Playing on the Swing Set

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“What’s the most daring place you ever masturbated?”

Shannon and I had only been dating for three weeks but we already knew that we were both liked to talk frankly about sex, so this sudden turn in the conversation wasn’t too surprising coming from her. We had just finished mutual backrubs and now were facing each other on the floor, lying in opposite directions and propped upon on our elbows, fondling each other lightly with our free hands. She gazed directly at me in her usual manner, showing both insatiable curiosity and a caring reassurance that whatever I said was OK with her.

I thought of a few spots, but quickly settled on my answer. “Well, several places actually…swing sets.”

“Swing sets?” She seems compassionately amused.

“Yeah, it started with the one at the elementary school on 8th Street….”

She suddenly interrupted. “Wait, you did that in elementary school?”

“No no no, this was much later, at 18, it was summer and school was out, and this was near my house so I occasionally went there to swing and remember what it was like to be a kid. OK, so this one time I’m sitting down in my terry cloth shorts and realized how hot the seat was–I’m talking about the black rubber seats, we used to call them ‘butt squeezers’ because, you know….”

“They squeeze your butt when you sit in them,” she finished for me, assuring me of her common experience.

“Right, so anyway, it was hot sitting in the sun, and I wondered what it would feel like if I touched it with my penis. The swings were in the corner of the lot, behind me was an alley behind a fence and some trees, and it was the middle of the day, so I was pretty sure I couldn’t be seen easily from the back unless someone came up close, and I had a good view ahead of me of the rest of the small playground and the school, which was completely deserted. So I slipped it out the side and touched the seat and it was like wow, this feels really hot, and I got hard really quick.” Shannon nodded, encouraging me to go on.

“I figured out that I could get more contact if I leaned forward so I could slip my penis between my pelvis and the seat, so it was rubbing along the top of my penis, and I could slide it slightly back and forth as I swung. Just the tip of the head was sticking out behind me, but I didn’t think anyone could see that unless they got really close. It still probably looked suspicious because I couldn’t swing very high, I was just sitting on it leaning forward and swinging a foot or two back and forth, I couldn’t kick my legs back and forth much because I was sitting on my dick and balls, which escort eryaman was a pretty delicate situation.”

Shannon’s eyes gleamed with interest. “So did you cum?”

“Not the first time, but I came back several times and eventually learned to cum that way, although it was pretty messy since the head was sitting right under my shorts so I got a big stain right under my butt. It felt great though, so I did that a few times. Then later I figured out that I could sit farther back into the seat so my penis and balls were hanging free out the back, but were still pinched a bit by the seat. There wasn’t as much contact, but it was really exciting, as well as scary, to feeling them swinging through the air, and this way I could also swing my legs almost normally.”

“Did anyone ever see you?”

“I don’t think so, but once I did that in the late afternoon and after a while I heard this car on the street on my left, I turned to look as I always did just to make sure no one was coming close enough to see–and suddenly this car turned into the alley and slowed down to turn into the garage of the house right behind me. And then I realized I didn’t have any plan for what to do if anyone came close, except maybe to jump off, but I didn’t do that. There was an older lady in the car and we saw each other, her window was down and she said hi or something.”

“But she didn’t see your dick?” She seemed incredulous.

“I don’t think so, remember there were a lot of trees and bushes still, so while she could see I was on the swing I doubt she could pick up on the details unless she was really trying, and she was still moving. Still, I was really scared and said hi back, but just tensed up and stopped kicking my legs, I just held them forward and let the momentum move me back and forth, and suddenly after two more high swings going back I felt the cum pulsing out of me totally out of control, I couldn’t see it of course but knew it was just flying into the air and onto the ground, and if that woman came out of her garage and looked at me she could see it, but the door shut and when I turned my head it looked like she just went right into the house. But I didn’t go back there much after that.”

“Wow, so did you ever do that again?”

“Yeah, occasionally I tried a few other swings if they were isolated enough, or really late at night, but I don’t think I’ve done that since I was 20 or so.”

She thought for a minute, then said “I’d like to watch you do that.”

“Really?” I knew she was open to trying new things but this was a little kinky.

“Yeah. Would you do it for me?”

I ankara escort wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it, but I wanted to satisfy her. “I think I could. Maybe this weekend we can….”

She interrupted me. “No, let’s do it now.”

I was taken aback. “Where?”

“How about the river park? They won’t have any lights on, and they have that swing set on the north side.”

“But then you won’t be able to see anything.”

“I’ll be close enough to see, let’s go.”

And so we did. A half hour later we were looking at the swings in the darkness. I had changed into my loosest shorts, which gave her a smile, but she refrained from fondling or teasing me on the drive over.

“The seats aren’t hot, but the rubber still helps it work” I observed.

“Are you turned on by rubber?” she asked. She sounded a little surprised because I had never shown any interest in rubber toys or clothing.

“No, not generally, just the rubber seats felt good, I don’t think I’ve ever found any other objects to masturbate with that really helped me.”

I backed towards a seat and, as she watched, bent my legs slightly and slipped my penis out the side of my shorts. I was a little limp, but Shannon stood in front of me and gripped me firmly while biting my neck. Then she stuck her tongue in my ear and said “Thank you honey, this turns me on so much.”

After she made me hard she backed up and said “Now show me.”

I sat down towards the back of the seat with my cock hanging out underneath me like a strange tail. She walked around and knelt by my side to see it more clearly. Taking a quick look behind her to make sure no one was around, she touched me for a second before I started swinging slightly back and forth. Her eyes were fixed on my shaft. She asked “how does it feel?”

“It’s OK, some of the memory is coming back to me. I probably won’t be able to cum though, it’s a little too weird doing this again. But it’s interesting. How do you like it?”

“It’s interesting. Can you swing higher?”

I started to do so and she stood behind me to watch as I came up higher and higher, trying to extend my penis as far out as I could while still kicking some with my legs. She started to help by pushing me so I had to move less and could focus on maintain the right position–and keeping my balls from being crushed. After a minute she seemed to get me into a steady rhythm, and I felt her tongue zap me briefly on the head as I reached the furthest back position. It was nice, but much too brief, and I was a little worried that I could get hurt if her estimation of how elvakent escort fast I was going wasn’t perfect and my fragile cock hit her face too hard. I told her so and she slowed me down to a near stop. She then asked me to move forward slightly in my seat, which made my cock stick out more directly behind me. This time she started moving me very slightly, just a few inches at a time, while kneeling still behind me. I held myself absolutely rigid and passed all the control over to her, as she rocked me back and forth between her lips. I couldn’t see a thing but the feeling was wonderful. I kept my entire body absolutely rigid, as tense as that moment years ago when the car drove behind me in the alley.

I turned my head slightly to scan the park, hoping desperately that no one was looking, because even if they couldn’t see my penis, Shannon’s position behind me would have looked pretty suspicious. Of course we could rearrange ourselves pretty quickly if anyone got close and make up some excuse, and no one could prove anything, but it would be embarrassing. And we’d also have to stop, which I definitely didn’t want to have happen. Because this was one of the fantasies I remembered having when I did this by myself, that a sweet girl would sit behind me while I swing my penis into her mouth.

I started moaning very sharply and wincing, almost in pain at how contorted and tense I was, but absolutely couldn’t move without disrupting what we were doing. Shannon let go of me for a while and just let me swing freely, touching me only with her mouth, which moved a little bit with me so that my body moved a foot or so back and forth while her mouth slipped up and down from the tip to about midway down my penis. I pressed slightly more tightly into the seat and focused on the incredible sensations in my pelvis and cock, and suddenly found myself again out of control, I somehow became even more tense as I started to pulse almost painfully but with incredible pleasure. Shannon kept her lips continuously wrapped around me as I silently squirted my semen into her mouth. I was slowing down by now and she put her hands on my cock and on the seat to steady me, then went down deeper to massage my post-orgasmic member.

A minute later I was gently lifting myself out of the seat, almost paralyzed. She came back around and hugged me tightly. “Thank you” we said almost simultaneously.

“You’re so welcome” she assured me. She touched her tongue to mine and I could see then taste some of my cum which she had kept.

We didn’t do this again, but it encouraged us to try so many more unconventional approaches to sex that we both considered it a very important night in our relationship. Thank you Shannon, my love.

The author would enjoy hearing from anyone else who tried any of the activities described above–and encourages others to try it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32