Pam and Mr. Litton

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Double Penetration

Pam was thrilled. She finally managed to get out of math class. Now she could sneak out with her friends a whole hour before lunch.

She turned down the hallway and spotted Mr. DeLoy, the principal, headed in her direction. She stopped in her tracks. His face was set in an evil grimace and he was glancing side to side as he stormed down the hall. He appeared to be looking for trouble, and Pam didn’t want it to be her.

She took a shortcut through the gym to avoid him and not risk detention for skipping class. Just before he looked in her direction she ducked through the gym door and stood with her back pressed against the wall and watched through the small windows set in the doors as he walked past.

She was holding her breath and let it out in one big sigh of relief. She started to walk across the gym to the doors at the other end when she heard a voice shout, “Pam!” and froze.

But when she turned, it wasn’t DeLoy, but Jim Litton, the gym teacher.

“Are you planning to come to class today?” he asked, as he strode toward her with his arms swinging at his sides.

“I was thinking about it,” Pam said.

“You sure you’re not thinking about other things?”

“Like what?”

“Like boys.”

Pam put her hands on her hips, turning her big, innocent eyes up to him.

“Mr. Litton, do you think all I care about is boys?”

“Yes. I see you watching all the boys. I know.”

Pam grinned. “What else do you know?”

“Oh, I know a thing or two.”

Pam stepped closer to him. “Oh, yeah? I know a thing or two about you, too.”

He lowered his voice. “Like what?”

“Like how much you like to look at girls. Especially me.”

His eyebrows went up, but he remained cool. Most of the boys she knew broke into a nervous sweat when she confronted them with the possibility of sex. Litton’s unexpected reaction intrigued her.

“I know how much you like to look at my legs when I wear shorts in class.”

He chuckled and looked around.

“You don’t miss much, do you?”

“Not much.”

“I do like your legs. I like it so much more when you bend over.”

Pam was shocked by something so bold from a teacher. She struggled to look as cool as he was, even though on the inside she was so turned on her wet pussy was soaking her panties.

“What do you see when I bend over?”

She glanced down at his crotch and saw the outline of his hard penis.

“I see an ass that begs to be touched,” he said, grabbing his crotch.

His cock swelled in his pants, like a long banana stuffed in his pocket.

Pam squirmed in her tight jeans. She licked her lips. Anything was better than being busted by DeLoy. She put her hand on his crotch and rubbed it. He stiffened. His hands dropped from his hips, clenching and unclenching.

“Do you want to do it with me?” she whispered, and stroked her hand up the inside of his thigh and over the rigid bulge.

Her fingers started to work down the zipper of his pants.

“Not here,” he whispered, stopping her. “Come on.”

He took her hand and led her out the gym and across the hall to his office, with the words Athletic Director printed on the door, which he unlocked and opened. Pam was about to reach bahçelievler escort for the front of his pants again, but noticed a group of people sitting along the wall in the adjacent corridor, eating their lunches. One guy caught her eye just as she turned away and followed Litton into the office.

“I wanna see your cock,” Pam gasped, pinning Litton against the door as soon as he locked it.

Immediately her hands were pulling off his shirt and ripping open his pants.

“Why don’t you give me a blow job?”

“I will, as soon as I get your pants off.”

For some reason, she was having difficulty with the zipper on the front of his pants. She couldn’t remember ever having so much trouble getting at a cock, but his damn pants were frustrating the hell out of her.

“Goddamn it, what the hell’s wrong with your pants? I can’t get them open,” she said.

“Let me get it, you just take your clothes off.”

Pam stepped back and he yanked his zipper down and his pants hit the floor. Her face lit up when his dick jumped out. She fell to her knees in front of him, taking it deep into her mouth.

“Oh, Pam,” Litton moaned, putting his hand on top of her head. “You make me feel more like a man than any other woman I’ve ever met.”

Pam ignored his inane jabber and sucked. She didn’t care what he felt, she just wanted his cock in her mouth. She put a hand around each of his legs to help her bob her head and keep her mouth around his pole. Each time she went down, his balls slapped against her chin and the head of his cock touched the back of her throat. It wasn’t nearly as long as Ethan’s, but at the moment it was just fine.

Moaning with joy and mumbling something about being in paradise, Litton closed his hands around the sides of Pam’s head, pressing in on her ears and holding her firmly. She let him hold her head and moaned. She didn’t want him to cum in her mouth right away and go soft on her.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and licked her way up his body, stopping at his bellybutton and his nipples. Her tongue weaved like a pink snake through the dark hair on his chest.

“If DeLoy found out what we were doing right now, he’d fire me and kick you out of school,” he said.

Pam pumped his dick in her hand.

“So don’t tell him. Let him get his own girl. I bet he’s got his hands on more girls in this school than all the guys on the football team.”

She rubbed her crotch against his thigh and he squeezed her tits. He put his hand on her ass and pulled her tight against his body.

Litton raised her shirt and was in the middle of getting her bra open when she turned away and strutted the few feet to his desk. She leaned over it, facing away from him, and arched her back while she pushed her jeans down, exposing her ass. The waist band of her jeans slid down over the round curve of her hips, revealing the tight, French cut pink bikini panties beneath. She looked back over her shoulder to see how good her ass looked, and noticed how her hair fell down her bare back almost to the edge of her panties.

With her jeans down to her knees, she hooked a finger under the edge of her panties and tugged. The elastic waistband stretched bahçeşehir escort down and the rest of her panties followed, revealing her bare, white ass.

“Oh good God,” Litton mumbled.

Pam turned her eyes up to his, still looking back over her shoulder, with a pout on her lips. She bent forward a little more to let him see just a hint of her pink pussy lips hiding between her thighs. She was warm and as wet. She looked at his cock. It looked hard enough to drill through a concrete wall.

“Would you mind?” Pam whispered in a breathy, sexy, little girl’s voice. “I have a little itch down there and I just can’t reach it.”

“I’d be glad to help you out, young lady,” he said, sauntering towards her as if being led by his dick.

Pam giggled. Litton positioned himself right up to her ass and held her hips with one hand while he used the other to put the tip of his cock into her cunt.

“Little girls like you shouldn’t talk to big strangers like me. It might get you in a lot of trouble.”

Pam spread her legs a bit wider and moaned as he pushed his dick into her pussy. She leaned on her elbows on the desk and let her hair fall over her face.

“I like this kind of trouble,” she moaned, twisting her hips.

“I bet you do.”

His cock plunged into her tunnel. He held her slim waist and pressed his groin firmly against her ass. Pam pressed back.

She listened to his heavy breathing and happy grunts and watched their reflection in the glass bookcase door behind the desk. She smiled, amused by the cute expression on his face. His forehead was dotted with tiny beads of sweat, like he had just come out of a shower. His eyes were squeezed shut, which wrinkled his forehead like an old dirt road, and his lips made funny little puckering motions, all twisted and screwed up. He had a funny way of breathing in small, controlled, regulated puffs, as if he was running a marathon and needed to conserve his energy. He pumped very steadily, very regularly, and it felt very good, good enough to make her want to keep this up for a long time.

She liked the way he screwed and was glad she had taken this opportunity to make it with a man she had wanted like this for almost three years. If she had known when she was just a freshman how easy it would be to get inside his pants, she could have done this much sooner.

She thought back to the first day of gym class her freshman year, when she met Jim Litton for the first time. She remembered the way he caught her attention when he walked in by lifting and moving the band podium, something everyone else in school considered to be immovable because of its size and weight and he put it out of the way on his own without breaking a sweat. The powerful, bulging muscles in his legs and arms made her insides quiver that day, and since then she’d always wanted to put her hands on those muscles.

His hands were squeezing her hips. He quickened his pace, pumping her harder like he was close to cumming. She was panting and moaning, tightening and releasing her grip on the edge of the desk. His hard thrusts rocked her back and forth on the balls of her feet like she was a tall pole in a strong wind. Her short moans grew quicker bakırköy escort than his thrusts, and then she began to squeal. At the same time, his steady, regular pumping became long, hard strokes, until she felt streams of warm, thick cum gushing from the end of his cock. His hips slapped her ass and she gritted her teeth, grunting each time.

He finished and breathed a long sigh of relief. Pam was breathing hard, but he was hardly worked up. He continued to poke his dick around inside her and she continued to crank her hips. His sperm churned deep inside her, making her feel warm and relaxed all over.

“Oh, yeah,” he sighed.

Pam rested her chin in her palms with a satisfied grin, while he rubbed her ass and slowly stroked her cunt with his cock. He reached under and squeezed her tits.

“You better get back to class now,” he whispered in her ear.

“I am in class. I’m in sex-ed.”

She pushed her ass up a little higher and thought she felt his cock growing hard again.

“You’re a horny fucking little girl.”

He began to fuck her faster.

“I’m not a little girl. Oh!” she gasped.

He was hard again and he was going to make her cum.

“Oh, my. Oh, yes, Mr. Litton,” she moaned, biting her lip and clawing at the desk.

She squeezed her eyes shut and groaned long and loud, absently wondering if the people out in the hall could hear them.

“Oh, yeah,” he moaned again, squirting more cum into her pussy.

They froze together in position, neither of them moaning, just breathing hard and both of them had their eyes closed.

“One more time?” Pam asked, trying to catch her breath.

“More? You got enough cum in you now to impregnate half the girls in this school. I hope you’re on the pill.”

“With that much sperm I could have twins, couldn’t I?”

She looked back over her shoulder with a smile.

“Don’t say shit like that. The last thing I need is to get a student pregnant.”

He pulled his wet cock out with a loud slurp and stuffed it back into his pants.

“I guess we’ll find out in a couple of months, won’t we?”

Pam remained leaning over the desk with her ass in the air. The cool air against her warm cunt felt nice.

“How old are you?”

Pam laughed and stood up. “Eighteen.”

“Jesus, I’m fucked.”

“So am I,” Pam said nonchalantly, checking the flow of sperm from her cunt. “You did give me a lot,” she said, with her hand between her thighs. “This is gonna feel good all day.”

She slowly pulled her panties up while he stood by the door and watched. She pulled the pink fabric snug against her crotch and his sperm quickly soaked through, making a large, dark stain. She pulled her tight jeans up over her hips, swaying her hips from side to side to slide them on. She rehooked her bra, adjusting it over her tits and pulled her shirt back down. In only moments there was a small wet stain in the crotch of her jeans.

“Anytime you want some more of that sperm, you just stop by and tell me. My dick’s always hard for you,” he said.

Pam smiled and reached between his legs.

“Goddamn, it is hard. You’re like a fountain of sperm, aren’t you?”

She was just about to get down and suck his cock again, but he opened the door and the people sitting out in the hallway looked up at them. She quickly took a serious attitude to hide what they were really doing.

“Thank you, Mr. Litton,” she said and walked away just as the lunch bell rang and all the students jumped up to go to their next class.

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