kelly escort eryaman loved it. I’ve always known that the shortest distance to her heart was lined with seafood, and this was no exception. She was definitely receptive by the time we finished dinner and had a couple glasses of wine. We relaxed for an hour or so to let the food settle, then had a nice dessert splitting a slice of cheesecake. Then we retired to the bedroom to watch our movie on the VCR.

Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t as good as I had hoped, which threatened to derail my plans as it was annoying Kelly. About an hour in, I decided to switch gears. I got that dumb movie out in a hurry (thanks for the bad review, Ebert!) and switched in a porno that Kelly hadn’t seen yet. I had taken advantage of discount night at our local video store recently, another time that Kelly was traveling, and dubbed the best scenes from a couple new movies. These were from “Balls Deep 3″ with Lexington Steele, who is rapidly becoming her favorite porn star because of his 13” cock. As I had hoped, her mood shifted quickly back to the amorous.

I slid my hand under the short mesh nighty she had donned to part her thighs. Then I began lightly stroking her pussy with my whole hand. I avoided diving into her clit or penetration, instead simply warming her up with a few minutes of light stroking. I sensed when her arousal began to kick in as she lightly began humping her hips up towards me in an effort to generate firmer contact. She reached over with her right hand and began to stroke my cock under the sheets. We continued masturbating each other for several minutes, watching Lex fuck the brains out of a black and a white woman on the screen. Finally, when I felt Kelly’s wetness beginning to surface and dampen her outer lips from my soft caresses, I reached down to the toy box I had stashed and pulled out a vibrator.

I switched it on and pressed it against Kelly’s slit. She moaned a soft approval and spread her legs farther, while accelerating her jacking of my cock. I ran the vibe at a medium speed and rubbed it slowly up and down the crease of her vagina lengthwise. Occasionally I would angle my wrist to press it firmly against her opening, threatening to penetrate her with it but never making good on the promise. I began to smell her hot womanly scent wafting ankara escort out of her damp crotch.

Then Kelly and I began a game of upping the ante. First, she swiveled around so that she was lying next to me with her head near my cock. She began sucking me into her mouth and licking the base of my shaft, soaking me with her saliva. By the obvious way she kept her legs spread widely, she made it clear that she wanted me to continue playing with her cunt. So I reached down to the toy box and once again withdrew a toy, this time a much larger vibrating dildo. I lubed it thoroughly with liquid KY and turned it on.

This time I went directly for her clit with the vibrator. I pressed in into her exposed, swollen pink bud and felt her body shudder with pleasure. She translated that into a deep sucking of my cock. I’m convinced now that Kelly has been trying to make her already good blowjobs even better, and I think she is trying to learn to deep throat me. Tonight was the best she had given me lately, and for the past two months they have gotten much better. As she increased the intensity of her sucking, I began slowly pushing the dildo up inside of her. This dildo is just a bit less than 2″ thick, and I have learned by experience that I have to go very slowly in order to avoid hurting her. But once she is turned on enough, she loves having that much “cock” inside her.

Gradually, we each increased our intensity until her head and hand were eagerly bobbing on my throbbing shaft while I fucked her with the full length of the dildo. I’ve eagerly taken advantage of opportunities to dildo-fuck her while she blows me in order to condition her to the pleasure of feeling two dicks at one time. Perhaps in the future this will lead to her wanting threesomes, which would be hot as hell. At any rate, Kelly looked up at me at one point and said, “I love this!” It is very unusual for her to say what specifically turns her on, especially when it is on the wilder side, so I was quite pleased.

Then Kelly raised the ante again, reach over to her bedside table to light a cigarette. She pointed looked me in the eye as she inhaled a long drag, then leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth before exhaling. It took all of my willpower to keep from coming right then, and she mentioned afterwards that she elvakent escort was impressed. As she began smoking and sucking my cock, I must have slowed down on my dildo fucking and felt her hip bucking down to force it in and out of her. I wedged the base of it against the mattress and watched her angle her hips so she could fuck it herself, then slipped my fingers onto her clit and began diddling her. We continued this was for a couple of minutes, but it was rapidly obvious that we would both come quickly if we kept on, and we both wanted sex.

Kelly had me slide down a bit and turned to straddle me. I felt her highly aroused cunt clench my dick as she sat down on it and enveloped me to the hilt. She sat up high so that I could watch her smoke while we fucked, then leaned forward and began kissing me wetly. Her hot, smoky tongue dove into my mouth and licked all around my lips. I could feel her wetness leaking down my ass as we fucked and shared some of the deepest french kisses that we have enjoyed in months. The taste of her mouth was exquisite, as was the stimulation coming from her snatch sliding over my prick. It was an incredibly hot fuck and we were both climbing towards the peak of our orgasms rapidly.

Finally, I upped the ante one last time. When Kelly had mounted me, we had just left the vibrating dildo on the bed next to me, still running. I felt around and found it, and stretched my arm around her ass, pressing it firmly against the base of her pussy. Her cries grew to nearly scream level as the intense vibration heightened her passion. I quickly found that by pressing the dildo hard against my cock, my own dick began transmitting the vibration up her love canal. Not only did it feel amazing to me, but also my dick was working as a human vibrator inside my wife! Plus, the firm pressure of the dildo against her cunt hinted at the wild possibility of it slipping inside her alongside my cock. In reality, the dildo and my cock are much too big in combination to have done that, but the feeling had her going wild.

We both began moaning loudly into one another’s mouths as we kissed fiercely, fucking with wild abandon. Unplanned, our orgasms arrived at the same time, which rarely happens in the real world. But our arousal spurred each other on and as I began spurting my sticky load of come inside Kelly, her vagina clamped onto my dick in the release of her pent up excitement. We kissed through the entire orgasm, sucking each other’s tongues and generally acting like teens making out. It was truly a plan come together and a wonderful time.

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