Paul and Sherry Ch. 05

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Exiting the boring, damned interstate, the red sports car breathed a sigh of relief. Not designed for the lengthy, high speed stretches Paul eased around the curvy, countrified roads of Fairfield, Connecticut and she responded with gratitude.

It was the day before Thanksgiving and a bitter wind whooshed through the leafless trees. The forests here were pristine and dotted with expensive homes and mini estates. Paul passed the lonely but quaint convenience store and smiled at the small, new sign that advertised video rentals.

One half mile later he turned right onto Sandlapper Lane and the familiar neighborhood they’d grown up in. Paul relaxed now after what seemed like an interminable, tense drive and pulled into the wide driveway sprinkled with acorns and brownish leaves.

Inside the three season porch, Paul tucked the bottle of wine under one arm and balanced his heavy duffle bag while opening the heavy wooden kitchen door.

“Anybody home?” he announced inhaling the wonderful cooking aromas from within. His aproned Mom darted out of the pantry, wiping her hands on a dishtowel and beamed one of her classic smiles.

“There you are! Ohh…I’ve missed you…” kissing Paul’s cheek and hugging him tightly.

“How was the drive? Are you hungry? Do you…?”

“Slow down there…” Paul chuckled at her warm greetings, “Where is everyone?”

“Oh your Dad’s gone into town for a few things, Sherry’s in the living room…I think and Aunt Sarah’s not feeling well. She’s…you know…” Paul did know. One of his favorite Aunt’s, Sarah had been fighting a series of illnesses the past year.

“Man…it’s great to be home!” Hugged his Mom again and handed her the wine, “This is my donation for turkey day.”

Paul walked through the formal dining are, over the flagstone entryway and about to trudge up the stairs when he saw her in the quiet living room. His sister Sherry was perched on an ottoman meticulously painting her toenails. Her thick red hair was tied back with a white ribbon. Sherry’s chin rested atop the knee clad in frumpy gray sweatpants.

“Hey sis…” Paul said, dropping his bag and moving towards her.

“Hello brother dear. Heard you come in…” Sherry looked up, “think I could’ve heard you down the block…” she teasingly stuck out her tongue.

“Yeah, I love you too.” Paul smiled and teased back staring into those deep, alluring eyes. Against alabaster feet the blood red polish was beautiful and shiny. Leaning over for a kiss, Paul stared at Sherry’s freckled cleavage and full breasts down the front of her loose white blouse. Their lips touched.

“Mmm…no bra. What a hussy…” Paul whispered.

“You love it.”


“I’ll never tell. Hey bro…I missed you. Kiss me again.” Sherry urged, pursing her lips. Paul kissed her full mouth, the tip of her tongue darted up causing his pecker to instinctively react.

“I missed you too sis…” He said truthfully.

Upstairs in his familiar bedroom, Paul kicked off his shoes and unpacked. Placing the laptop on his maple desk, he silently vowed to not turn the machine on. There was always a paper that needed tweaking or research work but he thought, fuck it, I’m on break.

The family sat around the dinner table laughing about old times and after KP duty they retired into the comfy den. Darkness arrived early; Paul started a fire in the stone hearth. Sherry soon went upstairs to draw so Paul and his parents leisurely talked over all the happenings in their lives.

The long drive and radiant warmth took its toll and Paul said goodnight. He tapped on Sherry’s half open door and peered inside at his sister in front of the easel.

“Nite sis. I’m wicked tired.”

“G’night Paul…” Sherry looked up, smiled and blew him a kiss. “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Snuggling under the flannel sheets and thick quilt Paul’s eyes closed rapidly. A deep sense of security enveloped him while drifting off. Home sweet home.

He was walking through strange woods following a distinct path but he had the impression of wandering. Am I looking for something? Tasseled leaves brushed against his legs, upright arms kept the bothersome vegetation from his face.

It was warm, almost humid and he felt good barefoot and wearing only shorts. Something rustled in the nearby growth and he froze in his tracks and listened. An animal? Deer? Paul detected the smell of smoke. Where the hell am I? He laughed aloud. This must be a dream. Ha!

He now moved stealthily between thick trees as if he were hunting and came to a sunlit clearing. The kartal escort bayan girl was nude and hunched over a small fire with her back towards Paul. Was she cooking? She stood and stretched. Unseen, he stared at her taut leg muscles and admired a fine, dimpled ass. His pulse quickened.

“Oh…hi!” she said, swiveling to meet his gaze. Long black hair reached her shoulders and Paul ogled her luscious, naked breasts.

“I’ve been waiting…” she hinted and Paul had no clue who the girl with a plain face and no makeup was. Their cheeks touched. Soft. Her hair was damp and sweet.

“I-I-I don’t know who you are.” Paul stammered.

“Yes you do.” Against Paul’s crotch insistent fingers unzipped and curled around his engorged penis.

“Mmm! You’re big…I like that…” she said. Paul moaned as she began jerking him off…

Dim sunlight stole into the bedroom. His eyelids blinked lazily and Paul realized he was grasping a thick, piss hardon. Pulling the covers back over his head he thought: Don’t go! Come back whoever you are! He wished the dream to return but the urgent need to pee was overwhelming.

Dressed in pj’s and a bathrobe Paul sat on the bar stool next to the tiled, rectangular island in the busy kitchen.

“Morning dear…” his Mom said while pouring coffee, “Bird’s in the oven…”

“Morning and happy Thanksgiving.” Allowing her to concentrate on the coordinated cooking, Paul took his coffee into the front room. Passing the fruit pies on the sideboard, he smiles at the thought of all the good food to come.

The dippy Macy’s parade was on TV and Paul darted outside to retrieve the newspaper. White frost covered the lawn and unraked leaves and Paul shivered from the blast of artic temperatures. He hustled to the end of the walk and glanced up at the small patches of blue sky being quickly erased by a blanket of clouds. A winter storm was on the way.

A sumptuous, decadent feast awaited the family. An array of mouthwatering recipes covered the mahogany sideboard and the festive, candlelit table. As was their custom, they reverently clasped hands, blessed the food and each member gave a personal rendition of what they were thankful for.

No sooner has they begun the magnificent meal when Sherry pointed and gleefully yelped, “Look!” Prompted, they stared through the tall windows at the large snowflakes falling effortlessly. Superb wine and old man winter roaring outside added to the cozy atmosphere.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” Sherry chirped into the phone an hour later. “Oh hi Aunt Sarah…yes we already ate…wish you could’ve been here…we’re just lounging around now…okay, hold on.” Handing the cordless to her Dad.

After a short conference in the kitchen, the parents announced they’d be driving over to Sarah’s home which was 45 minutes to an hour through the winding back roads of Connecticut. “Yes…she’s alright, we’re just going to keep her company and check on everything. Yes, I know the roads are bad but we’re taking the Jeep and will go extra slow.”

Sherry prepared a huge plate of food and goodies for them to take along. “Don’t worry…Paul and I will clean up here. Just be careful out there.”

The available football games broadcasted were uninteresting and lopsided. With the official start of the holiday season, a host of classic Christmas movies were rerun. Paul had sifted through the sections of the newspaper. Placated with a full stomach and the ultimate quiet, dozed on the long, comfortable couch.

Miles away the ring tone was unforgiving. Paul tossed aside the knit afghan, bolted upright and reached for the nearby pest on the polished end table.

“Did I wake you?” Dad laughed.

“Umm, yeah. Where are you?” Mr. Farrell filled him in. They were still at Dad’s older and only sister’s house. She was fine but very tired. The roads were a mess and at this hour they had decided to stay overnight and keep her company.

Paul was surprised that he’d napped so long. It was pitch black outside. Flipping on the garage floodlights, Paul was astonished by the accumulation of snow on the ground that nearly covered his car. Icy, windswept pellets tapped against the glass.

He shivered involuntarily. What a great night to be stuck or stranded inside, Paul thought cozily. Plenty of food and firewood and…of course! Sherry! We’re alone…at last…all night. How many times have I wished for this moment?

Sherry was working intently on the intricate landscape and lost in the solitude of complete, free time. Dressed in the same frumpy, grey sweat pants, her faded tee shirt escort maltepe was daubed with the similar colors of her artwork. She barely heard her brother in the doorway.

“Hey sis…knock, knock and all that.” He entered and admired the painting, “Oh wow. I like it!”


“And guess what?”

“Dad called. They’re still at Aunt Sarah’s and going to stay overnight. Storm seems really bad and…”

“Is she alright? I mean…”

“Oh yeah. Dad says she’s just tired and all. So anyway, c’mon down later…I don’t know if you’re hungry or anything but I’d like some company…” He hinted and smiled.

Sherry pushed herself away from the artwork and stretched her cramped limbs. She glanced out the bedroom window at the large snowflakes still falling and being whipped around by a fierce wind.

She shivered involuntarily. What a great night to be stuck or stranded inside, Sherry thought cozily. Plenty of food and firewood and…of course! Paul! We’re alone…at last…all night. How many times have I wished for this moment?

Hustling from the enclosed but frigid breezeway with an armload of seasoned hardwood, Paul dumped them loudly into the sturdy firebox. Kneeling by the red bricked hearth, he placed a large chunk of oak onto the blaze and warmed his hands. Paul heard the click behind him and as the living room plunged into near darkness, he turned to find an awesome sight.

By the lone, extinguished lamp Sherry stood in a silky black, see-through negligee and matching panties. The sexy lingerie he’d never seen before barely reached her knees. Hardened nipples threatened to burst through the dainty fabric. A mass of red curls rested on her shoulders and framed Sherry’s smiling face. His mouth was dry.

“Heard you were looking for some company?” She teased. Sherry’s firelit dazzling eyes drew Paul in like a magnet.

You’re so…so beautiful…” Paul murmured, pressing his lips onto his sister’s awaiting mouth. She kissed back, her fingers pulled Paul’s neck closer, sealing their lips. Embracing one another Paul’s hand smoothed across her negligee and cupped Sherry’s fleshy derriere. Sherry darted her tongue into her brother’s mouth, tasting his passion. Their groins mashed heatedly.

Gasping for air, Paul temporarily broke the air lock and nibbled a wet path along Sherry’s sensitive, white neck, “Sexy girl. My…lovely…Thanksgiving treat. I could eat you right up…” steering them towards the couch.

“Mmm…tell me more…” Sherry giggled.

Plopping on the soft cushions, her mouth again sought Paul’s and hungrily French kissed her brother causing his penis to grow bigger. They made out like high schooler’s at the drive in. Free. Wet lips and teeth. Hands groping at will igniting their lust.

Massaging Sherry’s ample breasts and cherry tipped nipples, Paul’s fingers dipped under the elastic waistband seeking his sister’s moist, syrupy folds. Legs apart, Sherry sighed as her brother’s middle finger entered her quim easily.

Gripping Paul’s muscular biceps, Sherry’s fingers traced a similar path, slipping inside drawstring pants and capturing his pulsating erection. Tongues wildly dueling, they moaned from the sweet, mutual masturbation.

“Paul. Oh God Paul. I…want you. Let’s get naked.”

“Yeah…we could. I want you too baby. Let’s get on the floor…by the fire?” Her twinkling eyes agreed.

On the hearth, Paul tossed a linen sheet over the oval braided rug. Eager hands quickly removed skimpy nightwear. They melted onto the romantic, fireside setting, embraced in a tangle of arms and legs, their naked bodies writhing sensuously. Flexing his hips, Paul prodded the full length of his hardon against Sherry’s upper thigh. She bit into her brother’s shoulder, suckling the tight flesh.

“Fuck me…fuck me now…I nee…” Sherry rasped. Paul eased his weight atop, pinning his excited sister under him. Sherry’s legs opened wantonly and she guided the mushroom head between her moist petals. Paul moaned, half of his cock slithering into his sister’s tunnel.

“Oh…yesss-sss-sss!” Sherry sighed deliciously as Paul buried his entire manhood inside, grunting from pure pleasure.

“Tight…so tight…so good…” Paul whispered, minutely sawing his prick in and out of Sherry’s squelching nether lips. Fingernails viciously dug into her brother’s fleshy ass, her sex devouring the thick pole. With a surge, Sherry’s over stimulated brain suddenly realized that Paul was fucking her with out a rubber! Her eyes sizzled into Paul’s lustful grimace.

“Mmm. Fuck. pendik escort Fucking me…bareback. Oh Paul! So real, so…Ohh!” Sherry gasped as Paul’s cock touched bottom.

He moved faster, plunging his fat penis into her spongy depths. Sherry arched to meet Paul’s powerful thrusts. They fucked with a shared passion…a need. He rammed Sherry’s soft folds, eliciting urgent moans of desire.

Sherry’s limb became rigid, her face was flushed and mouth agape. Paul knew she was there. Spearing his writhing sister, Paul captured and pinched here erect nipples.

“Ahh-Eeee-eee-eee-eee!” Sherry screamed reaching the peak of a powerful orgasm.

“Ahh-Eeee-eee-eee-eee!” Ankles snugged tightly against the back of Paul’s legs, her pelvis rocked to swallow his fleshy pole. Sherry’s cunt spasmed warm liquid, coating Paul’s shaft and sending him over the edge.

“Fuck…oh god…fuck-k-k-k…Sherrr-rrry!” Paul bellowed freely spilling his pent up load of milky essence deep inside his sister. He growled pleasurably from the intense and quick release.

The siblings frenziedly humped, connected by an innocent yet consuming love. Brother and sister wrestled in sexual ecstasy, sharing the ultimate, pure act of intimacy. Tender minutes passed. Paul slumped atop Sherry’s heated skin, breathlessly kissing the tip of her nose and mouth.

“You…you are…fucking incredible girl. I love you…”

“Hmm…I love you so much…so much Paul…and…you’re not too bad…either…” Sherry giggled, kissing and hugging her brother. Her hands roaming over Paul’s muscular frame.

Physically drained, Paul rolled to the side; his hand possessively clutched around one of Sherry’s heaving breasts. The room smelled of sex and Paul wallowed in the closeness of his loving sister.

His sticky eyelids fluttered open as Sherry stirred. Paul admired the clean, smooth lines of her naked backside as she bent to place more logs on their fire. Before closing his lazy eyes, Paul ogled his sister’s heart shaped, fleshy derriere and mumbled, “Such a nice ass…”

The bedspread was soft velour…possibly velvet…and he sunk into the cushioned fabric. Where am I? If this is a motel room it’s very fancy Paul thought gazing at the blue canvas overhead. Weird.

Dim lights distractingly flickered nearby. He had to pee but where? Propped on elbows, Paul realized he was only wearing underwear. He scanned into the dim room attempting to locate the door. Wallpaper covered every wall. Strange.

Across the short space she suddenly appeared. The succubus was beautiful, of course and drifted into Paul’s line of sight. Almond eyes pierced into the helpless look upon his face. Dark brown, wavy tresses adorned her flawless skin, drooping breasts and hairless, pouting vagina. His cock stirred.

“I know what you want…” Her minty breath whispered. The succubus winked and Paul gasped as satiny fingers encircled the girth of his hardon. Sultry words infiltrated and teased his mind. “Such a big cock. I’ve seen you…watched you jerking off. Lots of cum in these full balls.”

Paul’s arms and legs seemed frozen and unable to move. Has she hypnotized me? Glossy red lips closed around his stiff member. Paul’s erection throbbed inside the vacuuming, wet throat. His hips lurched and he moaned.

Paul moaned aloud from the real sucking motion. Instantly awake and fully aroused he stabbed his hard cock into Sherry’s sensational mouth. Her tangled mass of red hair bobbed up and down.

“Mmph…mmph…mmph…” Sherry gurgled wetly around Paul’s cock; the tips of her delicate fingers caressed his swollen scrotum.

“Don’t stop…ohh…please don’t…stop!” Paul pleaded. With a moist popping sound, Sherry released Paul’s towering monster and smiled up at her brother. Saliva dripped from her chin.

“Nice dreams?”

“Yes. Oh yes…please. Suck me…again. I need…”

“You can’t cum yet you wicked boy. My bad boy.”

From her kneeling position between Paul’s outstretched legs, Sherry clambered across his torso. Paul shivered as erect nipples dragged over his cock. Sherry’s full breasts hung and swayed sexily.

Straddling Paul, Sherry placed her full, moist lips onto his, hungrily pressing with unmistakable lust. He tasted their sweet mixture of passion and swirled his tongue against Sherry’s. Insistent fingers directed the tip of Paul’s rod into her oh-so ready cunny. Sherry leaned back, slowly impaling herself on the stiffened shaft. Dark eyes blazed into her brother’s face.

“I…I…I can’t get enough of you…” She whispered huskily. Her slick walls accepting Paul’s thick girth. They groaned in unison soulfully, connected again.

Invigorated with love and desire, Paul closed his eyes happily. This will be a night to remember sister, he thought. Sherry began to ride him, wildly humping her brother.

~To Be Continued~

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