Paying Off the Debt Ch. 2

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I called Juanita and told her to get the drinks ready I was coming over. We often got together for rum punch drinks and girl talk. We were always pretty close. I got to Juanita’s apartment about an hour later. It was Friday night and I had left a note to mom where I was. Since I often go over there, that was nothing strange. Juanita had on a lounge outfit. You know the silk pants and jacket. I looked around for Rodney, her husband, but Juanita just laughed. “Oh he’s not home. Boy’s night out! And if I know Rodney, there will be a woman thrown in somewhere.” I knew that they shared a rather loose marriage. And I also knew that Rodney opened the door from both sides. He liked both men and women.

Juanita poured two tall glasses and I took a sip. “Whoa! Made these kind of strong, didn’t you?” Juanita laughed. “From the sound of your voice I guessed you really needed a drink. Besides, Rodney won’t be home ’til tomorrow, so you can get drunk and spend the night if you want.” I liked that. Mom frowned on my drinking at home. We settled in on our favorite seat, Juanita’s bed. We made small talk about school and boys, her job and Rodney. Then I felt the drink starting to kick in. I kept taking sneak peeks as Juanita. I tried to imagine her and Jake. Suddenly she stopped and looked at me.

“Ok! Spill it! You look like you’re dying to tell me some juicy story.” I took a big swallow from my glass, draining it. I got up and took Juanita’s glass and refilled it along with mine. Then I came back and sat down on the bed. I took a sip, then a deep breath. I looked at Juanita. Her eyes bore into mine, waiting for me to start. “Jake came in my room and made me suck his dick today.” There! I said it! It was all out in the open now. Juanita looked at me without saying a word. Then she set her drink down on the table. “I figured that it would be happening soon. Did he hurt you?” I laughed as I grabbed my jaw.

“No! Not unless you call dislocating my jaw, to take that monster in my mouth, hurting. He told me he does it to you too.” I stopped talking and looked over the top of my glass at her. Juanita looked at me. “Let me guess? You were caught watching him fuck mom?” My mouth dropped open. “How did you know?” Juanita laughed. “Aw girl, I think Jake sets that up so he can get to us. But at least he waits till we’re 18.” Juanita was treating this like it was no big thing. “You mean you actually let him?” Juanita picked up her glass and took a sip. “Look around you, baby sister. A lot of the stuff in here Jake bought. And he helped me and Rodney get our jobs. Oh yea! He comes by often and collects on his debt.”

I was thunder struck. She talked like she actually liked it. “And what does Rodney say about all this?” Juanita was in the middle of taking a drink. It exploded from her lips and sprayed all over me. I jumped back but not enough. My blouse was speckled with red punch. Juanita was laughing so hard she spilled her drink. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I began to wipe my blouse with a cloth. Juanita came up behind me. “Take it off. And those pants too, I’ll give you a pair of pajamas to wear while I clean them.” I started to unbutton my blouse and noticed that she hadn’t moved. In fact, she was watching me.

I turned to look at her. “What?” Juanita smiled. “Did you like it?” I made a face. “What? Like you spitting your drink all over me?”

“No silly” she said. “Like sucking Jake’s black snake.” I think I blushed. Then I looked up at her. Her eyes were shining. I finished unbuttoning my blouse and slipped it off. Her eyes looked at my tits. I felt a bit self-conscious. “Did you?” I shot back. Juanita smiled. Then nodded her head. “I think it was him forcing me to take it that excited me. I know I would get excited whenever I watched him force mom. After the first time, it just came naturally. Did he make you swallow?”

I bent my head not looking at her. But she lifted it up and made me look at her. She looked into my eyes. “You liked it! I bet you even played with your pussy when he left. I started laughing. “Yea! And came so hard it was scary.” Juanita laughed. “I did the same thing when he made me suck his dick the first time.” I slipped off my pants and Juanita took them to the laundry room. I heard the washer start. By the time she came back, I was sitting on the bed in my panty and bra. She took a good look at me and smiled. “Damn, little sister! You sure have grown.” The way she looked at me made me feel a bit foolish.

“Ok! Why did you spit all over me when I asked what Rodney thought of you letting Jake fuck you?” Juanita started to giggle again. “Well you know that Rodney plays both sides of the fence right?”

“No! You’re not gonna tell me that him and Rodney?” Juanita just nodded her head. “You got to tell me all about that.” Juanita held her empty glass and I grabbed it. I almost ran to the kitchen. I filled both glasses and hurried back to the room. Juanita was now sitting with her back against the headboard and the covers over her lap. kartal escort bayan I handed her her glass. Then sat back to hear about this. It didn’t dawn on me I was still in bra and panty.

Juanita took a big sip from her drink. “Damn! I did make them strong this time. Oh well! You know that Jake has a habit of doing a favor then saying you owe him right?” I nodded my head. “Well, he got Rodney his new job. And Rodney makes a lot more money. Well one day they went out for drinks to celebrate. It seems that Jake knew that Rodney liked guys and girls too. Rodney told me that after a few drinks, Jake invited him to his apartment to talk over a few things about the new job. When they got there, Jake told him that he knew about Rodney liking guys. Jake threatened to tell all the guys he worked with about Rodney.”

I noticed that one of Juanita’s hands was beneath the covers. And it was slowly moving between her thighs. My goodness! She was stroking her pussy while she talked to me. “Rodney told me that Jake told him that he owed him big time. That this job, would pay a lot more than he was making on his old job. And that he expected Rodney to pay him back. When Rodney asked how he could pay Jake back, Jake just smiled and stood up. He unzipped his pants and took his long black snake out. Rodney told me that Jake forced him the first time. Grabbing him by the neck and making him suck it. But I know my Rodney. The sight of that long black dick excited him.”

Suddenly Juanita stopped talking and her eyes closed. Her hand started moving faster and she opened her mouth. “Do you like it that Jake does both of you?” Juanita didn’t say anything. I grabbed the covers and pulled them back. Her pants were off and she was using two fingers to fuck her pussy with. I had never seen another woman lay with her cunt and it intrigued me. All I could do was stare at her. “Sometimes Jake makes Rodney suck his dick while Rodney fucks me. And Rodney always has to clean my pussy when Jake fucks me.” I don’t know why but I was getting turned on watching my sister finger her cunt. I had never felt like it with any girl. Even though there were a few at school who looked at me.

“How long has Jake been fucking you two?” Juanita seemed to be calming down. She pulled her fingers free and I could see her juice all over it. She looked at me and smiled as she sucked them clean. She took another sip of her drink. “Jake’s been fucking me since I was 18. And he’s been making Rodney suck his dick for the last year.” I looked at my sister with new eyes. How could she take that monster and talk about it so easily. I had to ask the question that was burning in my brain. “Does mom know?” Juanita looked at me and burst out laughing again. This was getting ridiculous. “Now what’s so funny?”

“Janice! When I went to mom and asked her how I was gonna get the money to buy some new stuff, she suggested I ask Jake. She knew I would have to pay his debt the way she does.” My mouth dropped open and I almost dropped my drink. “You mean, she knows that you and Rodney let Jake? She knows you and Jake?” I couldn’t finish the statement. Instead of answering me, Juanita placed her hands on my shoulders. “How did it feel when Jake pushed his fat black dick in your mouth? Tell me the truth.” Her eyes bore into mine. I couldn’t turn away. My mouth went dry but I couldn’t lift my drink to take a sip. I could feel my breathing grow faster as I thought about it.

“It was so big. I’ve never seen one as big as his. And he just pulled my hair and pushed it in my mouth. I couldn’t help it, he made me start to suck it.” Juanita’s breathing was growing faster too. I could feel my body reacting to the memory. “But you sucked it. You licked all around the head and sucked it good. And your pussy grew hot. You liked the way he forced you to suck him. Like he forces mom to be his slut. Admit it. I bet your pussy is wet now just thinking about it.” I nodded my head even as I felt her fingers stroking my skin. I was growing warm.

“Yes! I did like it. The way he forced me. Held me so easy and made me do what he wanted.” I gasped as I felt her fingers stroke my pussy thru my panty. “You like being forced. Just like I do and just like mom does. And when Jake took you by the hair, you wanted him to shove that black snake in your mouth. Admit it Janice.” Her fingers were playing inside my panty. I could feel her rubbing my wet slit. “You ever touch another woman, Janice?” I shook my head no, unable to look down at the way her fingers were working in and out of my pussy.

“I’m gonna show you something special. Momma showed it to me after the first time Jake fucked me. I was hurting from taking something so big in my pussy. Lay back Janice. Just relax.” I couldn’t help it. I listened to her voice and just did what she told me to. I lay back and Juanita bent over me. She looked into my eyes as her head lowered down to mine. I knew she was gonna kiss me and I wanted her to. When her lips touched mine, I felt escort maltepe like a jolt of electricity was shooting thru me. She was more gentle and yet more passionate than any man. I sucked her tongue eagerly. My hands were by my side. Then I felt her urging me to hold her. I did.

I was in a dream as she unsnapped my bra. I gasped as her lips touched my nipples. I felt my hands urging her head hard against me. I heard myself begging her to suck me harder, to bite me. And she did. Then her kisses started to go lower. Her tongue was hot as she traced it down my stomach. And as it touched the top of my panty, she slowly pulled the thin garment down. I raised my hips. If her kisses felt that good, she would be better than any boy who had ever sucked my pussy would. My panties disappeared and I felt her hands urging my legs open wider. I held my breath, afraid and yet more excited than ever in my young life.

I felt her hot breath between my thighs. Then my body jerked up off the bed. The tip of her tongue was like a burning rod. I felt her lick all around my pussy. Sucking my lips into her mouth. I could feel how swollen I had become. She was slow and knew just what she was doing. And what she was doing was driving me crazy. Then I felt her tongue slip between my lips. I cried out as her tongue fucked me. Over and over again, her tongue worked in and out of my cunt. I cried out as I felt myself cum more strongly than with any man. But Juanita was just getting started. I think I must have passed out.

And it was not just my pussy she attacked. I felt her push my legs high in the air and her tongue pressed against my asshole. No man had ever done that to me. And I could never describe the way it made me feel. I know I begged for her not to stop. I never wanted her to stop. I know that when she finished, it felt like I was drained of all my energy. I lay there gasping for air. And Juanita sat looking down at me. The juice from my pussy was smeared all over her face. And the look on her face told me that she had enjoyed it just as much as I had. Maybe even more. “So? Did you like it?” I couldn’t answer. All I could do was sit up and take her in my arms.

I kissed my sister. Not a sisterly kiss but the kiss a satisfied lover gives her love. And this time, it was me pushing her backward. I kissed her as I unbuttoned her top. I knew I wouldn’t be as good as she was but I did the things to her that she had done to me. When my face was between her thighs, I breathed in deep the scent of her hot pussy. I licked it and found the taste to be intoxicating and addictive. And all through it I heard her voice crying out to me. “Yes Janice! Oh yes, baby! Lick it! Suck it! Oh shit! You’re doing it even better than mom does. Suck it. Drink my juice. Oh baby I’m gonna cum. Oh baby! Oh! Oh! IEEEE!”

Juanita’s legs wrapped around my head. I had to grab her thighs to hold on as she bucked hard against my face. I sucked her clit in my mouth. It felt like a tiny dick it was so long. I couldn’t believe how much juice she pumped from her pussy. Then she fell back on the bed gasping for air. When she opened her eyes and looked at me, both of us were smiling like Cheshire cats. We kissed again. This time slow and passionate. I tried to tell her everything I felt in that kiss. When it broke we burst out laughing. I gulped my drink and watched her do the same with hers.

Then she looked at me. I smiled back at her. “Girl! If you had a dick I would marry you. Juanita! That was so fucking fantastic!” Juanita smiled at me. “So if I had a dick, you’d be mine forever?” Laughing I nodded my head. Juanita smiled and got up off the bed. She walked into her closet and closed the door. I looked at the door as I saw the light go on. I expected her to come out with one of the dildos I knew she had. But my mouth dropped open when she did open the door. Strapped around her waist was a leather harness. And attached to the harness was a long fake dick. From the way it bounced as she walked, I could see that it was flexible. And yet it looked rigid enough to act like a real dick.

I sat with my mouth open. I know I must have looked dumb. Juanita walked to the bed. I felt her hand caress my face. But my eyes would not leave the fake dick she wore. I felt her hands combing thru my long hair. Suddenly she grabbed it hard and yanked. My head snapped up to look at her. “You told me that if I had a dick you would be mine. Do you still feel that way?” There was something in the way she said it. She didn’t sound like she was asking me a question. More like she was giving me a statement. And her commanding voice hit a spot on me. I nodded my head yes.

Juanita smiled and bent to kiss my lips. But she didn’t let go of my hair. Her lips met mine and it was a crushing kiss. Hard and demanding she took me. Then she let my hair go. “Get on your hands and knees and point that big fat black ass at me.” Again her voice told me that she expected to be obeyed. So I did what I was suppose to do. pendik escort I crawled up on the bed and placed myself on the edge before her. I felt her hands on my ass and I shivered. So unlike the guys who rub me before they fuck me doggie style. Juanita’s hands were soft and gentle. I sighed and pressed back at her.

“I’m gonna fuck your pussy, little sister. I will fuck you soft at first then much harder. Half of this dick is buried in my pussy too. And I will have to fuck you hard to fuck myself. But I want your pussy soaked. Then you will suck this dick while I eat your pussy again.” I moaned as I felt her fingers sliding up and down my crack. She rubbed over my asshole, all the way to my cunt. I opened my thighs wider so she could finger me. Then she took her finger out. I heard her sucking it. Then I screamed. Juanita had slapped me hard across the ass. I tried to turn but she grabbed my hair again.

“Jake will be a lot harder on you than I will be. Now hold still you little bitch!” Juanita slapped my ass again. Then I felt her hand between my thighs. I felt the tip of the dick pressed against me. Then it slid between my lips. “You’re the firs woman I’ve used this on. I got it to fuck mom with. But this will be our special toy. Do you boyfriends fuck you doggie style?” I nodded my head yes, feeling a bit awkward. It was awkward at first but Juanita soon got a rhythm going. Her hand was still pulling my hair as she started to fuck me. “And do they fuck you in this fat ass too?” She slapped my ass again.

This time I shook my head no. I let one guy finger me there while he ate me but I never let anyone fuck me there. “Good! Then I will be the first one to take your anal cherry.” I shook my head no but Juanita only laughed. “Listen, baby girl, Jake loves to ass fuck. It will be better if I loosen you up before he gets to you. Besides, I’m not asking you if you’ll let me. I’m gonna fuck your ass anyway. Now start working that ass back at me.” Juanita slapped my ass again. Then she held my hips and began to rock into me. Like she said, it started out slow and easy. But as I began to like it, she grew faster and harder. I was soon grunting as she rammed in to me.

Juanita was lying on my back as she fucked her hips into me. I could feel the dick ramming into me and I was liking it. She reached around and grabbed my nipples. I almost cried out as she pulling and twisted them. “Are you my bitch?” I was breathing thru my mouth. I wanted to cum but didn’t want it to end. Damn but it was good. “Yes Juanita! Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me harder! I’m yours baby. Take me! Take me now!” With that my body began to shake. I was cumming. Even better than when a real dick fucks my hungry pussy. “Ieeee! Oh shit! Juanita! Juanita you bitch, fuck me! I’m cumming! Oh shit!”

I came hard. Then I fell flat on my stomach. I turned my head and looked at my big sister. Juanita was holding the shaft of the dildo, working it up into her pussy hard and fast. Then she started cumming too. I was breathing hard as I watched her. Then she stopped. Juanita pushed me over on my back then she fell between my legs. If I thought she had licked me before, that was nothing like she did this time. Juanita attacked my pussy, sucking and biting me hard. I felt her pushing that fake dick in my mouth. I had to hold it to keep from choking. But I sucked it clean like she told me to. We both fell over onto our backs.

We were facing each other’s feet. “Damn little sister. You had me crazy. I never got that turned on before.” I felt a shudder pass thru my body. Damn! I just had a micro-orgasm. “Juanita! What did you do to me? No man ever made me act like that. And I never came that hard before, no matter how the guy fucked me.” Juanita turned on the bed until we faced each other. Then she pulled me into her arms and kissed me. “I love you little sister.” We kissed like that for a long time. I could feel myself getting hot again. “Are you gonna really fuck me in the ass?” Juanita caressed my face. “It will be a lot easier if I do it first, baby. I promise I’ll be gentle.”

We rested for awhile. Then had another glass of rum punch. We talked about what had just happened between us. I told her I liked when she commanded me to let her do me. We laughed and finished our drinks. Then Juanita stood up. I knew what was coming. I felt my pussy tremble as she looked down at me. “Are you my bitch?” I looked up at her then down at the sheet. “Yes Juanita.” Juanita laughed as she caressed my face. “Get up on that bed and spread that fat ass.” I got in position. Juanita slapped my ass hard. Spread those cheeks. I want to see my prize.” I felt my face redden as my hands reached back and pulled my cheeks apart.

“Oh baby! That puckered hole looks so good.” I heard her moving behind me. Then I jumped as I felt her hot breath on my butt. Then she did the strangest thing. Juanita started kissing my ass. It felt strange and I shivered. Then I felt her tongue sliding up and down the crack of my ass. When it touched my hole I couldn’t help but moan. Juanita worked her tongue against my asshole and I pushed back as I pulled my cheeks open wider. “Yes Juanita! Please do it that way. Oh that feels so good.” Juanita worked her tongue in and out of my hole. And I wanted more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32