Panty Boy’s Adventures Pt. 01

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Caroline at I finally moved in together. We bought a new house out in the suburbs far enough away from neighbors that we had our privacy. Since then, we have had amazing sex almost every day, most days more than once. She has an incredible sex drive and initiates almost every session. She loves to be dominant in the bedroom, which works out great because I am very sexually submissive. I find nothing more erotic than a woman ordering me to eat her pussy or fuck her hard. I usually do the cooking and many times she has come up behind me, started kissing my neck and rubbing my cock, unbuttoning my pants, pulling them down and licking and kissing my ass while stroking my cock. Many times we have had “Dessert First,” which of course means she sucks my cock dry, the only question is will this be before or after I eat her pussy. Sometimes she feeds me “The main course” which is fresh creampie fed to me as she straddles my face.

Caroline is a tall blonde with long legs that spend a lot of time wrapped around my head. She knows all about my panty fetish and panty collection, many of which she had bought for me. One of the first things she did when we moved in was to declare which drawer was her panty drawer and which was mine. She told me that I would be “Punished” if she found wearing HER panties. “You have your own, so stay away from mine.”

On many occasions, Caroline would pick out my outfit, often times this includes panties rather than boxers. When we are out together and I am wearing panties she almost always manages to refer to me as a “Slut” to her girlfriends. She makes a point of telling them how much time I spend on my knees. One time I heard her say to her girlfriend Candice, who had quite a reputation, “I’m surprised that Slut isn’t on his knees eating your pussy. I’m not maraş escort bayan sure who has spent more time on their knees, you or him, but I know where he’ll be later tonight. If you don’t have plans, maybe he can take care of you too.” Then she whispered something in Candy’s ear. The next thing I hear is Candy telling Caroline that she’ll be back, then we can leave.

At that point I see her grab Dave’s hand and pull him towards the door. Dave drives a conversion van; we call it the “Shaggin Wagon.” He leaves it unlocked and the only time it is locked is when someone is in there with whatever woman he has hooked up with. About an hour later Candy comes back, grabs Caroline and said it is time to leave.

We live about 5 minutes from the club we were at and of course Caroline is driving and Candy is in the front. Candy proceeds to recount the story of fucking Dave three times in the last hour. When we got home, Caroline asked me to make drinks while she and Candy sit down on the couch. There I was mixing a few gin and tonics, when she came up behind me, started kissing my neck, while unbuttoning my pants. In no time I was naked except for my panties. “Go give Candy her drink, I’ve got mine.” I was I no position to argue and I walked out to Candy with her drink wearing only a pair of satin cheeky panties with lace trim and only straps covering my ass. The panties were a floral pattern, very sexy and very feminine. Candy thought I looked cute in them and had me model for her as she slowly took off her skirt. I could see the wet spot right there on the front of her black lace panties.

Candy then proclaimed, “His panties are sexier than mine. That’s not fair.”

Caroline replied “Yes, but I’ll bet yours taste better. Honey, you know when I pick out maraş escort panties for you that you are going to be spending tonight on your knees, so go ahead and please tell us how Candy’s panties taste.”

I knelt down before her and started licking and kissing her panties and thighs. Candy sure tasted great and that used pussy smell was overwhelming. Candy certainly enjoyed the attention and soon moved the fabric out of the way so I had direct access to her pussy, it was oozing loads of cum. Caroline told me to get every drop as she did not want us to stain the new sofa.

I cleaned up Candy’s creampie and it sure was sweet. She must have come twice while I was eating her while Caroline was sitting in the chair watching the whole episode. After her second orgasm, Candy said, “My pussy needs a break, it has been fucked and eaten almost constantly for the last two hours.”

Caroline quickly came over and sat next to her on the couch. She asked Candy to “Slide over a little, my turn,” then unbuttoned her jeans and told me to pull them off. I could not believe how wet Caroline’s panties were and her legs were soon on my shoulders as I serviced her pussy with my tongue and rubbed her clit. As I was eating Caroline’s and she was approaching her first orgasm, Candy declared, “It must be nice having your own personal pussy cleaner, thanks for sharing him.” She then leaned over and gave Caroline a very deep passionate kiss. Caroline and I both came right there, she in my mouth and me in my panties. It was the first time I had ever cum without someone touching my cock. That kiss was so hot!

We soon proceeded to the bedroom and I took my position on my knees, “Where I belong” according to both women. They finished undressing each other and started making out escort maraş and taking turns sucking on each other’s tits. As far as I know Caroline had never had anything that would be considered a lesbian experience before.

At one point Caroline told me to rub my cock while eating Candy. As I was doing this, she started rubbing Candy’s clit. Candy came so fast and I followed shortly thereafter. Candy then returned the favor and I came again, along with Caroline.

At some point we all fell asleep, me with my head resting on Candy’s thigh. I woke first and when I lifted my head, Candy woke up. She greeted me with “Wow that was a great way to end the night. Sounds like a great way to start the morning.”

So I ate Candy for breakfast and she was pretty loud when she came. This woke up Caroline. Of course Caroline wanted the same treatment so I started eating Caroline. Candy watched for a few minutes then got up and went into the bathroom. There I was eating Caroline when we heard Candy starting to piss in the toilet. At the sound of Candy’s piss, Caroline grabbed my head tight to her pussy and started pissing in my mouth. She told me not to spill a drop because it will make a mess. So I swallowed all of her morning piss then brought her to a wonderful morning orgasm.

During this time, Candy had come back into the room and watched the rest of the show. When I was done, I got up to take my morning piss. As I was walking toward the bathroom, Caroline told me “Make sure you brush your teeth. I’m sure you have morning breath.”

When I came back, I put on a pair of gym shorts while the girls put on robes and we all headed to the kitchen as I made coffee and breakfast. A short while later, Candy looked at Caroline and asked how she could go this long in the morning with out having to take a piss, “I have to piss almost immediately when I wake up.” Caroline replied, “Well I did and Bob did a wonderful job of taking care of that for me.”

Candy’s replied “Really!!”

“That’s one thing I have never done.”

“Can I stay another night.”

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