Pool Boy Ch. 13

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I woke the next morning determined to get back to a routine at work and with Alexis. Work was easy. I just had to do it. Alexis was more complicated. I love being with her and I think we are excellent together. I think she thinks so too. I wish I could be more sure though. I know the sex is great for me and for her. There’s no issues there, but while most couples move from dating and getting to know one another to sex (or not), our relationship has been reversed. We started with sex and were moving toward the dating phase. Then events kind of short circuited the process a little and now we are just back to having a lot of sex (Great sex. Incredible sex). We still haven’t even talked about our future or even a potential for a future. I know I’m going back to college in the fall. It would be so great if she went to the same college in the fall. We could live together. Yeah right. Her father would have a cow.

I lay there in my bed with my fingers clasped behind my head staring at the ceiling contemplating these things. I desperately want a future with Alexis but I haven’t gone there because I can’t tell if Alexis is just enjoying her summer. Hell, for all I knew she was lying in her bed right then thinking the same things as me. Now, Deirdre’s wedding will consume everyone’s thoughts. I don’t even know when that will happen. It could be months away.

I made up my mind that I had to get us away from our lives for a weekend or longer for just us. I knew that for my own sanity, I had to tell Alexis how I feel about her, about us. In the back of all of this is her father, who would throw a shit-fit if he found out his little girl was dating the pool guy. He has aspirations of her being with a doctor or lawyer or a big deal politician. Hell, I guess if I was him I’d feel the same way.

Well, this wasn’t getting anything done. I sat up and swung my feet to the floor. It was early but I was up and going. After missing yesterday at the town pool, it could probably use a little extra attention. I quickly showered and dressed in my usual work outfit of t-shirt, nylon shorts and sockless sneakers. I made myself a sausage sandwich for breakfast and went out to my van.

I was an hour earlier than normal as I parked the van at the gate to the fence. I unlocked the padlock and carried everything out to the pool. I usually lock the gate behind me but today I must have forgot. I hooked up the vacuum hose to one of the skimmers and went to work slowly pushing the long pole along the bottom. I took my time and worked an area before moving the hose to another skimmer further down the length of the pool. I didn’t immediately notice that someone had come through the gate and sat in a lounge chair.

When I did notice the person sitting there, I put down the pole and walked over to let him/her know that the pool was closed until 9:00 AM. As I got closer I could tell it was a woman. As I got closer I recognized her. It was Maddy from the party. I smiled to myself and wondered if she was Madison again. I smiled at her and said, “Hello Madison. How are you today?”

She smiled back and said, “You know its Maddy to you. I’m still recovering from that incredible party. I don’t think anyone will ever forget it. You got quite a work-out. How are you doing?”

I sat down on a lounge chair beside her but I maintained a sitting position while she had stretched out horizontally. I said, “It was a fantastic party. I’m doing great. I should tell you that the pool area is closed until 9:00. I should have locked the gate. Sorry.”

Maddy smiled and said, “I know, but I needed to talk to you without Alexis around.” I nodded and said, “OK.” She swung her feet to the deck and sat facing me and continued, “I’m concerned about Alexis. I hold her friendship very dear. I know the aura I give off is that I don’t really have any concern for anyone else but myself.” I smiled and nodded, “True.” She smiled at that and continued, “Alexis and I have had a few conversations mostly about you. I guess she needed someone to talk to and I admit I was surprised it was me. I shouldn’t be saying anything to you about these conversations. She would kill me if she found out. But, I think she has fallen in love with you but she’s not sure how you feel. She hasn’t said so specifically but I’m pretty sure. She’s afraid to talk about her feelings with you because she would be crushed to a pulp if you don’t feel the same way. I know you guys have tons of sex but that doesn’t mean you love her and she knows that.”

Tears formed in my eyes as I listened to Maddy. Talk about timely. I wasn’t sure what to say to Maddy but I could tell just from the fact that she put herself out to come down here that she was genuinely concerned, which I would have never put money on yesterday. I said, “Maddy if you take your story and switch Alexis for me and me for Alexis, you will have your answer.”

Maddy’s eyes glazed as she thought about what I had said. Then a huge grin blossomed on her face. She said, ataşehir escort bayan “You love her too!” I nodded. “You can’t tell her either because you’re afraid she doesn’t feel the same way.” I nodded again. “You’re afraid she just loves your cock, the sex.” I nodded again. “Holy Shit. You guys have to get together and work this out. You are wonderful together.”

I smiled at her and said, “Maddy. I laid in bed this morning agonizing over all of this. You can’t know how incredibly happy I am right now. It’s a start. I still don’t know what our future holds because I’m sure she will go away to some Ivy League college this fall and we will fall apart.”

Maddy said, “I’m not so sure about that. You guys need to work that out together.” I got the impression Maddy knew more than she was saying on the college front, but I understood that she was stepping out of her comfort zone to even come here and tell this much. I was ecstatic. We could work out the rest of it.

Maddy stood and said, “I wasn’t sure about coming here to talk to you but I’m glad I did. Please don’t let on that I was ever here.” She extended her hand to shake mine. I grabbed her by the shoulders and hugged her and kissed her hard on the lips. She was startled for a moment and then recovered her normal cool demeanor. She turned and walked back to the gate. I had a stupid grin on my face as I watched her get into her car and drive off. I turned to look around the immediate area and pumped my fist in the air and screamed out, “YES!!”

I was a bundle of energy as I went back to cleaning the pool. I couldn’t even remember where I had left off, so I did it all again. I scrubbed the tiles from the decking to the waterline all the way around and tested the water. It was pretty good and I spread the appropriate amount of chemicals to finish the job.

I had to come down off this high before I showed up at Emma’s or they would know something was up. I went to my second job and did any extra special job there as well. It was noon and I decided to stop at a fast food restaurant for some lunch. I was still on cloud-nine as I ate my burger and fries behind the wheel of my van. I was basically marking time until I headed over to Emma’s pool.

My mind was flying a hundred feet above me and I didn’t notice that the car passing me was a police cruiser which pulled up to parallel me. When I took note I looked over to see Officers Samantha and Erin waving at me. Samantha motion for me to pull over with that officious way of moving their hand and I did as directed. Erin was driving and she pulled over in front of me. They both exited their cruiser and instead of coming to the driver’s side window, they walked down the passenger side and slid back the side door.

I turned my seat to face them as they both piled in and slid the door shut. Erin moved forward and planted herself in the passenger’s seat while Samantha found an empty plastic bucket and turned it upside down and sat on it. They both pulled off their hats and let their hair fall. Neither of them had said a word and when they both started unbuttoning their shirts I spoke up. “Hey guys I know what you want but I don’t have the time right now. I’m due to clean another pool in fifteen minutes. I’m sorry.”

The smiles on their faces turned into instant frowns. After a few moments, Erin spoke up, “Fifteen minutes is plenty of time for a double blowjob.” Sam looked from Erin to me and her face lit up.

I protested, “Ladies. That wouldn’t be fair to you.”

Samantha said, “Oh shut up you donkey. You can owe us.” Erin nodded vigorously as she continued unbuttoning her shirt. Samantha scanned my face until she was sure I was on board and then she started working on her buttons as well. When the shirts dropped to the van floor they both lifted their own tits to their lips and squeezed them together. My decision was made.

Samantha pulled me from my seat and back into the rear. Erin had moved out of her seat and was rolling out the yoga mat on the floor. Sam maneuvered me down on the mat and Erin pulled my shorts off. My cock was pulsing with anticipation. Erin moved to my right side and Sam was on the left. Erin wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock while Sam did the same to the top half. Together they started jerking me off. They were in perfect synch and it felt fantastic. I fell back on the mat to my elbows and watched these two lovely ladies work me over.

Erin moved her body lower so she could run her lips up and down on her side of my cock. Sam followed suit. They both lathed my cock up and down like they were playing a double sided harmonica. They stopped and stretched their lips above my cock and kissed each other so passionately that my cock jerked right out of their hands. Erin pulled her lips away from Sam and stretched her lips over my glans and without delay slowly pushed her lips down the length of my cock. At the bottom, she pulled right back up and then began an incredible escort kadıköy blowjob. Sam watched for a minute or two until she was getting antsy. She pushed her face down beside Erin’s and basically, nudged her out of the way.

Sam is a smaller person and she really struggled getting my cock past her lips. After several attempts she did it and the tightness of her mouth on my cock was dragging my orgasm out of my balls. Sam worked me over for another minute before Erin pushed herself back in. They were now sharing five or six full stokes before passing it to the other.

My head cocked back on my neck as I gazed at the roof of the van and then back down to the site of my cock appearing and disappearing in Erin’s and then Sam’s faces. While I was imbedded in Sam’s mouth, Erin could tell I was getting very close to blowing my wad and she urged me on. I suddenly, without warning, let out a loud groan, “UUUNNNGGGGG” and I started spewing cum with such force that Sam couldn’t contain it and pulled off. Erin was delighted with this and she immediately pushed her lips over my glans. She was fast but not fast enough. One surge of sperm hit Erin in the nose and splattered up over her forehead and into her hair. Sam giggled after she had chocked back cum that had rocketed down her throat. I launched salvo after salvo of hot creamy cum into Erin’s mouth until she couldn’t hold any more and she pulled back and aimed my cock at Sam. She struggled getting the head in again and as a result cum sprayed right up into her nose. She immediately pulled back and my last remaining few shots went off Sam’s face and then Erin’s.

They were now both sitting back on their feet sputtering and gagging on the huge load of cum they had extracted from my cock. I was lying on my back thrusting my hips up and down until the last shot. I muttered, “Jesus Christ ladies. I must have died and gone to heaven. That was fucking amazing. I really owe you guys big-time.”

Erin bent over me and dropped to kiss me. Her face was covered with cum. After the kiss she pushed her tongue out around her mouth to collect whatever she could reach. Sam crawled right up on my chest and pressed her hard nippled tits into me as she kissed me. She had just as much cum on her face as Erin. I was curious to see if they would go back to the cruiser covered in cum and to my amazement they did just that after pulling their shirts on and buttoning up.

Sam slid the side door open and they stepped out to the ground. They tucked their uniform shirts into their pants, threw me air kisses and headed back to the cruiser. I pulled myself to my feet and put my shorts back on. I swiveled the driver’s seat back to the driving position and started the engine. Before I put the transmission in drive I noticed that Erin and Sam were face to face in the front seat of the cruiser licking cum from each other’s face. I smiled to myself and drove off leaving them to themselves. I checked my watch and I was a few minutes late.

As I pushed open the gate to Emma’s pool deck, I was descended upon by Alexis, Dee and Emma, all in very skimpy bikinis. I notice right away that Dee was wearing the micro-bikini I had bought for Alexis for the day-trip to the beach earlier this summer. She looked almost as fantastic in it as Alexis.

Alexis stood back and let Dee swarm all over me. She was still bubbling with excitement. I presumed it was from the wedding planning. Amidst the bodies, I found a spot to set my pool cleaning equipment down. I move away from Dee and swept Alexis into my arms and threw a lip-lock on her that lasted so long that Emma and Dee looked at each other with ‘what’s going on’ looks on their faces. Alexis accepted every second of our embrace with her arms around my neck and didn’t attempt to break it up. After more than a minute, Alexis released my lips and pulled back and looked at my face. She had a funny look like, ‘what’s up with you today’ on her face. I pushed my lips back onto hers and kissed her for another half-minute before we separated. Alexis came back down to her feet and waved a hand near her face like a fan and said, “Phew. That was something. Are you alright?” Emma and Dee were still looking back and forth at each other with confused looks on their faces. They didn’t say anything.

I returned to my van and lugged the chemical buckets around and went to work. The three of them sat under a couple umbrellas at the far end of the pool. I was stealing glances at them as I worked and I knew they were doing the same at me. Dee and Alexis were paying more attention to the conversation between them. Emma was paying more attention to me.

As I worked, I was thinking about Alexis and me. She had come along after I was involved with Olivia, Sophia and Emma. I was willing to stop any continued trysts with them in order to make things work with Alexis. After all, that would be a more normal monogamous relationship. I would prefer continuing with them but I would have to see maltepe escort what Alexis thought about that. She’d had a fair amount of sex with other guys and even more women. I knew she liked sex with others beside me and she sure didn’t seem to mind that I had quite a bit of sex with her present. I pushed the whole topic from my mind for the time being. There were no answers until they talked about it.

It took me 45 minutes to finish and the water was crystal clear. I set the last of the chemical buckets down and stood there for a moment admiring my work. I didn’t know when Emma’s husband, Jim would be home but I knew it could be anytime now, so I left the equipment and buckets poolside and walked over to the trio and pulled another chair over to join them. The first thing out of my mouth was, “OK. Tell me about the wedding plans. When is it? I’m certain you three were up all night making plans.” Dee laughed and turned to face Emma as though her mother was the authority and decision maker.

Emma laughed and said, “Well, we were up all night but we weren’t necessarily discussing wedding plans.” Alexis was looking at her mother and then turned to me as a huge grin erupted on her face. I got it. The vision of these three beautiful women entwined in lesbian sex caused my dick to instantly surge to maximum dimensions in my shorts. The nylon material caused only minimum restriction and therefore minimal discomfort. I could tell all three of them had noticed the obvious movement in my lap.

Emma ignored the movement for the moment and said, “The wedding is planned for the last Saturday in August”, which I calculated in my head to be six weeks away. “Jim will give her away; if he comes around and gets on-board. Jarrod’s brother will be the best man. Alexis will be the maid-of-honor and three of Dee’s friends will be bride’s maids. We haven’t discussed this with Jim yet but we went through a list of family and friends and figure about two-hundred people for the reception. The wedding will be at our family church and the reception will be here by the exquisitely maintained pool. Jarrod has some friends from the pizzeria where he works but he would like you to be one of his three groomsmen. He wanted Dee to ask you.”

I said, “Well. I guess you didn’t have sex all night then. I’m sure there are a million details but it sounds like the basics are set.” Dee simply nodded. She hadn’t taken her eyes from my cock since it jumped up in my shorts. Alexis seemed to be amused by Dee’s staring as she glanced at me and then back to Dee. Emma was fully aware of the sexual tension. She was apparently waiting to see how it would break.

I decided to ignore the building tension and I turned to Alexis and said, “Alexis. I’d like to ask you out on an official date. We have sort of abandoned our alone time because of all the things going on with graduation and everything.”

Alexis said, “You know, you’re right. We have gotten away from ‘us’ time. I would be glad to go out with you anytime you want. Let me know.” She smiled at me and pursed her lips to throw me an air-kiss. Emma frowned a little as she realized that it was true that she had been with the two of them non-stop since graduation. She reached for Alexis’ hand and squeezed it as she mouthed the word, ‘sorry’. Alexis sent an air-kiss her way as well. She was still watching Dee expecting her to make her move soon.

Dee was alternating between nibbling on her lower lip and licking her upper lip as she kept on staring. Finally, Emma got up and stepped between Dee and Alexis and said, “Enough you two.” She walked over to me and put her hand down in my shorts and started jerking on my steel shaft. That broke the stalemate and all three of them were all of over me with hands, lips, mouths and throats. If one of them let go or pulled her mouth off another was right there a second later. This was crazy. They were like piranha.

I looked at Alexis who had backed off from the insanity and was watching in amazement as Dee and Emma were now vying for control. Moments later Alexis yelled out, “Stop. Both of you. Just stop. This is nuts.” Emma fell back on her ass and crab-walked back to her chair. She had a sheepish look on her face. Dee had my cock in her mouth but she stopped her blowjob with Alexis’ outburst. She just held my cock in her throat for several seconds and then pulled her lips back over the head and used her tongue to break the silver thread of saliva stretching out from my cock to her lips. She moved back to her chair as well.

Alexis stepped in and took my hand in hers and without another word she led me to the house, up the curved staircase and down the hall to her bedroom. She locked her door and turned around and walked up close to me. I looked down at her as she stretched up to kiss me. I bent down to meet her half-way. She pulled my shorts to the floor and I stepped out of them. She pushed my bouncing cock up to my stomach and stepped in closer. My cock was now trapped between our bodies. I reached around behind her and untied her bikini top and then untied both bows on her hips. She was now completely naked. She pulled my t-shirt up my torso and I bent to allow her to pull it off over my head. I kicked off my sneakers and now we were both naked.

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