Pins Ch. 05

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Pins, Chapter V


There’s a platitude that runs around that women are better at eating out other women than men are. The theory’s that since they have a pussy then it’s axiomatic that they’re better at knowing what their partners would like. I don’t presume to think I’ve graduated toexpert status yet, but I’d have to disagree. A good lover, of either sex, for either sex, is the individual who is quickest at learning, retaining and cataloguing those signals their partner sends out when they’rereally being pleased.

Kelly was pretty damn good! After she devoured my pussy I could honestly say that that was the absolutebest head I’d ever received; and it was because sheknew when she was hitting all my hot buttons, not because she was the proud owner of a clitoris!

After the shoot was over I went back to Ernie’s office to see how the shots turned out. Jeff was already there. He looked at me as I came into the room. “Wow! That wasnot what I was expecting!

I’ve always believed that fucking virgins was about the most overrated activity you could participate in but that girl’s the exception who proves the rule!

Pins I’ve gotta tell you that was one of my top ten fucks of all time! What makes it even more amazing is that she was dividing her attention to the two of us!”

I smiled. “Hence the expression!

Even an inept fuck is good but agreat fuck is still a great fuck! If it matters, she was awesome while eating my pussy, too! She always knew what I wanted and tried to give it to me,”

Ernie interrupted. “While I’m pleased for you two that she got you off as well as she did, these pictures are mediocre at best. Take a look!”

As we went through the images Ernie had captured we quickly began to see what he meant. Kelly just wasn’t very photogenic. The pictures wereokay shots of a three-way and although I was sure an online viewer would probably look at the giveaways, there was nothing there which might induce anyone to ante up and pay for any extra content.

Ernie added, “It’s a shame, too, I talked to her for a while and she’s areally nice girl. She lost some shitty job and now she’s broke. Her live-in girlfriend orders her around like a drill sergeant and with no cash she can’t really escape!”

Jeff chimed in, “Pins should hire her.”

Ernie didn’t understand. “I don’t get it. Hire her for what?”

I explained, “There’re a few girls from Alpha Chi that can’t ever make the grade in vids so I’m setting up an escort service. From what you say Kelly might be ideal in that business! Okay looks, nice personality, and an awesome sex partner! I’ll talk to her.”

I stopped off at the mall on my way home and picked up a cell with a bunch of pre-paid minutes. I wasn’t in the mood to shop much so I headed home wanting nothing more than a leisurely soak.

The bath felt wonderful and I was almost about to nap in the tub when the twins came in. We hadn’t had a talk since the incident of Liz fucking Jeff on film as I had wanted them to work out how they felt before I said a word. Ash said, “We’ve been talking alot lately.”

I opened my eyes and looked over at her as she continued, “First of all we wanted to make sure you were all right with what had happened.”

My eyes shifted back and forth between the two of them and finally I shrugged. “I guess I am. I keep asking myself if I should have done a better job of warning you guys about Jeff but I wasn’t sure exactly where the line was and I didn’t want to step over it.”

Liz said, “Cousin or not, we’ve always thought of you as being our sister and since we’re nineteen and you’re eighteen that makes you ourlittle sister. If anythingwe’re the ones who fucked up and should have done a better job of looking afteryou!

Do I regret going home with Jeff? Not for a minute! Do I regret being his dirty little whore on film? You betcha, but I have no one to blame for that but myself! I don’t blame him for doing what he does and Icertainly don’t blame you for backing off and letting me live with the consequences of what were my own mistakes!

I know that I’ve played the role of ‘holier than thou’ mega-bitch for a while so it feels, to me, to be twice as embarrassing that I acted like a stupid bimbo! I’ll get over it though.

I’ll admit I don’t have much of a basis for comparison but I think Jeff’s an amazing lover and I’ve found out how much fun sex can be. I think I could really get to be an addict!” She giggled. “Only thing is someday I’m going to want to have a life that includes a husband and a couple of little rug rats. I want to be honest with my future hubby so I won’t mind telling him the truth about all my little peccadilloes, but I’d just as soon not have him ever put in a position where an old porn clip gets rubbed in his nose.”

Liz leaned over to kiss the top of my head and acting on impulse I grabbed her hips and pulled her, fully clothed, into the tub. The water surge eryamanda yeni escortlar instantly flooded the room and began to run under the door and soak the hall carpet. Ash started laughing and her feet slipped on the wet tile and landed with a resounding thump on the indoor pond I’d created.

My aunt pushed the door open to see if everyone was all right and after seeing the three of us laughing hysterically she began to close the door saying, “You’re cleaning up that mess,now!

We raided the hamper for dirty towels and used them to sop up the flood. As we were cleaning up the mess Ash suggested, “Hey guys, Bianca’s working tonight. Why don’t we go see her?”

I asked, “Working? Working where?”

“She’s starting a new job atHooters. She’s bartending there.”

The place was fairly crowded for a mid-week evening but the three of us found seats at the service end of the bar. Bianca seemed very pleased to see us and after taking care of a few customers came back and leaned across the bar toward me. “Hey Pins, last week you mentioned a couple of sorority girls looking to earn some extra cash. Is that whole business in play?”

“Yeah it is. Why do you want to know?”

“Because I’ve got a guy who asked earlier if I knew anyone like that. I put him off but with you here should I send him over?”

I was glad I’d stopped at the mall. “No, don’t let on that I have anything to do with it but you can have him call this number.” She grabbed a bevnap and wrote down the number of my new throw-away.

Ash had been listening to the conversation and asked, “What was that all about?”

I truthfully answered my cousin’s question and told her about the girls who were willing to try being call girls to earn much needed money for their sorority house. I smiled as I said, “The most amazing one is this girl, Sarah. Her dad is the CEO of some big aerospace company and they live in a nine bedroom stone mansion in the Kalorama section of Washington, D.C.Major bucks; but little Sarah wants to go to hotel rooms and fuck strangers rather than ask Daddy for a little extra cash! Weird!”

Liz jumped in. “Yeah, well that might be a little weird but what’s interesting to me is that my little cousin’s trying out a new job as a MAC, or a Madam, or whatever you’ll be!”

I looked Liz straight in the eye. “Yeah, wellmy family doesn’t have the big bucks and anything I can do to take some of the pressure off them to help pay for my education at State is dollars to the good as far as I’m concerned.”

Ash said simply, “I could help!”

I looked at her and asked, “What do you mean?”

“I could set up the books for your business and could configure a scheduler you could download to your Blackberry. That way you’d always know which girls are available for whatever, 24/7.”

I looked at Ash for a while before saying, “Okay, but you’re not doing it without getting paid! How much?”

She looked embarrassed. “I don’t know, does thirty an hour sound fair?”

“Fifty dollars and you’re hired!” We both laughed and hugged each other. It was at that moment that my new cell phone rang. I looked down the bar and saw the guy Bianca had indicated holding a phone to his ear. Another man was standing next to him listening to the call. I answered the phone, “Hello, this is…Lorraine speaking!”

“Hi, my name is Andy and I’m in town staying at the Ramada by exit four off the interstate. I was hoping to hire a couple of your young ladies for a friend and I this evening.”

“Certainly Andy, what time would that be for?”

“As soon as they can get to the hotel, say Midnight? How much would that be?”

“That would depend. Each young lady would expect $400 for an hour or $1,200 for them to entertain you until eight A.M. How long would you like them for?”

I could see the guy put his hand over the mouthpiece and animatedly talk to his friend. He came back on the line. “We’ll have them both stay until morning. I’m in room 409 and we’ll wait for them there.”

“Fine, Andy, I’ll contact them right away.”

Ashleigh started giggling. “Why did you use Mom’s name as the Madam?”

I laughed too, “I went brain dead! I couldn’t think of any other name!”

I looked up Kelly’s number in my Blackberry and dialed it from the other cell. “Hey Kelly, it’s me, Pins. I’ve got your first job lined up. Can you get your cute little bottom over to the Ramada right away?… Great! He wants two girls, one for himself and another for his friend. I’ll send the other girl and she’ll meet you there. It’s $1,200 plus tip for the evening until eight tomorrow morning. I’ll call you tomorrow and we can arrange for you to give me my fee… Great! Have fun!”

I looked at the twins. “Now I just have to call another girl.” I started scrolling through my Blackberry.

Liz interrupted, “Hey Pins, do me a favor?”

I didn’t look up. “Sure Honey, what’s up?”

“Book me.”

Both her sincan escort bayan sister and I shifted our gaze to her face as she continued. “First of all I was feeling left out when you and Ash were talking about setting up the company and getting the books ready and all and I already told you how much I loved the dirty sex with Jeff and well, I just don’t want my picture out there! I figure there are no cameras in the Ramada rooms!”

It figured. Just as I was getting comfortable and back to normal now I was conflicted again. My completely conservative cousin wants to be a whore. I didn’t know what to say! Finally as I stared into her eyes I asked, “Are yousure you want to do this, Sweetie?”

Liz didn’t get a chance to answer as her sister interrupted, “Yes, she does.

She wants to fuck a stranger for money. She won’t care if he calls her debasing, rude, derogatory names. She might even enjoy it! If he calls his buddy in from the other room to DP her she’ll probably be in Heaven!

She may never do anything like this again but for tonight, for this one special night, she wants to be treated as if she were worth less than the cheapest streetwalking crack whore!”

My eyes shifted to Liz’s eyes. She meekly smiled and nodded. She said simply, “What she said!”

I said to Ashleigh, “Tomorrow morning you’re getting up early ’cause we’reboth picking her up at eight!”

I looked down the bar and said, “Well your client’s already paid his check and left so we’d better do the same!”

Bianca told us that we had no check so I kissed her; something Ialways loved doing. I just wished I could play with her tits but I supposed that wouldn’t be appropriate even inHooters.

We pulled up to the front of the Ramada just as Kelly was walking across the parking lot. I took Liz in my arms and said, “That’s your partner in crime coming now.” I hugged her as hard as I could. “I love youso much, girl.” I brushed her hair with my fingers. “Please be careful!”

Ash and I held hands as Liz disappeared into the elevator with Kelly. I couldn’t help but thinking about how these guys were about to find out howsuper lucky they’d gotten!

I didn’t hear Ash’s shower either before or after I took mine so I stuck my head into her room to wake her. Her bed was already made so I went downstairs to find her in the kitchen with a fresh pot of coffee and some just toasted Thomas’ for me. I buttered the muffin, wrapped it in a napkin, and poured some coffee in a go cup. “Let’s hit it!”

We pulled into the Ramada lot and I parked near Kelly’s Toyota. When I saw Kelly walking across the lot I got out of the car I waved to her. She waved back and said, “Pins, you didn’t need to come down here! I would have brought your money to…” She was struck dumb as Ash climbed out of the car. “How did you get down here so… But wait I just… Oh, my God you’re the sister! I know about you!”

I tried to get Kelly back on track. “Kelly, how do you know about the sisters? Is everything all right?”

Kelly was finally able to tear her eyes off of Ashleigh and look at me. “Sure, everything’s fine. It’s just that about seven fifteen or so one of the guys asked for one more ‘for the road’. It was okay with me, Hell, I was paid until eight but then Liz pulled me aside and asked if it was all right with me if she took themboth on. She said her sister had given her the idea and since she’d never experienced a DP she wanted to try it! When I left the room she had one cock in her pussy and a second one in her ass and Pins…”

I nodded. “Yeah Honey?”

Kelly giggled. “Pins she was having an absoluteball!”

Ashleigh snorted in a failed attempt to control a guffaw. “Anyone want to have breakfast? I think my slut sister’s going to be late!”

Kelly was up for it but I asked, “When Liz is done how will she know how to find us?”

“That’s easy! I’ll just leave a text on her phone. Trust me even if she hears it come in she’snot going to stop having sex to text her sister and she’ll know for sure that it’s me ’cause I’m the only incoming that sounds like a bicycle bell!”

My stomach chose that moment to grumble rather loudly. “Well, that sounds like the third ‘yes’ vote. Let’s eat!”

The entrance to the Ramada advertised, among other things, “Fresh squeezed juices”, so three large grapefruit juices and a large black coffee later I could await my breakfast without fear of more stomach complaints. I asked Kelly, “So how were the clients?”

Ashleigh jumped in, “Are they clients? I always thought they were called ‘Johns’ or tricks or something like that! What do you call them Kelly?”

Kelly maintained a straight face as she replied, “Andy and Frank!” Ash and I giggled as Kelly continued, “I mean seriously! How did I get to be the expert? I’ve done this once in my life!”

I answered, “Which is once more than either of us and just ties you with Liz!

So what ankara escort were they like?”

“They were fine! Nice guys, actually. Some kind of technicians working for NOAA out at the airport, they’re here to upgrade some equipment. Frank and I were going to go back to his room when Liz stopped us. She asked the guys if they didn’t think they’d want to sample us both. Anyway there were two king beds in the bedroom so we all started fucking in the same room to start with and then Liz engineered it so we were all in the same bed. She should be a choreographer.

Oh Pins, before I forget!” She reached into her purse and pulled out some cash which she slid across the table to my hand. “Three hundred, right?

I had fun. I hope you call again really soon.

My girlfriend Robin’s not very happy about my new job, though. She keeps calling me ‘Ho’ all the time.” She looked down sheepishly at her hands and then smiled. “That adds alot to my enjoyment!”

My ‘Madam’s’ phone rang which surprised me since I’d given the number to no one except Andy the night before and he was upstairs fucking my cousin. “Hello?… why yes, Tony, I’m sure we can work that out. when did you have in mind?… say fifteen minutes?… excellent… yes that’s right… well, no. It’s eight thirty in the morning! All the way through ’til tomorrow would be a bit more, say two?… I think that’s a good idea… Goodbye and thank you for calling.”

When I looked up both Ash’s and Kelly’s eyes were glued to my face. “Well Kelly, you got your wish! That was Tony, Tony’s a friend of Frank’s and apparently he ran into your two friends from last night here at the Ramada last night just before your ‘date’. Frank gave Tony my number and he wants a ‘wake-up’ friend.”

Kelly’s face almost split, her grin was so wide. “Wow! I had begun to regret giving Lizmy ‘wake-up’ fuck but this is even better! Fresh meat!”

I laughed. “Well he’s in 306 and he’s expecting you. He asked about the $1,200 price until the following morning but I pointed out that that was for late last night, not early in the morning! So we left it that he’d hire you for an hour at the normal $400 price and at the end of the hour he’s to tell you if he wants to keep you until tomorrow for an additional $1,600 making a total of $2,000 for twenty four hours.”

Kelly looked upset. “I don’t have any clean clothes, not even underwear!”

I squeezed her hand. “Tell him that. If he decides to keep you after your first fuck he’ll probably take you out to buy a few things. If not, just ask for an hour off and run out and pick them up yourself! You just stay an hour later tomorrow morning!

But you mark my words; this is how it’s going to work out. In the next hour he’s going to have such a great time that he’s going to keep you until tomorrow. Not only that but his ego will expand to the stars at the idea of taking his pretty 18-year-old sex toy out shopping for sexy clothes. He’ll probably wind up getting you a whole outfit!

You already know I’m not happy with the way Robin treats you but in this instance she’s one hundred percent right! You’re not only a Ho but you’re probably one of the most exciting Hos around! “

Kelly looked happier than I’d ever seen her. In the past her moods seemed controlled by how well she was living up to Robin’s expectations. A dose of increased self esteem was a wonderful thing! A little extra cash didn’t hurt either!

Kelly was just finishing her coffee when Liz bounded up to the table. Kelly looked up at her. “How’d it go?”

Liz slammed into me with her hip to slide into our booth. As I slid over she grabbed my coffee. “Sister of mine, you were right. Itwas heaven!

Being the center of two guys attention is simplydivine!

Pins if you ever get a request for someone to service a gangbang at some fraternity partyI’m your girl!” She looked at the table. “We need more food! I’m starving.

Oh Kel! This is for you.” She handed Kelly two hundred dollar bills.

Kelly looked puzzled. “What’s this for?”

Liz almost purred. “They were generous tippers!”

Kelly laughed and handed back one of the bills. “Sorry, they may have had some fun with me but you did all the extra work at the end!

Gotta go!” She squeezed Liz’s nipple as she was leaving the table. “Bye, Ho!”

Liz looked at me. “Where’s she off to in such a hurry?”

I hugged my cousin, “Another date!”

Liz face turned green with envy. “Oh man, I’m bummed!”


I’d been worrying about living up to other people’s expectations all my life so why should now be any different? My brain was a confusion of thoughts, each competing to jump to the front of my consciousness:

-I hadn’t showered yet this morning. Why would some guy want a whore with personal hygiene problems?

-I hated the thought of going home later and listening to Robin carp at me. She called me a Ho but always added that it was the perfect job for me because I was useless unless my legs were spread.

-Legs? God, I could feel how sticky my legs were. I wascovered with dried cum, head to toe!

-After taking care of the trick I wished I was going home to Liz’ house. I’d love crawling intoher bed!

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