Penny , Ryan Pt. 02

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[Author’s note: All characters in this story are 18-years and older.]

Penny & Ryan Part-2

[In part-1, Penny videos her step-brother jerking-off to a porn movie, and blackmails him into setting up a girl-girl encounter with his girlfriend.]

By the time Suzy had finished her shift at the fast-food place, had gone home and showered, and had driven over to Ryan’s, it was 6:30. In that time, Ryan and Penny had set the downstairs family room up just the way Penny wanted.

There were enough pillows spread around, there were boxes of Kleenex on the end tables, and Ryan had linked his laptop to the big-screen TV. They also moved a side table to a good vantage point, and Ryan set the laptop on it with the lid open. It would appear to be just sitting there to play the movie, but he had set the video camera in the lid to record all the action on the couch.

The two of them had to drag the file cabinet out of the closet to make room for Penny to hide, and they just hoped that Suzy wouldn’t notice that it hadn’t always been there in the corner of the room.

When Penny rehearsed her silent exit from her hiding place, they noticed that the door hinges squeaked, so Ryan fixed them with a couple squirts of WD-40.

When Suzy arrived, Ryan met her at the door, and they kissed passionately as soon as she stepped inside. He took her by the hand, and they went down into the basement family room, where Penny—already completely naked—was hiding in the closet, peeking out through the crack in the not-quite-closed door.

Suzy was wearing a blue button-front blouse—under which, Ryan could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra—and a pair of white jeans. He wondered if she was wearing panties under those.

As she settled onto the couch, he went to his computer, and started the movie—and, unknown to Suzy, the video recorder.

Suzy and Ryan had only watched this movie, together, two other times—neither of which they made it to the end—but Ryan had seen the whole thing a couple of times, but had jerked off to his favorite parts many times.

The story started out by switching back and forth between scenes of each of the couples by themselves, as they got ready for their trip to the vacation rental. Each couple talked about how sexy they thought the other couple was, and wondered aloud if the others might be into swapping. The conversations naturally evolved into hot cock-sucking, pussy-licking, cunt-fucking sex scenes that flashed back and forth between the couples more than he liked.

Suzy and Ryan cuddled side by side on the couch, and as the heat of the scenes picked up, he began to run his fingers over her breasts, feeling her aroused nubs through the fabric of her blouse. She reciprocated by rubbing his hard-on through his pants.

One scene showed the brunette lying on her back with her head off the edge of the bed, as she finger-fucking herself. At the same time, her husband was standing next to the bed, and fucking her mouth with his hard cock, pushing it all the way down her throat on every forth or fifth stroke.

As Suzy watched the screen, Ryan reached over and began to rub her crotch through her jeans. She spread her legs wide, and rotated her hips to give him better access, welcoming the grinding pressure against her engorged pussy lips.

A good deal of fondling and passionate kissing finally brought Suzy and Ryan to the first girl-girl scene in the hot tub. As it started, Ryan unbuckled Suzy’s belt, and pulled down the zipper of her jeans. While she watched the two girls kiss, and fondle each other’s tits, he gently tugged her pants down. She cooperated by lifting her hips, almost without knowing she was doing it.

Ryan was pleased—as was Penny—to see that she was not wearing any panties. He was also happy to see that the lips of her pussy were already glistening with the wetness of her arousal. He wondered if Penny could see it from where she was.

With the scene of the brunette sucking on the blonde’s pussy playing on the screen, Ryan slid down, and gently kissed Suzy’s pussy. Staying true to Penny’s “script,” he didn’t use his tongue, however—much to Suzy’s disappointment.

While Suzy watched the girls on the screen, Ryan began to undo the buttons of her blouse. He started at the bottom, and as he unfastened each one, and laid back the light fabric, he kissed the soft, newly-exposed flesh beneath.

When he made it up to the last button, he used his lips to pull the halves of her blouse back, and planted gentle kisses on each of her swollen nipples, flicking them lightly with the tip of his tongue. As Penny had predicted, the teasing lightness of his touches was more arousing than a passionate attack would have been, and Suzy’s soft mews of pleasure showed it.

As Ryan kissed his way up her neck, and then found her eager lips, Suzy—again, almost without thinking— sent her hand to her pussy, seeking to satisfy the desire that was burning there, waiting for some kind of physical escort kartal attention.

But Ryan saw the motion, and took both of her hands, intertwining his fingers with hers, and spreading her arms to the sides, in an erotic show of restraint. As he hungrily kissed her mouth, she wiggled and rocked her hips searching out some kind of relief for her aching pussy.

With Ryan’s body blocking Suzy’s view of the closet—even if she had had her eyes open—Penny eased the door open, and silently crossed the room.

She lowered herself to her knees in front of Suzy, gently pushed her legs apart, and covered her glistening pussy with her mouth, giving it a passionate, sucking kiss.

With her mind completely fogged by the burning sexual heat of the moment, it didn’t immediately connect that there were too many hands on her body when her legs were being pushed apart. Even as Penny planted her mouth over her pussy, and Suzy sucked in her breath at the exquisite feeling, it took her brain a couple of seconds to realize that there was a third party involved.

When the logical part of her brain finally shouted louder than the horny part, Suzy broke away from Ryan’s lips, and looked around him to see Penny between her legs, her mouth covering her pussy.

“What the …?” came out of Suzy’s mouth as her jaw dropped open.

Penny looked up at her, and with a big smile, said softly, “Surprise!” She gave her pussy another deep kiss, and added, “You taste even better than I imagined!”

Suzy’s head swam trying to figure out what was going on, and what her reaction should be. Ryan had obviously set her up for this, and also obviously, had conspired with Penny to do it.

Then the sexual-pleasure part of her brain chimed in. God, it felt so good! And it was Penny! Suzy had always liked Penny, and thought she was cute and had a great body, but in all of her fantasies—and Penny was right that they did include bi-sexuality—she never imagined Penny as her partner.

From her place between Suzy’s legs, Penny said, “Sorry if I shocked you, but I have wanted to do this for so long!” She kissed her clit, and added, “And don’t be mad at Ryan; I kind of blackmailed him into setting this up.”

Suzy looked up at him, now standing next to Penny, and he gave her his best innocent look.

“I’ll bet you really had to twist his arm,” Suzy said sarcastically.

Penny laughed, and said, “Not his arm, but I’ll tell you about that later, if you want.” Another passionate kiss—with tongue—on her pussy, and Penny asked, “So, are we okay here? I’ll stop if you want; if you’re not, you know, into it.”

“Don’t you dare!” Suzy said emphatically. “I … I’ve kind of wanted to try this, too. I just never dreamed it would be with you!”

Following the “script” that Penny had laid out for him, Ryan walked over to the chair, and began to slowly unbutton his shirt.

He watched as his stark-naked step-sister slowly worked her body up over Suzy’s. She laid her belly tight between Suzy’s spread legs, and forced the length of her body to slide across her wet pussy, as she made her way up to where she could kiss her breasts.

As Penny pulled gently on one of his girlfriend’s erect nipples with her teeth, Ryan pushed his pants to the floor, and kicked them aside. His dick stood out as hard as it had ever been in his life, but remembering Penny’s suggestion, he resisted the overpowering urge to wrap his hand around it and start stroking.

She’d been right; after having watched the video, making out with Suzy and undressing her, and now watching Penny explore Suzy’s body, he would last about twenty seconds if he started to jerk off. He sat down, wrapped his hands around the armrests to control them, and watched the show.

Penny paid lavish attention to Suzy’s breasts. Going back and forth from one to the other, she would cup each one between her two hands, squeezing gently so that the already swollen nipple bulged from the top even more. She then flicked the little nub with her tongue, before lowering her mouth over the entire circle of her nipple. When she began sucking and gently kneading the sensitive flesh with her teeth, Suzy sucked in her breath, threw her head back, and arched her back.

The contented mews and moans of pleasure that Suzy was making encouraged Penny to keep working on her soft and luscious tits, and at the same time, almost unconsciously, she began to gyrate her body, rubbing her belly against Suzy’s wet and swollen pussy lips.

From the chair, Ryan watched his step-sister’s naked ass rocking slowly back and forth as she ground her body into Suzy’s pussy. His rock hard cock was pulsing all on its own, and drooling precum out of the tiny hole and down its length. He had to grip the arms even harder to keep his hands away from it.

Penny gave each of Suzy’s nipples a final kiss, and then she slowly kissed her way up Suzy’s throat, dragging and rocking her body tightly over maltepe escort Suzy’s pussy as she moved upward.

When Penny’s and Suzy’s lips met in the most tender and erotic kiss Ryan had ever seen—on or off screen—he had to tense his whole body and clench the muscles of his belly to keep his cock from shooting off, all by itself.

As they kissed, their pubic mounds were pressed together, and Penny slowly gyrated her hips while Suzy squeezed and pressed her beautifully rounded ass cheeks, pulling them even tighter together.

Penny had her fingers entwined in Suzy’s hair, and gently brushed her cheeks with her thumbs as they kissed, their hungry mouths open and exploring the uncharted, but long-fantasized territory.

Ryan could see their tongues flick and danced with each other, and watched Suzy gently pull on Penny’s lip with her teeth. He let out an involuntary groan as a larger-than-ever squirt of precum pulsed from his throbbing cock, and ran down onto his balls.

Both of the girls had quite literally forgotten that Ryan was there until he groaned.

They both looked over at him, and Penny noticed how slick with precum his cock was.

“Look, Ma! No hands!” he said, wiggling his fingers on the armrests. “But God, it ain’t easy! You two are hotter than every piece of porn I’ve ever seen, all put together!”

Penny laughed, gave Suzy another kiss, and then said to her, “I think Ryan has been a very good boy, don’t you? Do you think we should give him a reward for his self control?” She kissed Suzy again, and added, “And for helping to make all this happen?”

“I’m impressed,” Suzy said. “I don’t think I could have watched this, and not had my fingers shoved up my pussy.”

“We should probably give him some relief, don’t you think?” Penny said.

Suzy had never really thought about jerking Ryan off, before, but the idea kind of intrigued her. Of course, in the super-aroused state that Penny had her in, almost anything sexual would have intrigued her.

Penny motioned for Ryan to come over, and kneel on the couch beside them. When he did, she put her hand on his naked ass, and pulled him closer, until his stiff and wet cock was an inch from their faces. Penny then surprised both Ryan and Suzy by opening her mouth and taking the head of his cock between her lips. Ryan sucked in his breath, moaning, “Oh, God!”

Penny swirled her tongue around the fleshy head, tasting the salty precum, before letting it slide back out of her mouth. She then turned, and gave Suzy a hot cum-flavored kiss.

With her lips still joined to Suzy’s, Penny moved their faces so that Ryan’s cock pressed against their mouths. She let the hard member separate their lips, and each of them sucked and lapped their way along its slick salty surface, all the way to Ryan’s balls, where they licked at the precum that had collected there.

They lapped their way back up to the head, where Penny guided it with her lips into Suzy’s mouth. She placed her hand on the back of Suzy’s head, and gently pushed her forward, watching intently as her step-brother’s hard cock slipped between her pretty lips.

With her fingers in Suzy’s hair, Penny pulled her back until she was sucking on just the head. She then wrapped her hand around Ryan’s cock and began to stroke it as Suzy sucked on the swollen head and swirled it with her tongue.

As Penny stroked downward on Ryan’s slippery dick, Suzy followed her fingers down with her lips, until his cock pressed into the back of her throat. She then pulled back, and Penny’s hand followed her lips upward, until she was sucking on just the head, again. Ryan had never felt—or even imagined— anything like it before. He wanted to close his eyes to savor the feeling, but he wanted watch the show, too.

After several strokes, Penny pulled Ryan’s cock from Suzy’s mouth, and replaced it with her own. Suzy then wrapped her hand around the slippery cock, too, and Penny followed both hands up and down the shaft with her mouth. Then, she switched it back to Suzy’s mouth, and they continued the coordinated attack on Ryan’s cock.

As Ryan stared down at the unbelievable sight of two gorgeous girls sucking and jerking off his cock at the same time, he moaned, “Oh, God! Oh, God! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

Sure that they would pull their mouths away, to finish jerking him off, Ryan was surprised when Penny held both of their mouths on the head of his cock while she picked up the pace of her jerking.

Closer and closer his climax built as they sucked and lapped at his cock, while Penny’s hand flew up and down the shaft.

Ryan left out a long groan, followed by “Oh, yeah! Yeah! Oh, God!”

As the huge load of cum squirted from his cock, Penny guided the pulsing head between their two mouths, sharing his hot, salty cum, and getting it all over their faces, as well.

Ryan had to reach out and grab the back of the sofa to keep from falling over as pendik escort bayan the intensity of his orgasm drained most of the blood from his head and every other muscle in his body.

Penny kept stroking, and both girls kept taking turns sucking, until Ryan’s balls were completely drained. Eventually, the growing sensitivity in his cock head made him reluctantly pull back from them.

Still clutching the sofa, Ryan was bent over at the waist and panting to catch his breath. Penny reached up, and put her hand on the back of his head, and pulled him down to them. With a hand on each of their heads, Penny pulled Suzy and Ryan in together for a three-way cum-sucking kiss.

Each lapped at the other’s lips and faces chasing down strings of Ryan’s warm cum, and then shared it with the other two hungry mouths.

Finally, Ryan straightened up, and each of the girls took a turn sucking his now semi-hard cock all the way into their mouths.

When Suzy let it slip from between her lips, she said, “You think you can watch me eat Penny’s pussy without touching yourself, too?”

“If the reward is anything like that one,” he said, “I’ll find a way!”

Penny turned around and sat on the couch, with her naked butt near the edge, and her legs spread wide. Her pussy was glistening with the juices it had produced while eating Suzy and sucking off Ryan. She had yet to touch it, even with her fingers, and that was just the way she wanted it—sensitive and burning for attention—for its first contact with Suzy’s mouth.

As Suzy got on her knees in front of Penny, Ryan picked up his phone, and turned its camera on to video mode. Along with wanting close-up shots of his girlfriend eating his step-sister’s wet pussy, it was a way to keep his hands occupied, and not sliding up and down his quickly re-hardening cock.

From between her legs, Suzy looked up at Penny, and gave her a big smile. Then she looked down at her pussy, just inches from her face. Both Penny and Ryan wondered if she was hesitating because she was having second thoughts. Nothing could have been further from reality, though. She was savoring the moment.

Suzy slowly lowered her face to Penny’s waiting lips, opening her mouth wide, to cover as much of the glistening flesh as she could.

When Suzy started to kiss and gently suck on the tender folds of the first pussy she had ever tasted, Penny rolled her head back in ecstasy, and let out a long, soft, “Oh, my God!”

As Ryan filmed, Suzy brought her hands up to Penny’s pussy, and gently rubbed along both sides, while she continued to kiss. Suzy had yet to use her tongue, and Penny was a bit disappointed in that. She was about to suggest it, when Suzy moved her hands together, pressing Penny’s pussy lips between them, and causing her tender clit to bulge up.

As Penny looked down and Ryan filmed, Suzy extended her tongue and began to flick it over the aroused little nub.

Penny groaned in pure pleasure, and had to wrap her fingers around the edge of the couch to keep her hands from grabbing Suzy’s head and forcing her face against her inflamed pussy.

With the wet and sensitive lips still pressed between her fingers, Suzy began to lap up and down Penny’s slit, punctuating each upward lick with a suck on her clit.

Penny had her head laid against the back of the couch, and with her eyes closed, simply enjoyed the lavish attention that Suzy was giving her burning pussy. It was unlike anything she had ever imagined in any of her masturbation fantasies!

Watching and filming the live girl-girl action happening right in front him, Ryan’s hard-on stood straight and rigid, and even dripped an occasional drop of cum juice onto the carpet. But as hot as the action was—which was hotter than any jerk-off fantasy he’d ever imagined—he kept his hand away from his cock.

Gently, as she continued to lick, Suzy changed her hand pressure from squeezing Penny’s pussy lips together, to drawing them apart. As her tongue pushed deeply into the wet and inviting folds of hot flesh, Penny couldn’t restrain her hands any longer, and she put both of them on the back of Suzy’s head.

Softly rubbing her fingers through her hair, Penny exerted only a little force; just enough to let Suzy know she loved what she was doing and wanted more.

Suzy got the message, and covered Penny’s pussy with her mouth, and pushed her tongue deep into the wet flesh. She then began to bob her head up and down, tongue-fucking as deep and hard as she could.

“Oh, my God!” Penny repeated, and began pulling Suzy’s face and tongue more forcefully, into her pussy.

Ryan stepped back to get a shot of Suzy’s naked ass as it wiggled in time to her head movements. He could clearly see that her pussy lips were dripping wet, and he considered sliding a finger or two up into her. But he recalled Penny’s directive that this was all about the two of them, and there was to be no touching of Suzy without permission—without invitation.

The last thing in the world Ryan wanted to do, at that point, was to screw things up and get banished from the room!

Suddenly, to both Ryan’s and Suzy’s shock, Penny pushed Suzy’s head away from her pussy, saying, “Okay, okay! Stop!”

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